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Observation Task 3: Managing Transitions

Type and function of Strategies used to Efficacy of the strategy in Suggestions for further
transitions facilitate terms of promoting development.
transitions positive behavior and
minimizing challenging
1 Choosing the children and put The teacher choose The cards that she put This transition was managed well but
them in the activities that I the children and their names on it (group with no apparent ‘affection
know they will not mess put them in the of children) kept in the demonstrated towards the children.
behave. activity that she same place every day so Some of the children received a smile
want and prepare the children are following and physical contact but the majority
for them activities the colors of the card that did not.
related to each stick it on the wall .For The children generally ‘obeyed’ the
corner. Also, the example she put four direction of the teacher. The children
teacher mix the colors of papers in each went to the corners and began to
children who is paper she put different play in them using the ‘necklaces’ to
hyperactive with names and the child regulate the number of participants
the silent children knows that his name in in each area.
or putting the red and he is in red group. Potential difficulties were quickly
hyperactive in the dealt with by the teacher by shouting
activities that need at the children.
work such as , Whilst this initial transition was
drawing and managed effectively in terms of
painting or creating minimizing challenging behavior,
things. there was little ‘modeling’ of social
or emotional skills. There was also no