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General Luna Road, Baguio City.

Questionnaire Tally Sheet
A. First Tally Your Responses
Determine which among the Classical and Pop Music is most
preferred by our 16 respondents.

1 8 8
2 4 12
3 14 2
4 14 2
5 5 11
45% 35%
Age: 18- 25
Gender: Male: 6 Female : 10

B. A comparative Analysis on the progression of the selected
1. Businesses conduct marketing research to prove a hypothesis
such as:
The similarities and diffrences
Which is most learnable?
What are the importance?
about the classical and pop music in terms of progression.

2. Classical is the most important.
3. Pop is most learnable but it shows that classical is the
higher of rate and it shows that classical is the foundation of

4. In terms of playing, Pop music is easy to play .

5. Progression of Classical Music is hard for them