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Lesson Plan Template

Date Subject Number of Grade
22.3.2017 English 21 students Kg2-B
Letter S
Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow

- I will be focus in the student knowledge about the second language
- I will focus to make sure that all student share at the lesson
- Using my voice volume well, to let the student hear well the letter S.

Learning Outcomes: Materials
(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum
Students will be able to …… (Write
the outcome word for word) - Board
- Student will be able to know the letter S - Pencil
- Student know some word start with the - Cards
letter - Picture of objects start with the letter.
- Know how to write letter S “Sand, sun”

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time 30 Question (Blooms Taxonomy)
Remembering (low level):
Opening/Introduction: (Bullet Can you remember the letter song we sing
points) in each lesson?
What will you do in order to introduce Understanding (low level):
the concept to the students? Do you know what letter is this?
 Singing the letter song “a-z” Applying (low level):
with all the student and Can anyone write the letter for me?
choose one student to stand Analyzing (high level):
front of the students to Where can you see the letter S in this
remined them the dance. picture?
Creating (high level):
Active Engagement: (Bullet points) Can you draw an object start with letter
After you’ve modeled the concept, what S?
activity will you have the students
perform while on the carpet to ensure
that they understand it?
 I will show the student the card
with the letter and ask them if
they know the letter or not.
 Then I will ask them about if they
know some words with the letter.

Link: (Bullet points)
Remind the students in kid friendly
language how they can apply what they
did whole group in their independent
learning centers
 I will say for the student to move
on to the activity tables to apply
what we learn.

Learning Center Resources or Materials
Learning Center Learning Center Learning Center
1 2 3
(low level) (high level) (medium level)
Drawing letter s
with the sand. Drawing something Finding letter S
with letter s “for
example drawing a
sun “
Small Group Learning Centers: Time______
Learning Center 1 Title: (Bullet Learning Center 2 Title: (Bullet
points) points)

We need for this activity a dish with The student should take the pencil
sand for each student in the group and the paper and start creating
their own art with the letter s.
The student should write the letter
s with their finger in the sand. I will show the student a sample of
what I did to create the letter.
I will put front of them a picture of
the letter S so they can remember I will observe the student and help
the letter. them if they want

They can also draw a star or sun or Also, they can use a glue, scissors
make a snake. and color to be more creative.
Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet

I will give the student each on 5
cards with different letter, and ask
them to find the card how have the
letter s.

I will show them the letter s and
leave it front of them to remined
them the letter.

Closing activity: Time: 12 minutes

The student will back at the circle area and I will give each student small board and
ask them to write the letter. At this time, I will not show them the letter or draw it
for them because I will assess them at this time.

Also, I will use check lets to know which student know how to write the letter and
how is not..

General Comments

- I will make sure that all student knows some words with the letter
- I will make sure all student knows how to say the letter
- I will use the body language and good voice volume because it is too
important in this lesson.

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

- Using check lest.