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1- The environment can be defined as

a- Everything around us including us
b- The surronding external conditions affecting the living objects
c- Everything that affect the living being”organism” during its life time .
it includes all the physical chemical and biological surronding and their
d- All of them

2- In comparison between living & non living.. the living is distinctive by :
a- Highly complex organization
b- Growth and development
c- Interactions
d- adaption
e- homeostasis” trying to keep the optimum state”
f- sensation and response
g- all of the above
3- The molecule of life is ( DNA )
4- The DNA is responsible for :
a- Protein synthesis b-reproduction
b- Inheritance d- growth F- All of these
5- Metabolism is :
a- Gatabolism + anabolism b- anabolism only

c-Catabolism only d- catabolism & anabolism

6-what do the following equations express :

1- ATP >>>> ADP + P + Energy ( Energy release )
2- ADP + P + Energy>>>>ATP (Energy storing )

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7-Ecology " ‫"ﻻزم حي وغير حى‬

The study of the interactions among the environmental components

8-The basic concepts for Ecology is/are :

a- Abiotic factor

b- biotic factor

c-Both of them

d- none of them

9- Abiotic factors can be :

a- Climate
b- Minerals
c- rainfall
d- all are right

10- Biotic Factors Can Be :

a- organisms
b- Organisms production
c- organisms effects

d- all of them

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Both are wrong 12.How human benefit the environment human affects on environment b.No answer is correct Creative SCientiStS team .Both are right d.11- 1.describes: a.How human gets benefit from the environment human gets benefit from environment c.How environment affects on human c.(2) describes: a.

organ system – multicelled organism d.Population.ecosystem.All are wrong 14.Tissue.Population – community – ecosystem – biosphere b. community can be defined as “a groupS of individuals of different kinds in the same area” a.the correct order is : a.ecosystem.when population is “ a group of individuals of the same kind that’s same species “ .biosphere.biosphere – ecosystem d.False Creative SCientiStS team .The correct order is : a.multicelled organism.order the following : Atom – organ system – biosphere – organ – tissue – cell – multicelled organism Molecule – subatomic – ecosystem – Answer : subatomic-atom-molecule-cell-tissue-organ-organ system- multicelled organism – population.13.organ – organ system c.Organ system –organ – tissue – multicelled organism b.Population – community..Community – population – biosphere – ecosystem c.True b.Tissue.biosphere 16.

17.Pre-reproductive ranges from 0 to 14 b. a. Answer : the growth started simply then became so fast 22.body structure -population size -Population activity -population density -demographics -population stability .distribution patterns -distribution partners 18.on saying exponential function “ J Shaped “ you should recognize that ….Random b-aggregated c-regulated = d.under it .clumped 19.Random b-regular b.Aggregated = d.which of the following IS not about human population : -age structure ..Post-reproductive ranges from 45 to +85 ↑ 21.Any essential factor or resource that limits population growth ( limiting factor ) 25.results from the limiting Factors ( Environmental Resistance ) .it’s the maximum number of individuals in population that a environment can sustain indefinitely ( carrying capacity ) 24.according to Age Structure .uniform 20.Reproductive ranges from 15 to 45 c.the most common pattern for human is : a. the population can show maximum growth rate ( biotic potential ) 23.our distribution while setting in the exam is : a.

Death – Emigration 28.which stage is dominating in each of the following .green plant is described as ……... Rapid Growth : Pre-Reproductive Reproductive .Immigration .? The environment 29-According According to the following Plan : a. The circle will be….The human is described as : omnivore ! ‫عشان اﻻنسان بياكل خضراوات او لحوم‬ ( omnivore means herbivore “ as insect” & carnivore “as the hawk “) . Negative Growth : Post--Reproductive 27.……. And……. while……. Decrease it? Answer : Birth.accroding to the following drawing .. ( autotroph”1st trophic level level” & producer ) b-the the bird is described as ……. And …….26. &……… &………. increase the population size .. &………. Slow Growth : Pre-Reproductive Reproductive . ( heterotroph”3rd trophic level” & 2nd consumer & carnivore 1) c.bacteria and fungi are described as : ( heterotrophy “ last trophic level” & decomposers ““detritivores detritivores” ) d... Zero Growth : there is no difference difference… . If H is the human..

A network of interlinked food chain including all trophic levels in an ecosystem (Food Food web ) 33.a straight line sequence of who eats whom in successi successive ve higher trophic levels “many levels “ ( Food Chain ) 32.The 2 principles that control the ecosystem are…………. Note : consumer 1 = 2nd trophic “consumer (n) = trophic (n+1)” 30.hierarchy of feeding relationships in which energy is transferred when one organism eats another ( Trophic levels ) 31.&…………… ( One way Energy flow & nutrient “chemical” cycling ) .


expressed in percentage “ 3 parts” 1-major ( nitrogen-oxygen ) 2-minor (water vap-argon-carbon dioxide) 3-trace (neon..The Earth’s Life-support Components are …….methane.&………. &……….&………..34. ( atmosphere”air” & Hydrosphere”water” & lithosphere”crust of top earth” ”non-living” & biosphere”the total parts where organisms can live” ) 35..etc ) .Atmosphere is pure dry air at ground level that has following . helium.

Answer : The Weathering proc processes – plants.The Soil (Loose) : suitable for growth of plants and after death.The inorganic part comes from …….36.animals.66% ground water and 0.03% fresh water in rivers lakes and streams -37 The lithosphere is made of the mantle of rocks that includes the soil which is formed by the continuous weathering forces “ rain-wind- rain chemical and biological” and it covers the rocks 38.7% is available for human usage as 0. The remaining 3% are 2. While the organic part comes from….The Hydrosphere is : 71% of the Earth’s surface it includes freshwater and marine ecosystems 97% of the water is oceans. fungi decay processes and remains “ ‫يعنى المواد العضوية بتيجى من تحليل الكائنات الحية‬ "‫بالبكتريا والطفيليات وبالتالى المواد العضوية تفضل فى النظام البيئى‬ . bacteria. death animals and plants decay "‫ "يتحللوا‬so they return to the soil “recycling” 39.3% locked in the polar ice while the other 0.

from this drawing we can know that water goes up by …….40. Creative Scientists Team Transpiration &Evaporation ..Biotic (living beings) can be ………&………&………. &……. While it goes down by ………or……….condensation or precipitation .The circulation pathways of elements or nutrients through biotic & Abiotic ( Biogeochemical cycles ) 42. &… so it produces food for man and animals ( 5% organic matters & 95% inorganic matters ) 41.The soil which is suitable for agriculture consists of ….. Producers & consumers & decomposers 43. by the rainfall.


.The secondary productivity is the same as the primary but result from heterotrophs instead of autotrophs 47-biological material produced by producers “ autotrophs or green plants” in an area in a given time expressed by these “ g or kg/m 2/year – kcal/m2/year” Creative Scientists Team (Biomass-Bioweight) Be Creative ! . combustion..44. we can understand that …… decreases the carbon while …….&………&…….From these drawings.respiration . Forest Firing 45-The result of photosynthesis which is one of the major properties of any ecosystem ( Primary Productivity ) 46. increase it Answer : photosynthesis .

.47.great” branch of research and economic usages like in “ medicines .Deserts can be a source of energy by solar and wind energy Creative Scientists Team .. ecotourism ” 52. They represent a vast ” major .. trade .economy -culture -All Are Right 50-the geopolitical influences in the deserts occurs due to … Answer: natural resources like mineral and oil comes from the desert *geopolitical influences ‫تدخﻼت غير مشروعة زى ما حدث فى العراق او غيره من الدول العربية‬ .an outcome that improves a person’s quality and quantity of life (Benefit) 48-compare between environmental benefit & environmental cost Environmental Benefit Environmental Cost Is the one where Is the one where environment benefits environment harms human human 49-Environmental Contributions may be : -traditional or modern way of life -religion -use of resources -wealth -rural or urban life "‫"الريف والحضر‬ .‫اللى هى فى اﻻصل صحراء‬ 51-The desert animals and plants are so important because .

crops. coat .. wildlife” ( Man Activity ) 56.soil . The diversity ”‫تنوع‬-variation”of scenes ‫يعنى تنوع المناظر الطبيعية بيخليها مصدر للسياحة البيئية‬ between the renewable & non renewable resources: renewable non renewable The resources that can be reformed The Resources that their usage rate through rapid natural cycles with is faster than reforming rate & they rate higher than usage rate can’t be reformed again after being “by life cycles or recycling” used “recyclable & non recyclable” Creative SCientiStS team .53-The Desert ecotourism is supported by.forests .water.Any material that required or used to maintain human life & essential for the functioning of organisms populations and ecosystem (Resources) 55-Something that disrupts the balance among the natural resources like “ oil .

one of the greatest threats to native biodiversity (Exotic organism) ( ‫)إحضار كائنات من مواطن أُخرى إلى مواطن ﻻ تألفها‬ 62.‫زى قطع الغابات اﻻستوائية مثﻼ‬ 58.Distribution of diseases’ agents ( ! ‫)نقل الكائنات المسببة لﻸمراض‬ Creative Scientists Team .biggest reason of the current increase in extinctions of species & habitat loss ( Habitat Destruction ) ..Reduction of habitat into smaller and scattered patches & dividing populations into isolated groups (Fragmentation) 59.57..Unauthorized commercial products and trade of live specimens (‫)المنتجات التجارية الغير معتمدة‬ 60-predator and pest control ( ‫)تلويث البيئة باساليب مكافحة اﻻفات وتدمير النظان البيئى بقتل الحيوانات المفترسة‬ 61.

substances or behavior that accumulate to concentrations that have adverse or harmful effect on the health and function of the ecosystem ( Pollutants ) 65.pollution may have many names or forms as for …… &……… (Site & cause ) 66-overenrichment of freshwater ecosystems with nutrients like phosphorus that may lead to fish killing (Eutrophication) .Harmful effects of substances or behavior on the ecosystems ( Pollution ) 64.63.

so human activities can preserve resources (Conservation) Creative Scientists Team 68.The phrase “ Reduce-Reuse-Recycle “ is known for ( 3R) N0T Just A Name ! .Using natural resources wisely and not contributing to pollution of the biosphere .67.

goods.Global 70-The Ecological Footprint: a-measures the effect of a person.transport.69-The Ecological Footprint can be calculated on …….city or country on the 3 scales ↑ b.Local .and all other services and activities d. scale Answer : Personal .The total amounst of land required for food.housing..or……or……. consumer.All Are Right .A measure of direct&indirect consumption of resources and production of wastes c.

.4 – 2. but now it’s …. (1.0) 74.71-The area of land ( in hectares “ha” ) that support each person’s lifestyle in a country (The Shortest Term ) 72.8) ^_^ ‫تم بحمد ﷲ‬ .All The Above 73-Egypt Footprint in 2003 was ….The Average biocapacity per person in 2003 is about .. (1..The national governments are using the footprint to be able to : a-assess the value of their country ecological concerns "‫مخاوف‬-‫"اهتمامات‬ b-monitor and manage their concerns and priorities”‫”اولويات‬ c-Identify the risks associated with ecological problems d-set policy to make safeguarding resources at top priority e-measure progress toward their national goals F.