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"The house and studio in Paris for Le Corbusier's friend the painter

Ozenfant is an early example of 'minimal' architecture, a prototype
Ozenfant House and Studio
of the Dom-ino house and a manifestation of some of the principles
which Le Corbusier was to set out in his famous 'five points.' It
possessed a geometrical clarity inside and out which has since been
lost with the elimination of the north-light roof and its replacement
by a flat one."
Le Corbusier | PARIS, FRANCE | 1922

—Dennis Sharp

“dom-ino system” “Five Points for a
New Architecture”

1. pilotis
2. free plan
3. free facade
4. horizontal window
5. roof garden

dom-ino system:
The frame was to becompletely independent of the floor plans
of the houses. Derived from the Hennebique frame, it consisted of
six thin concrete columns that simply carried two horizontal
slabs as the floors. The columns and slabs were connected by
staircases. Apart from this structural core of the houses, nothing
else was fixed, thus permitting a great flexibility to suit demands
on the basis of aesthetics, climate, composition, or view.

5 points toward new architecture:
The theoretical considerations set out below are based on many
years of practical experience on building sites. Theory demands
concise formulation. The following points in no way relate to BUILDING TYPE: house / studio
aesthetic fantasies or a striving for fashionable effects, but CONST. SYSTEM: stucco exterior finish
concern architectural facts that imply an entirely new CONTEXT: urban (street corner)
kind of building, from the dwelling house to palatial edifices. STYLE: Early Modern

social and in line with the new times. because behind it is a flat deck. a new architecture for living. . where mobility and Cube" machine entering the symbolic representation. "Glass hygiene. In this building there are many elements that will shape a new lifestyle. free from the routine and good taste established. FRANCE | 1922 ground second third fourth floor floor floor floor Le Corubusier for the workshop was a painter as the factory where they produced their art and therefore decided to use for studying workspace the shape of Ozenfant skylights industrial excellence of the interior awtooth. it Was reaffirmed this will not only formal and practices when it is discovered that the figure is just an embellishment. full desmaterializando corner of the volume.From inside the house painter's study comes as a perfect cube of light.Ozenfant House and Studio Le Corbusier | PARIS. with three glass-sided.

which is most noticeable detail on the facade of access. emphasizing the horizontality. . form and architectural style merge into a single structure. The outcome of this approach was not established from the start but was to be discovered in the spirit of research and experimentation. where the building’s utility. Sommerfeld House Walter Gropius in 1921 designed and built for a timber merchant who wanted 4th floor to build a house using the logs of an old ship. For Gropius the Bauhaus was a laboratory of the arts where the traditional apprentice and master model was maintained. showing the recovery of post-war German expressionist forms. germany | 1920 reminded the American models of Frank Lloyd Wright. Both the materials and the provision across the width of the constructed mass and its elements. from the high-rise to the tea infuser. in this particular case his Prairie Houses. was built with wooden blocks to represent thereby the customer's business. The exterior and interior decoration is inextricably linked to the building. which became the foundation of the Bauhaus Gropius for Wimar. which Gropius called “fundamental research” that was applied to all the disciplines and their products. walter gropius | berlin. The house built on a stone base. but where diverse disciplines were interconnected in a completely new way. He was particularly interested in a house in solid wood and considered the Blockhaus system the fundamental technique for this specific material.

this also addition. above the front entrance. one is designed and built. in used in the sommerfeld home. both of the houses were of includes the big stained glass window dynamic quality to the interior space. another is the symmetry used "unified works of art" like its interior. to the category of monumental everything from radiator covers to majestic and constructive in the form chairs were things that the of a block. in addition. related buildings winslow house Bauhaus FLW | chicago | 1893 gropius | dessau | 1925 walter gropius | berlin. the rhythym. the the sommerfeld house was sommerfeld house borrows some the first project that the gropius elements used in this project. the relationship the exaggerated overhangs from the between these two buildings is they are roof. topics like these were taught at the bauhaus in which is how it relates to the sommerfeld house . germany | 1920 Sommerfeld House designed by frank lloyd wright. the large bauhaus created and their designs were distinction of a main entrance. form and direction of the design of the interiors were from classes by johannes itten & josef albers whom were teachers at the bauhaus.

· -Busignani." . 2007. 1999. 1991. . the interior of the home is dark but the shadows from the window onto the walls that have the designs of these is incredible. le corbusier's ozenfant house & walter gropious' sommerfeld house have their similarities and differences. Print. 05 Mar. Twentieth Century Architecture: A Visual History. London: Hamlyn. · -Greatbuildings. Print. 09 Mar.wikiarquitectura. <http://en. for instance with the use of materials. · -Le. "Sommerfeld House. with a lot of detail or even with a little. Corbusier. Ulrich.Le Corbusier . Dennis. 24 Nov. Web. Alberto.wikiarquitectura.Great Buildings Architecture. the ozenfant house follows corbusier's 5 points therefore it uses minimal architecture and stays within the set principals. Cambridge (Mass. some may argue that this is not a great way to live but it worked for the client and corbusier becasue he was comissioned many more projects thanks to this home. Gropius. CA: Getty Research Institute. · -En. · -Conrads. with the sommerfeld house. and John Goodman. the ozenfant home is a home and a studio in one. the 3rd & 4th floor are joined by the big window. Toward an Architecture. New York: Facts on File. Print." GreatBuildings. the home becomes more decorative becasue if this use.html>. 1973.): MIT. Jean-Louis Cohen. · -Sharp. 2010. Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-century Architecture. Los Angeles. it incorporates the ideas and comparison philosophies from the bauhaus. 2012. this still follows his 5 points because the large window is split up into smaller sections.greatbuildings. the sommerfeld house usues wooden timbers becasue the user was a timber merchant. the sommerfeld home did not have this oppoptunity because the user's job took place in the wood mills and could not support the work the user acomplished. Print. Inc. "Ozenfant House and Studio . there is a lot of ornament inside and outside of the home. the outside mimics that of a log cabin for the user of the home. <http://www. overall le corbusier's ozenfant house & walter gropious' sommerfeld house are interesting in a way that they both usilize certain horizontal characteristics. ozenfant utilizes the inovation of concrete and stucco therefore ranking it one of the most innovative buildings at that time. they still have the ability to capture the eyes of many.php/Sommerfeld_House>.WikiArquitectura.