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MAY 2017 Complimentary Monthly Publication Readership Conservatively Estimated @ 45,580+ Richmond VA Issue No. 32
Hi! My name is Maria Carra Rose. I am a Battery Park resident for over a decade now;
and I am in love with our community! I am excited and intrigued to see how a geographic
location and those that live within it develop and grow residents into community members.
I am one such story. I have developed relationships and nurtured connections within this
neighborhood—and in return, helped others to foster similar relationships. With those rela-

tionships and connections, I have gotten to meet countless friends, hear rich history of the
longtime residents, and developed a strong sense of belonging to this place that I call
“home”. I have a lot of people to meet still, but I plan on being here awhile. There’s a lot
of work to do.
Richmond comes with a rich history, and a textured past, that isn’t kind and has created a
long-lasting divide among many who call this place home. This community, Northside and
Battery Park in particular, is home to a very diverse group of people. Age, race, economic,
political, background, sexual orientation, family size, religion, etc. We are stronger for that.
We share a daily/weekly interaction. We share a street. We share a view. We share the air.
We are neighbors. We are connected on a very intimate level.
Our community is unique. It is ours! Take pride in that. Take time to say hello. Take time
to smile and ask how one’s day is going. Be open to interaction and connection. We live in
a world where the divisiveness is growing deeper every day by the virtual and physical silos
that we construct. Find ways to connect to people in your community. Find ways to repair
that divide.
Communities grow and become rich and strong with connections and combined efforts. I
am reaching out to say hello, connect with you, the reader, and to say I am here to listen,
learn and help create a community where we all are united—where our vision can be realized
and continue to be a positive story in the ongoing narrative that is Richmond, Virginia.
Carra is the acting president of the Battery Park Civic Association
Want to be friends?

One Connection at a Time!
Our Mission: “To Promote Successful Home Ownership
and Revitalize Neighborhoods”
We accomplish our mission by providing the following services: Credit
Counseling: Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc.’s certi-
fied credit counselors provide private, one-on-one counseling sessions to
help clients develop a plan of action to overcome financial challenges and
gain a better understanding of their credit. Pre-Purchase Education:
Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc.’s Financial fitness
classes help future homebuyers overcome credit obstacles and master the
concept of money. In our Homebuyer Education classes, “Fastrak,” stu-
dents learn the basics of the home buying process, such as selecting a
home and understanding the mortgage process. Our HomeBuyer’s Club
is a long-term peer support program designed to help families fully pre-
pare to purchase a home. Lending: Neighborhood Housing Services of
Richmond, Inc. has the unique ability to meet the financial needs of a wide
array of potential homeowners. We are able to originate all of the most
popular residential mortgage loan products, which is individually tailored
for each homebuyer. Our options include down payment and closing costs
assistance. Post-Purchase Education: In our Post-Purchase classes,
homeowners brush up on financial concepts and learn new tips on topics
such as insurance, refinancing, predatory lending practices, and avoiding
delinquency and foreclosure. Foreclosure Prevention: Our housing
counselors are available to provide counseling solutions for homeowners
facing an immediate crisis. Resident Leadership Training: Through our
national partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond,
Inc., we provide unique training experiences to emerging and established
leaders who are working in our local communities. These activities chal-
lenge leaders to implement concrete plans for positive change. Create a
Home for Our Heroes: A project designed to aid homeless disabled Ve-
terans under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate them
as they transition back into civilian life. This project will rehabilitate a
blighted property in the Metro Richmond area to meet the needs of any
physically impaired service men and women coming home from active
duty. Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc., is located at
2712 Chamberlayne Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23222. JOIN US ON
CASINO NIGHT (support this worthy cause)! For more information,
call (804) 329-2500, visit and be sure to read our infor-
mational ad on Page 8 of this publication. News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 ± Issue No. 32

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The Good News Spy Crew, and Valued Supporters, especially our advertisers. NEVER GIVE UP…LOOK UP (GOD IS REAL)! 
Dear Mother: I thank God for blessing me to be born on your
birthday (that’s so special). I thank God for blessing our family
with one phenomenally, beautiful person to lead us for so many
years. You unselfishly gave eight (8) of us (including three
grandchildren), as well as so many other family members, the
BEST life any mother could give—and we’re so very thankful. We
never saw you cry; and I’m quite sure there were days that you did.
When pain and sorrow knocked on the door, you stepped right in
to comfort us. You’ve never taken time to enjoy yourself and we’re
praying you will embrace and live life like it’s golden (because it
is)! Lastly, mother, you look amazing to say you’re ϳϴ (watch out
single guys…smile)! May God continue to Bless you abundantly.
Love Always, Your Daughter,
Deone “Flavor” McWilliams

Pine Camp’s Upcoming Summer Programs

News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 2
1RUWKVLGH9LEHV Education & Ask Nurse Deborah

Richmond Public Schools Partners with
Preparing Yourself
the Richmond Police Department and
Force Multiplier Solutions in an Effort for the Outdoors
to Improve School Bus Safety
Richmond Public Schools has partnered with the Richmond Police De-
partment in the hiring of Force Multiplier Solutions to install stop-arm
cameras on 50 out of 250 RPS school buses. Each of those buses is e-
quipped with nine cameras on the outside and four cameras on the in-
side, totaling 13 cameras that monitor traffic across four lanes in both di-
rections. Effective Monday, April 24, 2017, the new stop-arm camera By Deborah Little-Bowser, R.N., B.A., M.P.S.
system was activated and the Richmond Police Department will begin Now that spring has finally arrived, many of us will be spending more
issuing official citations. The entire bus fleet will be equipped by the time outdoors working in our gardens, enjoying the parks, baseball
start of the upcoming school year. “We truly appreciate the partnership games, and other outdoor activities. Many of the activities will be done
with the Richmond Police Department in helping to ensure that our stu- during daylight hours; and you need to protect your skin. Your skin is
dents are transported safely to and from school each day,” said Dr. Dana the largest organ on your body. The sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) ra-
T. Bedden, Superintendent of Schools. “The installation of the stop-arm diation can harm your skin, regardless of the temperature. Excessive ex-
cameras not only helps to identify violators on the outside of the buses, posure to UV radiation causes 90% of all skin cancers—and is associated
but the cameras on the inside of our school buses is an added resource with eye damage, premature skin aging and other related issues. Here
that will assist our drivers with monitoring activity on the buses, as well.” are some suggestions to protect your skin: 1) Wear sunscreen even if
The new stop-arm initiative is not only designed to increase bus safety, it’s a cloudy day. Choose a brand with an SPF of 15 or greater. Place on
but is also completely funded by the civil penalty of the $250 fine as- your skin 20-30 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply after swim-
sessed for violators. Under Virginia Code §46.2-844 and §46.2-859, dri- ming or an activity which causes heavy sweating; 2) Cover your skin.
vers approaching Pressure Diamonds
a school bus may not pass if theAre
stop-arm is ex- Long sleeve shirts and pants are a good way to protect your skin. Look
tended and/or its red lights are flashing. Even if the red lights have only for breathable materials; and many companies offer clothing which pro-
begun flashing and the stop-arm is not yet extended, drivers are still re- vide UV protection. Wear a hat—one with a wide brim is best. It pro-
quired to stop until all children have finished loading and unloading. The vides protection for your neck, which is often forgotten; 3) Protect your
only exception to the rule is if a driver’s vehicle is separated from a eyes. Wear sunglasses! Look for a pair that blocks 99-100% of UV rays.
school bus by a solid barrier where the driver may then pass the bus. This should be on the tag; 4) For added protection, use umbrellas for out-
“This technology is in the best interest of public safety and is especially door use to sit under, awnings, or other coverings that will help. First
important for our children,” said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham. Aid: Another item you should consider keeping handy is a first aid kit.
“The Richmond Police Department has responded in the past to children You can purchase one at your local drug store or put together one (search
who were struck by speeding motorists or vehicle operators who failed online for basic supplies). The kit should contain sterile gauze pads,
to stop for children approaching or exiting school buses. Motorists who gauze roll, band aids, antibiotic ointment, cold pack, tweezers, adhesive
fail to observe the stop signs and control arms will be cited.” For more tape, hand sanitizer, ace bandage, and gloves. These are just a few sug-
details about the stop-arm camera system, visit gested items. Note: For you adventurous folks, consider taking an online
class for first aid ( or contact your local American Red
RACING… NASCAR XFINITY! Cross office. No time for a class? Borrow a first aid manual from your
local library. Learn to Swim: So, you love the water but never learned
On Thursday, April 27, NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler joined fans at the how to swim? Please consider taking swimming lessons. Swimming is
XFINITY store in Midlothian to sign autographs and discuss the race at one of the most important life skills you acquire. The Red Cross, along
the Richmond International Raceway last weekend. In addition to meet- with other organizations, offers swimming classes. Consider learning
ing with race fans from his home state of Virginia, Sadler had the oppor- this skill. ENJOY the joys of the season, never swim alone, and be safe!
tunity to demo XFINITY products, including XFINITY X1. Fans were
able to watch Sadler race in the NASCAR XFINITY Series ToyotaCare SPORTS: Home of the Justices!
250 on Saturday, April 29 at Richmond International Raceway, where
kids 12 and under received free admission. Sadler drives for JR Motor-
sports, where team owner and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series dri-
John Marshall High
ver Dale Earnhardt Jr. just announced that he will retire at the end of the School Welcomes
2017 season.
New Head Football
Phillip Sims has been appointed the
new head football coach for the John
Marshall Justices.
Currently the founder and CEO of
From the Ground Up Training, he
was previously signed to the Arizona
Cardinals as well as played professionally with the Seattle Seahawks and
the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Sims was named one of the nation’s top-
ranked passers during his time at Oscar F. Smith High School in Chesa-
peake, Virginia where he led his team in winning the 2008 Virginia Group
AAA Division 6 State Championship, four Southeastern District titles and
three Eastern Region crowns. He joins the Justices with a long list of ac-
colades and collegiate experience having played for the University of Ala-
bama in 2011, the University of Virginia in 2012, and then at Winston Sa-
lem State University as the leading passer in 2014.
“We are very excited about Coach Sims joining John Marshall High
School,” said Principal Dr. William Royal. “He brings experience and
knowledge to our players that will develop them not only as players and
as a team, but also as young men who will serve our community.” A meet-
ing with Sims was scheduled on Tuesday, April 25 with players and pa-
Do you have an interest in becoming a Journalist? Well…Here is
your chance! Flavor News is seeking Volunteer Sports Writers.
Call (804) 297-6316 TODAY!
News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 3



My Story is a Little Different By Keesaw DON EDWARDS Assistant Site Director
Keesaw has been drug-free for 8 years now and has a bright future ahead! Company Chaplain, National Counseling Group
His testimony is one to share: My strength comes from my family; and Riding a bike is always fun to do, especially when you are riding through
the lack of my family being around me caused me to alienate myself. a park on a trail that has even ground. Going down a hill is fun! It re-
What I mean is that once I started living in the addiction, they couldn’t quires a little effort—no peddling—just enjoying the ride. The wind
understand what was going on with me. By them not understanding, they blows through your hair (I can’t relate – lol!); and it’s so exhilarating to
wouldn’t associate with me that much – and by them not associating with be carefree as if you are unstoppable. However, the hardest part about
me, it gave me the free reign to do what I wanted to do because I didn’t riding a bike is going uphill. Most people avoid hills because it is a stren-
have to face them. When I did face them, and I would be on the right uous task. It requires more peddling as your face grimaces in agony with
track, I would feel really good. Question: Alienation – How did that each push of the pedal. Some stand on their bikes to get more leverage
make you feel? I wouldn’t be included in a lot of family functions. They as they try to muster up enough strength to move forward. The winds of
would call everybody “but” me. I would have to hear about the func- life never push you up the hill; and it’s in the middle of the hill where
tions after they were over. Question: Do you think they were afraid doubts, frustrations, and the tendency to give up crosses the minds of e-
of you because you were doing drugs? I don’t think they were afraid. ven the best cyclist. But I have found that riding a bike uphill sometimes
I think they were ashamed of me more than anything because I remember requires a rhythm of shifting a bike from side-to-side to reach the pinna-
coming up in life…I did pretty good in school. You see, I didn’t turn out cle of success. Most people are excited once they reach the top of the
to be the person they thought I would be. They didn’t want to deal with hill—not even knowing what the journey produced. Your calves are
me and my problems. Maybe they thought I was going to do something stronger, your quads are more defined, your heart rate increases, you de-
to them – like steal from them, which I never did. Questions: What are velop more endurance, confidence is increased, and the reassurance &
some of the things family members can and should do when faced testimony that you can conquer the next hill. So…when the hills and
with a loved one who is an addict? And…are there phases or stages storms of life occur, DON’T GIVE UP—JUST SHIFT! It is in the shift where
of a drug addict? First, I feel they need to get educated on the addiction a masterpiece is being created!
itself – the characteristics of the addiction – so they can recognize that
first. You know the person you love is still there (inside of the addict), Pine Camp Remembers the
however, it’s just that the addiction has such a “strong hold” on them;
and you have to reach for that person. At the same time, you cannot al-
Pine Camp Hospital in Tribute to
low yourself to be sucked in by that person. That’s the hardest thing be- 4T'#64+%'16.';1.'
cause a lot of times either you will push them far away or you will pull
“This is the 60th Anniversary observance of the Pine Camp Tuberculosis
them all the way in “thinking you are helping them (the addict)” – but
Hospital closing and its rebirth as the art center. The staff sees this cele-
you’re not! That’s called “enabling”! Please understand that there are
bration as an opportunity to demonstrate how creativity helps people
ways family members CAN help addicts, but it’s so tricky because most
work through trauma and live healthy lives.”
addicts are highly intelligent. If you want to help, do not give them mo-
On Friday, May 12, 2017, Pine Camp Cultural Arts and Community
ney because they will use it on drugs, of course. Be careful because even
Center will host Origin Stories: A Tribute to Dr. Beatrice Motley
if you purchase items (including food) for an addict, they will sell them
Cole. Dr. Cole will be reading from her new book, “I Am A Living Tes-
for drugs. timony” recently released by the Morris Publishing Group. Cole, who
There are several LEVELS OF ADDICTION! The only time that you
celebrated her 89th birthday in March, will talk about her life as a Rich-
are ready for help is when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
mond resident and her astonishing stay and recovery at the Pine Camp
At the beginning stage of being an addict, you will probably work or do
Tuberculosis Hospital more than 70 years ago. The tuberculosis hos-
what you basically do in order to pay your bills. But, instead of paying
pital opened in 1910 and closed in 1957. The building later reopened as
your bills, you will pay the dope man or you’re going to pay your addic-
Pine Camp Community Center and was listed on the National Register
tion. Then, it gets to the point of living “just for the addiction”. Then
of Historic Places in 2003.
you began to be cunning and you start trying to outthink everybody, but
Dr. Cole is known primarily in Virginia for her work as a theologian and
in all actuality, you’re only outthinking yourself. Keywords: Several
bible educator in the Church of God In Christ. She is a leader in COGIC
Levels of Addiction! Women’s Convention and other Christian National meetings. Because
When non-addicts see the drug addict coming, unfortunately there is no
of her work through Virginia Union University School of Theology in
scanner or technological device family members can use to determine the
Christian Education, Richmond Virginia Seminary and the C.H. Madi-
“level of addiction” and be able to say, “Okay, son (or daughter), you’re
son Bible College, she is renowned as a respected bible teacher and au-
a Level 3” (for example). All family members get to see (view) is the
thority on Christian Education. However, all of her presentations start
outer appearance (in the flesh) of loved ones. Question: Keesaw, we’re
with her recounting her ordeal with tuberculosis, a disease that was a
curious to know: How did you get hooked on drugs? What took you
death sentence in the 1940’s and 1950’s. TB disease was once a leading
there? Were you just curious, having a bad day, heartbroken?
cause of death in the United States, particularly for African Americans.
Believe it or not, my own brother introduced me to cocaine. I had a cold.
It was called “the death sentence” and was considered a lot like AIDS in
He had the cold remedy. The End… or should I say, that was the begin-
the nineties. She is one of the few survivors of tuberculosis in this area
ning of my Journey to Hell! Readers, stay tuned for there’s so much
– perhaps the only one still living that was a patient at Pine Camp—now
more to this testimony. We hope you will share this article with your fa-
a national landmark! The miracle of her survival is outlined in her book,
mily, friends, and co-workers too. Addiction is truly a disease—it’s
a tale of FAITH and RESILIENCE all should read. Her story is of pro-
painful—just as cancer, diabetes, AIDS and many more! Yes, it’s
found interest to the church and medical communities. Dr. Cole and her
true—we all make choices in our lives; however, we should never judge
children would like to celebrate not only her life, but to remember the
people for all of us have made wrong choices at least once (or more).
lives of so many who did not survive the disease. Along with members
So, how can we can really help someone who’s struggling with addic-
of the medical community, local teen organizations will be present to in-
tion? Pray for (and with) them. Please educate yourself—even if you
terview Dr. Cole and learn more about the history of their community.
do not have a family member on drugs. There are plenty of resources a-
The program will be held in the Pine Camp Threatre located at 4901 Old
vailable (use them). Brook Road, Richmond, Virginia 23227 from 6 to 8 p.m. Free to the
TION CAN RENEW YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS, AND BRING For more information, contact Danita Green @ (804) 646-3674 or email
News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 4

Greater Richmond ARC’s Ladybug Fund

Winetasting & Silent Auction a Success!

More than $95,000 was raised  at the Greater Richmond ARC’s 17th annual Ladybug Fund Wine-
 Auction held on March 25 at the Richmond International Raceway’s Torque
tasting & Silent
Club. Sampling fare from local restaurants that included everything from catfish to cupcakes,
405 attendees also enjoyed West Coast and International fine wines. Eleven wine tasting tables,

Proceeds from the event
featuring experts from the wine industry, educated guests about the 66 unique wines on hand.
 for children with disabilities at the Greater Richmond
ARC. “The monies raised provides children with much-needed support such as scholarships;

specialized and adaptive equipment including foot and leg braces, eyeglasses, and wheelchairs;
iPads for communicating while in ARC programs; and interpreters for non-English speaking

children and their families,” said Cara Coffman, director of the Greater Richmond ARC’s Infant
and Child Development Services program. A silent auction featured close to 150 items on which

to bid, including 40 pieces of fine jewelry; 20 local restaurant gift certificates; four original
works of art; two Outer Banks beach home vacation packages; and one helicopter ride over

Greater Richmond. About the Greater Richmond ARC: In partnership with families, the Greater
Richmond ARC creates life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Founded in

1954, we are an organization created by families, for families; an organization that has grown to
provide a continuum of programs and services for individuals with disabilities across the life-

span. Programs spanning the lifecycle and assisting people with disabilities to live happy, suc-
cessful and meaningful lives include: Infant & Child Development Services; After School &

Day Support Services; ARC Employment Services; and Camp Baker Summer and Respite Ser-
vices. For more information, call (804) 358-1874 or visit

 Source: New Hampshire State Police Forensic Lab

News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 5
1RUWKVLGH9LEHV  *UHDWServices & Pet of the Month 

Are you an entrepreneur determined to be successful and interested in journeying with the GOOD NEWSpaper?
Are you due to graduate soon, get married, host a birthday party or a community event?
Advertising is important for both new and existing businesses as it helps to communicate information to customers
and is one of the first steps in building strong relationships. Therefore, creating an “effective” advertising plan is essential in
attaining objectives and goals. Call (804) 297-6316 today to be included in our next publication which launches on
Friday, June 2, 2017. Send an email to

Back Braces, Knee Braces
& More!
We are here to meet your patients’
Durable Medical Equipment needs. GORGEOUS
Allow us to be your HEY KIDS…MEET “JUNE”
choice provider! PET OF THE MONTH!
It’s not every day the Flavor News crew encoun-
ters a precious (very friendly) giant in the parking
lot of our News Room, which is located inside the
21 Professional Center in Shockoe Bottom; how-
ever, on Thursday, April 27 we met this stunning-
 ly, gorgeous dog as she was enjoying an early
(*HUPDQ6FKRRO5RDG morning stroll with her owner. JUNE is a 9 year
5LFKPRQG9$ old Great Dane who loves people—and obviously
the camera too! According to her owner, she had
7HO no idea the pup would grow to weigh 150 pounds.
)D[ “I remember when she was a little puppy. She
was so small.” Folks, don’t let her size intimidate
We Accept Most Insurance! you because she’s truly harmless (very playful!).
News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 6


Host Co-Host
Dot Johnson J.C. Pair

Julius Hunsaker

DJ David Butler

Ryan Ackley
New Owners Responsible for One of the
Hottest Spots in Town! Everybody’s Talking
About Friday Night Karaoke, Dancing,
Comedy, Great Food & Outstanding
Customer Service @ &LW\:UDSV
Are you looking for a great place to unwind after working hard all week? Look-
ing for a nice place to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation,
special event, or perhaps dining with family, friends, and/or co-workers? Well
look no further! New Owners, Julius Hunsaker and Ryan Ackley have been vo-
ted this month’s BEST ENTERTAINMENT SPOT by the Flavor News Crew.
From the time you step foot into City Wraps until you depart, you’re pleasantly
greeted with a smile from both of these young men. Not only will they accommo-
date your desires, to include rearranging the furniture to ensure that you and your
guests are comfortably seated together, but they also continue to visit your ta-
ble(s) making sure you’re well taken care of—and always with a smile! So many
karaoke lovers (and those who just come out to sing along and dance) gather
every Friday from 7 to 11 p.m. to let their hair down (RELAX & JUST HAVE
FUN)! Additionally, the crowd is entertained by the lovely Dot Johnson (Host),
and handsome gents, J.C. Pair (Co-Host), David Butler (DJ), and one of the best
female Bartenders in the City of Richmond, Destini Griggs. Come on out and
vibe with the City Wraps crew and be sure to book your next event today!

City Wraps is another valued
distributor of the GOOD NEWSpaper
Northside Vibes!

News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 7

MOTHER’S EYES Those big brown eyes looking back
at me, telling stories, guiding me with strength and love; Those

big brown eyes have cried, smiled, and sometimes they were
filled with pain. The strength of a mother’s love will make you
stand tall, as it gives you a crutch when you think your world is
falling apart…

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even if Your Mother Has Passed Away
Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to spend with your family and children; however, it can also be pretty somber if your mother has passed away.
remember your mother on Mother’s Day (and any other day of the year): Attend Her Church, Make Her Favorite Recipe, Volunteer at Her
Favorite Charity, Turn Her Old Scarves Into a Quilt, Dine at Her Favorite Restaurant, Sing Her Favorite Song, Dance Her Favorite Dance, Plant
Her Favorite Flowers, Release a Special Message in a Bottle, Make a Scrapbook (let the children/grandchildren participate, too!), Immortalize Her
Favorite Recipe (have it scanned onto your cutting board so you will always be reminded of her good cooking), Dedicate a Certain Section of Your
Bookshelf to Her, Visit Her Favorite Museum or Park, Fellowship with Others Who’ve Lost their Mother, Have a Special T-Shirt Printed “Honoring
My Mother”. In other words, it’s okay to celebrate our loved ones whether near or far. So smile and celebrate your mother with the rest of us!


News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 8
4 Surprising Health Benefits of 
STRESS! Source: 
We often hear how stress can wreak havoc on the body.
It can cause insomnia and weight gain and increase your 
blood pressure. But despite the physical effects, many of 
us live, breathe, and eat stress—not by choice, of course. Stress is some-
times like a black cloud we can’t escape. Even when we think the skies
are sunny, stress rears its ugly head, snapping us back to reality. As a
longtime anxiety sufferer, I have a love-hate relationship with stress.
This might sound strange. But although stress takes my mind on an irra-
tional rollercoaster from time to time, it’s ironic that I feel the most ener-
getic and prolific when under pressure. Don’t misunderstand me. I
would love to wake up in the morning to roses and sunshine without a 1RUWKVLGH9LEHV"/RFDWLRQV
single stressor in the world, but we all know that’s not going to happen. x BP Gas Station Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd.
So rather than nurture the elusive dream of a stress-free existence, I see x Brooks Diner 1600 Brook Road
the glass half full, and you should, too. Because whether you realize it x City Wraps (inside Clarion Hotel) 3207 N. Boulevard
or not, the stress might make you a smarter, healthier, and a stronger per- x Corner Express Mart 2930 North Avenue
son. Good stress vs. bad stress: Some people think any type of stress
x Designs by Ron 1600 Brook Road, Suite B
is bad, but this isn’t the case. In truth, all stress is not created equal. Ob-
x Dollar General 2910 North Avenue
viously, when you’re overwhelmed and under pressure, it’s hard to see
the silver lining. And if someone told you stress is beneficial to your x Faith Printing 7814 Midlothian Turnpike
health, you might laugh them off or suggest they have their head exam- x Family Dollar 2917 North Avenue
ined. But there’s validity in this statement. This doesn’t mean you should x Forrest White Printing 20 W. Brookland Park Blvd.
make your life as complicated and stressful as possible. The saying x Homewood Suites by Hilton 5996 Audubon Dr. (near RIC Airport)
“stress kills” couldn’t be a truer statement. When chronic stress—which x Kroger 901 N. Lombardy Street
is the bad type—dominates your thoughts day in and day out, it does a x Little House Green Grocery 1227 Bellevue Avenue
number on your body, causing anxiety, tiredness, high blood pressure, x McLean’s Restaurant 3605 W. Broad Street
depression, etc. But although you should do whatever it takes to avoid x Nicola Flora 1219 Bellevue Avenue
this type of relentless mental abuse, you should welcome moderate doses x Nomad Deli & Catering Co. 207 W. Brookland Park Blvd.
of stress with open arms. Humans have a fight-or-flight response, which x Northside Family YMCA 4207 Old Brook Road
is an inborn physiological reaction that occurs when they’re under attack. x Northside Hardware 2925 North Avenue
Your body is wired to handle every day, normal stressors, and when your x Norvelle’s Shoe Repair 2928 North Avenue
natural defenses kick in, your wellbeing improves. So, before you coin x Old Dominion Electrical Supply 2509 N. Lombardy Street
stress as the “bad guy,” consider some of these surprising health benefits: x Once Upon a Vine 4009 MacArthur Avenue
It improves cognitive function: Unless you’re at an amusement park
x Pine Camp Arts & Community Center 4901 Old Brook Road
and about to experience the ride of your life, you might not enjoy that pa-
x RIC Redev. & Housing Authority 901 Chamberlayne Pkwy.
nicky feeling in the pit of your stomach. On the other hand, if this feeling
occurs in response to moderate stress levels, the upside is that the pressure x Richmond International Airport
and nervousness you feel can potentially boost your brain’s performance. 9 Shoe Shine Man (Mr. Douglas Moody) – Upper Level
This is because moderate stress strengthens the connection between neu- x Richmond Public Library North Avenue & Ginter Park Branches
rons in your brain, improving memory and attention span, and helping x River City Diner North 803 E. Parham Road
you become more productive. In one study, researchers at the University x Ruffin Insurance Agency 3813 Nine Mile Road
of Berkeley found that in lab rats “brief stressful events caused the stem x Stir Crazy Café RVA 4015 MacArthur Avenue
cells in their brains to proliferate into new nerve cells” resulting in in- x Stony Point Pharmacy 9000 Stony Point Pkwy.
creased mental performance after two weeks. Better brain performance x Union Bistro & Jazz 2400 Northumberland Avenue
likely explains why many people, including myself, work better when un- x W.G. Miller Creations Florist & Gifts 6211 Lakeside Avenue
der stress. For example, I’ve had clients throw me last-minute assign- x Walgreens Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd.
ments with tight deadlines. After accepting the work, sometimes I panic x Walker & Son, Inc. 4038 MacArthur Avenue
because I bit off more than I can chew. But in every situation, I’ve gotten Copies may be picked up from our News Room located in Shockoe
through the assignment and have received positive feedback, even though Bottom: Flavor News, 21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street,
I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. If you doubt the health Suite 100, Richmond, Virginia 23223. Please call (804) 297-6316 prior
benefits of stress on your brain, do a self-evaluation of your performance to arriving (schedule an appointment).
on days when you’re experiencing a higher amount of stress at work.
You may discover that you’re more focused and productive than on low-
stress days. It helps you dodge a cold: The fight-or-flight response you SUPPORTERS ADVERTISERS & DISTRIBUTORS!
feel when stressed is designed to protect you, whether it’s from injury or
another perceived threat. What’s interesting about low doses of the stress 4 Surprising Health Benefits of STRESS!
hormone is that it also helps protect from infections. Moderate stress (continued) baby. A 2006 Johns Hopkins study followed 137 women
stimulates the production of a chemical called interleukins and gives the from mid-pregnancy to their children’s second birthdays. The study
immune system a quick boost to protect against illnesses—unlike its evil found that babies born to women who experienced mild to moderate
twin, chronic stress, which lowers immunity and increases inflammation. stress during pregnancy had more advanced early developmental skills
So the next time you experience a shock to the system and your stress le- by the age of 2 than babies born to unstressed mothers. Of course, this
vel elevates, remember this benefit. If a virus or cold spreads around your study doesn’t suggest giving stress the red-carpet treatment while preg-
school or office, the “good” stress in your life might be the only drug you nant. But if you deal with periodic everyday stresses, don’t panic. It may
need to stay healthy. It makes you a tough cookie: Think about a tough actually help your baby’s development. Stress in a nutshell: Until now,
situation you’ve dealt with in the past. How did you handle the stress you may have wanted to bottle up all stress and toss it into a fiery pit.
when it first happened? Now, fast-forward to the present. Have you dealt Now that you’re aware of the surprising health benefits of stress, remem-
with a similar situation recently? If so, did you handle the problem dif- ber that it can be a friend you didn’t know you wanted. The key is identi-
ferently the second time around? In all likelihood, you did. Since you fying good stress from bad stress. As long as it’s not chronic, stress can
knew what to expect and you understood the possible outcomes, you pro- be a positive addition to your life.
bably felt a greater sense of control. And because of this, you didn’t give
up or crack under pressure. This is how stress made you stronger! It en-
hances child development: Maybe you’ve heard or read stories of wo-
men who dealt with severe depression and anxiety during their pregnan-
cies and gave birth prematurely or had babies with low birth weights. It’s
true that elevated stress levels can have a negative impact on both mom
and baby. As such, most expecting mothers do everything humanly pos-
sible to stay healthy and minimize stress and anxiety while pregnant. Al-
though chronic stress can negatively affect pregnancy, the good news is
that moderate levels of normal stress during pregnancy won’t harm a
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Comcast Cares Day “Make Change Happen”! Testimonial from Our Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, April 22, more than 300 local Comcast NBCUniversal em- If Your Credit Needs Restoring
ployees and their families, friends and community partners banded together

to “make change happen” as they volunteered at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Call Credit Restoration Associates Today!
\0#%#.'1(E61EN+6*EN'+0)6*' +)*'56WENx^[
Metro Richmond as part of the 16th annual Comcast Cares Day. Activities

included painting, planting trees and flowers, mulching and general clean- A year ago I attended an entrepreneurial event in Richmond, Virginia and
had the opportunity to meet Mr. Robert W. Linkonis, Sr., President and Cer-
up at the Petersburg and Northside Club locations. Comcast Cares Day,

which takes place each April during National Volunteer Month, is Comcast tified Credit Expert of Credit Restoration Associates. After Mr. Linkonis
heard my testimony, he approached and informed me about his adversities
NBCUniversal’s companywide celebration of its year-round commitment to

service and the nation’s largest single-day corporate volunteer effort in the
country. Comcast has been committed to serving local communities since
and stated he and his team could assist. He was absolutely correct! Due to
life’s challenges (occasional ups and downs), we all have experienced need-

its founding more than 50 years ago. For more information on Comcast’s
volunteer and community investment initiatives, visit
ing help in some form or fashion. I never imagined just how much help I
needed regarding my credit because I had accepted the fact it would never

community. Additional 2017 Comcast Cares Day projects in the Greater
Richmond area include: Partnering with the United Way of Greater Rich-
be restored (it felt like it would take forever to get back-on-track). I was
wrong—and I’m so glad I was wrong! This journey has been the best experi-

mond to read stories and lead youth activities at Reading for Resilience; cre-
ating cards and school readiness kits at Building Connections for Better
ence ever! I had no idea there were so many laws that protect us, especially
when having to start life over again—and having to deal with those dreadful,
Health; and raking leaves and performing other yard work for senior citizens harassing phone calls from some collection agencies (a few who actually
living in the Richmond area; Sorting, packing, weighing and labeling food were scammers!).
at FeedMore: Central Virginia Food Bank. Credit Restoration Associates is comprised of an experienced team of ex-
perts who passionately and professionally guide you through the restoration
Attention All Entrepreneurs! process. As many of us know, having good credit is essential whether pur-
chasing a home, automobile, and/or other necessities. Before you give up,
Join the Two Twelve “Go Getters” every before you pull out your credit cards (beware of scammers!), before you cre-
Tuesday 8:30-9:30 am @ McLean’s
and let them fight for you! Don’t you deserve the best? Of course you do! I
Restaurant 3605 W. Broad Street would highly recommend this company for they focus solely on credit res-
toration, so you know you will have their undivided attention! See the ad
listed above this article and tell them the GOOD NEWSpaper sent you!
Special Thanks to All Supporters of the GOOD NEWSpaper! Over 45,580 Readers! Next Publication: Friday, June 2, 2017
News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32 Page 10
While delivering papers each month,
the Flavor News crew has opportuni-
ties to meet so many people, business 
owners and staff members in particu- 
lar. On Friday, April 7 as we were
searching for more distributors, we 
stopped by the BP Café 64 (2116
Willis Road, Chesterfield County). 
Not only did the owner welcome and
display Northside Vibes, but he also 
surprised us with a few complimen-
tary samples of his delicious foods… 
Hot out of the oven! Yes, we’re all
Neighbors Growing Together!      

Continuing to spread the GOOD NEWSpaper throughout Chesterfield County, we decided to dine 
TazzatheyKitchen since we’d heard so many wonderful things about the establishment and the fine
serve. Not only was the food outstanding, but the customer service exhibited from the
staff was too! Our server (on right) was very professional and graciously guided us after learning
it was our first visit. Our evening ended with the opportunity to meet one of the managers (on
left) who was interested in learning if we’d enjoyed our visit (Absolutely)! THANKS TAZZA KITCHEN

Are you an entrepreneur in need of someone you can trust with your finan-
cial matters? Are you seeking a respectful, reliable and trustworthy profes-
sional to assist you with your taxes, estate planning, and/or retirement in-
surance? Well, look no further because the Flavor News crew highly recom-
mends the President of Harris Tax and Business Services LLC, Mr. Marvin
Harris. “Almost two years ago, I was in need of a new tax preparer so I
reached out to Mr. Harris. When I initially called Harris Tax and Business
Services, Marvin answered the phone with a very professional greeting. To
hear a nice, welcoming voice on the other end of the phone made a tremen-
dous difference! Although he had other clients to assist, he immediately
stopped for a few minutes to learn about my situation. It was so obvious he
knew the tax laws inside/out and operated his business with integrity and re-
spect for others (great work ethics)! My business’ situation wasn’t simple;
however, because he possesses so many years of experience—and he is very
passionate about exhibiting superb customer service—I had absolutely noth-
ing to worry about! You see, when you meet a seasoned professional who
makes you feel comfortable enough to “trust” him or her, especially when it
comes to your “financial” business matters, it’s such a relief in knowing you
can continue focusing on your area of expertise (media for me…smile!) and
let the “financial” expert do his job! Mr. Harris, THANK YOU! Your
business has been selected as Flavor News’ 2017 BEST TAX SERVICE
and we wish you so many more years of success!” Deone McWilliams
(646) 245-0058 (mobile), (804) 329-1816 (office)
Need Assistance from an Expert? or 1-800-859-1463 (fax)
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For more information, call (804) 901-1308 Visit: Email:

News Room (804) 297-6316 May 2017 - Issue No. 32