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Goal 1: safe environment

In my teaching practice for the seventh level in my major, during the English lessons
that I will teach I will make safe environment for the most of the students in the class.

Objectives Feedback from my previous teaching practice
Reading about the safe environment

Competency CLO1- Demonstrate commitment to the teaching
profession and personal growth as a teacher
and a learner, and develop necessary social and
communicative skills to deal effectively with
teachers, learners, mentors and peers. (sub-outcome
CLO2-Plan, implement and evaluate lessons within
the curriculum of the teaching practicum
Setting. (sub-outcome 4)

CLO3-Utilise a range of effective teaching strategies
and demonstrate clear understanding of
effective classroom/ learning management.(sub-
outcome 7)
justification The importance of the safe environment
Implementations strategies
(how) --I will observe the class and notice what its need
--I will make map of how student's movement will
--I will ask my peer in the school to observe me
Resources Notes from the observing the students
Map for the classroom arrangement
Evidence Map for the classroom arrangement
before and after
Pictures for the class before and after.
in appendix 1 you can see the
arrangement of the class before and after.
Summary of the table

Inspired from Susan when she Said "Students of all ages loves to put personal touches
on their classroom to make it their home away from home" (Winebrenner, S., &
Espeland, P, 2008).

For my objectives, I had a feedback from my previous teaching practice from
Mr.Garnel and he wrote in the developing areas: Better seating arrangement is
needed. Classroom appears much unorganized.

The competencies that match my goal were CLO 1, 2 and 3 because they are the best
area that match to my goal.

It is very important to let the students learn in a safe and productive area, they access
easily to their desk, student's respond will be positive , and making that the three
factors are considered which they are :visibility , accessibility and distractibility.
(Jacobsen, D) and found their own works too.

I will achieve this goal my observe the students, make a map and have a sketch for
how the arrangement of the classroom and lastly I will ask my peer in the school to
observe me.

For the resources and the evidence, I will take pictures for the classroom before and



Winebrenner, S., & Espeland, P. (2008). Teaching kids with learning difficulties in the
regular classroom: ways to challenge & motivate struggling students to
achieve proficiency with required standards.