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Sulzer Pumps

Sales Program

The Heart of Your Process

Sulzer Pumps
Sulzer Pumps has been designing Our detailed process and application Sulzer Pumps has sales and service
and building pumps since 1834. Today knowledge has allowed us to develop facilities in all the major markets of
the company is recognized the world innovative pumping solutions for our the world to provide fast and flexible
over for the quality and reliability of its focus segments including tailor made response and support.
products. systems if required. Our active research
and development supports this cus-
tomer oriented approach.

Global Manufacturing
With a global network of strategically Our centrally administered quality prog- The result of this approach is that the
located, modern facilities (including two ram ensures that, regardless of where users of our products benefit from class
foundries) Sulzer Pumps combines the the individual component is produced, leading levels of performance and reli-
advantages of being a global company Sulzer Pumps quality is consistently ability no matter what the application.
with the ability to be your local partner. excellent. The ability to transfer manu- Industries ranging from offshore oil
Control of the entire manufacturing pro- facturing of either parts or complete production to paper manufacturing de-
cess allows us to maintain the highest pumps between plants guarantees pend on the reliable operation of Sulzer
quality standards. the most efficient utilization of our Pumps products to keep their facilities
facilities. running smoothly.

Pump Segment Matrix

Product Types Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon Pulp & Power Water & Food, Metals
Processing Paper Generation Wastewater & Fertilizers
Single Stage Pumps AHLSTARUP A Series
Two Stage Pumps BBT/BBT-D
Barrel Pumps GSG
Ring Section Pumps MBN
Axial Split Pumps MSD
Vertical Pumps NVP/NVT
MC Products

MC Pumping System
Chemical Mixer

MC Discharge Scraper

MC Discharger



Service Service products available for all segments.

Focus Markets
An essential part of Sulzer Pumps' Oil & Gas ture, highly flammable and sometimes
success is our focus on a number of Crude oil production and transporta- toxic liquids must be pumped safely,
chosen markets. We design and manu- tion are an essential part of the global reliably and efficiently. Sulzer Pumps
facture our products to meet operators' energy mix. With production from older has the most up-to-date range of ISO
specific needs within these industries. fields now running down as they be- 13709 (API 610) process pumps on
This specialization has allowed us come ever more depleted the discovery the market. Each range is designed to
to build a complete understanding of and development of new reserves is deliver class leading performance with
the processes our pumps are used in, an urgent and ongoing process. These the minimum impact on the environ-
leading to more efficient and reliable new reserves are often in challenging ment through energy use, leakage and
products. locations such as deep water or in re- consumption of external services.
mote and undeveloped regions of the
Common to all our segments is the world. Producers demand ever higher Pulp & Paper
value our customers place on the per- pressures, flows and levels of reli- The production of pulp and paper prod-
formance of their pumping systems. By ability. World record breaking products ucts is intensive in its use of centrifugal
choosing a Sulzer pump, our customers coupled with our unique packaging and pumps. The pumps need to operate in
place us at the heart of their process. testing abilities makes Sulzer Pumps a wide range of demanding applications
the number one choice for critical up- within the process and need specific so-
stream pumping and transcontinental lutions to a number of critical operating
pipeline applications. requirements. Abrasion and corrosion
resistance, an ability to pump liquid with
HPI gas entrapped within it, the require-
Refining crude oil and the production ment to eliminate external services, the
of base chemicals convert natural need to minimize energy consumption
resources into the wide range of fu- and have interchangeable spare parts
els, chemicals and material products combine to challenge pump designers
without which modern lifestyles would to provide economic products that fulfill
be impossible. As our understanding of their diverse needs. As market leader
the environmental impact of mankinds and with the successful introduction
activities has improved, new processes of the all new AHLSTARUP range that
and environmental operating standards takes pump performance to the next
have been introduced. High tempera- level, Sulzer Pumps is the choice of
paper manufacturers worldwide.

Power cities in the world to ground breaking of pumps able to be configured to proc-
Modern electricity generating plants, reverse osmosis plants delivering large ess operating demands. Hard wearing
be they fossil fuelled, nuclear or com- volumes of water at previously uneco- alloys, corrosion resistant materials,
bined cycle, rely on pumps as a core nomic price levels, Sulzer Pumps' tech- unique sealing solutions and modular
part of the generating process. Boiler nology makes these schemes possible. bearing assemblies allow operators to
feed pumps, condensate extraction Pumping water demands the highest specify the right pump for each process
pumps and cooling water pumps are possible levels of efficiency, this excep- while reducing spares and maintenance
at the heart of the heat cycle most tional performance must be maintained costs through the use of interchange-
widely used for power generation. From over extended periods of time as the able sub assemblies. No matter how ex-
industrial generating plants through to bulk of the cost associated with water treme the service, Sulzer Pumps has a
the latest generation of super critical supply schemes comes from driving process pump solution perfectly suited
power stations, Sulzer Pumps' technol- pumps. Specifically matching the pump to meet the customers' requirements.
ogy is selected the world over both by hydraulics to system demands and the
private and national power generating engineering knowledge associated with
companies. Sulzer Pumps is also active delivering long operating life are key to
in the equally important fields of FGD Sulzer Pumps' success in this challeng-
treatment plants and nuclear safety ing market.
systems. Another important field is the
retrofitting of existing plants to increase Food, Metals and Fertilizers
life and performance while improving Processes as diverse as metal produc-
reliability. tion, sugar refining, fertilizer manu-
facture and ethanol refining all have a
Water and Wastewater common link. They contain processes
A ready supply of clean water is one of that are highly erosive, corrosive or
the basic necessities of life. Supplying have other particular demands that
water to ever growing city populations or compromise the life and reliability of tra-
producing drinking water from the sea ditional process pumps. Sulzer Pumps'
are both growing activities in response unique knowledge of these challenges
to population demands. With installa- gained over years of experience in
tions ranging from bulk water transpor- manufacturing process pumps has led
tation supporting some of the largest to the development of a modular range

The Best Production and Test Facilities in the Wo
Wherever you are, Sulzer Pumps is New Facilities Investments
close-by to bring the latest pumping Sulzer Pumps recently completed and As well as building new facilities, Sulzer
technology to your unique process. successfully commissioned two com- Pumps has also invested heavily in
We constantly seek to strengthen our pletely new manufacturing plants. Our existing locations. Examples include
manufacturing base by increasing the existing facilities in Brazil and China the complete re-configuration of our
efficiency of all our facilities, including had, for various reasons, reached their US plants in Portland and Houston.
our foundry operations in Finland and limit for development and expansion Using lean principles, the buildings
Brazil. Examples include the use of investments. The decision was made and machine tool layouts were updated
global supply partners to ensure both to move off the existing sites and build and arranged to optimize workflow. The
raw materials and factored items are new plants in more favorable locations result has been improved productiv-
supplied to the highest quality stand- while still retaining the existing employ- ity and capacity at both locations. In
ards and investment in state-of-the-art ees. This allowed us the dual benefits of Mexico, investments in machine tools
machine tools, packaging and test custom designed pump factories staffed and improvements in plant layout have
facilities. These continuous improve- by our highly skilled workforce. This increased capacity, particularly for
ments will benefit you as we develop combination meant the new plants were products used in refinery applications.
an ever more advanced manufacturing brought on stream with a minimum of
philosophy. This work is at the heart of disruption to work in progress. In the UK, a fourth test bed was in-
the value we give you. stalled at the Leeds plant and the main
test bed upgraded with an inverter
drive for variable speed motors of up
to 15MW.

Demand for products from our Indian

factory resulted in investments to in-
crease the factory size and improve
productivity using lean principles. Active
markets and improved manufacturing
capacity put an increasing load on our
engineering activities. Dedicated engi-
neering centers have been established
in the UK and India to support plant
based engineering teams.

W orld
As well as investment in the facilities Test Facilities turbine driven pumps of up to 30MW.
themselves, the information systems Pump performance testing, be it for The building is equipped with all the
used are also being upgraded. In North hydraulic assessment or full string test- required systems to run gas turbines,
America, a project to migrate all manu- ing to prove package integrity is a core large diesel engines and high voltage
facturing plants to SAP has been suc- strength of Sulzer Pumps. We operate electric motors. There is sufficient
cessfully completed. We are currently a range of test beds around the world, space to allow several skids to be in-
repeating the exercise in Europe and each dedicated to the needs of specific stalled at one maximizing the facilities
the Middle East. This rolling project will products and markets. flexibility.
result in harmonized systems across
our manufacturing locations improving In Finland, the test loop is set up to Specialist vertical pump test beds are
efficiency, speed of communication and allow the rapid testing of end suction located in Houston, France and South
management of the supply chain. pumps of all sizes for the pulp and Africa. Testing for pumps installed in
paper, food, metal and fertilizer in- nuclear power plants can be accommo-
Manufacturing locations are only part dustries. The high production volume dated in Canada and our new plant in
of the story though, our global network for these segments demands a rapid Brazil has the largest pump test facility
of service centers has undergone lean set up/break down process. This is in the Southern hemisphere.
assessment and update. The exercise achieved with modular pump interface
has released substantial extra capacity piping that can quickly be rotated into Whatever the pump you purchase from
and improved process efficiencies. The position using two custom-built rotating Sulzer, we have the test capability to
ongoing lean working practices and as- assemblies holding the required range fully test it before shipping to prove
sessments mean improvements which of suction and discharge pipe sizes. performance and ensure problem free
are maintained and further advances commissioning on site.
will be made over time. At the other end of the scale, the UK
test bed is able to accommodate gas

Performance Through People
If pumps and rotating equipment are Service Partner Our teams are known in the industry
critical to your operations, you seek Our goal is to be your business partner for their extreme dedication. You can
specific qualities when selecting exter- who delivers customized service solu- rely on us to stand by you if unexpected
nal service support: tions that improve your operations. Our problems occur.
A service partner you can trust measure of success is the loyalty of
Reliability our customers year after year, decade Responsiveness
Responsiveness after decade. You have specific needs, expectations
Rapid turn around and priorities we are responsive to
Innovative solutions Reliability them and define with you the best pos-
Our service professionals deliver these Reliability depends on the longevity of sible solutions for your business. You
qualities and more to customers from replacement parts and the quality of need us urgently? We are present 24/7,
all industry sectors around the globe. repair of damaged or worn equipment. 365 days per year.
With services ranging from spare parts You can count on our expertise to de-
to trouble shooting, we can maintain liver and on our commitment to do the
your rotating equipment and improve job right first time, every time.
your processes.

Network of Locations
Divisional Headquarters
Manufacturing Facility
Customer Support Service Center
Sales Office
Representatives in over 140 countries
Rapid Turn Around Global Reach Quality, Health and Safety
You expect to receive quotations quickly With over 60 service facilities around Our globally recognized Quality Man-
and have your equipment repaired rap- the world, we operate one of the largest agement System complies with national
idly to minimize disruption and costs. service networks in the industry and are and international standards using ISO
We aim to exceed your expectations close to your operations. Each facility 9001:2000 as its basis. It covers our
through our continuous investment in is staffed by specialists dedicated to internal service operations as well as
more effective shopfloor and adminis- supporting customers and their equip- our relationship with customers.
trative processes. ment.
We monitor health and safety in all
Innovative Solutions Service centers are equipped with service locations and are committed to
Sulzer Pumps is renowned in the in- machine tools, balancing equipment continuous improvement.
dustry for its innovative technology and and inspection facilities. Naturally, all
application know-how. We are able to service centers have access to the
make the best diagnostic of your instal- drawings of all Sulzer manufactured
lation and optimize its performance. pumps for seamless parts delivery.
We can achieve increased throughput,
lift efficiency and improve reliability
in most pumps by replacing existing
hydraulics with state-of-the-art Sulzer
Pumps designs.

Single Stage Pumps
AHLSTAR A pumps are designed for AHLSTAR N pumps are designed for AHLSTARUP W pumps are intended
pumping clean, abrasive or corrosive pumping abrasive or corrosive liquids, for corrosive and abrasive applications
liquids as well as stocks of various sludges and slurries containing large where durability is essential. The spe-
kinds. If the liquid contains gas or air particles or long fibers. Special hydrau- cial hydraulic design reduces erosion
the pump can be modified with either lic design prevents plugging and lets big while careful selection of parts mat-
internal or external gas removal con- particles pass. Gas removal systems erials to make them compatible with
struction which stabilizes the operation. broaden the scope of applications to corrosive conditions, gives extended
The Sulzer Dynamic Seal is specially include those containing air or gas. working life and reliability. Gas removal
designed for difficult liquids offering construction is also offered.
reliable operation and low total sealing

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 1000 10000 Q (US gpm) 1000 10000 Q (US gpm) 100 200 500 1000 10000
200 600 100 300 120
100 300 H (m) H (ft) 80 H (ft)
H (m) H (ft) H (m) 200

10 30
20 100

2 1 1 5
Q (m/h) 100 200 500 2000 Q (m/h) 100 200 500 2000 Q (m/h) 10 40 100 200 500 2000

Pressure 16 bar / 230 psi Pressure 16 bar / 230 psi Pressure 16 bar / 230 psi
Temperature 180 C / 355 F Temperature 180 C / 355 F Temperature 180 C / 355 F

AHLSTARUP E pumps provide contin- The CPT chemical process pump is The ZE/F end suction industrial process
uous operation in industrial processes. designed for continuous operation in pumps use modular construction to
Typical applications include the pump- process industries for pumping clean, provide maximum interchangeability
ing of hot clean, abrasive or corrosive abrasive or corrosive liquids. This pump of spares. Manufactured in two casing
liquids and liquors. These pumps are is designed to exceed ANSI (ASME pressure ranges with over 50 sizes and
particularly effective where system B73.1M) pump standards. 6 bearing frames, ZE/F pumps are ideal
pressure is high and pressure/temper- for arduous applications in a wide range
ature shocks occur. of industrial processes.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 1000 10000 Q (US gpm) 500 1000 10000 Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500 45000
200 600 300 900 1000 3500
100 300 H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft) 100
300 100 350

30 35

1 1
Q (m/h) 100 200 500 2000 50 100 200 500 1000 Q (m/h) 1 Q (m/h) 10 100 1000 10000

Pressure 25 bar / 360 psi Pressure 16 bar / 230 psi Pressure 150 bar / 2175 psi
Temperature 210 C / 410 F Temperature 180 C / 355 F Temperature 450 C / 840 F

The OHH horizontal overhung process These pumps use the modular casing The OHV ISO 13709/API 610 OH3
pump is designed for use in heavy duty and impeller assemblies of the OHH range is used in refineries, oil and
refinery services, petrochemical plants, attached to either a unique magnetic gas production, pipeline boosting and
and offshore services. It is designed ac- drive bearing assembly (OHM) or a offshore applications where space is
cording to ISO 13709 (API 610) and ISO canned motor (OHC). confined. The pump makes extensive
21049 (API 682). The OHHL is the same A key element of OHM is a secondary use of common parts with other OH
rugged design with low flow hydraulics containment chamber rated at the full products.
for improved hydraulic fit even at low discharge pressure of the pump. The The OHVL is a low flow, high head de-
flow conditions. OHC features a rugged electric motor sign using the same hydraulics as the
drive rated for full discharge pressure OHHL but in a vertical configuration.
and complying with ASME and API 685

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500 45000 Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500

Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500 1000 33000
1000 3300 1000 3500
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft)

100 330
100 330
100 350

10 33

0 10 33
10 35 1 Q (m/h) 10 100 1000 10000
Q (m/h)1 10 100 1000 10000 1 Q (m/h) 10 100 1000

Pressure 50 bar / 725 psi Pressure 52 bar / 740 psi Pressure 51 bar / 740 psi
Temperature 425 C / 800 F Temperature 250 C / 480 F (OHM) Temperature 230 C / 450 F
425 C / 800 F (OHC)

BBS ISO 13709 (API 610) pumps are HZB pumps are designed as hot water ZAP pumps comply with extreme
primarily used in process applications boosters for high energy boiler feed requirements on corrosion and wear
in refineries and petrochemical plants. pumps in thermal power plants. Their resistance in flue gas desulphuriza-
The broad pressure and temperature design is optimized for pumping hot wa- tion (FGD) plants. They fulfill the high
capabilities of this design allow it to be ter with relatively low NPSH available. availability and service requirements
used in the most arduous applications The rugged design ensures the long the application demands. Key features
while still providing long and trouble term reliable operation that is critical in include the casing volute profile with a
free service. The double entry impel- this application. block suction flange and interchange-
ler is particularly suited to low NPSHA able wear inserts. The shaft is protected
applications. from the pumped liquid and runs in a
dry environment.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 45000 450 Q (US gpm) 4500 45000 130 Q (US gpm) 2200 13200 57200
1000 3500 1000 3500 120 390
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)

350 350
100 100
20 65

35 35 16
10 10 5
10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 10000 100 Q (m/h) 1000 10000 30 Q (m/h) 500 3000 13000

Pressure 100 bar / 1450 psi Pressure 25 bar / 360 psi Pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Temperature 425 C / 800 F Temperature 220 C / 430 F Temperature 100 C / 212 F

Two Stage Pumps
These API 610 BB2 back-to-back two These low speed high pressure pumps
stage pumps are designed for process are especially designed for continuous
applications in refineries and petro- digester feed in the pulp and paper
chemical plants. The design features industry. The pump has a two-stage,
large seal chambers able to accom- end suction, horizontally mounted
modate API 682 seals. Standard back pull-out design for hot, abrasive
options include coke crusher inserts and corrosive liquids.
to provide extended service life in abr-
asive applications and a double entry
suction in the BBT-D.

Performance Range Performance Range

45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 Q (US gpm) 2000 4000 6000

1000 3500 240 H (ft)
H (m) H (ft) H (m) 700


100 100
10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 0 100 Q (m/h) 500 1000 1500

Pressure 100 bar / 1450 psi Pressure 25 bar / 360 psi

Temperature 450 C / 840 F Temperature 180 C / 355 F

Barrel Pumps
GSG API 610 BB5 radially split barrel HPT radially split barrel casing pumps HPcp API 610 BB5 radially split barrel
casing pumps are used in oil prod- are specifically designed for boiler feed pumps are used for injection and main
uction, refining and boiler feed appli- applications in thermal power stations. oil line services. Using the Sulzer Twist-
cations. Their design is optimized for The pumps are optimized to provide lock system of barrel closure to min-
synchronous speed direct drive appli- high efficiency operation over an ex- imize weight, these pumps represent
cations thus avoiding unnecessary and tended period of time thus reducing the state-of-the-art for high energy
expensive construction features. Their operating and maintenance costs. pumps. They are available in both hori-
full car tridge design makes the most of zontal and vertical configuration. The
the compact Sulzer Twistlock system of worlds largest onshore, offshore and
barrel closure. A back-to-back option is vertical injection pumps are all HPcp
also available. designs.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 450 Q (US gpm) 4500 45000 45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 45000
10000 35000 10000 35000 10000 35000
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)

1000 3500 1000 3500

350 3500 350

100 1000 100
10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 100 Q (m/h) 1000 10000 10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 10000

Pressure 250 bar / 3625 psi Pressure 450 bar / 6525 psi Pressure 600 bar / 8700 psi
Temperature 425 C / 800 F Temperature 250 C / 480 F Temperature 90 C / 195 F

CP API 610 BB5 axially split barrel MPP helico-axial multiphase pumps
casing pumps are used in both oil prod- are spearheading a revolution in oil
uction and refinery applications. They and gas production. The pumps are
are par ticularly suited to low specific able to operate with high gas fractions
gravity applications where the back-to- thus removing the need for separation
back design and center bush provide systems. The world's largest onshore
natural axial balance and additional and offshore multiphase installations
shaft support. These pumps also utilize are Sulzer MPP designs.
the Sulzer high temperature Twistlock

Performance Range Performance Range

45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 10000 Q (bpd) 100000 1000000

10000 35000 100 1450
H (m) H (ft) (bar) (psi)
Differential pressure

3500 10 145

350 1 15
10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 70 Q (m/h) 660 6600

Pressure 410 bar / 6000 psi Pressure 150 bar / 2175 psi
Temperature 425 C / 800 F Temperature 175 C / 350 F

Ring Section Pumps
MBN M Series
Covering the performance range below This modular series of ring section
the MC, the new MBN ring section multistage pumps consists of MC, MD
multistage pump is the ideal choice for and ME ranges. A wide range of com-
medium pressure pumping applications. mon hydraulic components and bearing
The pump is offered in a wide range assemblies are used within the three
of materials including duplex stainless standard pressure ranges. This flex-
steel grades. The pump utilizes integrat- ibility minimizes the overall number of
ed diffusers and a product lubricated parts required.
NDE bearing to simplify construction,
minimize dimensions and reduce cost.

Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 160 320 800 1600 Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500
1000 3200 10000 35000

H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)

500 1600 1000 3500

100 350
200 650

10 35
100 320
Q (m/h) 36 72 180 360 1 Q (m/h) 10 100 1000

Pressure 100 bar / 1450 psi Pressure 450 bar / 6500 psi
Temperature 180 C / 355 F Temperature 210 C / 410 F

Axially Split Pumps
MSD API 610 BB3 multistage pumps The SM family of single stage double HSB API 610 BB1 double suction axial
are widely used in refineries, petro- entry pumps is used across a broad split pumps are designed for use in
chemical plants, pipelines, water injec- range of industries in liquid transport both pipeline and general refinery ap-
tion and power generation applications. and transfer applications. Pre-engi- plications. Their heavy duty design is
The broad range of standard hydraulics neered standard versions include the suitable for both synchronous and high
and mechanical design options ensures SMH API 610 BB1 compliant design speed operation.
optimum fit to customers' duty require- and the SMN standard industrial pump
ments, using proven pre-engineered with vertical configuration options.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

45 Q (US gpm) 450 4500 45000 450 Q (US gpm) 4500 45000 450 Q (US gpm) 4500 45000
10000 35000 1000 3500 1000 3500
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)

100 350

1000 3500 350


10 35

350 35
100 1 10
10 Q (m/h) 100 1000 10000 100 Q (m/h) 1000 10000 100 Q (m/h) 1000 10000

Pressure 310 bar / 4500 psi Pressure 30 bar / 435 psi Pressure 125 bar / 1800 psi
Temperature 200 C / 400 F Temperature 160 C / 320 F Temperature 205 C / 400 F

ZPP double suction pumps are espec- HPDM multistage axially split pumps
ially designed for todays high speed are designed for high volume, high
paper machines requiring low pulsation pressure water transport applications.
and high efficiencies. Other applications HPDM pumps are individually designed
include cooling and circulating water to provide class leading efficiency and
pumping. are used to supply water for many major
cities throughout the world.

Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 10000 40000 100000 45 Q (US gpm) 4500 45000 450000
160 1000 3500
H (m) H (ft)
300 H (m) H (ft)


20 350
50 100
500 Q (m/h) 2000 5000 10000 20000 10 Q (m/h) 1000 10000 100000

Pressure 10 bar / 150 psi* Pressure 150 bar / 2200 psi

Temperature 120 C / 250 F Temperature 90 C / 195 F
* Depending on pump size and material

Vertical Pumps
NVP/NVT non-clogging vertical pumps Non-clogging (NKP/NKT) and wear re- The JTS range of vertical turbine pumps
are intended for all kinds of hard app- sistant (WKP/WKT) vertical cantilever is specifically designed for higher differ-
lications with waste water, slurries or pumps are used in applications with ential head water applications. It can be
waste stock. Non-clogging pumps are liquids containing solids or abrasive used in municipal and industrial plant
available with closed or vortex impellers slurries and when no support bearing water supply, drainage, flood control,
to meet the requirements of different inside the liquid is allowed. Cantilever pipeline and high pressure pumping.
applications. pumps are available with closed, open It can be easily modified for changing
or vortex impellers to meet the require- hydraulic conditions.
ments of different applications.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

Q (US gpm) 100 1000 10000 100 1000 Q (US gpm) Q (US gpm) 100 1000 10000
200 100 3000 1000
100 300 H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft)

10 30 300 100

1 1 30 10
Q (m/h) 10 50 100 500 1000 3000 10 100 300 500 Q (m/h) Q (m/h) 230 2300 23000

Pressure 10 bar / 150 psi Pressure 10 bar / 150 psi Pressure 36 bar / 524 psi
Temperature 95 C / 205 F Temperature 95 C / 205 F Temperature 85 C / 185 F

The SJT vertical turbine range offers SJM mixed flow pumps are ruggedly SJD (CEP) pumps are used wherever
incredible flexibility due to an extensive designed for years of trouble free op- limited NPSH is available. Typical uses
range of standard features. These eration in a wide variety of applications. include high temperature condensate
include oil, grease, product or flushed The basic components of head, column extraction pumps in power generation
bearing lubrication, sealing plans for pipe and bowl assembly are combined plants, pumping liquefied gases as well
all liquids, above or below ground dis- and customized to perfectly match as general refining and industrial ap-
charge and a wide range of materials individual duty needs. In addition, the plications. The design ensures reliable
of construction. In addition, SJT pumps standard range of material options suction performance is maintained no
can be supplied to conform with ASME, ensures the materials of construction matter how marginal the process condi-
ANSI, NRC and API standards. can be matched to individual installa- tions may be.
tion needs.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

1000 Q (US gpm) 10000 100000 1000000 4500 Q (US gpm) 45000 400000 Q (US gpm) 3000 5000 7000
300 1000 100 300 300 1600
H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)
30 10 800
100 30

3 10 1 1 0
200 Q (m/h) 2000 22000 220000 1000 Q (m/h) 10000 100000 Q (m/h) 400 600 800

Pressure 45 bar / 700 psi Pressure 17 bar / 250 psi Pressure 43 bar / 680 psi
Temperature 135 C / 275 F Temperature 135 C / 275 F Temperature 100 C / 212 F

The SJP range of axial flow (propeller) Built to meet NFPA specifications, JF These API 610 VS7 design multistage
pumps is specifically designed for high vertical fire pumps require no priming canned pumps are used for low tem-
flow low head duties. Widely used in so are continually ready for instant perature applications such as LNG
irrigation, flood control, drainage and operation. Taking water from wells, send out duties. Materials of construc-
condenser circulation applications, SJP reservoirs or other reliable sources, pre tion and the J unit headgear allow op-
pumps are designed for continuous packaged JF pump sets provide round eration down to -170o C. A wide range
service for extended periods of time. the clock protection for people, posses- of hydraulics, discharge headgear
The pumps are available in a range of sions, inventory and assets around the and pressure ratings may be supplied
metallurgies to match individual appli- globe. The standard materials of con- depending on individual application
cation needs. struction have been carefully chosen to requirements.
resist the corrosive effects aggressive
liquids such as seawater.

Performance Range Performance Range Performance Range

4500 Q (US gpm) 45000 400000 100 Q (US gpm) 2000 3000 4000 5000 Q (US gpm) 45 450 4500
10 150 500 10000 35000
H (m) H (ft) H (m) H (ft)
H (m) H (ft) 120 400
1000 3500

5 90 300
60 200

1 3 30 100 10
1000 Q (m/h) 10000 100000 20 Q (m/h) 400 700 900 1100 1 Q (m/h) 10 100 1000

Pressure 17 bar / 250 psi Pressure 48 bar / 700 psi Pressure 150 bar / 2175 psi
Temperature 135 C / 275 F Temperature 135 C / 275 F Temperature 205 C / 400 F

APV/NPV vertical volute pumps are
primarily used in water transport and
cooling water applications. Design
variants are also available for pumping
untreated sewage and other effluents.

Performance Range

450 Q (US gpm)4500 45000 450000

1000 3500
H (m) H (ft)


100 Q (m/h) 1000 10000 100000

Pressure 16 bar / 230 psi

Temperature 80 C / 175 F

MC Products
MC Pumping System
MCE medium consistency pumps are Performance Range
designed for pumping stocks at up to 0 Q (US gpm) 3000 6000
18 % consistency. The most common H (m) H (ft)

application of MC pumping is to
pump stock from washers, thickeners 300

and filters.
0 0
0 Q (l/s) 200 400
The MCE pump can be provided with
500 1000 1500 Q(m/h)
a separate external degassing system
2000 4500 C=12% (admt/d)
or with a built-in degassing system.
Both alternatives incorporate the same
benefits of Sulzer Pumps 3rd generation
centrifugal MC Pumps.

Chemical Mixer MC Discharge Scraper MC Discharger

is a medium consistency (MC ) mixer operates in connection with a medium is designed for dividing and controlling
for mixing both gaseous and liquid consistency tower discharge pump. high consistency stock flow and for
bleaching chemicals and also steam Maximum stock consistency in the discharging towers and bleaching
into paper stock. tower is 25-30 %. reactors.

The rotor of the mixer fluidizes the stock The Discharge Scraper scrapes the The Discharger operates so that the
together with the casing turbulence stock over the complete bottom area stock entering the chamber of the
generators, thus disrupting the fiber of the tower and leads it into the feed- discharger is fluidized by the rotor.
network and resulting in the optimum ing chute of the MCE pump, thus The outlets are constructed directly
mixing result. Perpendicular positioning enabling an even discharge and simul- to this same chamber. The discharger
of the rotor and the unique three di- taneously preventing channeling of the itself does not generate pressure, so
mensional turbulence zone prevent the stock in the tower. an MCE pump is required in the
separation of gas. process to pump the stock through the

SL/ST agitators are side-mounted The L-series covers gear or belt driven Particularly in big storage tanks or
gear or belt driven propeller agitators agitators mounted either vertically (on towers, the outpumping stock quality
specially designed for fibrous stocks in the tank top flange or through the tank is difficult to control especially when
all process conditions. They are char- bottom) or horizontally to the side wall the stock is diluted in the bottom zone
acterized by low power need and high flange of the reactor. The power range of the tank. To control the flow in the
efficiency. By combining four bladed covers agitators with 0.5 kW motors high density area in the upper part of
cast, adjustable propeller blades with up to 450 kW motors. Versatile impel- the tank the TES is used to spread the
the conical body shape inside the ler options with single or multilevel stock evenly on the top surface and to
tank, the stock flow to the propeller is paddles, propellers, turbines, dissolver create a uniform downflow. The TES
streamlined. Rigid design makes these discs, anchor etc. makes it possible with variable rotating speed ensures
agitators reliable and provides extended to control many different kinds of agi- that an even, fresh layer of stock is
operational life. The product range tation operations and process needs spread always topmost regardless of
includes propeller diameters from 315 in compliance with the rheology of the the surface level in the tower.
mm to 1650 mm while the power range mixed fluid.
is from 2.2 kW up to 90 kW. These side VULCA together with DILCO dilution
mounted agitators are mainly used in water feed system is used to prevent
the pulp and paper industry. the channelling and air entrainment into
the stock and to save pumping energy
costs when filling the tower.

Quality, Environment, Safety and
Occupational Health
Product Life Cycle tal impact. It thereby helps to identify the customers. Our innovative products
Sulzer considers the total life cycle of room for improvement, e. g. through a and services create high life cycle value
its products to reduce cost as well as reduction in material used or the energy for our customers. We monitor our cus-
environmental impact. This includes consumed. The tool has been success- tomer satisfaction in accordance with a
the design, manufacturing, marketing, fully tested for selected products and planned procedure, and we utilize the
packaging, transportation, operation, will be used continuously to assess feedback to improve our processes.
recycling, and disposal of the products. relevant Sulzer products. In manufacturing operations Quality
Similar considerations apply to the Assurance (QA) begins with contract
provision of services. To identify rel- Sulzer Pumps review and continues throughout the
evant influences on product life cycle Reliability and availability of pumping process in a planned and controlled
efficiency, Sulzer has implemented a systems and equipment depend on the way. Our globally recognized Quality
screening tool that focuses on energy quality of their design, technical com- Management System complies with
consumption during production, mate- petency and manufacture. To achieve national and international standards us-
rial usage, and costs over simplified these goals, a Quality Management ing ISO 9001:2000 as its basis. All our
product life cycle. The tool generates System covering all operations is es- manufacturing locations are certified
footprints, showing costs, energy and sential. This covers not only our internal in accordance with this international
material consumption, and environmen- operations but also our relationship with standard.

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