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Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

& Abundance Instructors

How the course was created?

Vianna created this class because different students were creating manifestation classes and teaching them.
People were calling her office saying that they took the class from one of her students and still havent
manifested. People were downloaded with the teaching of complete financial success without first
Energy-Testing to find what might be blocking them in ThetaHealing and then got upset they didnt get
immediate results.

The hundred beliefs came from Vianna sitting down and looking at what she was teaching knowing that if
people dont change their programs and beliefs, they wont manifest what they really want.

The course is divided into two portions

1. Finding your blocks.
2. Retraining your Mind.
Workshop Objective
1) To teach you how to use ThetaHealing in the Highest and Best Way to assure yourself success in all
aspects of your life.

Well be shifting reality to create space for relationship/s, careers, and purpose in a life we want to
As for wealth, having financial abundance is nothing more than having the energetic tools needed
to complete our missions/goals on this Earth.

2) To give you vital universal tools of self discovery to utilize your potential. You will learn
and keep learning (not a one shot deal):

how to clear these possible blocks

to set your intentions and how to make a plan
to follow through on your ideas to achieve your successes
In ThetaHealing, the concept of manifesting is the Belief that it is possible to create something into the
physical using the power of the Creator of All That Is.

1) Every statement, thought and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. Every decision is
made upon the mirror reflection of what we choose to create. What we think and say have a direct bearing
upon whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment.
2) Its of the utmost importance to stay on a positive mind set. Watch/observe what you say. If you
constantly say that you are poor, you will
be. If you constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, you will be. Have faith in the
outcome of every situation.

Avoid saying:
Is this really going to happen?
Change to: I allow it to happen in the highest and best way.
This is my last lifetime.
Change to: I enjoy being of service to Creator.
I was made (forced) to come here.
Change to: I have free will.
I hate the earth
Change to: The earth is vibrant and evolving.
Its wrong to see what Im creating now and in the future.
Change to: Creator supports me in what I want to create in the highest and best way.
You are here to not only remember the joy in coming here, to this realm, but living this. Some
things are preplanned. We chose to come here, and our soul is having a good time. We are here to learn
something wonderful from this existence.
3) Some people believe that their life is leading them, that they are at the effect of life and whats coming at
them. So they are not leading their life. These people say they go with the flow and wait to see what
happens. This is called passive manifestation. The truth is that we are creating our own reality, and it is
possible to manifest the best that the world has to offer. Since every thought we think can be manifested,
we might as well be clear and direct on what we want to happen in form.
4) The biggest challenge is deciding what it is that you truly want. In not knowing, you cant create

Ask yourself:
Is it possible that I know what I want?
What blocks me from knowing what I want?
Is it a burden to know what I want?
Is what I want a burden?
Why do I feel that way?
What makes my heart sing?
What brings me feelings of excitement, passion, fun and purpose in creating?
Whats the worst thing that could happen if I got what I wanted?
How does it serve me, or what am I learning from not moving forward in what I want?


The spoken word (just talking about what you want) is effective 30-40% of the time.
Visualizing is effective 50% of the time.
Theta wave manifesting is effective 80-90% of the time. Theta wave is the most effective way to

The following principles are important in any Theta-created manifestation for abundance.
We create our own reality.
Think before you ask for something. You may just get it.
Be careful with the spoken word and directed thought forms, as this may bring manifestations,
either supportive or detrimental, to your life. What you say and what you think creates your
You are only allowed to manifest in your own life.
You cannot manifest someone specific to love you (its their free agency).
Know exactly what you want, "word for word", and specify "word for word" in your prayer of
Command in the Highest & Best way particularly around money. [You do not want $10,000 from
an accident insurance claim filed on behalf of you.]
Be aware that there be may be blocks on some level concerning what you want to manifest. If your
manifestations do not come into reality, the cause may be programs on Core, Genetic, History, or Soul
levels. Test for these Programs and replace accordingly. [It may also be that your timeline is off meaning
there is a divine order of events that need to occur first before manifestation shows up in the present.]

State that the manifestation is created in the present and positive sense. ( i.e. "I have this in my life

DO NOT command that you be like someone else, rather command that you be the best that you can be.

Give out checklist sheets to complete w/o students energy testing & then collect.


The first step to abundance in attaining what you want and helping others create what they want is to be
completely clear of the blocks listed in this manual. Fears block owning your power. Blocks on abundance
are seldom about money.
Investigate into the persons childhood.

When working on yourself or others, a useful and more in-depth resource to guide you in finding and
releasing the following issues can be found in the Basic DNA Course Manual and the book

To be a better manifester, clear The 3 Rs-- regret, resentment and rejection-- which stops you from
doing something before you start.

1. REGRET (reliving the past)

People are often unable to move past our society-taught thoughts of "I should have/could have done..." In
many cases, these emotions or feelings cause a fear of moving forward because we are afraid to experience
these failures (or mistakes) again. There are many books written on living in the now, but physics teaches
that what you think about the future creates the now thus creating our realities.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

we remove these negative emotions and thoughts.

we manifest and create a future without past fears.
we move forward in our life.
we avoid wallowing and becoming caught up in the emotions of a prior incident.
we learn from mistakes and apply that knowledge to our future to ensure success and

2. RESENTMENTS (comparing, not getting something or getting too much of something)

It is hard to hold the Seventh Plane energy when you hold resentments.
Resenting others will only create a stagnant life for you. It clutters the mind.

If you resent others for what they have or own, then remember to focus inward so that you may gain your
own abundance. Thank them for showing the possibilities of what you can have.

If you have resentments about the past from physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, then
you should make a conscious effort to forgive (release) and move ahead. Free yourself from
these negative emotions.

3. COVETING (envy, jealousy;; found in genetic and ancestors)

Similar to resentments, coveting what others have is one of the biggest blocks. Instead of focusing on what
others have, compete with no one and focus on your own goals and life path. Remember, there is plenty of
money and abundance for everyone! Keep saying, There is plenty in what you want to create or have.

Often misdirected toward Creator or other people, whether consciously or unconsciously, when they
havent achieved their exact manifestations or abundance. Locate these programs or issues about anger
rather than blame the Creator or anyone else outside of you. And work on stopping the blame towards
yourself as well. There is a difference between taking responsibility or being accountable, and blaming

Belief Work Pair up and make a list of resentments & regrets and start clearing

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Some people may even be unaware that they are able to create. Or they may know what they want to
create but believe that its selfish to want things or to want things to be better. You cant ask too
much from God.

Remember that wanting is a human characteristic and to deny yourself of wanting is to deny
yourself of being human. Within Theta, we can create the things we want and download the
emotions and beliefs needed to allow our subconscious to accomplish our goals.

*Live for yourself not others. This is balancing what you want with what you want to give to others, and
not about being selfish.

6. MY PARTNER IS ALWAYS AGAINST ME (victim paradigm as in Poor Me) Without even knowing
it, some of us unconsciously use our partners as a crutch and an excuse as to why we havent yet achieved
the abundance we desire.

This crutch can manifest itself in your partner as you project your beliefs onto the other convinced that
they will keep you from your goals;; or you can also end up taking on your partners blocks.

Ask Yourself
How does blaming my partner serve me?
How does blaming my partner help stop me from achieving my goals?
What fear/s do I have around achieving my goals?

Doing Belief Work on each other can help clear this block.

7. THE POOR ME complaint is a genetic/ancestral excuse to get pity and prevent you from
achieving your goals.

I need to know the fear of lack of money to feel gratitude for what I have (If I fear not having
much, then I have gratitude for what I do have.)

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, I can and I do

Living without trepidations in creating my life in joy

Attracting other joyous, fun-loving people who respect my journey, have a sense of humor and
can be with me through thick and thin
Being ok to expect a relationship that works on all levels
A partner that loves and respects me
To be important to myself
To be important to others
To be important to my partner
To be important to Creator
To be loved by my partner without projecting onto him/her or without accepting my
partners projections
To love my partner back without taking on his/her projections of me
To discern projections from the Truth through Creator of All
To connect with a/my partner spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, mentally and be
emotionally and physically intimate with him/her
To be respected, loved, adored, cherished, honored by a partner
To be deserving and worthy of a loving relationship
To honor what I learned from my past relationships and release them so I can move on

8. OVERSPENDING (rebellion against constraint)

Budgets can feel extremely confining. People can feel forced to obey it and search for ways to control the
feeling of being controlled. The result of this is often spending money before they have it, overspending to
compensate for feeling deprived. In a sense, they dig "abundance holes" (or debt) to dig their way out of.
This is also a way to keep the mind, body, and spirit occupied with a challenge.

Set goals. Have a plan When you spend money, ask that it be returned to you ten-fold.

9. EXPECTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING (entitlement attitude) similar to Taking. On Core

and Genetic levels

The "Next Generation Syndrome" has been coined as being many children from the current generation
who feel that the world owes them and that no effort of any kind is required to achieve these things. It is
inappropriate to demand abundance from God without any action, responsibility, or accountability.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

There are often expectations from others that Gods healings are free so you shouldnt charge for
your services. Gods healings are free, but your time, attention, skill and study is valuable and
worthy of being paid.

The opposite end of the same coin is charging prices so high that youve outpriced what your
area can accept in your services and class prices.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, I can
and I do (am)

To be able to value myself in what I charge for my services without scalping others.
To be willing to put effort into what I want to achieve taking action, responsibility and
being accountable.

10. TAKING (what isnt yours)

As young children, we learned that it was wrong to take other people toys or possessions etc. This
principle is still vitally important today in our adult lives. Some people feel that they should just take
what they want, whenever and wherever they want, but this will halt the abundance in life and not
allow manifesting in Theta to come true.

We must be accountable for our own actions by avoiding taking what is not rightfully ours. (ie
"Taking" electricity without paying your bill, or taking over someone else's personal space without

Optional example: Viannas Story on Manifesting where she was concerned she had taken
something that wasnt hers.

Vianna was supposed to teach a seminar and didnt have any clothes since she released 60 lbs. She told
Creator that if IT wanted her to teach the seminar, IT better send her some clothes soon. She placed an
order for one dress (the dresses she loves which are the flowing antique style) and it showed up at her
office the next day along with another 50 of them that she hadnt ordered. They were all different sizes.
Creator obviously gave her choices of what size might fit her.

Vianna called the company and told them that she ordered one dress and they sent her 50. The company
denied having sent her but one. She told them that they might have messed up and to check their records
because maybe someone else might be expecting them. The company said, No, we didnt send them and
dont send them back to us. There is no charge.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

11. THE MORE YOU MAKE, THE MORE YOU SPEND is genetic programming caused by
generations saying, You have to spend money to make money.


(Basic book- concept of evil- p. 184) is a generational belief designed to make those who are poor to
stay poor. Many people fear that money will make them evil or too powerful.

Money is simply a form of exchange;; it is just numbers!

There is plenty of money in the world for everyone.
Spending or having money is not a sin.
Money can teach accountability, respect and value.
Money can support discernment in when to accept a gift of money or when the gift is being given
as an obligation or reciprocation.


Look at how money keeps you away or separated from Creator

Lack of money keeps me: pioushumblepureacceptableto Creator.
Money is more powerful then Creator of All.
Money puts a barrier (or boundary) between Creator-of-All and me.

13. EGO (egotism--pretense and control)

Some people will put their ego first and pretend to be something they are not. Others will crave power
over others as they allow their ego to take over. The characteristics of the ego should be worked on and
changed for the highest and best manifestations in life.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis I can and I do have: a balanced ego


or demanding abundance from Creator in order to prove the very existence of IT will block you such

If abundance doesn't take place, therefore God must not exist.

If I have abundance, then it is because of God's existence.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

These are subconscious ways of sabotaging yourself. God isnt the root cause of missing abundance.
Internal blocks need to be changed.

"I don't have" is programming the self to not have. Be mindful in how you state things. Perhaps say, I
havent decided to create it yet and Im exploring this.

What are your blocks?
One way to find out is to practice the Seventh Plane manifesting technique.
Follow the exercise as guided through the accompanying CD:

Use Theta CD on #2 & 4 meditations. Tell class to use this CD everyday

Its about not just knowing youre connected to All-That-IS but being completely connected to all things
at once. In-other-words, use your CD more to get that feeling (expanding into or sharing with All-That--
IS) into your being and body.

Really work on discernment of what is yours and what is outside you in the way of thoughts, feelings and
that telepathic sense, so when you do the expansion, that understanding will have more of a consistency to
it. People pick up a great deal of things. Its amazing what we take into ourselves and dont realize what we
accepted in thinking its our own. To clear this, use The Heart Song Exercise. [Taught in Advanced
workshop but review.]

Create what I want.
It is safe for me to create what I want.


Generally, use the Digging and Belief Work processes as outlined in the Basic DNA Course.

Start with the following question:

If money was not an issue, what would YOU create, have and where would you live? (Remember, live
without coveting!)

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

1.) Fear
What is the worst thing that would/could happen to you if you have all that you desire?

2) Regret
What will you regret when this happens? How will the people around you react?

Do class demonstration on student. Refer students to the supplemental to follow.

Digging Example:
1. Check/energy test to see if they know, What it feels like to create what I want. and It is safe for
me to create what I want.

2. Take person to 7th Plane.

3. If you or a client want to manifest something in life, put the end result first and ask: If money were no
object and you had an unlimited supply of it and could create whatever you wanted, what would it be
where would you live? (Make sure it is without coveting.)

Have the person hang out at the 7th Plane and at their own pace, see what they see in describing their
vision (e.g. house, people, etc)

ThetaHealing is not only for manifestations but changing illness/conditions.

Manifestation can be sickness, health, money or poverty. In many ways, being poor is a type of
sickness. The fear of manifesting what you want could be the motivation of creating cancer.

If a person is sick, find what it is that is keeping a person from getting well start by putting in the
end result.

Have them visualize: Imagine that you are well, totally healthy, vibrant and had everything that you
ever needed. Then ask them:

What would you create?

What is the worse that could happen if you were completely healthy?
Would you still be who you are or would you go back to your old ways if you were well?

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

How would having what you want and being healthy affect your family?
What regrets would you have if you were perfectly healthy and had what you wanted?
(dig and clear)

4. Ask them,
At the 7th Plane, see how it feels to manifest what you want to create.
How do you feel now that youve seen this? (let it bring up fears ) When you are checking this
vision, its called Future Timing.

5. Dig on the fear

(Whats the worst thing that could happen if you manifest your vision or obtain your goals?)

6. Make sure they are at the 7th Plane and have them see what vision is now possible.

7. If blocks or uneasiness remain, dig until its a clear vision using the belief changes.

8. Ask them what they might regret in having their vision manifest and clear that through belief changes
and downloads.

9. Take a look at how people are serving them. Ask them,

How will the people (family, friends, etc.) react to you having your manifestation? and find where these
reactions might come from to dig and clear.

In freeing yourself from obligations, ask yourself:

Do I have this person in my life to create a challenge to overcome?
Is there someone in my life that makes me miserable or sad?
Is another persons behavior (identify it) motivating me somehow?
Is there someone in my life that is holding me back, who tells me I cant do something or is
Is there someone who is keeping me from moving forward?
What is the person making me look at?
What am I learning from this person (in a positive and negative way)?
If I didnt have this person in my life, would I be able to move forward or replace them with
another to stop me?
Do I have something to teach this person as well? [DIG and CLEAR]

10. Go back to the 7th Plane and ask them to view their vision so that all negative beliefs are cleared and there
is full acceptance of what they now see and want to create.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

11. Make sure that a new scenario is intact that feels exciting and fulfilling.

Belief Work Session 45-60 min each


The following is to program yourself to be able to receive. Doing simple things in your daily life will help
you create your abundance.

Focus on the issues that bring you the greatest problem through Belief Work and digging.

[Teachers: Ask for master souls to be in your class. Give unconditional love to each student so they get
something special from you.]


Create a list of what you want to achieve whether short-term and/or long-term.

Give your brain more than one thing to accept and achieve. Create ten things you want and tell
yourself that you have PLENTY. What will you do with your

Now pretend you have all the money you ever wanted. What would you do with it? Where would you
go? What would your goals be?

Creator told Vianna that healing practitioners think its wrong to have material things and that they are
supposed to be poor. NOT! Be mindful in refraining from saying, I barely have enough money. I can
hardly get by.

If you are being a practitioner or are in business so you can scrape by just to make ends meet, thats all
you will get. You need to find out if you have the fear, If I make a lot of money being a healing
practitioner (or whatever your passion is), will it only become a money-making venture? Will I lose my
direction, focus and/or purpose?

In a webcast, Vianna shared, Do you know how much money it takes to sustain you? Not very much.
You can eat crackers for a long time. Gods definition of sustain is different than yours. So you want to
say the words, PlentyCreator gives me plenty.

Look at your list and say, This is in my life now. WE ARE SPARKS of LIGHT of the CREATOR.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

What will you do after you reach your first set of goals? Allow your subconscious to
always move forward
Once achieved, create a new goal and move ahead.
Eventually you will want to go beyond the point of surviving daily to shifting to a global
consciousness in manifesting.

If you have great ideas, you must make sure that your subconscious is able to follow through with

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can and I do

Follow through with inspired ideas that I want to create.

Support myself without negating or finding fault with my inspired ideas.
Have discernment of what ideas will best be suited for me through Creator.


This is your adventure and you dont have to let your life create itself for you. There is a balance in
thinking that Creator is running the whole show and youre there only for the ride. You can co-create and
still be there for the ride.


If you choose to make your abundance through ThetaHealing
Take action and promote yourself whether youre a teacher or practitioner. What do you need to
do to make it work for you? (visualize)
Feel successful with your clients and ask them about their results. This helps in validation.
(These clients will become students in your classes.)

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis I can and I do
talk to the people who come to me, what to say and how to say it to reach them in an engaging
and supportive way.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Check your motivation in doing healing work. Are you thinking about money all the time? Tithe-your
time and/or money. If you are not being referred clients (or students), Energy Test yourself to find limiting
beliefs and this will improve your reading and teaching skills.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can and I do

Live w/o fear of being a successful healer

Live w/o being overwhelmed by being successful
Live w/o fear of being overwhelmed by being successful
Have a backup plan and system to take the overload when I feel too busy
Work faster with less effort


Dont allow others to project their beliefs of failure or anger onto you. Trust only to a few as others may
sabotage a good idea before it begins. Remember, you create for you.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can and I do

Trust others to support me in my ideas.

Discern the highest and best support from others.
Be able to receive support from others w/o feeling criticized.
Support myself w/o negating or finding fault with my ideas.

Get use to being supportive when others have ideas and ask them how they plan to create it.

Support the ideas of others without negating or criticizing them.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors


IS ALL THE PLANES IN THEIR HIGHEST FORM. This is where you Manifest instantly. If youre
taking your negativity to the 7th Plane through your beliefs, guess what youre going to manifest?
Remove negative programs and beliefs.


affect your energies and beliefs as mentioned before. Working with your partner, family and those close to
you are important in you achieving your abundance.

I can only achieve and be successful if someone tells me Im incapable or unableto be
I can only achieve and be successful if I have conflict.
I need resistance to push through to be successful.

Change the program to:

I free/release this person from obligations of creating conflict in my life. Or

I release this person from teaching me to overcome conflict.

Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a daily basis, I
can and I do

Accomplish goals without conflict.

Exist or live without conflict.

Changing these beliefs allows support from those around you and then you no longer need to thrive on
negativity and conflict. Also, its important to make sure that you download: Being impervious to the
negative thoughts and sabotaging beliefs of those who are around me.

Working at the 7th Plane, which is the nucleus of Creation, raises your consciousness, and your energy
changes. Others around you will be affected and they will affect others.

And then there will be some who will simply move in a different direction. Dont be upset at those who
are not ready to change. Let them continue on their path and look forward to your paths crossing again
sometime in the future.

When you are open to God's Abundance, God will bring you those who help you in your journey.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Belief Work for 30 minutes each on beliefs from Creating Abundance

8. DIVINE TIMING (our Birthright)

Before we came to this lifetime, we made agreements with the Creator which put us in synch with the
Divine Timing of this planet. You picked it and you decided when and how to walk with your Divine

It is part of the 6th plane and related to the Law of Motion, that once in motion, always in
It is something that moves you so strongly and you desire to do it deeply.
It is an event. It can be more than one event. Often there are pre-events that lead up to the
Divine Timing.
It is the devotion to the greater purpose on large scale. It is a major accomplishment.
It is fulfilling our destiny. Were here to accomplish these goals. Whether easy or difficult, the
Soul will accomplish it.
Your senses will become keener. Who you want around you and become attracted to you seem
clear. With others who bring chaos, youll be impervious to them as long as you stay focused.
[Remember that people who leave with anger from your life are being moved;; and people
coming into your life are needing to be there.]
When you live your life in harmony with your Divine Timing, life is easier, more can be
accomplished than you can currently imagine, and whatever is needed, God provides.
We will not only bring abundance to our own lives, but we will bring it to those around us as

Our road blocks dissolve. Certain things will completely work to our advantage. Its joy!

Our life purpose, which are the goals we create and achieve for ourselves that have meaning, is
different than Divine Timing.
Divine timing isnt a sequence. The Time Line is a sequence.
In looking at your Divine Timing, if you receive an answer that you are the only one able to bring
a secret to the world, then your ego is most likely interfering. If you see great things beyond
yourself, youre working without ego.
The Soul sets up Divine Timing often with your soul partner. When certain things are completed
in a persons life due to Divine Timing, the partner/soulmate connection happens.
We belong to a soul family and come together with them in Divine Timing.
When peoples intuitive sight develops, they should be able to tap into their Divine Timing
and know what is going to happen hours, days, and even months before something happens.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

What keeps people from moving smoothly into their Divine Timing are the blocks which stops their
movement towards their goals.

Money issues are about resolving childhood issues (including trauma or abuse).
Genetics programs often make you want to fight your Divine Timing
Identity issues can attempt to override the Soul purpose.
What do your ancestors think about what you feel you were meant to do?
Some people have a very difficult time with the concept of Free Will as it relates to Divine
Timing and predestination (destiny). A predestination that was agreed upon before you came
here is not necessarily a bad thing.

What if your Divine Timing was to help 1,400,030 people?

What if you were going to touch that many lives with just your very existence?
Would that be a little overwhelming to know ahead of time?

Sometimes Creator will not show you your Divine Timing, but you will show up for it.

The more that a person attempts to change their Divine Timing, the more that the Soul will re--
create the original path of Divine Timing.
A Death door is not Divine Timing nor does it stop you from eventually completing your Divine
timing. Death doors awaken us on our path. We dont get out of Divine Timing by exiting a
death door. We can die, but we will be reborn to complete our Divine Timing.

Vianna mentioned on a telecast: Some people say, Okay Im ready. I know what Im here for
and I want to get it over with.(divine timing) I love that onelike you want to get it over with.
Your souls absolutely savor your Divine Timing. They love it. So as you think, Ill do my
mission, go home so I dont have to come back to this planet again, that is a genetic illusion
because you are actually here for a reason. And that reason is the most divine, important feeling.
Its the Divine. Your Soul wont stop.

Examples of Divine Timing:

Personal: If your Diving Timing is to be in Singapore on May 18th, 2015 to help this person who will
create a vast trade network to support the indigenous cultures, youre going to be there. It just is.

Planetary Divine Timing: In 2004, the Philippine Tsunami/earthquake ushered in compassion. The earth
shifted slightly on its axis to stop a future disaster of a

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

meteorite hitting planet in 284 years. The 911 shifted the consciousness of the planet to pray together.

When we finish what we agreed to do, we can walk through a death door or stay for more.

Are you prepared to receive all the abundance that Creator has to give you? If you reject the Creator's
abundance, you reject your Divine Timing. The Creator is not poor;; the Creator is Omnipotent.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can and I do (am)

Safe to see my Divine timing

Live without the fear of my Divine Timing
Know when I am at right place, at the right time for my highest & best good
Embrace my Divine Timing as fun, fulfilling, powerful and holy
Know my Divine Timing without feeling egotistical
Differentiate what the events that lead to the DT from my DT itself
Realize and recognize the choices I make in moving with my Divine Timing
Work with my Diving Timing to make healthy decisions and set goals in my life.
Live without feeling forced into walking with my Divine Timing
Release my ancestors from teaching me that the Divine Timing is fearful. Understand
something without overanalyzing it

Get students in Diads to witness Divine Timing. Have them Coach each other.

to prevent and protect you from others taking your abundance. Do it before a situation arises as its harder
to do during a crisis. People often believe that if you have more than they do, then you owe it to them.

Always make time that is special for you and your family where others dont intrude upon you.
(dinner time etc)

Tight boundaries can be a protection against being in relationship. The closer and more personal we are
with others, the more that the manifestations overlap. Keep on clarifying your goals.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

How does your family handle boundaries and how does this affect you? How do you handle boundaries
and how does this affect your family and friends?

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can and I do

Set boundaries to keep balance in my life in highest and best way in being with clients, family,
and friends
Have boundaries without feeling guiltyw/o feeling selfish w/o having regrets
Have personal time for myself w/o giving into all the needs of my clients, family and friends

10. HONESTY (integrity)

The more honest you are with yourself and others, the faster you will receive abundance.
Remember that we are talking about the Creator's Definition of honesty.
Be sensitive to how you express yourself. Do it without blaming or projecting onto
others. Take responsibility for your part.
Being honest doesnt mean letting your Ego put other people down in how you want to express
Being honest doesnt mean to be blunt or expressing all information around a situation.
Leaving out certain information that may be hurtful to others is not always lying or in denial if
youre using discretion and discernment in being mindful of what others can hear. Ask Creator.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when to, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can have, I do have or I am

Honest in all areas of my life on a daily basis

Discernment, discretion, mindfulness, sensitivity and kindness in being honest with others
Accountable for my part in agreements or conversations


Make arrangements to pay your bills. Dont use what you dont have. Instead of becoming
overwhelmed, take the necessary steps to make life easier.

Running away from your bills wont help your abundance, but will make you feel more trapped.
Following the 'golden rule' is oftentimes the best way to approach your situation. (Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.)

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

If youre not paying a bill because how you feel about a companys policies, stop focusing on the
company but rather on the people that work in the corporation whose lives that bill will support;; or
change where you spend your money. Would you like someone to get away with not paying you? When
you have taken something from someone that requires paying them back, just remember that money is
simply an energy exchange.

Be honest if you dont have the money, and find ways to return this energy to them. There are many
organizations available to assist you in restructuring your bills, to help you get caught up and move
ahead. Ask the Creator to share options or how to receive your abundance.

I resent paying my bills (find out why).
I can easily default my bills by living from my credit cards.
My fun is more important than paying my bills.
Im entitled to default on my credit card/s as they charge me outrageous

Cancel the phrase, Im sorry and forgive yourself

Its important to have control of our intent. Most of the time, with the expression of Im sorry, we are
attempting to take responsibility where we are not part of the occurrence. This actually brings the energy
back towards ourselves instead. Even if we think it consciously, which is only 12%, the unconscious
intention is 88%.

Germans dont apologize at the rate of Americans, which is excessive. Cancel Im sorry to yourself and
replace with forgiveness. This helps you to be mindful and present in how you speak with others.

12. GENEROSITY is a rule for abundance.

If you are teaching classes, tithe some people for the classes. (And ask Creator for it to be returned to you
ten-fold). If you are abundant, help those around you. This doesn't mean that you should give everything
away, but that you should live in the energy of helping others' achieve their joy.

Practice generosity on yourself! Purchasing even very small things for yourself will lead to improved
abundance. (buying yourself something to EAT doesnt mean you are being generous with yourself.)

How you treat people affects your reputation. Therell always be people whose opinions differ from
yours, but if you have a positive reputation they will always

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors
respect you. Do you feel you have a good reputation? If not,
how can you change it?

14. PLAN (action of thought)

The human mind is set for action. You can have all the good ideas in the world, but without action you
have not set forth your manifestations. Sometimes action is as simple as making a business card. If you
act on what you are shown, your manifestations of abundance will become your reality.

Once you manifest, the universe will give you ideas and plans with which to work on.

Take a look at:

What is it that Im scheduling and planning that is for me?
What is actually for the Creators purpose for me?

When Vianna manifests for the year, she negotiates with Creator. Its a dialogue as a
manifestation. She goes up with a list of things that she requires from Creator to create with her without
any effort from her in order to do those things for her practice. I see all these things happening and Im
manifesting for them but really those are manifestations for my practice. This is what I require for myself
in order for me to be willing to do those things.

Go to Creator and say, Creator, even though I enjoy service to you (and name the ways you do this), if
you want me to do these things in service, this is what I require effortlessly in order to do them.

Make sure that all my bills (taxes, insurance, utilities, mortgage, all home and car repairs, home
improvements, wardrobe, hair, education, supplements, electronics, computer related repairs, assistance
and upgrades, are taken care of with funds to spare.

Make sure that I have the opportunity for my own growth, play, rest and vacation outside of participating
and facilitating my work practice for others.

Make sure that there is enough people in the classes youre having me facilitate to do this without having
to spend time advertising constantly.

Make sure that there are clients that easily flow, who refer others and are undemanding of my
time after sessions.

Make sure that I have clients that respect my boundaries, pay me gratefully and get the most out of their
sessions/classeswho are ready to change quickly.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors


Vianna has said in webcasts and classes: There is an old wives' tale that intuitives cant see their own
future. This isnt Truth. In the mechanistic view of reality, you can't see your future, because it simply
hasn't happened yet. The Basic Future readings are projections of beliefs by just reading the client from
where they are in the present moment. Anticipation of the future is involved.

I dont teach you to do a lot of future readings because when you check a persons future, they are still
changing. The decisions you make affects your future. So if you do belief work, the outcome may change.
A lot of time when you look at your future, you cant see very far because you havent created it. Its not
wrong to see what youre creating now.

Can you tell the difference between what you had for dinner last night and what youre anticipating to
have for dinner tonight? Thats the difference between seeing the future and remembering the future.

I believe that we live in all past, present and future at once, and just as we can remember our past, we can
also remember the future. There is a part of our consciousness that is beyond the past, the present and the
future, and this is the God-Self, the spark of Creation that is within all of us to change reality.

How many of you have remembered things before it actually happened? If you can do this, a part of you is
in the future watching what youre doing now. Our spirits go back and forth through the realms of the
present, past and future. Belief work changes the beliefs in the past so that you dont have to deal with
them in the future. Remembering the past is going to start to happen the more you are in Theta like a
DejaVu, so you might as well know what is happening.

Remembering the future is going beyond the future, in the 7th Plane where IT IS and looking back along
a 3rd plane timeline. Its history. We can create what we want until we get there. It does take practice.

Practice Remembering your Future

When you go up to remember your future, its only for little things like, Is this trip going to be ok?
Wouldnt it be nice if you went up and saw your trip needing an extra can of gas in case you ran out?

Example: When Vianna remembered the future in Rome before flying to the Washington airport,
she saw she needed an umbrella and extra shirt due to heavy rains and cancellations of flights.

Example: Your child is coming home on the bus and you want to see if its on time. Go up to Creator,
and ask to see this ahead of time. If you dont get every detail, focus on what you do get.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Havent we seen someone do belief work and watch it change? We believe and witness going in to watch
the Creator make changes in the body of a condition of disease. How can we tell people that they will get
well if we dont see them getting well in the future? How can we do a healing if we dont think we can
affect the future? Then why cant we see a moment in time? We definitely need to reframe and think this

What may hinder remembering:

The intuitive tries to make the future what they want without the consideration of others around
them. This practice is done by those intuitives who think that they can throw spells (the ability of
throwing thoughts at another person in order to hurt them or to control their life). This is a 4th and
5th Plane action and goes against the Law of Free Agency. [A 7th Plane intuitive is always
impervious to negative thoughts of others and they are creating everything in their life and in
doing so, become aware of the lives of others.]
There may be things about your future that your subconscious blocks you from seeing because it
would overwhelm or stop you from moving towards it. Sometimes people choose not to see their
Divine Timing for the same reasonthey dont want to see all the details causing overwhelm.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when to, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can, I do (have or I am)

Plan for the future

To have an opportunity
Take advantage of an opportunity
Being on time
Living in the highest and best way in duality
Go forward in my life without creating blocks
Live without having to anticipate the next moment
Live without having to manifest for sake of simplicity in the desire for the positive (ie not
wanting to ask for too much)
Have things unique in highest and best
Have new self-empowering experiences in highest and best way
Move forward without the fear of losing what matters to you
Replace the old and non-serving with what works for me now in highest and best way
Experience being in this present moment consciously
Be present in the present
Able to stay flexible and free in the present
Know myself without living in the past
Live without bottling up the past
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Live without using the future to balance the past

Live without using the past to balance the future
Consciously co-creating my life with Creator of ALL
Being proactive with Creator in creating my life
Safe to be proactive in Creators creations
Able to witness my life without feeling stuck in it

What areas on the abundance list give you the most trouble?
What type of planning would work for you?
Can you uphold the abundance list when you reach your goals?

Remembering Your Future (diads).

You can prepare for the future by practicing Remember the Future so you can look at an event that is
2- 3 days to a week out.

Exercise: Have students in diads. Have one person coach using questions to help the other remember.
Have the coach write down what is being remembered.

Expand into the 7th Plane. "Creator of All That Is, it is commanded that I see and Remember my future
now. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

While at the 7th Plane ask, The last time I did this (event, situation, connection), what happened? I
remember that _____. Be specific with date and time.

Ways to visualize the Remembering

Sometimes you can see 2 mirrors, past and future reflecting to each other (6th Plane).
You can move into the 6th Plane to the Akashic records but you cant change it from here.
You can see it from the 7th plane where you can change things. Always change the
future with love, not anticipation.

(The Law of Cause and Effect overlaps the Law of Time which overlaps the Akashic Records.)


To begin training your mind for success you must first begin with yourself, then your family, friends,
followed by your community. To begin with yourself, you must include your home. In much the same
way that you download Feelings/Programs into yourself, now we will teach you how to use the animate
and inanimate things around you to aide you.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

STEP I: Clean your house of clutter.

Your house is a reflection of you. If your house is full of clutter, then your mind is full of clutter.
If you have clutter on the top of desks, your refrigerator or countertops, you either have young children
or this is a sign of too much burden on your body and in your life. This stems from the feeling that you
have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Rid yourself of things in your house that you don't want.

Your styles and life changes. How many of you buy new clothes without getting rid of clothes that have
been sitting around for years waiting for them to come into style and that youll one day fit into them?
Don't keep clothes that you have no intention of wearing again unless youre a costume designer. Dont let
the flow of new and old clothes hamper your space.

How many of you have all kinds of objects around your house? How many of you have old gifts that
you dont like or use? Get rid of them. If it doesnt serve you, let it go. Have white elephant gift
exchanges, give it away, send them to thrift stores, or have a garage sale.

How many of you have furniture you dont like that no longer feels comfortable or fits your
lifestyle? This does not mean that you have to buy new furniture, but you should find items that you like
and that support you to feel comfortable.

STEP 2 Charging an object or situation.

In a Theta State, a condensed thought form can be instilled in every important factor in
our life to charge it with intention.
Items hold negative and positive thoughts, but if you charge these items with a purpose they
will only allow energy to be held in attaining their purpose.
They will reflect that purpose back to you in giving you a safe haven to recharge your mind.
It gives objects psychic structure so it wont absorb from the environment.
You are training yourself to direct the energy so these things will have order and a duty.
Have the items in your home work for you. Let the items be attached to you through their job,
and you dont need be attached to them.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

What if a business is too busy and overwhelming, but you dont want to let it go completely? If you
release energy from the situation, how do you redefine it to work for you?

Give the object a new energy by charging it

A ritual/ceremony can also be done

If Creator is charging something, change happens, energy is given. In our subconscious minds, in
order for a change to be necessary, it needs to be broken/fixed.

Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, on a
daily basis, I can have

For things to work correctly the first time

Change can happen without destruction.


Work on your Assignment Notes
Get rid of anything you don't really want or love.

Home Assignment
Charge everything in your house from the 7th Plane with desired intention or a job of:

Transform other people's energy in the highest and best way

Charge your house with the ability to transform other people's energy in Highest and Best way
with compatibility, respectfulness, warmth, sturdiness, privacy and hospitality.
Charge your ceilings to put energy into your house, be a good insulator and protector.
Charge your windows with protection, security, privacy, and clarity of vision.
Charge your blinds with privacy, warmth, and insulation.
Charge our kitchen table to always be abundant with healthy food, and that whoever eats at
that table will leave feeling satisfied.
Charge your couch to feel comfortable and inviting. (clear off energy) Charge your bed
with comfort, love, rest, and playfulness.
Charge your walls to allow you to feel safe and to maintain durability and privacy.
Charge your wall pictures and photos with nurturing, honor, and inspiration (depending on the
Charge your carvings with the appreciation of beauty, majesty and power.
Charge your gems, statues and rocks with sacredness and to project abundance and beauty.
Charge your garden with bounty and nutrition.
Charge your supplements with vitality and potency to support your body.
Charge your medications for the desire for life and healing ability.
Charge your shoes for comfort, balance and longevity.
Charge your car to protect you, be safe, run efficiently, and save on gas. If selling house and
property, charge the house to be sold to be desirable and being a valuable asset to others.
If selling property fully furnished, charge all your furniture for property to sell. (remove
If you are Professional Theta Practitioner or in any Healing Arts, charge your Business that
everyone is loved unconditionally, appreciated and has already healed-- they know it and you
know it.
Charge your business in general for success and abundance. (in specific ways)
Charge your furniture in your office to make it work for you.
Charge your Books and Screenplays that you are writing with the qualities you want.
Charge all your computers in the house for how you want them to be, safe and secure.
Charge your money to come back to you 10 fold.
Charge bank account, statement, assets and investments with how much you want, being safe,
secure, and to hold value even if the market changes for any reason.
Charge your Advertising (websites, flyers, etc.) with reaching the type of people you want as
[Write checks to yourself, like New Moon checks, with the Date (The Law of Time) and Pay to
Self with the $ amount Paid in full.]
Teach Creators definition, perspective, what it feels like, how to, when, the possibility of, I can
and I do (am):

Be clever
Listen to others
Accept all the abundance that Creator has in store for me
Have accountability
Make time for my family and myself
Have generosity
Be impeccable with my word
Understand the power of intention
Know the difference between my thoughts and other's thoughts
Discipline myself to achieve
Be close to God and still have money

Be thankful
See/recognize how abundant I already am
Live my life without blaming others, my mother or father, former spouse/partner
Live my life with abundance as second nature
Know that there is always a solution
Have creative solutions
Be abundant in the future
To have gratitude to God w/o being in debt to God


At the beginning of class you were asked to fill out a questionnaire that pertains to different Belief
Systems. They are Core, Genetic, and History Beliefs. (Further explanation of these levels and how to
work on them can be found in Chapter 11 in the book "ThetaHealing" beginning on page 76-113)

So that you have an understanding where some of these blocks came from, we have listed the Belief Level
on the right hand side. Some of these beliefs are held on more than one level, which is why when you
Energy-Tested the answer on the 1st morning of class, you may have noticed a variation in how you
originally answered the questions.

Have your students get in diads and have them energy test each of the beliefs on each other, mark them
down and dig them clear. One belief cleared may actually clear many that may have been marked. There
are several beliefs on the handouts that have the word not in them. Change to the word unable or what is
appropriate for #17, 26, & 60

1. I fall victim to the sickness of greed. Genetic

2. I am driven by the illusion of power. Core, Genetic
3. I have to have more than anyone in my family. Genetic
4. It's wrong to have more than my family. Genetic
5. I know the difference between my thoughts and others. Core, Genetic, History
6. I know the difference between my fear and my spouses' fear of success. Core
7. I have to save every penny I get. Core, Genetic
8. I have to spend every penny I get. Core, Genetic
9. I have to be punished for mistakes in the past. (Karma) Core, Genetic, History
10. The more I make the more I spend. Genetic
11. God hates me. Genetic
12. God is punishing me. Genetic, History
13. My partner is against my manifestations. Core, History
14. I know the difference between The Creators voice and my own ego. Core

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

15. I have to have terrible problems in order to solve them. Genetic

16. I have to work for someone else. Genetic
17. Im unable to move above my station in life. Genetic, History
18. I am poor and proud of it. Genetic, History
19. Rich people are run by greed. Genetic, History
20. The rich arc my enemies. Genetic, History
21. I will lose my friends/family if I am rich. Genetic, History
22. If God loved me, God would make me rich. Core, Genetic
23. To succeed you have to be able to step on other people's toes. Core, Genetic, History
24. Nobody wants me to be rich. Genetic, History
25. If I am rich everybody will take it. Genetic, History
26. People will hurt my family or me if I tell them Im unable pay my bills. Genetic, History
27. Bill collectors scare me. Core, Genetic
28. Responsibility scares me. Core
29. No one else is there to help me. Core
30. People use me. Genetic, Core
31. I am the scapegoat. Core
32. I have to be poor to get close God. Genetic, History
33. I fear the burdens of success. (I fear the responsibility of making a lot of money) Core,
34. It works for everyone else but me. Core, Genetic
35. It is wrong to charge money for services. Genetic
36. I feel guilty when people compensate me for my time. Genetic, History
37. I know how to be accountable for my responsibilities. Core
38. I know what if feels like to have my bills completely paid off. Core, Genetic
39. I know what I want. Core
40. I know what I would do with millions of dollars. Core
41. The thought of a lot of money scares me. Core, Genetic
42. I can see how abundant I already am. Core
43. People drive me crazy. Core, Genetic
44. I find something wrong in everyone I meet. Core, Genetic
45. I can live my life without gossip. Core
46. It's my mother/father's fault. Core, Genetic
47. If I am successful my children will want it all. Core, Genetic
48. If I am successful my parents will want it all. Core, Genetic
49. Success is money to me. Core,
50. Success is family to me. Core, Genetic
51. I am a lousy parent. Core
52. I am lousy with money. Core
53. I am a fast food junkie. Core
54. I know where my money goes. Core
55. I would rather buy food than material possessions. Genetic
56. I would rather buy clothes than things for my home. Core
57. I care what people think about me. Core, Genetic, History

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

58. People owe me things. Core, Genetic

59. Life owes me. Core, Genetic
60. I am unafraid of hard work, but I never get anywhere. Genetic
61. I want somebody else's life. Core
62. I want somebody else's body. Core
63. I plan things, but they never come through. Core, Genetic
64. I know how to advertise for myself. Core
65. My opinion matters. Core, Genetic, History
66. I come from a long line of poor people. Genetic
67. I come from a long line of successful people. Genetic
68. I hate money. Genetic
69. Money is a nuisance to me. Core
70. I like my reputation. Core
71. I know how let other people know of their importance to God. Core
72. I know how to build my reputation. Core
73. I pay my bills. Core
74. I know how to use my credit. Core
75. I am married to God. Genetic
76. It is wrong to have material possessions. Genetic, History
77. If I am rich I will worship money. Genetic, History
78. If I am rich I will forget God. Genetic, History
79. I am destined to be poor. Core, Genetic, History
80. It's harder for a rich a man to get to heaven. Genetic
81. It is everybody else's fault. Core, Genetic
82. I am afraid I am going to make more money than my spouse. Core
83. I have to make everybody happy. Genetic
84. I have to fail to please my parents. Core
85. I have to succeed to please my parents. Core
86. My siblings will hate me if I have more than them. Core
87. My friends will hate me if I have more than them. Core
88. I am honest with myself. Core
89. I am honest with those around me. Core
90. I have to go through hard times to be wealthy. Genetic, History
91. I have to go through hard times to be happy. Genetic, History
92. The Creator wants me to be happy. Core, Genetic, History
93. The Creator has already decided I will be poor. Core
94. I can only be abundant in the next life. Core
95. I can attain abundance in this life. Core
96. I have to save the world. Core
97. I have to save my family. Core, Genetic
98. Life is supposed to be difficult. Core, Genetic
99. Everything I have gone through in my life matters. Core, Genetic, History 100. If life is easy, the
suffering I have done stops counting. Genetic

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors


(If students finish quickly in class, have them work on these, otherwise at home)

I can only achieve and be successful if someone tells me Im incapable or unable to be

I can only achieve and be successful if I have conflict I need
resistance to push through to be successful.
I always forget to ask Creator how to handle my money I have to work
so hard for everything that is important.
Everything in life has to be hard to be worth anything. (no pain, no gain) I am prejudiced
against: moneypeople w/ people use
My ancestors are prejudiced against: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
People who give value to money diminish human life
I am offended by: moneypeople w/ people use money.
I am angry at: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
I resent: moneypeople w/ people use money.
I hold grudges against: moneypeople with people use
I am superior to: moneypeople with money.
I am inferior to: money.people with money.
Money has more power over me than Creator of All.
Lack of money keeps me: pioushumblepureacceptable to Creator.
I am abused by: money.people with moneyhow people use money.
I am jealous of: moneypeople with moneyhow people use money.
I am afraid of being enslaved by: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
I will be (am) enslaved by: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
I am afraid of being destroyed by: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
I will be (am) destroyed by: money people w/moneyhow people use money.
I am afraid of being conquered by: moneypeople w/moneyhow people use money.
I will be (am) conquered by: money people w/moneyhow people use money.
I need to know the fear of lack of money to feel gratitude for what I have. Im in-debt to God.
(To have gratitude towards God w/o being in debt to God)
Im afraid to accept money from: friendsrelatives.
Im afraid it is wrong to charge friends money.
Im afraid that people will find out I have money.
Im afraid that people will be jealous if I have money.
Its wrong to charge my friends for my services.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Im afraid to have money even if its shoved down my throat.

Healers are supposed to work for free.
I can easily default my bills by living from my credit cards.
Im entitled to default on my credit card/s as they charge me outrageous interest.
My fun is more important than paying my bills.
Everything I have gone through in my life matters.
I know how to have things count in my life w/o dwelling on them.

Get in Diads and make what you want even bigger in creating your future. Use same process as before:

See your vision big. Make it large, limitless possibilities.

If I had all the money in the world
Coach the person as you dig them down on what it brings up for them.
Do digging procedure;; check regrets and how it would affect family and friends.



Set your intention that it comes back to you 3 to 10 fold every time you spend it. Always carry some
money in your pocket/purse. Your subconscious will think there is plenty and bring you more.


It expands energy as seen with Kirlan photography.
Helps absorption so the right connections are made in your body.
Your cravings for unhealthy food will stop.
If you eat foods that youve been told are bad, charge it differently or youll increase the
negativity of it. Eat the best for you. Check with Creator: Is this good for me? and then charge
or bless. The more you bless what you eat, the more youll eat better food.
Bless organic food as its often grown next to food thats been sprayed.
Where you eat is important as far as preparation and handling. Ask Creator about those
who prepare food you want to eat.
Enjoy preparing your food to enhance it. Never settle for what you dont want. Go for what
you want and bless it.
Bless/charge chocolate to balance the serotonin and release weight. Live without guilt in eating
it. If you bless it, you wont need as much. One bite could be equivalent to what you need in a
Bless and charge your water. Give it an intent. Charge the water to be purified in absorbing
into your body. Charge it to absorb Calcium so that its at a perfect rate for your body.
Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Charge your own body and digestive system so that you love it and its important to you. Its
important to love your body for what it is and how it is now.
Bless that I love my toes, feet, legs, etc.
Bless the Sun in feeding your body, giving you a full supply of Vit.D
Bless the air you breath to support you
Bless the plants that help give oxygenation to you

Always leave a little bit of food on your plate which will train your subconscious that you always have
more than you need. Just this small technique can change the belief structure into "I always have just
what I need." This will help keep your life flowing in a positive direction.


Its part of the Law of setting things in motion. You can do this at the beginning of the month. You know
which bills are monthly, like the mortgage, electricity, and prepare. Vianna would physically write out the
checks for these as if she was paying them and then put them in an envelope with a stamp. In this action, it
would put into motion the necessity for that money on another level. It sparks the subconscious to know
that you desire to pay your bills, and thus creates it for you by setting up all the clients needed to pay the
bill or by other means. In-other- words, write out the checks


Practice creating on the Seventh Plane and take action. The Universe will give you many opportunities.

Often when we practice being thankful, we go through the process of counting our blessings,
acknowledging the wonderful people, things and places that make up our reality. While it is fine to be
grateful for the good fortune we have accumulated, true thankfulness stems from a powerful
comprehension of the gift of simply being alive, and when we feel it, we feel it regardless of our

It is difficult for most of us to access this level of consciousness as we are very caught up in the ups and
downs of our individual experiences in the world. The thing to remember about the world, though, is that
it ebbs and flows, expands and contracts, gives and takes, and is by its very nature in constant change.
No one is exempt from the twists and turns of life, which may at any time, seem to take the possessions,
situations, and people we love away from us. Ironically, it is sometimes this kind of loss that awakens us
to a thankfulness that goes

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

deeper than just being grateful when things go our way. Illness and near-miss accidents can also serve as
wake-up calls to the deeper realization that we are truly loved in being alive.

We do not have to wait to be shaken to experience this state of being to truly be thankful for our lives. If
we only feel gratitude when it serves our desires, this is only a small aspect of true thankfulness. Tuning in
to our breath, connecting with Creator and making an effort to be fully present for a set period of time
each day can do wonders for our ability to connect with true gratitude. In this deep state of gratitude, we
recognize the purity of the experience of being, in and of itself, and our thankfulness is part and parcel of
our awareness that we are One with this great Energy of All-That-IS.

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

Manifesting & Abundance Instructors

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