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The enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a large group

of people and transmitted from one generation to the next is referred to as
A society's widely held ideas and values, including our assumptions and cultural
ideologies, are known as
Whether we label a woman as "ambitious" or "aggressive" is a reflection of our
You ask your academic advisor what to major in because you are finding it
difficult to decide. She suggests psychology; however, it is important to
remember that this answer likely reflects her
Values enter the work of social psychology when researchers
Maslow's description of "self-actualized" people was based on a sample he
personally selected. Had he selected other people to describe, his ensuing list of
self-actualization characterizations may have been different. This is an example
of how values can influence
Social representations are
Social psychology is defined as the scientific study of how people
Under individualism, becoming an adult means _____.
The illusion that our concealed emotions leak out and can be easily read by
others is referred to as the illusion of
The element of self-concept that we dream of or dread are called our
Giving priority to the goals of one's group, such as one's family or workplace, and
defining one's identity accordingly is known as
The extent to which one evaluates one's abilities and opinions by comparing
oneself with others is called

SELF – SCHEMA Which of the following terms denotes what we know and believe about ourselves? SELF – CONCEPT People with low self-esteem are more likely to TAKE A NEGATIVE VIEW OF EVERYTHING In the context of impression management. research indicates that if you wish to love someone more. Laboratory research is an example of research in a(n) _____ CONTROLLED SITUATION The false uniqueness effect is TENDENCY TO UNDERESTIMATE THE COMMONALITY OF ONE’S ABILITIES Most cultures native to Asia. the variable being measured is called the _____ variable. DEPENDENT Our sense of self-worth is also called our SELF – ESTEEM Impression management.SOCIAL COMPARISON A sense that one is competent and effective refers to one's SELF EFFICACY The belief that others are paying more attention to one's appearance and behavior than they actually are is referred to as the _____ effect. Africa. you should ACT AS IF YOU DO Attitudes include all of the following EXCEPT . and Central and South America place a greater value on _____. SPOTLIGHT _____ is defined as the beliefs about the self that organize and guide the processing of self-relevant information. self-monitoring involves ADJUSTING ONE’S PERFORMANCE TO CREATE THE DESIRED IMPRESSION. COLLECTIVISM In an experiment. or making a good impression by being consistent in our attitudes reflects the SELF PRESENTATION In the context of evil and moral acts.

Social psychologists would call Sam a FREE RIDER When people experience a loss of self-awareness as well as evaluation apprehension. "C" stands for COGNITION The tendency to seek information and media that agree with one's views and to avoid dissonant information is called _____. different groups help us meet different needs EXCEPT to SET GROUP NORMS _______ refers to the tendency for people to exert less effort when they pool their efforts toward a common goal than when they are individually accountable. for longer than a few moments. they are in a state of DEINDIVIDUATATION According to Johnson (2006). as he thinks others will be sure to pick up the slack in an effort to get a good grade.APTITUDES Higgins and Rholes (1978) found that when people say something positive to others when told to supported the research that IT CHANGES OUR BELIEFS AND FEELINGS A set of norms that defines how people in a given social position ought to behave is what social psychologists call a(n) ROLE In the ABCs of attitudes. SELF – JUSTIFICATION The tendency of people to perform simple or well-learned tasks better when others are present is the original meaning of THE SOCIAL FACILITATION EFFECT Two or more people who. SELF – PRESENTATION. SOCIAL LOAFING . which of the following would most likely constitute a group? PAIR OF JOGGING COMPANION Sam has a tendency to contribute little effort to group assignments. SELECTIVE EXPOSURE Impression management is to _____ as cognitive dissonance is to _____. interact with and influence one another and perceive one another as "us" are referred by social psychologists as a GROUP According to Marvin Shaw.

GENDER ROLE NORMS. This requirement is irrelevant to job effectiveness but generally excludes Hispanics and Asians from the force. RESPECT. LIKE Ideas about how men and women ought to behave are called _____. DESCRIPTIVE A state police force has set a height requirement of 5 feet 10 inches for all officers. this person is best described as a(n) CO – ACTOR A motivation to have one's group be high in status and on the top over other social groups is what social psychologists call SOCIAL DOMINANCE We tend to _____ the competence of those in high-status positions and _____ those who agreeably accept a lower-status position. Such a requirement most clearly reflects RACISM A preconceived negative judgment of a group and its individual members is called Prejudice An institutional practice that subordinates people of a given gender is called SEXISM _____ refers to accommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming a new stereotype about this subset of the group. In the context of social facilitation. prejudice is a negative ATTITTUDE Norms are _____.The concern for how others are assessing us is called EVALUATION APPREHENSION In a park. GENDER STEREOTYPES A belief about the personal attributes of a group of people is called a(n) STEREOTYPE Prejudice is different from discrimination in that. Stereotypes are _____. PRESCRIPTIVE. a guy you do not know sits near you. whereas people's ideas about how women and men do behave are called_____. His mere presence affects your behavior even though he is doing nothing. SUBGROUPING The illusion of unanimity in a group is one aspect of GROUP THINK .

Which of the following best describes Elvis? STIGMA CONSUIISNESS In the context of social identity. When she entered her apartment. The girls are reacting to STEREOTYPE THREAT Group polarization occurs when group discussion _______ group members' initial inclinations.Evaluating one's opinions and abilities by comparing oneself with others is called SOCIAL COMPARISON When the cause of our frustration is intimidating or unknown. she arrived home late only to find someone had parked in her assigned parking spot. The girls in his class become apprehensive when preparing and giving speeches in his class. a high school teacher. Wong. He believes that every time he speaks people interpret his opinions in terms of his homosexuality and expects to be the victim of prejudice of discrimination. who was waiting at the door. This is an example of the _____ phenomenon. This phenomenon is known as DISPLACED AGGRESION The tendency for people to more accurately recognize faces of their own race is called the CROSS – RACE EFFECT Linking good fortune with virtue and misfortune with moral failure enables fortunate people to feel pride and to avoid responsibility for the unfortunate. Jessie's behavior is perhaps most easily explained in terms of FRUSTRATION – AGGRESION THEORY The blocking of goal-directed behavior is called FRUSTRATION Instinctive behavior is behavior that is . we often redirect our hostility. After she managed to fix it. a group of people who share a sense of belonging or a feeling of common identity is called a(n) INGROUP Which theory is most susceptible to the criticism that it tries to explain aggression by naming it? INSTINCT THEORY It was raining out and Jessie's car had a flat tire. STRENGTEN Elvis is a gay man. she kicked her pet cat. tells his class that he thinks boys tend to be less anxious and thus give better speeches than girls. JUST – WORLD Mr.

and its only goal is to injure. INSTRUMENTAL Physical or verbal behavior intended to cause harm is known as AGGRESSION How intense and reactive we are in infancy reflects our TEMPERAMENT The study of neural influences on aggression has indicated that ACTIVATING THE AMYGDALA CAN FACILITATE AGGRESSIVE OUTBURST IN HUMAN Peace is the outcome of CREATIVELY MANAGE CONFLICT Pursuing one's self-interest to the collective detriment of one's community or society is the central pattern in SOCIAL DILEMMA Which of the following is NOT one of the seeds of misperception? REDUCED COMPETITION Conflict is defined as PERCIEVED INCOMPATIBILITY OF ACTIONS OR GOALS In a non-zero-sum game. HOSTILE _____ aggression aims to hurt only as a means to some other end. TRADEGY OF THE COMMONS In research on social dilemmas. it has been found that group discussion LED TO GREATER COOPERATION The occurrence of conflict in any relationship . BOTH CAN WIN AND LOSE Which of the following is a method for resolving social dilemmas? COMMUNICATION We deplete our natural resources because the immediate personal benefits of. taking a long.INNATE. for instance. This exemplifies _____. UNLEARNED AND SHOWN BY OTHER MEMBERS OF SPECIE The redirection of aggression to a target other than the source of the frustration is referred to as DISPLACEMENT _____ aggression springs from anger. hot shower outweigh the seemingly inconsequential costs.

MOST Technological advances will help sustain the planet because of EFFICIENT USE OF ENERGY AND RESOURCES There is now strong evidence that significant global warming IS OCCURING In the context of communicating climate change to people. they are using _____. FEW. people often consume more than they realize when RESOURCES ARE NOT PARTITIONED Ahmed and Fatima. are fighting over the evening newspaper. In the context of mediation. the mother arrived at a(n) ENLIGHTENED CONSENSUS _____ occurs when a neutral third party attempts to facilitate communication and offer suggestions for how to resolve a conflict. Knowing Ahmed only wants the sports section and Fatima only wants the latest stock quotations. MAKES THE RULE” Humanity can prepare for a sustainable future by increasing TECHNOLIGICAL EFFEICIENCY With the growing population and consumption have come DEPLETION OF WILD FISH STOCK In the context of climate change. VIVID AND MEMORABLE MESSAGES In the commons dilemma. their mother takes the paper and gives each the section containing their news of interest. whereas _____ agree that a little more money will make one a little happier. which of the following is most likely to cause domestic violence and civil conflicts? RAINFALL EXTREMES _____ agree that money buys happiness. when climate educators use slogans such as "the Earth has a fever" in raising the awareness of climate change. MEDIATION Osgood's (1980) GRIT strategy is an alternative that best fits into the _____ category of the "four Cs of peace-making.CAN STIMULATE HUMAN RELATION What refers to the "golden rule" of social justice? “WHOEVER HAS THE GOLD." CONCILIATION . two teenage siblings.

CATHARSIS Your boss told you that she is giving you a 5 percent raise starting with your next paycheck. ADAPTATION MODEL PHENOMENON . Now you are unhappy and angry about your raise. One reason for this is that most murders are the result of HOSTILE AGGRESSION In relation to aggression.The death penalty does not effectively deter homicide. an important influence on one's tendency to be aggressive is OBSERVATIONS OF OTHER BEHAVIOR Which one of the following does NOT predict increased aggression? DISPLACEMENT After arguing with her boyfriend over the telephone. the most studied environmental irritant is HEAT The _____ view of aggression is that aggressive drive is reduced when one "releases" aggressive energy. This behavior most clearly demonstrates DISPLACEMENT The tendency to adapt to a given level of stimulation and thus to notice and react to changes from that level is called the _____. You are very pleased to hear this good news until you learn that some of your coworkers earned a 10 percent raise. Your experience is best explained in terms of THE RELATIVE DEPRIVATION PRINCIPLE One aspect of mirror-image perception is that one side tends to EXAGGERATE ITS DIFFERENCES FROM ITS ADVERSARIES Which hormone is most closely linked to aggression? TESTOSTERONE According to Albert Bandura. Roberta smashes down the receiver and then throws the phone across the room.