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Answer Scheme – MARCH ( BI PAPER 1) – MARCH


1 B 11 A
2 C 12 B
3 A 13 C
4 C 14 A
5 D 15 C
6 B 16 D
7 A 17 A
8 B 18 C
9 C 19 D
10 D 20 B


Question 21

a) How many kilogrammes of carrot do you want?

b) I am not ready to go home yet. (Accept any suitable answers)

c) I would like to go to Penang Island for the coming holidays. (Accept any
suitable answers)

Question 22

a) Many different animals
b) A good beginning makes a good ending
c) The tiger is a wild animal and it may kill Pi. (Accept any suitable
d) Yes, because it did not eat / kill Pi.
e) They decide to head back out to the sea to save themselves from the
man-eating island.

b) He most probably loves to paint. c) The management wants to spread the spirit of Merdeka and unity among locals and tourists who visit KLCC on Merdeka Day eve. e) A tour by boat or ferry along a river. Question 23 a) Cultural Heritage Tour b) RM360 c) List A List B If you want to hire you must go on the any of the tours. Question 24 a) the day before the event b) Those who park at the underground parking lot Question 25 a) Suria KLCC might be having promotions in conjunction with Merdeka Day. try local dishes in at Jonker Walk or Melaka. . Melaka Night Tour All the tours you need to call Fun Holiday Trips & If you would like to Packages. Dataran Pahlawan You can shop until Shopping Complex you drop end the journey at the tourist’s d) Accept any suitable answer own hotels.