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School Profile

Name of School: Alqarayen school. Location:

Name of Preschool: Location:
Principal: Badria Ghraib.
Tel: Fax:
Tel: 06 -5588661
Address: PO Box
Starting Time: Finishing Time:
Teachers Starting Time: Finishing Time:
- 7:30.
Students Starting Time: Finishing Time: - 2:00.
Students Starting Time: Finishing Time:
- 7:45. - 12:30.
Total Total
Number of of
Number Classroom Teachers
Classroom Teachers in School
in the the School
(level): (level):
- 12 Arabic teachers 3 English teachers.
Total Total
Number of of
Number Children per-level:
Children per-level:
- KG 1: 157
Teacher students.
/ student ratio:
- KG 2: 153 students.
Number of Classrooms:
Teacher / student
Facilities ratio:
available to student teachers:
- 1 teacher for 27 students.
Number offor
Class Classrooms:
this Practicum:
- 12 classrooms.
Mentoring School Teacher:
Facilities available
Classroom to Assistant:
Teaching student teachers:
- Number
Bathroom Break
of children in time Prayer room.
this class:

Class for this Practicum:

- KG 2.
Mentoring School Teacher:
- Teacher Wafa.
Classroom Teaching Assistant:
- They dont have assistant teacher.
Number of children in this class:
- 27 students.
Number of children identified as having SEN in this class (and specify
those needs)
- I have one child which is autism.
Additional information: e.g. English, Arabic, Islamic Studies teachers
- Social Studies.
- Science.
School Nurse: Ayaat. School TP Coordinator:

Librarian: Sharifa. Curriculum

coordinator: Wafa & Sherika.

Resource Room Manager: Sharifa.

The Structure of a Complete School Day

Photograph and describe what the teacher does and what the
children do at each stage of the school day, which should be clearly
marked by a transition from the beginning of the school day to

Stage & What the teacher What the children

Photograph does do
The teacher asks When the students
students the students how is enter to the class
attendants. absent today, and they take their
then the student name from the
give the teacher the basket to stick it in
basket to check how the wall.
is absent. Then, she
counts the students
and write their
name. She let the
student to write the
absent in the board.
The teacher said The students sit in
Snack time. know is a snack groups, then two of
time, then the the students they
students go to the share with their
restaurant, the friend the snack,
teacher sit and eat and they sit
with the students. together to eat
their snack.
The teacher review The students do the
Start the lesson what they take activity which is
yesterday. Then, they see the
start the new flashcard then they
lesson. answer. Also, they
see a video about a
new lesson. The
lesson that the
teacher gives them.
The teacher let the The students play
End of the day students play outside, then they
outside, then then enter to the class
enter to the class to drink and eat their
eat their meal. meal, and listen to
After that, they sit the story.
in the carpet read a
Observation Table:
Reasons for speaking in the classroom

Class: KG 2.
Number of learners: 26 Students.

Length of lesson: half an hour.

Teacher observed Language: English Arabic.

Learning Goals: To develop the students speaking.

Materials used: Flashcard - Pictures video Story.

Reason for speaking Learner A Learner B Learner C

Learner repeats word / E E E E E E E E E
1 phrase
after teacher
Learner whole
repeats word / E E E E E E E E E
2 phrase
after teacher
Learner group
repeats word // E E E E E
3 phrase after teacher
Learner answers direct E E A
4 question
from teacher
Learner answers open E E A
5 question
6 from teacher
Learner asks teacher a A A A
Learner answers a EA E A A
7 partner in
Learnerwork activity
answers a group EA EA E
8 member in group work
Learner answers the A A
9 teacher
10 Learner answers peer EA A A
11 Other reason for Speaking in Speaking in Speaking in
speaking English and Arabic when they Arabic when they
Arabic to answer the answer the
answer the question question
12 Other reason for