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Reflection for lesson 1

How I start my lesson

I have started my lesson by giving the students questions about the

habitat. The lesson was about the habitat such as the Desert Ocean,

Rain forest, and Tundra. So the questions help me to give the

students an idea of the lesson what will be about. This begging of

the class my MST like it so much and she told me that the students

.engaged with me and tried to answer my questions

?How Do I introduce my lesson

Of course, I used the inquiry-based science, so I let the students

engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate. So for the core of

the lesson I let the students watch a video about the habitat, and

while the video is playing, I was talking to let the students get more

ideas of the video.

This part of the lesson, my MST like because I not only let the

students watch but I explain for them the video also. In addition to

checking their understanding about the video, I gave them activity

about the habitat which about the habitat crown activity that

includes the animals' pictures such as crown that has parrot picture.

The teacher will choose one student and tell him to pick any habitat

crown and try to describe the habitat while he is wearing the crown

of the habitat that he talk about. This activity the students enjoyed

the most, and all of them wanted to describe the habitat.
How Do I end my lesson?

To reflect my students understanding I have let them open their

books and solve the questions. I have moved around them and

checked their answers if one student struggle with the question I will

.give him a hand


My MST like how do I give the lesson and correct the student's

answers. She also likes my ideas and how I prepare my lesson into 5


Area for development

In the next lesson, my MST wants me to differentiate the work to

cater for all learning abilities and styles and have key words on the

board for ESL students. Also, prepare a plenary for the early


Connect my lesson to experiment or theories

In the evaluation, I have known that some of the students will make

errors in their answers so what I did is identify the idea for them

again and then asked them about where they think are their

mistake. According to Piaget that children develop their knowledge
about the world through trial and error Wood, Smith, and

Grossniklaus (2001). The students will establish and learn from their



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