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Goal 3: differentiation

In my teaching practice for the seventh level, during the English lessons I will provide a practices at least
once a week for specific ability.
Objectives Search for the importance of differentiation.

Competency CLO2-Plan, implement and evaluate lessons within
the curriculum of the teaching practicum
CLO3-Utilise a range of effective teaching strategies
and demonstrate clear understanding of
Effective classroom/ learning management.
CLO4- Monitor and assess learners'' performance and
progress effectively during formal and
Informal activities. (Sub-outcome 1)

Justification - Each student will achieve his\her work that
provide to them .
Implementations strategies Assess the students (evaluation)
(how) Give the students activities
Observations notes
Peer observation
Resources Checklist
Evidence Observations notes
Peer observation
Lesson plan
Summary of the table

"Of the utmost importance to the teacher who differentiates is providing a learning environment and
opportunities that exclude no child."( Algozzine, B., & Anderson, K. M, 2007) , I think that exactly what the
another summarized in one sentence and show the important of the teaching guiding and differentiation.
It is very important to let each level and ability work with the question that he can solve without it effect on
him, for example if the work was very simple for a high level students he\she will not feel challenge, and the
same with the low level student if they had work is hard for them that will depressed them.

most vital to separated guideline are the components of decision, adaptability, continuous evaluation, and
inventiveness bringing about separating the substance being taught, or how understudies are handling and
creating comprehension of ideas and abilities, or the courses in which understudies show what they have
realized and their level of information through changed items.(Algozzine, B., & Anderson, K. M2007)

For my implantations I will assess the students (evaluation), Give the students activities,

As a evidence I will use Checklist, Observations notes and Peer observation.

For the resources I will have check list, boards and worksheet that suitable with the lesson and evidence will
be Observations notes, Peer observation and Lesson plan

Students solve the activity for each ability
Grade 3\1
1 Alhanoof
2 Amna Abdullah
3 Amna Mohammed
4 Hessa Rashed
5 Hoor rshood
6 Khadeeja Ali
7 Khawla Ahmed
8 Raghad Rashed
9 Rowda Saleh
10 Sara Ahmed
11 Sara Khamis
12 Sara Saif
13 Sara Ali
14 Salama Saif
15 Shamma Rashed
16 Shahed Salem
17 Shaima Rashed
18 Fatima Khamis
19 Fatima Adel
20 Fatima Ali
21 Lojein Ebrahim
22 Marwa Yousef
23 Maryam Abdulla
24 Maha Abdulla
25 Mahra Rashed
26 Noora Rashed
27 Hind Abdulla

Student need practice
√ Student understand

Algozzine, B., & Anderson, K. M. (2007). Tips for Teaching: Differentiating
Instruction to Include All Students. Preventing School Failure: Alternative
Education for Children and Youth, 51(3), 49-54. doi:10.3200/psfl.51.3.49-54