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Brittany Smith

California, MD 20619  (240) 538-2558 
Motivated, personable business professional; self-starter and loyal employee; excellent
team-building skills; thrive in deadline-driven environments; skilled with managing
multiple, complex, and competing priorities while maintaining a positive and helpful
attitude; diplomatic and tactful with employees, management, and leadership at all
levels; master new technology quickly; accustomed to handling sensitive and
confidential records; employ my strong analytical abilities to support management with
high-priority action items and special projects.

Professional Experience

July 2015 – Present
Management Analyst
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
Office of Counsel, AD 11.7

 Primary point of contact between AD 11.7 and the Total Force Strategy and
Management Department (AD 7.3) for personnel management. Liaison with Office of
General Counsel (OGC); advise Counsel and Supervisory Attorney’s on issues
regarding personnel regulations for recruitments, promotions, and
separations/retirements; provide workforce analysis to management on human
capital issues.
 Partner with hiring officials to create position descriptions, recruitment
advertisements, Pay-setting Worksheets (PSW), and Position Management Board
(PMB) requests. Use the Civilian Workflow Automation (CWA) tool to initiate and
track recruitment actions.
 Developed and implemented a system to control tracking of personnel actions for AD
11.7 as well as maintain all personnel files that are now readily available for
reference when responding to recruitment-related data calls.
 Conduct job & data analysis for competency.
 Coordinate with the appropriate paypool administrators on actions pertaining to AD
11.7 Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) system; monitor &
ensure completion of mid-years, and annual write-ups for 15 attorneys.
 Participate in programming/planning to increase productivity in operations within
the organization.
 Maintain Command Staffing; enter “supply” and “demand” for 25 positions. Ensure
Billet Identification Numbers (BINs) reflect current posture.
 Utilize Access Enforcer to request roles within Navy Enterprise Resource Planning
(NERP) for personnel as well as process employee training requests and entering
training certificates to ensure 100% compliance for competency.
 Training Coordinator - distribute mandatory training announcements; notify
employees of all training requirements in both Total Workforce Management Services
(TWMS) & Enterprise Safety Application Management System (ESAMS) tools.
Provide in-house instructions to management and employees on training process and
 Maintain employee Telework program to ensure all employees have active
agreements and have completed required training.
 Track the 11.7 national budget; collaborate across 11.7 legal offices; help manage a
2M fiscal year allocation for our offices at Lakehurst, New Jersey and Patuxent River,
Maryland, by analyzing of previous expenditures, current spending trends, and
Brittany Smith
projected costs. Participate in monthly meetings with the Business Financial
Manager (BFM).
 Alternate Building Facilities Coordinator - support in maintaining all workspace and
construction issues across NAWCAD competencies, as well as, energy conservation
and management for AD 11.7. Skilled in Infrastructure Business Operations Navy-
NAVAIR-NAWC Support (IBONS) & Asset Personnel Management (APM) tools.
Attend Space Board meetings as needed and also serves as the alternate for
Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Coordinator.
 Monitor IT requirements for AD 11.7 and complete excess property disposal.
 Support the Management Internal Control (MIC) program; complete the yearly
reviews on the Departments Assessable Units.
 Support attorneys on civilian personnel matters to include Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).
Conduct legal research in the areas of commercial personnel law and administrative
law. Analyze legal decisions, rulings, memoranda and other legal opinions to assist in
the preparation of legal opinions and the conduct of litigation before courts and
administrative boards.
 Assist Intellectual Property Attorneys – based on my expert knowledge of processing
Patent Clearance Recommendations (PCRs) DD882s. Maintain excellent working
relationships with personnel at Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) as
well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Proficient with
preparation of royalty payments/incentive awards.
 Support Office of Counsel in execution of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft
Division (NAWCAD) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Headquarters
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act program. Enter/close cases in
FOIAOnline. Developed and streamlined FOIA Case tracking for NAWCAD. Handle all
document collection which requires coordination with multiple NAWCAD and
NAVAIR employees of all levels. Draft documents and correspondence applicable to
the NAWCAD and NAVAIR HQ FOIA programs and cases law as well as prepare
documents and briefs in connection with FOIA appeals for submission to Department
of Navy’s FOIA office. Competent in FOIA exemptions (b)(4) and (b)(6). All required
redactions made are neat, accurate, and correctly labeled with appropriate
exemptions in Adobe Acrobat XI Professional.
 Directly support ethics counselors with the input and management of data into the
Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) system which includes inputting
Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-450) and ethics training data. Track
OGE-450 filings to ensure reporting and completion of the review process is in
compliance with the Joint Ethics Regulation and Department of Defense Directive
5500.7. Work with the Civilian and Military new entrant and Post Government
Employment (PGE) programs. Maintain Ethics Tracker for AD 11.7.
 Practice my vast knowledge of NAWCAD, NAVAIR, Navy, Department of Defense, and
Federal principles concepts, policies, and competency objectives that are pertinent to
mission achievement.

April 2012 – July 2015
Administrative Officer
Naval Research Laboratory, Codes 3300 & 7200

 Liaison between the Division and the Human Resources Office. As the liaison, I
advise senior leadership i.e.: Division Head, Branch supervisors/managers on issues
such as recruitment, performance ratings, personnel regulations, retirements, etc.
Write, edit and maintain Division requirement documents and act as the coordinator
for division student employment programs. Generate all division Request for
Personal Actions (RPAs) through Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS).

California, MD 20619  (240) 538-2558 
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Brittany Smith
 Input Time & Attendance for division employees in SLDCADA. Complete biweekly
recons to ensure correct Job Orders were charged/not overrun.
 Using the tool, Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) oversee
drills and achieve 100% mustering of division employees.
 Responsible for researching/analyzing data concerning personnel and compiling
reports for submission to the Division Head.
 Assist in the preparation of the indirect and direct budget, (i.e. accept funding
documents, prepare procurement requests, provide financial information to
managers concerning project funds, and prepare financial/budgetary reports and
 Equipment Control Coordinator (ECC) for Division; properly tag and maintain all
Division equipment for annual/tri-annual inventories. Assign/Approve property
passes quarterly to all Division permanent laptop holders.
 Compose correspondence, justifications, etc. in support of the Administrative Office
 Instruct and assist the various clerical support staff on procedural matters and
proper correspondence format.
 Make suggestions to my supervisor concerning improvements in the areas of
security, safety, space allocations, and/or support services problems. Request and
maintain security clearances.
 Approving Official for the Government Purchase Card holders in division (4 within
our division) for small purchases; perform monthly reconciliations.
 Approving Official for travel arrangements in Defense Travel System (DTS) for the
entire division. This responsibility includes checking funds and ensuring all rules
and regulations are followed.
 Primary point of contact in Administrative Office, receive all calls and visitors,
ascertain the nature of the call or business, and determine appropriate action.

December 2005 – April 2012
Management Assistant
Naval Research Laboratory
Executive Directorate (Code 1006)

 Liaison between divisions & The Human Resources office for my supervisor in
regards to all lab-wide requests for personnel actions (RPA) to include SES/ST hiring
packages. Ensure all actions are in accordance with Naval Research Laboratory
(NRL) Position management Program, Organizational Manual, RPA Instructions and
compliance with NRL Policies. Communicate with Administrative Officers/divisions
to obtain information if needed such as recruitments, retirements, and
reassignments etc. prior to my supervisor’s review.
 Knowledge of Request for Personnel Action (RPA), Leave without Pay (LWOP),
Navy/Federal Career Intern Program (NCIP/FCIP), Student Career Experience
Program (SCEP), Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and Science &
Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP) program guidelines.
 Assist in managing recruitment incentive programs (G&A Exemptions for recently
degreed, Post Doc, and Karle Fellowship Hires).
 Handled the High-Grade Promotion Call. Reviewed content, ensured packages were
complete, and prepared top level spreadsheets for the Director of Research.
 Assisted with the preparation of procurements using NRL’s Performance
Improvement Plan (PIP) system.
 Educated in the Executive Performance and Appraisal Tool (EPAT) used for SES &
ST Professionals in the Navy.

California, MD 20619  (240) 538-2558 
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Brittany Smith
 Interacted with varying levels of senior management, including the Director of
Research, Commanding Officer, Associate Directors of Research, Research Division
Heads, Senior Members of: Contracting, Security, HRO, Supply, Research and
Development (R&D) Services, Other government and non-government agencies (to
include Office of Naval Research, American Society for Engineering Education
(ASEE) and National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NRC) and
 Assisted with AdHoc data calls.
 Composed correspondence/memorandums.
 Prepared/Compiled Recurring & Special one-of-a-kind reports for my supervisor
and/or the Director of Research.
 Assisted in the review of Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs); Memorandums of
Understanding (MOUs); Visiting Research Agreements (VRAs) and other
agreements to ensure policies were followed and that approvals were obtained in
absence of my supervisor.
 Familiar with NRL’s IMPS Web System.
 Assisted my supervisor with the management of the Post Doc Programs (ASEE 5yr
@13M, NRC @44M); collected job orders for payment of monthly stipends; validated
balances between sponsor and NRL; worked with Oracle administrator in the
development of new Post-Doctoral Program database; provided financial information
about the post docs to divisions.
 Rapidly learned varied computer programs; possess knowledge and use in ORACLE
 Primary point of contact for 1006; receive all calls and visitors, ascertain the nature
of the call or business, and determine appropriate action.

in Progress-Associates in Communications Cumulative GPA: 3.0/4.0

Diploma, 2005 GPA: 3.0/4.0

California, MD 20619  (240) 538-2558 
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