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Crisis Plan Activity #1

The negative message plan that I chose would be presented to my parents at the back to school
night. After addressing the entire body with needed school base information that would move us
forward for the school year such as staff introduction, budget, test score high light and staff
recognition and promotions, I would then have grade level breakout sessions, where the parents
of each grade would go and be addressed by the grade level teams/ team leads. At this time, I
would re-high light my 5th grade team leader and then address my parents involving the staffing
issue on the fifth grade team:

Buffer / Cushion On behalf of our entire school body,
we would like to thank you parents
for trusting us to provide a safe and
enriching academic environment for
your children
Explanation In the past back to school night has
been in the individual classrooms,
however this year you are meeting
the grades as a team.
Explanation This is because first we wanted you
to know all of the teachers but
secondly for the fifth grade team we
needed to explain that we have
found ourselves in a much
unforeseen situation. That is the
Fifth Grade Team Leader Is the only
Certified Teacher on the team right
now. However, all of the teachers
here are either retired teachers or
apart of the educational staff here
and know your children very well.
Redirect As we anticipate we will have
teachers hired and standing in front
of your children with in the coming
weeks, but please note that the
team lead has over 18 years of
experience and she will be providing
the plans and any academic training
that she sees fit to the other three
teachers. To add, she is willing to
stay after on Wednesday afternoons
for coach class for any student
needing extra help. We want you to
know that we are still providing the
highest level of academics to your
child and look forward to working
with you all year.
Ok, please note that this is a real scenario but my Principal never said
anything to our parents at back to school night and I really had to do this not
because I was asked but because I saw the fear in my parent's faces.

Crisis Plan Activity #2

February—Educational Services, Inc.

Half the senior class in your private magnet high school cheated on the graduation exam, and the
rest were apparently aware of the cheating, as were many of the parents. An employee, a
secretary with several employee passwords, allegedly gained access to the exam before its
release and provided the questions and responses to her son, who then provided it to his friends.
The employee was often provided login names and passwords to facilitate records processing for
several administrators when they were off site, often at conferences. Headquarters wants to
minimize the publicity but cannot in good faith issue diplomas to students who cheated. The
employee has been dismissed for conduct, and an investigation is underway, but graduation is
next week and the evidence against the cheating seniors is clear. They won’t be receiving their
diplomas unless they pass an alternate version of the test that won’t be ready for sixty days. You
represent Educational Services, Inc.

Per chapter 17 and more specifically section 17.3 Crisis Communication Plan
(, the given section
provides a set of guided questions to be answer when creating a crisis communication plan.
Therefore, the breakdown of the above scenario would be as follows:

What is happening?

Currently an employee / secretary of the school has misused the passwords of several employees
to gain access to senior exam questions, that are used for the graduating seniors and decided to
share them with her son as he in turn provided those questions to several other senior class
members. Although not all of the student decided to cheat using the questions, many were aware
that the questions were obtained being used.

Is Anyone Danger?

No one is in physical danger however, students who cheated on the exam will not be graduating
with the rest of the graduating class, and therefore will not receive their diploma as scheduled

How Big is the Problem?
This is considered a serious act of academic misconduct. Students and parents will need to
understand that their students need to take another exam and results won’t be in before 60 days.
As well as, the fact that a further investigation is being implemented as we speak.

Who Reported the Problem?

Thus far that information has not been provided however as stated before we are continuously
performing an internal investigation into this matter.

Has a Response Started?

Yes, so far the employee that was a secretary has been dismissed for misconduct and as the
investigation continues there could be more added if more disciplinary actions are warranted.

What Resources are on the scene?

Thus far the School System's Headquarter personnel including the Testing
Coordinator, Technology Lead, Human Resource Designee, Spokes Person, Lead Investigator
are all meeting with the school's Principal, Assistant Principal, Testing Coordinator and the
Educational Service Specialist hired to assist with the internal investigation.

Is Everyone's Location Known?

To Date Yes, all involved parties locations are known as it stands involving the high school

Crisis Communication Components:

Crisis Communication Team Members:

Are the first responders: Principal, Assist Principal(s), School Base Testing Coordinator these
people will remain on place until the Headquarters' team arrive consisting of the Media Spokes
Person, Head Testing Coordinator, Technology Lead, Human Resource Designee and Lead

Designated Spokes Person:

The School's Principal will answer all questions until the Headquarters' spokes person arrive for
external / media questions if needed

Meeting Place:

Will be the Principal's conference room, if a larger meeting needs to be held with parents, then it
will be the auditorium

Media Plan:

Only the Headquarters' spokesperson or Principal will address the media

Determine if further actions need to be taken:
Further investigation will be taken to determine if these actions have been done in previous
years, as well as, if other punishable offenses are warranted

Offer Expertise or Relevant Areas:

Educational Service Inc. Educational Specialist will assist with the investigation