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April 2014

Oracle Higher Education Investment
Executive Brief

and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. or functionality. and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material. code. The development. . release and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. It is intended for information purposes only. Oracle Higher Education Investment Disclaimer The following is intended to outline our general product direction.

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They expect increasingly flexible ways to administer and provide learning and services to students. Consistency and predictability of expenses becomes an operational necessity. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). staff and faculty have shifted and evolved. and they need to do so with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Because of these needs. to find what differentiates them from their peers. robust integration of information. mobile – at all times. but to prepare them for careers and to further their careers once they are in the workforce. And Institutions need to innovate. served up in actionable dashboards. students demand flexible learning schedules that fit the needs of their lives. always at their fingertips. always on. Faculty and administrators demand the decision support tools to promote the success of their students and meet accountability requirements. As budgets tighten. to institutional accreditation. Oracle has announced significant new investments to support the future of Higher Education:  Oracle Student Cloud: A brand new cloud-based student information system  Oracle Higher Education Cloud: Expansion and enhancements to key Oracle Cloud solutions to meet the specific needs of the Higher Education Industry. desktop. And with the information to support decisions spread across their enterprise. to the early identification of students at risk. the business of higher education is changing. from evaluation of admissions targets. and programs structured to not just provide them with an education. and to focus scarce resources on the highest value activities to support their mission. the needs of students. Oracle Higher Education Investment Executive Overview As we move into the 21st century. Rather than ‘traditional’ classes in brick and mortar classrooms held at regularly scheduled times. are changing the definition of the learning experience.  Campus Solutions 9. 2 .2: A new release of the industry leading student information system. New ways of learning and defining the outcomes of that learning. and badging. And students expect access to their learning environment and information across a spectrum of platforms – classroom. like competency-based credit. they need seamless.

always at their fingertips. And the Student Cloud will be just one piece of the broader set of solutions Oracle will be rolling out the Higher Education industry. Oracle Higher Education Cloud With the new Student Cloud as its centerpiece. We intend for the Oracle Student Cloud to include:  A true Cloud deployment. the Cloud promises an ability to free up resources for mission-critical responsibilities by moving infrastructure and IT administrative tasks. Planned forthcoming enhancements to round out these solutions include:  HCM Cloud  Position Control Multiple Appointments  Collective Bargaining Agreements  ERP Cloud  Grants  Budgetary Control  Encumbrance Accounting  CRM Cloud  Retention  Recruiting  Service and Support Roadmaps for Cloud products are shaped by direct collaboration with Higher Education customers and partners. embedded social engagement channels and contextual analytics to provide users with the information they need. always on. The Oracle Student Cloud will be an entirely new student information system. Oracle Higher Education Investment Student Cloud For many institutions. including Campus Solutions. off premise. with a student-centric design that will recognize that student success is the primary goal of your institution.  Robust integration to other Oracle solutions.  A completely new architecture.  A phased release approach. taking advantage of and building on Oracle’s expertise with Cloud solutions. flexible educational models of the 21st century.  Proactive interaction (notifications and badges). designed and built from the ground up. moving the burden of maintenance and upgrades to Oracle and ensuring that you are always on the latest technology. the Oracle Higher Education Cloud will bring together Oracle’s established HCM Cloud. and support requirements. ERP Cloud. and CRM Cloud products in an integrated suite specifically designed to meet the unique business needs of the higher education market. with Phase 1 focused on Continuing Education and non-traditional educational offerings. to meet the complex. 3 .

0 release while delivering new functionality and features via the traditional maintenance bundles.  All of the functionality and features included in Campus Solutions 9. Under this model. does not provide.  Adoption of the Peoplesoft Update Manager (already available in Peoplesoft 9.2 The move to the Continuous Delivery Model in 2009 allowed institutions to remain on the current Campus Solutions 9. Further. minimizing the application upgrade impact for customers who are current on Campus Solutions maintenance. While many customers embrace the Continuous Delivery Model from Campus Solutions. The 9.54. we’ll continue to leverage the Continuous Delivery Model to provide new functionality for the 9. Oracle Higher Education Investment Campus Solutions 9.2).2 release  New User Interface tools and capabilities delivered as part of PeopleTools 8. With Campus Solutions 9.9 and Campus Solutions 9.2. Oracle has delivered more new features and functionality than we did with the Campus Solutions 8. our customers have noted the operational challenges this maintenance model generated for their institutions. allowing customers to target and apply the specific maintenance patches they need when they need them. others have requested we provide an “upgrade event” that will enable them to provide the attention and resources to getting current with new capabilities.54. as an operational expense.0 to date. We intend for Campus Solutions 9. which in turn will allow for a completely refreshed Campus Solutions self service experience. with the result that many have not been able to take full advantage of new functionality. 4 . customers have told us that budgeting and resourcing for an “upgrade event” as a capital expense provides a structure for budget considerations that uptake of functionality via the Continuous Delivery Model.0 releases combined! However.2 release will align Campus Solutions with the rest of the PeopleSoft products and PeopleTools platform including a consistent maintenance approach across pillars. customers will have the best of both worlds: an event they can leverage to get current and a new mode of applying routine maintenance that will simplify their IT investment so they get more value out of the applications.2 to feature:  An “in place” upgrade to PeopleTools 8.

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