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Eric Paul - Paradise Dreaming

Lyrics by request:

Look out there, the streets are silent
No one in the world is buyin' it
Imagining a new solution from this desparate isolation
I could borrow days from springtime
and put them in this endless timeline

Looks like we're in for nasty weather
Seems like the days all run together
Creates illusions of some freedoms
Instead, I'm trapped and I'm not breathin'
The grass is greener in my mind
I feel the calming winds inline
with warmer breezes fallin' on me
Close my eyes and I will be there

(Go) Feet come down, touch the ground
I feel sand between my (toes)
Sunlight, it's alright
There's no more frozen miles to go

Takin' me to far off places
See how beautiful the faces
Lookin' out beyond the shoreline
Yeah, I know it's just my fence line
I can't afford to leave this place
Should I try to anyway?

Pack my bags, I wait no longer
Feel these forces pullin' stronger
Talk is cheap and hesitation
contributes to remediation
Love, I'm comin' there to see you
Looks like these endless dreams will come true
Close my eyes and I will be there

(Go) Feet come down...

So far away
Dreams on display