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Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student
Chapter University of Padjadjaran

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. Augmenting knowledge and wisdom can be done with various ways.3 Target The implementation of the work program of course Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter University of Padjadjaran. and many more. discipline. industrial machine that is more adequate. ways of works.  Improving the committee’s softskill  Active contribution from Society of Exploration Geophysicist Unpad SC officer 1. every students crave for more knowledge and wisdom in this modern era.PERTAMINA objective is to making the geophysics students knows the professional world of geophysicist. Indistrual trip selected for augmenting geophysics students experience about the professional world of geophysicist. This visit is done for giving the perspective to the students about industry and production process in bussiness sector and management. Industrial trip to PT. Besides.  Follow-ups from theory learned by the students from the class.2 Aims and Objective  Improving knowledge of the student in Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter University of Padjadjaran. one of those ways is by doing an industrial trip. the students can know more about it’s profession. Students nowaday need to be active for searching information about industrial trip to acquire knowledges about world of working of geophysicist. and insight of geophysics professional world.  Providing knowledge. working rule.1 Background Basically. information. . Students needs to compare the production process in professional world with the knowledge acquired from the university 1.

5 Theme of Activity “ Society of Exploration Geophysicist Unpad SC Industrial Trip to PT. 1.Si. Pertamina”. NIP.6 Date and Venue This event will be held on : Date : Saturday. 1. M.30 PM Venue : PT. Asep Harja. S.19690419 199512 1 001 Person in Charge : Bei Bianda 140710140027 President of Event : Rizky Mochamad Fauzi 140710150041 Secretary : Denis Candra 140710140033 Treasury : Aldinofrizal 140710140029 Event : Afiat 140710140039 . May 13th 2017 Time : 08. 1.Si.00 AM – 11.4 Parameter This event is attended by fory students of geophysics study program University of Padjadjaran.Pertamina CHAPTER II COMMITTEE STRUCTURE Patron : Head of Geophysics Study Program Dr.

40 Jakarta . 20’ Opening and Reception PT. 270’ Goes to PT.20 Padjadjaran 2 04.00.Pertamina 08.30.20. Della Azaria 140710150032 Dzulfiqar Naufal Fawwaz 140710150048 Publication & : Farhan Hamid Lubis 140710140031 Documentation Gita Nia 140710140019 Diky Aulia 140710150002 Food and Beverages : Novi Lestari 140710150015 Anisah Muthia 140710150012 Public Relation : Annisa Apriliani 140710140006 Yasmin 140710140020 Alphardiyan 140710140028 CHAPTER III EVENT RUNDOWN N Time Duratio Event Venue Information o n 1 04. 10’ Snack and participant University of 04.Pertamina Jatinangor .20 4 08.30 check Padjadjaran 3 04. 20’ Preparation University of 04.Jakarta 08.20.

000. 15’ Closing and Memento PT.000.50 Giving Jakarta CHAPTER IV BUDGET FUNDS 40 persons 08.00 Income Total Rp. 4.20 Jakarta 7 10.000.Pertamina 11.Pertamina 10. 340.00 Rp.Pertamina 10. 340. 4.50 Jakarta 8 10.00 @ person x 4. Registration Fee Rp.1 Entry of Funds No Sources of Income Quantity Total Rp. 170’ Soldering PT.20 Jakarta 9 11. SEG treasury Rp. 165’ Training Session II PT.340.Pertamina 11. Secretarial .000. 100. 30’ Question Session PT.2 Expenditure of Funds A.

000. 100.00 Rp.000. 2 Standing Banner 1 Pieces Rp.00 Outcome Total Rp.000.260.00 2 Food and meal 40 Box Rp.450. 15.00 Outcome Total Rp. 3. 20.000. Logistics No Goods Total Unit Price Unit Price Total . PR and Documentation No Goods Total Unit Price Unit Price Total 1 Transportation 1 Bus Rp.000.00 Rp.00 4 Food for Trainer 1 Box Rp. 2.00 B.00 3 Snack 40 Box Rp.00 C.000.00 Rp. 60. 5.000. 120. 880. 200. 3.00 Rp.000. 100. 10.200.00 2 Memento 1 Pieces Rp. 20.00 Outcome Total Rp.00 E.000. 30.000.00 Rp.000.000.00 Rp.000. 3.000. 600.000.00 Rp. 30. Food and Beverages No Goods Total Unit Price Unit Price Total 1 Mineral water 3 Box Rp. No Goods Total Unit Price Unit Price Total 1 Proposal 3 Bundle Rp.000. 20. Event No Good Total Unit Price Unit Price Total 1 Certificates 40 Sheet Rp.000.00 Rp. 220.00 D.000.00 Outcome Total Rp.000.000. 60.00 Rp.

000.000. 10.200.00 Outcome Total Rp.000. 10.00 4 Public Relation Rp.000.000.00 Rp.3 Budget Funds Total No Type of Fees Price Total 1 Secretarial Rp.00 3 Event Rp.000. 220.000. 4.00 2 Food and Beverages Rp.000.000.00 .00 Outcome Total Rp. 10. 3. 30.340.00 5 Logistics Rp. 880.00 4. 1 Trash bag 5 Pieces Rp 2.

Pertamina” proposal we made as a reference and a guidance in these activities. On the participation of all party we say thank you.Si. NIP 19610310 198803 0 002 . teamwork. support.Pertamina” Society of Exploration Geophysicist Student Chapter University of Padjadjaran With Agreement. April 2nd 2017 Committee of “Industrial Trip to PT.19690419 199512 1 001 NPM. M. Vice Dean of FMIPA University of Padjadjaran Dr. CHAPTER V CLOSING This is the end of “Industrial Trip to PT. M. Euis Julaeha. Jatinangor. S. Head of Geophysics Study Program President of Event University of Padjadjaran Dr. Asep Harja. and contribution from all party.Si Rizky Mochamad Fauzi NIP. The successful of this event will not be achieved without the presence of commitment. 140710150041 Known by.Si.

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