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What is Survey
• Surveying is an art of determining
relative positions on the surface of
earth with respect to each other.
• To represent the features of the objects
on the ground graphically in a drawing
the data on the ground will be collected
using different survey methods and
then it will be plotted in the drawing.

History of Survey
• In olden days people used to measure
the distance between two destinations
by manual estimation.
• Then linear measuring devises like
chains are came in to use to measure
the linear measurements and cross
staffs to erect right angles.
• To measure the area of a boundary
chains and cross staffs are being used
by the people in olden days.


We can’t measure the angles accurately with cross staff.• The disadvantage of this method is that using a cross staff we can divide the area in to triangles. To eliminate this problem theodolites are introduced to measure the angular measurements. .

• The distance measurement can be done using stadia constant in the theodolites. • In the next generation 1” theodolites are introduced with the facility to fix EDM on the top. .In the first generation of the theodolite family vernire theodolites are introduced which works with the principle taking readings using vernire scales.

• In electronic theodolite angels are being measured using two scales which are encoded to display the angular measurements in digital display fixed to the instrument. These theodolites can also having facility to mount EDM on the top to measure distance.Then electronic theodolites are introduced. .

• If we use co-ordinate system we can directly plot the position on the drawing with reference to it’s X or E and Y or N.We have to note the angular measurements from theodolite and linear measure measurements from EDM • To plot the positions on drawing we have use a protractor and scale. .

. • These calculations are to be tabled in a sheet then those readings are to be marked on a graph sheet to represent the ground locations in a drawing.To calculate co-ordinate from angular and linear measurements data we need to do mathematical calculations.

M is the electronic distance measuring device. and the unit uses velocity measurements to calculate the distance traveled by the beam . What is E.D.M • E.D. measures the distance from the instrument to its target. The EDM sends out an laser or infrared beam which is reflected back to the unit.

Using E D M’s drawbacks .

• If the instrument does not include a means to level it. EDM’s measure in a straight line • If the EDM is held horizontal. the results are horizontal distance. . distance must be considered to be a slope distance.

horizontal distance can be determined • The instrument measures slope distance and vertical angles.• If the EDM is mounted on a theodolite or built into a Total Station. then computes horizontal distance .

• If separate. • Tribrach is a special tripod mount. . which provides an optical means of locating over a point. slope angle must be determined by another method to arrive at horizontal distance.If mounted separately. the EDM is usually mounted on a tribrach.

. ...What is Total station ?.

the angles and distances may be used to calculate the co-ordinates (x. . y. A total station is a combination electronic theodolite and electronic distance measuring device (EDM). one may determine angles and distances from the instrument to points to be surveyed. as with a theodolite and tape.  With this device. easting and elevation) of surveyed points in absolute terms. and z or northing.  With the aid of trigonometry.


To calculate co-ordinates. the measured angular and linear data is transferred to a microprocessor in the total station.  Using the inbuilt programmes of the microprocessor according to the programme chosen by the operator the results will be displayed on the screen.  The co-ordinate data can be saved in the internal or external memory of the total station instrument. .

• PENTAX Surveying Instruments are widely used for surveying. About pentax • Pentax’s industry-leading technology and products backed by our unrivaled passion for creativity help preserve the precious moments of life. mapping construction and land development. .

About Pentax Total Station PENTAX R-300X SERIES .

. About PENTAX  PENTAX industry-leading technology and products backed by our unrivaled passion for creativity help preserve the precious moments of life. mapping construction and land development.  PENTAX Surveying Instruments are widely used for surveying.

JSIMA JAPAN SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION PENTAX manufactures the most modern surveying instruments employing superior opto-mechatronics .

 Auto Focusing. PentaxR-300x series employ two unique features  Automatic Environmental Sensing. .

The operator can also use power focus or manual focus for special situations . Auto Focusing Telescope focusing has been automated with push button auto focus capability.

the instrument takes care of it automatically and continuously .  Automatic Environmental Sensing. The operator does not need to measure or input this data. The environmental correction (PPM) is calculated from data supplied by electronic temperature and pressure sensors.

Other advanced features Absolute angle encoders Electronic vial Narrow visible beam EDM Laser plummet Date and time On board processing software .

Absolute angle encoders Absolute encoders are used for faster startup. better vertical angle accuracy and more consistent horizontal reference angle orientation .

Electronic vial Helps to setup the instrument faster on the ground .

Narrow visible beam EDM The narrow visible beam lets users see the exact measurement point and get accurate distances into tighter spots than ever before .

Laser plummet A visible laser plummet increases setup speed .

Date and time Displays date and time and it stores along with each point we measure. . Camcorder batteries Standard camcorder batteries are low cost and widely available IPX6 waterproofing The IPX6 waterproofing gives serious weather protection.


 User definable formats in polar and rectangular  Full graphical display including on screen plotting  Icon symbols for ease of use  Easy Data transfer  Full range of co go functions  Open configuration gives access to powerful integrated functions . POWER TOPOLITE R-300X comes equipped with full-featured Power Topolite software that can help you handle your most difficult survey jobs.

Measurement  File  Measure  View  Free Stationing  Stake Out  I/O  Preference  Internal Memory 20000 POINTS (Measured and input coordinate data)  Single prism can measure up to 4500 mts .

Power Topo for PENTAX: Calculations (1)  COGO functions:  Inverse  Point  Circle radius  Line-arc intersection  Line-line intersection  Arc-arc intersection  Distance offset  Point-distance offset  Arc-distance offset .

PowerTopo for PENTAX: Calculations (2)  2D Surface  calculation of 2D and 3D contour of a polygon  calculation of 2D surface of the area  3D Surface & Volume  calculation of the contour. 2D and 3D surface  calculation of the positive/negative/total volume  Open/closed polygon (traverse)  calculation of closing errors  calculation of outline  overview of the coordinates of the points  graphical display of the points .

VA.  Coordinate Stakeout  REM Measurement . Point number. HA. Station Point information. Slope Distance and feature code can be stored on the internal memory.  Distance Stakeout  RDM Measurement  Offset Shots :Offsets can be measured manually and input when the prism cannot be positioned because of an obstacle in the way. PSF Software  Data Storage : Job Name.

REM .Remote Elevation Measurement .

Remote Distance Measurement .RDM .

Vertical Plane Measurement .VPM .

. It is a very powerful and intuitive application. PYTHAGAROS SOFTWARE  Pythagoras is state-of-the art CAD software for Land Surveying and Civil Engineering.

Road design. Contouring. Volume Calculations. Image management .Integrates sophisticated calculation and powerful drawing functions Ground modeling.

Applications .

A Smart View Of Pentax Total Station .

Other products from pentax • Auto focus levels • Auto levels • Laser levels •Electronic theodilites .

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