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Lab 7 Total Station and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 

In this lab you will learn some basic operations on the total station (the Leica builder) and the 
CMM (the TESA MICRO‐HITE 3D). You need to know how to set up the total station and how to 
measure distances and angles between points of interests with it. For the CMM, you need to 
know how to do the start calibration and how to measure with it the dimensions of some simple 

I. The Total Station 

The total station we are using is the Leica Builder R200M. 

Take the Builder out to the bench mark at the south of Meinel. Set up the Builder on the bench 

Measure the angle between two objects. (pick two as you like) 

Measure the size of the side block of the stadium. Check the result with measuring tape. 

Measure the height of the parking building. 

Measure the area of the concrete block of the pavement. 

(Here are some basic instructions from the manual. For some part that is not included, refer to 
the paper version manual.) 






    II.)          . Please do not force the axes to  move. CMM  Follow the quick guide start up the machine. Do not exert too much force on the Zrail. damage can occur  after just a couple of millimeters of travel.  Measure the size of a square. Do not overtravel the probe.  Measure the size of a gauge block.  (IMPORTANT! : The CMM is an expensive and delicate machine.


' .ñsr'. Uncovermachine. 4.makesureair supplyis hookedup.-. Followinstructions on screen Everyaxiscan be lockedin positionat any time with switchesat verticalslidingarm ' i!:. .] . Firsttask is to recognizethe originpoint.. Turnon machineat leftsideof touchscreen Pressbuttonnextto checkmarkto aòcept Language defaultsetting Pressthis buttoneverytimethe readingtaken by the machineis to be accepted Followinstructions for catibration everytime machineis to be usedafterbeingoff.

. IMPORTANT: pushand pullvertical slidingarm everytimeyou moveon the y axls Acceptthe defaultfor TTp probe Nexttask is to removethe probeand placeZ railagainstthe sphere Beforeyou do this.moveZ railcloseto the currentpositionof the ball . .

you needto touchfoursidesalongthe "equator"of the sphere. Removethe probelooseningthe leverat the rightsideof Z rail Positionbottomof Z railon top of the sphere and acceptthe point ReattachProbeto Z railat the samepositionit was before(lightin front) Nexttaskis to measurethe qualification sphere IMPORTAÑT: Forall followingtasksandto measureanythingpointshaveto be registered contactingprobeto surfaces. carefullymoveprobecloseand makecontact withthe surfaceapproaching it veryslowlyand normalto the surface. Firsttouchthe top of the sphere.To do this. Next.a suggestedway to do this is to get the probein positionthen lockthe Z axis Contactfour pointsaroundthe sphere UnlockZ axis . You needto contactthe sphereon five points.Do not dragprobeacross surface.

ry- \\ \ Acceptreadingof Probetip summary(unless the readingis notwithintolerance) Pressbuttonnextto Measurement icon The measurement screenis blankandshows the positionof the probefromthe originpoint established in the left sideof the machine Registerfouror morepointsin the granite surfaceto definea planefor the originof the Z axis .at the front.

by pressingthe Cancelthe circledefinition buttonnextto iconshown.Thisiconcancelsthe lastreadingregistered. .thisis becausethe softwarerecognizes threeor morepointsas defininga circleas if theywereintersecting the circle.Acceptthe readingwhenthe arrowis in the planeiconposition Anotherway to accepta readingis to pushthe checkmarkbuttonin the Z rail Sometimesa circleis registered whenyou are tryingto definea plane.

one of them inscribed insidethreepointsdefininga triangularshape The screenat the leftshowshowa planeis registered Pressbuttonto definethis planeas datum"A" Thisestablishes the originof the Z axisin this plane Onceyou definethisplaneas a datum.The bestapproachto avoidregistering a circle is to selectfour pointson shouldseethe screenturnto this .

Nextyou needto definethe X and Y axis directlyon the partyou are measuring To do this picktwo pointsfirstto definethe X axisline. Picksecondpoint in the screen. thisselection Exitthe screenand registertwo pointsagain . Firstpointto be pickedmustbe on the left relativeto the otherone.Acceptthis A lineis registered Sometimesyou get a screenaskingyou to establish of pointsas a plane.

Pickrelationships fromtoolsscreen(notshown) Pickthe two linesyou createdby selectingthe x markonceyou highlight everyline Acceptthe selectionsand selectthe button shownat the left.Registertwo pointsat the leftof the partto definethe Y axisline Thisis whata definedlinelookslikein the screen Selectthe toolsiconto establish a relationship betweenthe two linesyou picked.thiswillestablishthe intersection of the two linesas origin"C".which will makethe linesto act as X andy axes .