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Emphasis: Moves, Passing and Transition Time 1.25

Warm-up: Moving with Ball (15mins)

2 lines of players dribbling along channels. Return outside channels using as many surfaces as possible.
Focus point—identify head up.

Progression 1 1st section many touches, 2nd section few touches.
Progression 2 As above but zigzagging across channels, lose points if contacting other players or balls.

Technical Skill: Passing to Corners (15mins) 2 teams passing from box to box. One point for re-
30 ceiving in box.

Progression 1 - Ball must be passed into orange area.

Progression 2 - Players must pass and move.

20 Progression 3 - 2 players to be blockers trying to stop

Focus point. Use of long and shor t passes. Receive
on the half turn. Running into space.

SSG: Channels Game (15mins) Play standard game but only one player from each
team can be in any square at one time.
Focus Point. Positional play, moving into space.


SSG: Standard Game (15mins)
Standard small game to finish encouraging players to use space and encourage variation of passing.

Discuss focus points. Identify 4 corners of development. Congratulate players