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TALK en Private Bag 30383,Kanengo (on the M1, 400m passed Kapani, before the Salima turnoff), Lilongwe (©) +265 995 027815 © 0 EMERGENCY NUMBER FOLLOW US! 0 Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals aT yee the LSPCA team to ACA CULE Lay care and animal welfare education in our NA Ca) ree Sincayazt Kami OL n increased number of dogs are roaming the streets of Lilongwe. Irresponsible pet ownership results directly in an increase in the roaming, ‘stray’ dog population At Kamuzu Central Hospital packs of dogs roam the grounds at night searching for food. Due to the increasing problem, the hospital contacted the LSPCA for help. The LSPCA work on a long term basis, aiming at removing dogs from the street by population control and rehoming. Population control is performed by sterilizing animals, thereby _ preventing unplanned and uncontrolled reproduction A visit to the Kamuzu Central Hospital exposed the root of the problem, The dogs on hospital grounds seem to stay in the nearby residental area during the day, and as night falls they venture to the hospital and nearby colleges in search of food scraps and leftovers. Leaving food behind is very likely to attract all sort of animals and to prevent this garbage must be handled in a responsible way in covered bins and within confined areas. The hospital and nearby college kitchen were advised on how to handle garbage. On two occasions, the LSPCA performed spay/castration clinics just outside the KCH grounds, where 57 dogs were sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. Another very important action that’s been taken is to educate the ANIMAL Stray Dogs in Lilongwe community about animal welfare and regulations. Dogs are not allowed to run free! Owners are to keep dogs within a restricted area. So, remember: Take care of your dogs and cats! If now you can’t provide proper nutrition, access to a fenced area and veterinary care, make sure you can before bringing an animal to your household If you have problem with neighbourhood dogs trying to access your yard or other areas, make sure there is nothing on your premesis that is attractive - that is, take care of your garbage!