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This CONTRACT OF LEASE, made and entered into this
___________ at ___________, by and between:

Ma. Judy Rosario Robrigado-Carino of
Centro Occidental, Poalngui, Albay
hereinafter referred to as the “LESSOR”


_____________________, hereinafter referred to
as the “LESSEE”


WHEREAS, the LESSOR as the sole, absolute and registered
owner of residential building and lot located at Unit ___, Efren Sarte
St.Centro Oriental.., Polangui, Albay, as evidenced by the Original
Certificate of Title No. T-137817, a copy of which is hereto attached as
Annex “A” has agreed with the LESEE the rental of said dwelling,
upon such terms and conditions hereinafter set forth:

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual
provisions, covenants and stipulations contained and reserved in
the following clauses, the respective parties hereto do contract and
agree as follows:

1. DURATION OF LEASE AND RENEWAL - This contract of lease
is to remain valid and in full force and effect for a period of
______(___) months to commence on ____________________ and to end
on ______________________ unless otherwise terminated as elsewhere
provided for herein. The LESSEE will be given the opportunity to
renew the lease for a further year under the agreed terms and
conditions applicable to the first year, provided that, the LESSEE
shall notify the LESSOR of his intention to renew this Contract at
least one (1) month before the expiration of this Contract, subject to
an increase in rental rates which are to be negotiated. Failure to
agree on a new rate will terminate this contract.

2. RENTAL - The monthly rental of the premises shall be SIX
THOUSAND PESOS (PHP6,000.00) per month for ____
months, payable within the first five (5) days of every month. Any
unpaid rental shall earn interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per

however. should such consent be given by the LESSOR. over and above the deposit and advance payments made by the LESSEE as provided under par.The LESSEE shall not make any alteration or change in the partitions of the leased premises. 4. . as liquidated damages. at the termination of this lease contract. and other utility services. at the expense of the LESSEE. 4. 3. The aforesaid deposits shall be used. 7. the LESSOR may allow the LESSEE to occupy the leased premises on a month to month basis provided that the LESSEE in such case shall give the LESSOR two (2) month’s written notice in advance of his intention to vacate the premises. as well as for any damages caused by the LESSEE to the leased premises. ABANDONMENT . subject to the approval of the LESSOR. Likewise. 6.000. nor make any improvement in the premises. month without prejudice to the cancellation of the contract by the LESSOR on the ground of none payment of rentals. the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR a sum equivalent to rentals due for the unexpired period of the Contract. The LESSEE further agrees that any such improvement. built-ins or improvements shall automatically upon installation become the property of the LESSOR. ETC. Said deposit or only that part of it that is free from any accountability shall be returned to the LESSEE upon proof of the satisfaction of said bills/damages. water and other utility services. the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR the sum of TWELVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php12. Upon expiration of the original period of the lease stated. water. only for the satisfaction of unpaid bills for electricity. Occupants shall be limited to maximum of __________ (__) persons only. nor alter or change any electric or water outlet or inlet.00) representing one (1) month security deposit and one (1) month advance rental. change. USE OF PREMISES – It is the essence of this contract that the LESSEE shall use the leased property exclusively for residential purposes only. and shall not be used for other purposes without the prior written consent of the LESSOR. as well as for any damages caused by the LESSEE to the leased premises. reserves the right to require . The LESSOR. alteration or addition shall belong to the LESSOR without reimbursement of the cost or value. without the previous consent of the LESSOR. The LESSEE shall be liable to the LESSOR for any amounts paid by the LESSOR for unpaid bills for electricity. DEPOSIT & ADVANCE RENTAL – Upon signing of this Contract of Lease.If the leased premises shall be abandoned during the term of this contract. the LESSOR reserves the right to require. Any alterations. restoration to the original state and condition of any alterations made in accordance with paragraph 8 of this contract. Any alteration or improvement shall be done only with approval of the LESSOR. the work shall be done in a satisfactory manner. IMPROVEMENTS. ADDITIONS.

shall not do any such act as may deface and/or injure any portion of the building or its fixtures. 11. in whole or in part. members of its household. and more specifically. without the knowledge and written consent of the LESSOR. the latter shall be authorized to repair said damage or injury at the LESSEE’s expense. The LESSEE shall be responsible for obtaining its own insurance for the private and personal properties placed within the LEASED PREMISES. or any member of his family or domestic help. Should he fail to do so within five (5) days from demand by the LESSOR. 9. boisterous or loud acts that would disturb and annoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. SUBLEASE . windows. such as but not limited to water and electrical except repairs due to the fault or negligence of the LESSEE. in any manner. The LESSEE at his own expense. assign or encumber the rights hereunder acquired. The LESSEE shall allow the LESSOR or his representative access to the premises for routine maintenance and inspection. REPAIRS . shall maintain the leased premises in a clean and sanitary condition and free from all obnoxious or unpleasant odors. up to the date when the LESSEE vacates the leased premises in accordance with the terms of this Contract. fuses. at reasonable hours. guests or visitors. 8. Official Receipt of the monthly bill payments shall be submitted to the LESSOR upon payments of the bills. Any such injury or damage to the building or the leased premises and its fixtures caused by the LESSEE. 10. or sublease. lost keys. minor plumbing problems. MAINTENANCE AND CARE OF LEASED PREMISES -The LESSEE shall maintain the leased premises in a peaceful and reasonable quiet manner. The LESSEE shall keep the LEASED PREMISES clean and in good sanitary condition at all times.The LESSEE shall not. or guest or visitor. or other persons whom the LESSEE may have permitted in or about the leased premises. the leased premises. .The LESSEE shall bear the following repairs and expenses Replacement of light bulbs.Electricity and water shall be for the account of the LESSEE. and agrees to refrain from any noisy. UTILITIES . shall promptly be repaired at the LESSEE’s expense. the leased premises. restoration to the original state and conditions of any alterations made at the termination of the lease at the expense of the LESSEE. installation and removal of appliances including restoration work in the leased premises. The LESSOR shall be responsible for all repairs on the LEASED PREMISES.

NON-LIABILITY FOR LOSS. the leased premises. jewelry. and the unpaid rent. and the LESSOR may enforce said lien as provided by law or by entering said premises and either taking possession thereof the belongings contained therein for safekeeping or by removing said property there from and storing the same at the expense of the LESSEE. and enforcement of this lien shall not operate to waive any other rights of the LESSOR to file a suit for unlawful detainer or otherwise. or water or rain which may come into or issue or flow from any part of said premises.12.Any failure or default on the part of the LESSEE in the payment of the stipulated rental within the period agreed upon. and the LESSEE covenants and agrees to make no claim for any such loss or damage. assign or encumber the rights hereunder acquired. or sublease.During the last month of the lease. 13. plumbing. then the LESSOR may sell any or all personal property taken possession of as herein provided. theft or otherwise from the leased premises nor for any damage to person or property in or about the leased premises resulting from electric wiring. expenses of sale and fees. 15. ETC. or any electric connections thereof. and the damages caused to the leased premises. after notice. at the rate of two percent (2%) per month on all arrears in rent. or by any cause beyond its control or any cause whatsoever. the LESSEE shall allow the LESSOR or his representatives to show the leased premises to prospective tenants. Should the LESSOR be compelled to secure the services of legal counsel and recourse to judicial remedies to enforce all or any part of this agreement. or from the pipes. and any other violation or breach by the LESSEE of any of the conditions and stipulation of this agreement. Said lien may be enforced whenever rent is due and unpaid and regardless of whether or not the five-day notice to pay rent and/or vacate shall have been served. and may apply any amount received against any storage charges. and upon prior notification and appointment. if the LESSEE fails to notify the LESSOR of his intention to renew this Contract.The LESSEE hereby grants to the LESSOR a lien upon all personal property brought into the leased premises regardless of any prohibitions of law or whether or not the leased premises are furnished. during business hours. 16.The LESSEE shall not.The LESSOR shall not be liable for any loss of property or (cash. the LESSEE hereby agrees to indemnify the LESSOR. 14. LESSOR’S LIEN . by way of liquidated damages. DAMAGE. in whole or in part. PENAL PROVISIONS . without the knowledge and written consent of the LESSOR. etc. If rent is still due and unpaid thirty days after the enforcement of said lien. PROSPECTIVE TENANTS . and the LESSEE hereby agrees and consents. in any manner. ASSIGNMENTS . . to peaceably surrender and deliver the leased premises to the LESSOR..) by fire. shall entitle the LESSOR to terminate this agreement.

including all duplicates. administrators.00) 17. RETURN OF LEASED PREMISES .The LESSEE acknowledges the receipt of the possession of the leased premises in good and satisfactory condition and tenantable for the uses and purposes for which the same is intended and agrees that. The LESSEE shall turn over to the LESSOR all keys to the leased premises. promises. conditions and covenants of this agreement.The parties have read and understood the terms.000. and hereby express their conformity thereto. upon expiration of the lease or earlier termination thereof. 18.s. all covenants. and reasonable attorney’s fees which shall not be less than FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P5. . or assigns respectively of LESSOR and LESSEE. the parties have hereunto affixed their hands on the day and place first above written. Judy Rosario Robrigado-Carino ___________________________ Lessor Lessee WITNESSES: _______________________________ ______________________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) _______________ ) s. 19. sell. apply and inure to the benefit of the heir. reasonable wear and tear expected. REPRESENTATINS AND WARRANTIES .The LESSOR reserves the right to mortgage. executors. MORTGAGE OR SALE OF PROPERTY . or otherwise dispose of the property provided that the LESSEE’s rights under this lease are respected. he will quietly and peacefully surrender unto the LESSOR the possession of the said premises in the same satisfactory condition as at present. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. Ma. representations and agreements herein contained shall be binding upon.

_____ Series of 2017. BEFORE ME a Notary Public for and in the________________. _____ Book No. Doc.No. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this _______ day of _______________at _____________________________________________________________. personally came and appeared the following persons: Ma. _____ Page No. Philippines on this _____ day of ____________. . Judy Rosario Robrigado-Carino _ ___________ ____________ ___________________________ ___________ ____________ known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and voluntary deed. 2017.