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Lindzey Coonradt

Culture of New Constantinople

The country of New Constantinople has many cultural roots from the

Roman Empire. In 285 CE the Roman Empire grew to be far too large, so they

split the empire into west, governed by Rome, and Western, or Byzantine,

governed by a city named Constantinople. Constantinople was located at the

passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. They city

became one of the greatest in Europe. This was great, but it meant many

empires wanted to conquer them. Among these many empires that wanted

to conquer Constantinople was the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans

eventually conquered them. They renamed the city Istanbul. The people of

Constantinople were angry. So they formed a military alliance with Bulgaria

and fought for their city back. About halfway through the war it looked like

Turkey was going to win again. But then they managed to beat the Turks.

They took back their city as well as claiming more land. They formed their

own country now that the Byzantine empire had already collapsed. New

Constantinople was formed in the year 1930. Because of this, much of their

culture comes from the Roman Empire.

In New Constantinople, the people have freedom of religion. However,

since they came from the Roman Empire, they are mostly Christian. The

Christian Sacred text is the bible and the ten commandments. The founder of

the Christian church was Jesus Christ and it is a monotheistic religion. It

originated in Israel before spreading to Rome, where the people took it with
Lindzey Coonradt

them to New Constantinople. The people attend church every Sunday.

However this isnt the only religion. Another major religion is Islam. When

they conquered the Turks, Islam became the second largest religion. They

build many religious buildings, such as churches, temples and mosques.

In New Constantinople, men are considered better than women. They

have more rights, such as voting and more freedom. Women are not allowed

to become a citizen of the country unless married to a man who is a citizen.

They can also get jobs much easier than women can. It is frowned upon

when women get involved in education, science, math, government, etc.

Constantinople also has slaves. Just like everywhere else, slaves work in the

fields. In Constantinople, slaves can buy or earn freedom. However even

after doing so, they still dont have as many rights or freedoms.

Constantinople has participated greatly in explorations and discovery.

The made many great contributions. They discovered new techniques in

farming. This made it easier for slaves to produce food. This meant more

food for the people, resulting in a huge increase in population. They

contributed some in math, mostly in geometry. They made many scientific

contributions, such as discovering several new planetary bodies. Only the

wealthy people participated in the enlightenment and the renaissance. Few

women participated, mainly because men tried to stop them from it.

Art is a big part of the culture of New Constantinople. They have been

producing all kinds of art from sculptures to paintings since the country
Lindzey Coonradt

formed. They have always created both realistic and abstract art. They

create many religious works of art. Some of the great artists were Caro, Pizzi,

Fernando, and Constantine. They also write poems and stories. The

languages spoken in New Constantinople is Turkish, Bulgarian, Italian,

Armenian, Greek, Albanian, Serbian, Persian, Arabic, and more. New

Constantinople has an extreme diversity among its people. It has blended

many cultures and had many groups of people come, bringing more diversity

to its people.

New Constantinople grows and procures all kinds of food and crops.

They also eat many kinds of food. They also do a lot of livestock farming.

Some of the many crops and products they produce are oil, grains, rope and

textile products, cotton, silk, candle, honey, clothes, machines and

electronics, automobiles, and much more. Also, since they were surrounded

by a lot of water, one of their main exports is fish. The food they ate

combined Greek and Roman cuisine. Some of the things they ate include

meat (such as lamb), poultry, fish (with European garum sauce), sweet cake,

menemen, Kuyu Kebabi, and more.

Another part of New Constantinoples religion is sports. Before New

Constantinople, when Constantinople was a city, they had chariot races. This

was one of the most popular sports. The people would gather at the

hippodrome, a huge seating area, and watch the chariot races. They had

horse races at the hippodrome. However, in New Constantinople, sports are

very different and more modern. One of the most popular sports in New
Lindzey Coonradt

Constantinople is soccer. Other sports they play are volleyball, hand ball,

track and field, and wrestling.

There are many holidays celebrated in New Constantinople. Their

independence day is a big celebration throughout the country. They have

parties and parades. They day of this celebration is September 13th. They

also have a holiday to honor veterans which is November 3rd. They have a

holiday on January 10th to celebrate the defeat of the turks. Some of the

religious holidays they celebrate are Christmas, Easter, Eid Al-Fitr, and Eid

Al-Adha. They also have other minor holiday they celebrate, but those are all

the major ones.