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FORM NO. - F/ EP - E & T / 041 Rev.00 Date 01.01.

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submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the award of the degree

Mechanical Engineering


(REG. NOs.)

Under the Guidance of
( Dr/Prof/Mr/Ms. XXXXX )


Dr. M.G.R.
Educational and Research Institute
(Decl. u/s.3 of UGC Act 1956)
E.V.R. Periyar High Road, Maduravoyal
CHENNAI - 600 095

May 2017

FORM NO. Bold (should be given below the figure). publisher details. algorithm used  Chapter 5.5. 12 Font size. Summary and Conclusion  Chapter 7. Font type: Arial.(Order of names to acknowledge is attached  Table of Contents with Page numbers  List of Abbreviations  List of figures  list of tables  Abstract of the work  Chapter 1 . title. Line space: 1. Aim and scope of present investigation  Chapter 4.1. Sub. Bottom 1. Margin space: Left 3cm. starting and ending. Table. Font size: 12. 1. Top 2cm. …  Letter Font and line spacing to be followed throughout the project work. title of article. 1.5cm. Results and discussion. Right 2. Bold. Literature Survey  Chapter of author. volume number . Font size:14  Sub-headings. .chapter of Chapter 1 should be numbered as 1.12 Font Size. . Experimental or material and method .  Still Further sub.E & T / 041 Rev. on their letter head if applicable(for Industrial Project it is mandatory)  Declaration-(University format)  Acknowledgement.Introduction  Chapter 2. Font size 12. -For Books.Table1: self descriptive title.Scope for Future work if any.12 Font size.2… Further sub chapter should be numbered as 1. Italics.  Page Numbers should be centered at the bottom of each page.00 Date 01. Bold (should be given above the table).page number.journal name. 12 Font size.01.  Legend for figures and labels- Figure – Fig: 1: Self descriptive title. year of publication. year -Valid internet articles  Sub chapters should be numbered as follows Eg. Italics.  Further Subheadings.F/ EP .1. . Italics.1.2.7cm. Performance Analysis  Chapter 6. starting from Introduction chapter onwards.2014 Page 2 of 6 Project report format guidelines (both for UG/PG) Sequence of topics to be maintained in Project Report:  Title Page  Bonafide Certificate(University format)  Bonafide from the place where the work is carried out.1.  Major Headings all Caps.headings.headings in caps.  Details of Publication if any (journal/conference)  Bibliography/References /Appendix -for Journals – name of authors.

. and list of tables – the page numbers should be in the format (i). .01.2014 Page 3 of 6  For Contents.00 Date 01. List of Abbreviations. (iii)…. FORM NO.F/ EP . (ii). And centered at the bottom of the page. Abstract..E & T / 041 Rev. List of figures.

.2014 Page 4 of 6 DECLARATION FORMAT I ( Name of the Candidate)________________ hereby declare that the Project Report entitled “__________________________________________________ ______________” is done by me/us under the guidance of Dr.00 Date 01./Mr. DATE: PLACE: SIGNATURE OF THE CANDIDATE(S) ./Ms __________________________(Internal) is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree in BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY. FORM NO.01.F/ EP .E & T / 041 Rev./Prof.

E & T / 041 Rev.600 095 DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this Project Report is the bonafide work of Mr.V. Internal Guide Head of the Department (Name in Capital letters (Name in Capital letters with Signature) with signature) Submitted for Viva Voce Examination held on_________________ Internal Examiner External Examiner (Name in Capital letters (Name in Capital letters with Signature) with signature) .__________ _________________________ Reg. M.R. No_________________________________who carried out the project entitled “___________________________________________ ____________________________________” under our supervision from January 2017 to April 2017./Ms.F/ EP .00 Date 01. .01. FORM NO. u/s 3 of the UGC Act. Chennai .2014 Page 5 of 6 Dr.R. Educational and Research Institute University (Decl. 1956) Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC E.G. Periyar High Road.

A. . Meer Musfthafa Hussian Followed by HOD.00 Date 01. B. Ravikumar Vice Chancellor Dr. Arunkumar.C.. SHANMUGAM.E. B.01.C. FORM NO. .F/ EP . B.A. Guide and others.L. Secretary Thiru A.2014 Page 6 of 6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The first paragraph of the acknowledgements should thank the following dignitaries in the sequence mentioned below: Chancellor Thiru A.E & T / 041 Rev. President Er.S.