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Semester 2, Session 2016/2017

(Critical Review)



3. Critical Review about Interactive Learning Medium in Science Education By Maizatul Sarah Bt Yahaya 1. Keberkesanan penggunaan pelbagai media Rian Vebrianto & 2012 pengajaran dalam meningkatkan kemahiran Kamisah Osman. 5 journal will used as the reference and comparison. Publish 1.2012 proses sains dalam kalangan pelajar Effectiveness of using various learning media in increasing science process skills among students 2.Norazilawati Abdullah & Nik Effectiveness of using I-think on the student’s Azmah. Sains Tahun 4 Nashrah.Haeidatul bahan. As the topic are focusing on the interactive medium of learning. The discussion of these 5 journals will be focusing only on the validity and reliability of the instruments used in the research. Sulaiman& Mohd Razha Bin Abdul Rashid. Penggunaan modul interaktif dengan agen Lee Tien Tien & 2012 pedagogi dalam pembelajaran elektrokimia: Kamisah Osman.2016 ekonomi asas Effects of Using Cartoons through Virtual Learning Environmenat (VLE FROG) on basics economics students. Table 1 .Shukri 2011 menggunakan teknologi sidang video. Keberkesanan proses pembelajaran Siti Hajar Halili.0 INTRODUCTION In this critical review. Kesan Penggunaan Kartun Melalui Persekitaran Muhammad Aizad 2016 Pembelajaran Maya VLE FROG ke atas pelajar Mohd Nasir. the journals used in this review are based on the “interactive medium”.2011 Effectiveness of learning process using video conference technology.2012 Kesan terhadap pemahaman konsep elektrokimia Interactive Modul as pedagogical agent in electrochemicals learning: Effects on the electrochemicals concept understandings 5.2015 achievements and interest in Year 4 Science Topic Material Science. Keberkesanan penggunaan I-think terhadap Rosnidar 2015 pencapai ian dan minat murid dalam tajuk sifat Mansor. The journals that are used in this review are stated as Table 1 below: No Title of Article Journal Author Year . 4.

Containing 4 -alpha value for each construct of construct Science Process Construct 1 -0. Specification 1.Questionnaire For Questionnaire 2.Using expert -Using Kuder Richardson Experiment 1)Pre-Test pilot test had agreement reliability index KR20: 2)Post Test conducted. Pre Test = 0. Achievement Test Conducted -Not stated for l a) Pre-Test on 30 achievement b) Post Test students test . Method Instrument Study 1 Quasi. All this 4 research want to measured the students ability through pre-test and post test.71 2 Survey Questionare using 4 point Not stated Not specifically Not specifically stated Likert Scale stated 3 Experimenta 1.79 Construct 4 -0. For research conducted in Journal 1.0 SUMMARY OF THE JOURNAL This section would briefly explain about research conducted in the journals discussed.523 from Farhanah.65 Table (JSU) 2. Achievement Test Pilot test had the article the article stated that the Experiment 1)Pre-Test been stated that the validation had been done 2)Post Test conducted validation had generally been done generally Table 2 : Summary of research in article journal.0.70 Construct 3 -0. As for research in journal 2. This section will give focus on the validity and reliability of the instrument used in the research. the research conducted to measure the achievement and student’s interest.3. The 5 journal that is used in this review were quantitative research. Post Test= 0.8 skills Construct 2 . Achievement Test -Only stated .2011) 4 Quasi.71 5 Quasi. For student’s . 2.Questionnaire (for (using existing -Using Chronbach alpha measuring interest) questionnaire Alpha value = 0. Below is the summary table of the article that is used in this review: Articl Research Research Pilot Validity Reliability e no.4 and 5 the instrument used is achievement test. Achievement Test Conducted Using expert -Using Chronbach Alpha Experiment 1) Pre-Test on 36 percentage analysis for each construct 2) Post Test students agreement in test . percentage through Item -KR20 value for each test.

3.7. This researcher look as carefully design their instruments as the test has been proven valid by using expert agreement percentage. However in this article it does mention about the instrument used are mixture of self-build and adaptation of the previous studies.5 which are quite higher.0 DISSCUSSIONS This section will discuss about the validity and reliability of the instruments used in the research conducted in the journals. the instruments can be said had meet the reliability requirement for good instrument. Each construct was individually going through the reliability test Cronbach alpha and the value of alpha for each construct are >0. Therefore. Effectiveness of learning process using video conference technology(Siti Hajar Halili.7 the internal consistency is good. the value of alpha value greater or same with 0. the studies was using survey design research. The instrument used in this research is questionnaire.Shukri Sulaiman& Mohd Razha Bin Abdul Rashid.2015.523 which is smaller than 0. One is achievement pre-test and post-test to measure the achievement among students and the second one is using a questionnaire to measure the student’s interest.2011). Effectiveness of using I-think on the student’s achievements and interest in Year 4 Science Topic Material Science by Rosnidar Mansor et. For article journal 2. The researcher using existing questionnaire to measure the students interest. this research questionnaire should went through the validity and reliability test first. According to Pallant (2001).7. The questionnaire should be modified to increase the value of alpha.2012) stated that the research method used is quasi-experiment. The instrument used is achievement test. As for the . used two instruments. In article journal 1. As stated in Table 2 above. al . the article only mention that they used Gagne’s Theory based and comparing their data with previous studies as for me the used of the reliability test can make the studies become more reliable for future used. achievement the researcher use pre test and post test and for the interest the researcher use questionnaire. the researcher only use questionnaire but no statement about the validity and reliability of the instruments mention. For research in article 2. The questionnaire was analyse using Cronbach alpha and the value of alpha is 0. But the author of the journal did not state the validity and reliability of the instrument use. So . In my opinion. Effectiveness of using various learning media in increasing science process skills among students (Rian Vebrianto & Kamisah Osman. the value of each constructs are higher than 0.actually now the questionnaire have poor reliability. That means the instrument is reliable to be used. So the researcher does not need to run validity process.

So the instrument that used in this studies are validate and having good reliability. The instruments that is used in the study is achievement test. Rosnidar Mansor et al . the article did not mention how they get the validity and reliability of the test. Effects of Using Cartoons through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE FROG) on basics economics students (Muhammad Aizat Nasir. The researchers should state the reliability value to make strong point in the studies. 4 from the 5 researches has been conducted using the experimental or quasi-experiment method.0 CONCLUSION Overall. This research used quasi-experiment method to study whether changes in learning medium affecting student’s concept understandings. The reliability for the instrument used Cronbach analysis and also used Kuder Richardson reliability index. the author does state that the pilot study has been conducted but did not mention the number of respondent.2015 . Most of them are using achievement test as the instrument to gather data for the studies. The researcher just mentioning that the pilot test was conducted but did not mention how much is the respondent. Achievement test was used as the instruments in this study. The reliability also mention in general. The reliability test was run on the instrument using Kuder Richardson KR20 and the value of the instrument are categorized as having good reliability. Journal 4.Shukri Sulaiman& Mohd Razha Bin Abdul Rashid. For validity.2011 in his research used survey method and the instrument used I questionnaire to gather the information. For validity. two type of the instruments widely used are achievement test and questionnaire. in most of the journals using expert percentage agreement as it was one of the convenient ways to validate the instruments.2016) was also using quasi- experiment method. Interactive Modul as pedagogical agent in electrochemical learning: Effects on the electrochemical concept understandings. the article just mention that the item has been validate generally without mentioning the ways of validating it. Siti Hajar Halili. using two instrument as she wants to measure the achievement and student’s interest. I could be used consistently. The researcher state that the instrument has been validate by using expert percentage agreement. That shows that the instrument use to measure are well validate as they use the Item Specification Table.achievement test. This test was conducted in pre-test and post-test. Journal 5. From this review. So the instruments of this research just stated that it is valid and reliable but did include the solid proofs such as reliability values and validation method. In the article. 4. .

Therefore. & Mohd Razha Bin Abdul Rashid. 5. choosing the most suitable instruments for a research we want to conduct is an important thing to do.Sains Tahun 4 Rosnidar Mansor.0 REFERENCE Keberkesanan Penggunaan Pelbagai Media Pengajaran dalam meningkatkan Kemahiran Proses Sains dalam Kalangan Pelajar Rian Vebriato &Kamisah Osman.2. The researcher must know what kind of validity and reliability they want to run so that a good instrument will be produce and put in a good use in future.Khoo Yin Yin & Zainizam bin Zakariya (2016) .2011 Jurnal Pendidikan Malaysia 36(1)(2011): 55-65 Keberkesanan Penggunaan I-Think Terhadap Pencapaian dan Minat Murid Dalam Tajuk Sifat Bahan.2012 Jurnal Pendidikan Malaysia 37(1)(2012): 1-11 Keberkesanan Proses Pembelajaran Menggunakan Teknologi Sidang Video Siti Hajar Halili.2015 Jurnal Pendidikan Sains & Matematik Malaysia Vol 5 No.Norazilawati Abdullah & Nik Azmah. 2012 Sains Malaysiana 41(10)(2012): 1301–1307 Kesan Penggunaan Kartun Melalui Persekitaran Pembelajaran Maya(Frog VLE) keatas pelajar ekonomi asas Muhammad Aizat Md. Nasir.Haeidatul Nashrah. The instruments is the important tool in a research as it determine the outcome of the research.Shukri Sulaiman. Jun 2015 Penggunaan Modul Multimedia Interaktif dengan Agen Pedagogi dalam pembelajaran elektrokimia: Kesan terhadap pemahaman konsep dalam elektrokimia Lee Tien Tien & Kamisah Osman.


Ujian Pra Dijalankan ke atas -dilakukan dengan -Menggunakan Analisis penggunaan Kamisah 2.65 terhadap 2.2011 video Keberkesanan Rosnidar Eksperimental 1.2012 berpandukan JPU bagi kedua-dua dalam pembelajaran (Jadual Penentu instrumen. JADUAL PERBANDINGAN ARTIKEL JURNAL INSTRUMEN TAJUK PENGKAJI KAEDAH KAJIAN KAJIAN RINTIS KEESAHAN KEBOLEHPERCAYAAN KAJIAN Keberkesanan Rian Vebriato & Kuasi Eksperimen 1.8 sains dalam K2.2015 sedia ada dari bahan.Ujian Pra Dijalankan -peratus persetujuan -Menggunakan indeks interaktif dengan Kamisah 2. Nilai alpha untuk meningkatkan setiap konstruk kemahiran proses K1 -0.0.2016 2-Ujian Pasca -tapi tak dinyatakan dibuat tapi tak tak dinyatakan bagaimana Persekitaran bilangan sampel dinyatakan Pembelajaran Maya bagaimana VLE FROG ke atas pelajar ekonomi asas .70 kalangan pelajar K3-o. Ujian Pra = 0.Nilai KR20 bagi : elektrokimia: Kesan Ujian) 1.Ujian Pra/Pos Dijalankan keatas Untuk instrument Analisis Chronbach alpha penggunaan Ithink Mansor. konstruk. Sains Tahun Farhana.2012 -ujian terdiri peratus persetujuan -analisis dibuat untuk setiap pengajaran dalam daripada 4 konstruk pakar.Ujian Pos pakar dengan kebolehpercayaan KR20 agen pedagogi Osman.523 terhadap pencapai Nashrah.Soal Selidik 30 orang murid ujian tak dinyatakan Nilai alpha = 0. Temubual (minat) (guna soal selidik dalam tajuk sifat Azmah.Norazilawat (mengkaji minat) -untuk soal selidik ian dan minat murid i Abdullah & Nik 3.79 K4-0. Ujian Pos 36 orang murid menggunakan Chronbach Alpa pelbagai media Osman.71 pemahaman konsep elektrokimia Kesan Penggunaan Muhammad Aizad Kuasi-Eksperimen 1-Ujian Pra Dijalankan -hanya nyatakan hanya nyatakan dibuat tapi Kartun Melalui Mohd Nasir.Shukri Likert 4 mata pembelajaran Sulaiman& Mohd menggunakan Razha Bin Abdul teknologi sidang Rashid. Ujian Pos= 0.Haeidatul 2.2011) 4 Penggunaan modul Lee Tien Tien & Kuasi-Eksperimen 1.71 Keberkesanan Siti Hajar Survey Soal Selidik skala Tidak dinyatakan Tidak dinyatakan Tidak dinyatakan proses Halili.