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Proposal to Provide

CADD Standard Updates Support


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2. 2 . 8 Connaught Place. Client shall reply to queries/clarifications of Service Provider within a reasonable time to avoid any delays in the project schedule. Hong Kong.4 Service Provider shall submit deliverable in AutoCAD 2009 format and other related documents in electronic form via e-mail or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Any additional details or instructions that may be added in the duration of the project. a duly registered corporation in United States of America. SAR. with office address at c l i e n t A D D R E S S The firm rendering this Proposal. with office address Flat 3905.2 Service Provider shall prepare the CADD Standard Updates Revised CADD Standards will be issued at 100% completion.1 Client shall provide the following information to Service Provider as reference for the services:  Client’s CADD Standards  Instructions  Other relevant information 2. will be considered as a Variation Order. referred to herein as the Service Provider for Sub-Consultancy for updates on CADD Standards is UR COMPANY. 2. 2. Client shall define and illustrate the necessary changes required to update Client’s CADD Standards. a duly registered corporation in Hong Kong. This Proposal was based on information provided by the C l i e n t’s YOU 2 SCOPE OF SERVICES Service Provider shall provide the CADD Standard updates based on the client provided CADD Standards. as to what will constitute a Variation from previous agreed scope of work. referred herein as the Client. Two Exchange Square.1 BACKGROUND This Proposal is made for C l i e n t.3 Service Provider shall coordinate and collaborate with Client for CADD standard updates. Parameters shall be agreed by both Client and Service Provider.

the role of UR COMPANY Project Coordinator is to facilitate communication and follow-up with Client. and  Preparation of marketing brochures and mock-up design. Curtain Wall. Site Planning.2 Service Provider shall not be held liable for delays in the decision- making processes on the side of the Client and by revisions of already previously approved designs. Service Provider shall be allowed to claim for additional man hours due to work extension or for modifications to the agreed milestone submission dates. The final Schedule of Work shall be mutually agreed between the Client and the Service Provider upon the execution of the corresponding Memorandum of Agreement. 3 . As all production work shall be done in Manila. Structural Engineering Design and the likes. Quantity Surveying. Vertical Transportation. Roof Glazing.  Shop Drawings  Professional model.EXCLUSIONS TO THE SCOPE OF SERVICES The Scope of Services shall exclude the following services  Specialty consultants including Architectural Design. Special Lighting. and 2) Client’s Project Architect/Coordinator. 3. Graphic and Signage. Laundry. Traffic and Parking. Acoustics. Service Provider shall immediately evaluate the status of work and provide to the Client a written assessment of the work accomplished on the particular phase of work within five (5) working days upon receipt of the formal written notice. Audio Visual.3 Client shall issue a written notice to the Service Provider of any modification or extension to the agreed schedule.1 Coordination Procedures The key contact persons for coordination and communication are 1) UR COMPANY Project Coordinator. plans and specifications. Aviation.5 The final assessment of work accomplished shall be mutually agreed upon by the Client and Service Provider and shall be the basis of Service Provider’s claim on its professional fee.4 Client shall issue a formal written notice to the Service Provider should there be a temporary suspension of work or complete work stoppage. The Project Coordinator shall likewise be responsible for documenting all communications and managing schedules and submission of deliverables. Landscaping.1 The Service Provider proposes 2-week project schedule for the scope of work. 4 METHODOLOGY 4. 3. 3. 3.  Architectural and Interior documentation and specifications. Security. 3 PROJECT SCHEDULE/PROGRAMME 3.

and turnover of information i.The modes of coordination shall be through e mail and/or teleconference. These meetings are as follows: 1. Review and quality control are conducted at three (3) levels prior to submission to client. The first level of review is conducted by the CADD Team Leader who ensures that drawings are well coordinated and are consistent with Client’s CADD standards. Client’s Documentation System. engineering plans.. The Technical Lead is also tasked to do the final review and approval before forwarding to Project Coordinator for submission to Client. approved concept plans. The third level of quality control is handled by the Technical Lead and Quality Assurance Lead who ensures that architectural plans and details are well coordinated and consistent with engineering plans.2 Quality Control Procedures Our quality management systems are guided by documented flow charts and management checklists. Network Security and Redundancy 4 . relevant code and other pertinent details. Responses to clarifications are documented and forwarded the same route down to the Project Lead who disseminates information to the CADD Teams. establish contact details. In the course of the work. 2. Kick off meeting 2. All clarification issues are documented and forwarded to UR COMPANY Project Coordinator for transmittal to Client. there should be at least four (2) coordination meetings which will involve UR COMPANY team and Client’s Project Architect/Coordinator. 1. 4. 4. Further. The second coordination meeting is intended for discussion of comments/clarifications on the 50% submittals/updates.e. All other issues shall be handled between UR COMPANY Project Coordinator and Client’s Project Architect/Coordinator through weekly coordination meetings via teleconference or Videocon and daily e-mail or teleconference. clarifications are initiated at all levels and consolidated by the Project Lead who consults with the Project Coordinator and Technical Lead. . He reviews technical integrity of the plans and details as well as the completeness and accuracy of notes/ specifications/ dimensions/content. The second level of quality control is at the Project Lead level. 3. agree on milestones/time line. Coordination Meeting upon 50% completion of CADD Standard Updates The objective of the kick off meeting is for all members of the team to personally meet each other.3 File Transfer Procedures. discuss project requirements. In our established work program. all forms of communication shall be properly documented and acknowledged by all parties concerned. establish communication/coordination procedures.

UR COMPANY has established two data centers on separate sites. Confidentiality agreement shall likewise be strictly observed company-wide. Proof of certification by software dealers shall be supplied upon request. a signed transmittal form is faxed back to UR COMPANY to confirm receipt of deliverables. We have likewise made arrangements for regular preventive maintenance. Should an unexpected event occur in one site. regular upgrade and a ramp up strategy for supply of IT requirements at any given time. only staff assigned to the project shall have access to the project folder. A dedicated password shall be supplied by the Service Provider to the Client’s Project Coordinator for access into the specific folder assigned to the project. data can still be retrieved from the other site. After plans and drawings are downloaded by Client. This shall ensure security of data and information.4 IT hardware and software As a commitment to our clients. To assure redundancy in our network. Ortigas and Makati. UR COMPANY uses only licensed software and branded hardware to assure quality and reliability in our systems.All deliverables (plans and drawings) shall be transmitted through UR COMPANY’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Further. to ensure security of data. 4. 5 .

A work order shall be deemed a variation of Service if it consists of or arises from or will result to any of the following: 6 .2 The Schedule of payments shall be as follows: xxxx PERCENTAG PHASE US Dollars E Mobilization Fee (To be proportionately deducted from 50% 1120. 6 VARIATION OF SERVICES 6. per diem. hotel accommodations. workstation lease and administration-related expenses for Client’s staff to be assigned in the UR COMPANY office. Further.00 5.1.5 PROFESSIONAL FEES 5.1 The Professional Fee for the services as described in this Proposal shall be based on a lump sum amount of AMOUND IN DOLLARS USD $$$ 5. transportation and other related trip expenses. and courier fees.00 Progress Billings) Milestone Progress Payments Upon submission of 100% 50% 1120.4 Payments on account of services rendered and for reimbursable expenses incurred shall be made upon presentation of Service Provider’s billing statement or invoice and shall be paid within 15 calendar days from approval of deliverables and receipt of invoice. reimbursable expenses shall include printing costs. visa fees. coordination meetings held in Manila. 5.3 Fees shall exclude reimbursable expenses of international traveling on a commercial carrier from Manila to USA. Amount unpaid 15 days after receipt of invoice shall bear interest at the prevailing bank rate.240.00 Deliverables Total 100% $2.

Enactment or revision of codes. In such a case. neither Party shall offer or solicit the provision of services to a third party referred by the other Party.6 If Client shall request the acceleration or deferment of delivery of Deliverable. without the knowledge and consent of the referring Party. Provider shall prepare the variation order containing the schedule adjustment and fee for the Additional Services. 6. Client shall confirm its approval of the variation order within three (3) calendar days by delivering a signed variation order to Provider. Changes to instructions. 7. laws.1 Neither Party shall offer employment to an employee of the other Party during the term of this Contract nor during the period of two (2) years after the expiry of this Contract. after which it shall be subject for confirmation. directly or indirectly. without the knowledge and consent of the referring Party. complexity. 2. without the prior written consent of the other Party. 1.5 Provider shall monitor and record the changes in the drawings or the work performed pursuant to the variation order documented in a variation form. Client shall pay a charge equivalent to 1/10 of 1% of the total Fees.2 This proposal is valid for the scope of works as indicated herein for SIXTY (60) calendar days reckoned from the date of its submission. provided that the parties shall agree on a reasonable fee for the variation order and adjustment of the Milestone Dates. Provider shall perform the Additional Services upon receipt from Client of the signed variation order. 7 . Changes to Deliverables occasioned by the delay of Client in communicating comments or revisions to Deliverables. 6. 4. If Client shall fail to deliver the signed variation order to Provider within three (3) calendar days from its receipt of the variation order. 6. quality.4 Provider shall be under no obligation to perform Additional Services unless a signed variation order is delivered by Client to Provider. directly or indirectly. 7 OTHER PROVISIONS 7. Client’s budget or procurement method and the like). Client shall be deemed to have withdrawn its request for variation. Further.3 Where a variation order is proposed by Provider. Significant changes in the project (such as size.2 Client may from time to time instruct Provider in writing to vary the Services. 3. Deviation from agreed work schedule. regulations or official interpretations that require changes to previously prepared Deliverables. 6. nor accept any offer by a third party referred by the other Party to provide the services. 6. or 5. procedures or on work previously approved by Client that require revisions to Deliverables.

read or passed to any person or entity not a party to this proposal. Very truly yours. so that we may start mobilization procedures. UR COMPANY Ur naME CONFORME UR BOSS COMPANY NAMES Date ____________________________ 8 . We thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer our services and we look forward to working with you on this engagement. CONFORME If the foregoing terms and conditions are acceptable.8 CONFIDENTIALITY This proposal is strictly confidential. please indicate your concurrence by issuing us a Notice to Proceed with the project. We shall thereafter enter into a Memorandum of Agreement/Contract consistent with the terms of this Proposal within seven (7) days from confirmation. It is made available to the Client on the strict understanding that it will not be shown.