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Section A (15marks

1.A 4.C 7.D 10.A 13.C
2.C 5.D 8.C 11.B 14.B
3.B 6.A 9.D 12.A 15.D

SECTION B (10 marks)
16. Girl Falls and Drowns
17. Sungai Ulong
18. Zaleha
19. No handrail/footbridge without hand support
20. Slippery mud
21. Screamed for help
22. Run back home for help
23. Gunaselan
24. Kampung Rajah
25. Police inspector Jamin bin Kasim

Section C (10 marks)
No. Answer Line Mark
26 You feel tension when your safety, well-being or Line 3 1 mark
self-esteem is threatened
27 Talk it out Line 11 1mark
a)i. Share or discuss it Line 12 1mark
ii. The problem can be solved Line 13 1mark
b)i. A compromise can be reached. Line13 1mark
ii You can see things from a different perspective. Line14 1mark
28 You should wait so that you will not feel foolish or Line21 1 mark
regret your actions later.
29 You can avoid it by prioritising your tasks. Deal Lines 1 mark
with the urgent ones first and once you do this, 26-28
you will feel happier and eager to finish the other
30 i. Exercise regularly 1mark
ii. Have a good sleep/balanced diet (accept any 1mark
suitable answer)

Question 30 - Summary (15 marks)
1.share your problems with the relevant people so that you can solve the
problem, reach a compromise or get a different perspective..
2.Remove yourself from the problem temporarily to gain composure before you
try to tackle the problem again.
3. Do not deal with the problem when you are angry.
4.Refrain/avoid yelling or doing anything rush.
5.Wait to allow the anger to leave before you deal with the problem.
6.Prioritise your tasks/workload.
7.Deal with the urgent tasks first.then, you will feel happy and eager to complete
the rest.
8.Compromise/give in occasionally.
9.Stand your ground calmly.
10.Always be willing/prepared to listen to other people’s point of view too
because you could be wrong.

**1 mark for each content.
**10 marks-content

It is also best to deal with one thing at a time when under a lot of tension.the three bystanders do not have knowledge on what to do when they are in times of emergency. Set aside the others and deal with them after you have tackled the urgent ones. Another moral value is.if the woman in blue shirt does not appear and ask the three bystanders to help. You could also remove yourself from the problem by engaging in other activities for a change of scene. the ill man will not be able to recover. we also have to learn from what others do especially their acts of charity or humanity. Lay out your dissatisfaction in the open. Besides. If you need to yell at someone. we must help people sincerely. The woman in blue shirt has shown them good example on how to take charge of the situation. (15marks) . they believe it is the right thing to do. Section D question 32 a) a commander (1mark) b) ‘forward’ (1mark) c) There were cannons from all sides and there were badly attacked. Besides. In the drama. (1mark) d) No. we must help one another so that we can safe ones’ lives. When they know that the ill man was someone famous. Share your problems and discuss about it with someone you can trust. For example.There are several ways to deal with tension.(1mark) e) It is because they were badly attacked from all sides. Prioritise your tasks and deal with the most urgent tasks first. i have learned some moral values and one of them is. We should not expect any rewards from it. (1mark) [accept any suitable answer] Question 33 (suggested answer) Based on the drama entitled “ The Right Thing To Do’. In the drama. you must wait until you are more composed emotionally before you deal with the problem. Try to compromise occasionally and be willing to listen to others too. Always remind yourself not to use anger and hold off till the following day. the three bystanders are hesitate to help until a women comes and gives instruction to them. If you are right stand your ground calmly. @ they were only a small number of army.