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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template

Sample Science Lesson Plan for observation

Date 15/3/2017 Student Suad Taleb

Time 12:00 School GEMS school
MCT Garnel Desravins Class KG 2
Lesson Comparing (Heavier or Lighter No of 20
unit/page Than) students
Context of the lesson

Teaching goal

-This lesson helps children to expound on this activity by compare and describe the
weights and size between two objects.

Learning objectives

-The child will be able to hand on their experiences and opportunities with a variety of age-
appropriate numeracy and literacy resources.
- The child will able to understand the heavy and lighter than meaning.
- The child will able to sort the heavy in separate groups and the lighter in another group.
- The child will able apply to find heavy and lighter than from their environment.
-The child will classify between heavy and lighter than object.
- The child will able to draw in paper-heavy object and object lighter than.

Assumptions about prior learning

-Some child they know how to compare between heavy or lighter than by using their
eyes in visual.
For example, if the child sees two different fruits between strawberry and orange they
know what it is heavy and what it is the lighter.

Anticipated problems and possible solutions

Some child they don't know what the comparing means is and what it is the heavy or
lighter means.
The solution for that I show the model in class, then they can understand more about
- Some children will hit another child through I teach,
the solution about it I take those children and speak with them, or I take them to be
next to me.
- Some kids answer the question before raising their hand, and it make noise in
- The solution about it I will remind them the rules (raise your hand if you have an

Personal focus for this lesson

Eye content: I use this strategy to make control of whole class and avoid misbehaver.
Clear voice: to get their attention and to be ready to start lesson.

Using simple words: to help child understand more about the words and because the
child in this age have a simple background knowledge.

use baby language: when I use my hand to explain the lesson, and when I move the
body to do Physical activity with the children.

collaborate with students: through doing the activity, and help them to see if they
need help. Shearing idea: during lesson to see how much they understand and correct
the wrong idea.

Target language Teacher language

English language for children and My language is the English language:

I will use sample word likes: more or And I will use same sentences to introduce the
more than- same or equal- compare lesson:
- How can find which one heavy and lighter
find heavy lighter than.
between this fruits (strawberry and orange)?
- Are these fruits are same or equal or different
through the size?
- What and why do you think about orange is
heavy more than strawberry?

Main tasks or activities Resources and teaching aids

-Plastic food activity in engage. Computer

- Flashcards activity in explore. White paper-
- comparing picture by using flashcards in pencil- colures
explain. smart board
Drawing in white paper fruit and heavy and lighter Flashcards
that will be in extend.
plastic food. balance.

Consider these grouping strategies: Consider where the children are working:
Individual: in engage when I ask children to
come in front of the class and compare In main areas:
between two objects and say which one in circle area and math area.
heavy and which one lighter.

In explain: I will observe the child work and

ask a question about the measure by
flashcards to know if the child has explored
the concept of comparing skill and what they
figure out from this activity.

In explore: I will use flashcards that include

fruits and vegetables have different size, and
that will be work in (group).

In extend: I will provide three various

activities it divided two (low, middle, high).
That will be in groups.

In evaluate will be Checklist for students and

I will assess each child induvial
Planning Stages Within the 5-E Inquiry Model
to convey the context of the lesson(s)/unit by conveying an important Key Question
to engage students in investigations that reveal their thinking to themselves and the
to record the initial ideas of students
to engage their interest
Key Question:
- Who do you know what is the heavy/ lighter than manes?
- Why do you think the orange is heavy than strawberry?
- Any volunteer can compare the heavy fruit and lighter than by sorted that in
supported group?
Teacher Student
- The child will listen to me.
- I will introduce that to the child - Review class rules with me.
when I start the lesson about - Follow instruction by:
comparing. I use the Plastic food that 1-They will come in front of a class.
includes different shapes of fruits that 2-they will choose the flashcards and
divide between heavy and lighter than Answer teacher question.
to compare between them. By using to 3-Go back to their place.
boxes, outside each box will have a
paper that written Heavy or lighter
- Firstly, I will review classroom rules
with children to remind them that they
must follow the rules.
- The rules include:
1- The good boy who listen carefully
to his teacher and be quiet.
2- zip your lip when I start to teach.
3-Be friendly and sharing the materials
with your classmates and collaborated
with each other when doing the
4- We raise our hand if we have an
5- the child will set in the circle area.

- I will engage children by using

similar of real food (Plastic food), and I
will ask them some question about
heavy and lighter than that related to
picture in the flash cards. I choose
some children in the circle area to
come in front of the class and
comparing the fruit by using balance
weight. And they put it in box heavy or
box lighter than.

- I will let them do it without guiding

them to see their prior information if
they can arrange between heavy and

to test ideas and develop knowledge using explorations, investigations, experiments
to modify and record ideas as they change due to activities
to develop new questions and testable hypotheses
Activities (list) Driving Question
- Flashcards

The ideas of this activity are I will divide

children into four groups each group has
maximum 4 or 5 students.
Each child of those group will have a
different shape of flashcards, and they
will have spirited the flashcards
according to heavy and lighter than by
using their visual technique.

Teacher Student
. - I will say to the student They listen to the -
that now we start to do .teacher(me)
comparing picture by using - Make transition (line up) to
flashcards activity.
go their group.
- I will introduce the
instructions of this activity. - Work in group with their
Which include: member.
1- Each child in each group - Sharing ideas and discuss
will comparing the picture of when they work together.
flashcards by using their - Each child will try doing they
visual technique. activity alone.
2- everybody will be trying
doing this activity by their
3- They will make a lineup
from circle area, and each
group will go with their
4- Also, I will show them
some pictures about this
activity to be clear to
understand what will do
to answer the Key Question through student explanations
to provide students with relevant vocabulary, formal definitions and explanations of

Content Media: teacher lecture

Teacher Student

-I will observe the children work. . - Student provides an

-I will ask children in individual a explain for teacher her
question about the to know if the child questions.
has explored the concept of measure - Student shows the teacher
between heavy and lighter. evidence of her questions. For
example: when teacher ask
For example, I might ask them: him
I will go to one of those group, and I - Which one has I heavy?
select two paper likes (strawberry and
- And which one have
mango), and I chose one child to say to
lighter? And why?
Which one has heavy and lighter?
- As a consequence, child
How and why do you figure out that you will show the teacher that he
understands what the teacher
have this picture heavy than another say

to extend students' conceptual understanding through application or practice in new

Activities: Teacher Student

Low activity: compare Low:
objects of plastic food Low:
that have heavy and -I will ask children to -Children will follow my
lighter than. move to circle area to do instruction.
-Idea of low activity: that the unusual and lovely -Children will move to
teacher show children activity. circle area.
two object has a - I will tell kids that I will -They will answer my
different size and ask show them materials that question by deiced which
them questions related have different size and
one have heavy than
to the activity. mass (heavy and lighter
than (and they must
-Low activity will be in
decide which one heavy
circle area.
than other and which one
lighter or it has the same Middle:
-Materials needed: size or weight. -Children will search and
plastic food that includes - show them plastic food think in the classroom to
a picture of fruit and which includes fruits and find two materials have
vegetables. vegetables. three different sizes and
-Answer my question,
Middle: Middle: and they might show me
I will ask children to find an evident of deciding by
-The idea of middle activity: I from class materials two use different method of
will ask children to found out different materials have a measures such as
or inside the class three of different size and mass. through visual technique
materials that have heavy, -When some kids get or some real model they
lighter than, or same size three materials, I will ask founded.
and mass. him which one heavy?
And I might ask him Why?
To see how they will
High: document their answer
-The idea of high activity is and know the level of High:
that teacher provide a piece them understand the -Children will be in circle
of white papers and pencil. activity. For example, area.
The child will draw from their they might child measure - the kids will listen to
imagination about fruit, the materials with his what I want them to
vegetables and colored after pencil and book and
the finish. comparing them.
- they are doing this
activity induvial.
-Children will found a
-This activity will be in the way to apply my
math area. question. For example, if
High: I said can you use your
-I will ask children to imagination to draw
move to math area. what you know about the
-I will tell kids that I will food that has heavy,
put the materials on the lighter than, or same
table. (that include they will start to think
papers, pencil, and and doing what the
colors). requests from them.
-I will tell them to sit in - explain to my what
their chair and to use their they did after finish their
paper and pencil to draw work.
fruit and vegetables that - write their name in the
they know and painted. paper.
-Then I will say to them to Clean up after finish their
write their name in front work.
of paper after finish
I will choose two children
to work together to diced
what they do and which
one heavy. I will request
from them to explain what
they did and why they
chose that.
- I will request
them to clean up
after finish their
for students to assess their understand of the learning objectives
for the teacher to assess student understanding of the learning objectives

Skill/Reasoning Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument

Physical skill:
The child will move their hand (fine
motor skill) when they take the Checklist
plastics food from the basket in front
of them and start to compare the size
between two kinds of food.
Social- emotional skill:
Sharing idea and discussion skill: the
child will discuss what they do through
a balance between two things with the
Knowledge Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument
Outcomes Checklist:
The child will know what it is Are the outcomes related to the
A concept of comparing between two purpose of your comparing between
things. heavy and lighter?

The child will learn what is different . Over the children's understanding of
between heavy, lighter than, or if it is the comparison between the heavy
same to another. and lighter than.

. Is the child have Strengths and

the child will learn who to collaborate weaknesses through doing the activity
with the kids or teacher to find a right and what it is?
answer when they go using the . Are the kids do this activity in a
balance to find what it is heavy, lighter successful way?
than, or same to another.
Teacher Student

I do the activity to evaluate how much -The child will follow what I say.
children understand the concept of -they came in front of the class and
comparing. started balance between two objects.
- After finish, they return what they
The ideas about this activity I doing this use in the right place.
in the individual. -Back to their place.
Then I choose some kids in the class to
came in the front of circle area.

After that, I ask the child to balance

between two objects by using the
balance and say what they observe and
find what is heavy, lighter than or same
with include some question to discover
what the child do in a clear way.

Return what they use in the right place.

I give a chance to anther children to try

using balance in the classroom.

-The child will set in circle area.