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Thu, July 8, 2010 7:28:08 AM

The Citizen Newsletter
Issue #190 July 9, 2010 The Conservative Voice of Henry County
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In This Issue
• Announcements • Purcell Sets Record Straight • GCO Endorses Rick Jeffares • Ryan Davis Runs for Dist 5 BoE • Tom Nicholson: Historic Election • Your Voice • Luxury at Detainee Centers • Historic District Proposal Rejected • South Metro Friends of NRA • Voter Fraud at Dept of Justice

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Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center and Children's Care Home will
have an Adventure Safari Camp July 30-31, from 7 p.m., to 11 a.m. Noah's Ark is located at 712 Locust Grove-Griffin Road, in Locust Grove. The cost to attend the camp will be a $100 tax-deductible donation, per person, said Diane Smith, a spokesperson for Noah's Ark. "We do it as a fund-raiser," said Smith. "It's a fun way for people to learn more about Noah's Ark." For more information about the Adventure Safari Camp, call (770) 957-0888. Read more: HENRY HERALD

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The July Primary Election
It is a mid-year election. It is now mid-Summer and we are busy eating tube steaks and watching ball games. Just remember that the November ballot will feature the winning candidates from the July Primary Election. The time is NOW to vote.

Your Support is Appreciated
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Early voting is in progress until July 16th.
Commissioner Randy Stamey Completes ACCG's Certified Commissioner Program Henry County District III Commissioner Randy Stamey was recently awarded a certificate for successfully completing the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia's Certified Commissioner Program. This outstanding achievement was recognized at the Board of Commissioners regular meeting

Ray McBerry Event
Ray speaking at High Falls!
Sunday, July 11 at 8:00pm Shane's Cafe & Pizzaria

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Thank you for your support and participation Candidates are invited to provide written essays detailing their beliefs and positions.
The Citizen is in a precarious position in presenting candidate interviews and trying to remain unbiased. We believe any viable publication should refrain from endorsing any candidate over the other until after the Primary. We do not want to show bias in any way, but we will publish opinions and commentaries as submitted.

Gerry Purcell Sets The Record Straight
It's About The Mission And The Message, Not The Money Gerry Purcell, the conservative, free-market candidate for Georgia Insurance Commissioner, took issue today with his opponents' and the mainstream media's assertion that the Insurance Commissioner' race has been narrowed to a field of two candidates based on their high amounts of fundraising from lobbyists, PACs, and other special interest groups. The focus on special interest money while excluding voter sentiment is a disturbing trend, according to Purcell. "I am not the candidate of the lobbyists or the favored candidate of the current commissioner, and I don't think that is what the voters are looking for either. We need a fresh start in Georgia." "To date, we have won 33 out of 34 straw polls and have captured the grassroots momentum of the conservative Republican and independent base," said Purcell. The insider candidates have not even been close in these polls. "Numerous groups have lined up behind us including the 912 Action Network. For my opponents and the media to insinuate that grassroots voices don't matter, for them to imply that politics as usual will win this race based on money alone denies Georgians the ability to have their voices heard." "I'm proud to have earned the support of Georgians of all stripes and political persuasions who understand that those who led us into this mess are not the ones who will lead us out of it," Purcell added. "It's time we had an Insurance Commissioner who takes ethics seriously. That's why I have pledged to adhere to a no wiggle room, zero-tolerance ethics policy: I will accept no gifts, no meals, no entertainment, no hunting trips, no trips to bowl games, etc., unless I pay my own way. That is the policy of many corporations including Wal-Mart, and that will be my policy. Purcell is not for sale!" "Let's get about the business of making Georgia the free-market insurance model for the nation," Purcell said. Gerry Purcell is a life-long conservative and native of Toccoa, Georgia. A graduate of Truett-McConnell College and the Chaminade University of Honolulu, Gerry began his career as a military intelligence officer, earning several distinguished honors including the George Marshall Leadership Award. Gerry entered the corporate world with Mobil Oil, where he turned around five failing multi-million dollar business units. After a bout with cancer at age 29, he started his career over in health insurance, which he considers his calling. Gerry is now nationally recognized as a free-market health care and insurance expert, saving millions for companies and local and state governments nationwide. Gerry and his wife Julianne currently reside in Alpharetta. Gerry launched his campaign for Insurance Commissioner in March 2009 with the intention of bringing new leadership and real, common-sense solutions to Georgia government.

Rick Jeffares has been endorsed by GeorgiaCarry.Org
July 5, 2010 Rick Jeffares PO Box 270 Locust Grove, GA 30248 Dear Mr. Jeffares: On behalf of the Board of Directors and the over 6,000 members of GeorgiaCarry.Org, I am pleased to inform you of our endorsement of your candidacy for election to the Georgia Senate District 17. We appreciate your continued support of the Second Amendment and protecting our individual right to self defense as

reflected by your votes while serving in the Georgia General Assembly. Thank you for your continued stance against excessive government regulation. Sincerely yours, Jerry Henry Executive Director GeorgiaCarry.Org

Ryan S. Davis for Henry Board of Education
Ryan "R. S." Davis has announced and qualified to seek election to the Henry County Board of Education. A young, intelligent, CONSERVATIVE is needed on our BoE. Just think what great new approach will come from a university educated Finance major.... Ryan "R.S." Davis will compete for the Board of Education's District V seat, now held by the school board's out-going chairman, Ray Hudalla. Davis, 21, is an insurance analyst.

Ryan "R.S." Davis

Tom Nicholson for House Dist. 110
As it is less than 2 weeks until the primary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the good people of the 110th District for their support and encouragement. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the district and see firsthand the many concerns the citizens of Henry, Butts and Newton counties have. This upcoming election is the most important election in American History. Taxation and government spending are rampantly out of control. Our freedoms and rights are slowly being infringed upon. We are rapidly moving toward a socialistic state. Between now and July 20th you have the opportunity to send someone to the Georgia Legislature to make a difference. It's not about who has the most money, who has the most political clout, or who makes the biggest promises. Not even about who has raised the most money or who has the most influence. This election is about who has the most character, has the most integrity, and the most sincerity and about who will best serve the interest of the people of the District. There are three candidates in this race. Your choice will determine the next two years of legislation and representation. I urge you to exercise your right, privilege, and responsibility to vote between now and July 20. Tom Nicholson

93 Price Quarters Rd Ste 95 McDonough, GA (770) 898-1600
"Excellent little New York Style Pizzeria." Group Parties, Catering

The July Primary Election
It is a mid-year election. It is now mid-Summer and we are busy eating tube steaks and watching ball games.

Just remember that the November ballot will feature the winning candidates from the July Primary Election. The time to vote is NOW.

Biscuits & Brunch 149 Burke Street Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770) 507-6800

Early voting is in progress until July 16th.
Henry County Elections & Registration 345 Phillips Drive McDonough, GA 30253 Tel: (770) 288-6448 Fax: (770) 288-6468

Cemetery Research Group

Republican Women of Henry County RWHC - Membership Meeting
Start Time: Tuesday, July 13 at 6:30pm End Time: Tuesday, July 13 at 8:00pm Where: Henry County Administration Building 140 Henry Parkway, McDonough GA

Justice Department Files Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law Signature Broadcasting Network - SBN TV We're all about you! Wise Guys Wings
412 Hwy 155 South, McDonough, GA 30253 678-583-5344 — EXCLUSIVE: ILLEGALS COSTING U.S. $113B — ARIZ. SHERIFF RECEIVING DEATH THREATS

Accusing Arizona of trying to "second guess" the federal government, the Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the state's immigration policy -- claiming the "invalid" law interferes with federal immigration responsibilities and "must be struck down."
Full story at

More on FoxNews/com YEAR

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Have you noticed an increase in the survivor type shows on TV lately? I have seen an increase in the number of these type shows just this pass year. I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I collect knives as one of my many hobbies. I have seen a lot of videos on survival type knives and gear by a lot of different type people. The people offer reviews on gear for survival in the woods called Bushcraft to survival in urban settings as something we all need to learn. My question is this, as far as the TV shows go are we being setup or subliminally warned that it may get this bad in our country? Look around your area like I have, take note of the empty strip malls and all of the homes for sale that stay that way for months and months. Look at the price of gas and food it keeps going up and the price of energy for our homes is up as well. Is the government trying to tell us that it is going to get worse before it gets better? The hard economic times we are in is not getting better. In fact they are getting worse, so we may need to start looking at these survival type shows. We too will have the capability to survive the onslaught of things to come. It may well be up to you to save your own hide when the matter hits the high-speed oscillating device. Alfred

Submitted by Ted Olsen

I have inserted an article in the Atlanta Journal that I found hard to believe. Hope you have time to read it as well as the points about those of us who are legal (at the bottom).

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 5, 2010 Monday

Luxury in line at detainee centers
Bingo, better menus, art classes in works for immigration facilities.; Plan to improve living conditions rankles some. Andria Simmons, Staff New menus. Redesigned living areas. Bingo nights. Dance classes. Continental breakfasts. Self-serve beverage bars. These aren't features of some swanky new hotel. They are among a host of new amenities that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is considering at two immigration detention facilities in Georgia. The 502-bed North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville and the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, which can house 1,700 detainees, are among nine ICE detention facilities nationwide slated for upgraded living conditions and loosened restrictions. The proposal has riled some, but others are calling for the changes to be implemented across-the-board at all detention centers. Cobb County immigration activist D.A. King said ICE is creating a "Club Fed for illegals who are not able to escape apprehension." He believes the move is an effort by the Obama administration to appease pro-immigrant groups like the ACLU and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "I question whether or not the taxpayer should be paying for hanging plants and breakfast bars for people who have intentionally violated our immigration laws." The proposed facility modifications include: — Softening the look of the facility with hanging plants, new paint colors, different bedding and furniture, wall graphics and framed pictures. — Movie nights, bingo, tutoring, and a range of classes for arts and crafts, dance and cooking. — Continental breakfasts and self-serve beverage bars. — Providing e-mail access and Internet-based phone service. — Eliminating lockdowns and lights out, allowing more freedom of movement and offering "non-penal" clothing to wear for low-risk detainees. I'm a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when: 1. Pulled over by the police. 2. Making purchases on my department store credit card. 3. When I show up for a doctor's appointment. 4. When filling out a credit card or loan application. 5. When applying for or renewing a driver's license or passport. 6. When applying for any kind of insurance. 7. When filling out college applications. 8. When donating blood. 9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs. 10. When making some debit purchases, especially if I'm out of state. 11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel.

I'm sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day! Why should people in this country illegally, be exempt!!!!! Why shouldn't we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does? Go ARIZONA !!!

Council votes down historic district resolution
Plans by a local group to create two historic districts in the City of McDonough have been stopped. The McDonough City Council voted against a recommendation by the McDonough Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) to include parts of Lawrenceville Street, and some of the older properties in McDonough, in historic districts. The vote came during the council's regular meeting on Tuesday. At-Large City Councilmember Rufus Amis made the motion to deny the group's recommendation, and to deny any proposed historic districts. The vote was 5-1, with At-Large Councilmember Gail Notti casting the lone dissenting vote. McDonough needs a historic district to protect the appearance of some of its buildings, Notti said, after the meeting. "We need the protection of an ordinance in order for the façades to survive," she said. "It is the façade that makes it [the building] historically valuable. What they do on the inside of the building has never been a question." Read the full story By Valerie Baldowski at Henry Herald online

South Metro Friends of NRA
As you are probably aware, the South Metro Friends of NRA has an upcoming event scheduled for August 12th in McDonough. The event includes a dinner, raffles, a live auction, and silent auctions. The money we raise with this event goes to support youth organizations such as 4H, Boy Scouts, and JRROTC organizations and their youth sport shooting activities. As we all are painfully aware, the current economic times are difficult for many of us. Just as many households are forced to cut back on spending, so too must agencies that fund youth organizations. Many of the programs that our program helps to fund are also dependent on tax dollars for their continuation. In other words, valuable programs that help to enhance the growth of our children are at risk of being scaled back or eliminated entirely. In order to protect these programs and to insure that they are funded properly, the financial burden falls to the that of the community, specifically those that are passionate about shooting sports and the rights guaranteed to us by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. We have several of those passionate people in our local committee. We desperately need your help. Right now, in an effort to raise funds prior our event in August we are raffling off three firearms. There are only 300 tickets printed for each firearm. The firearms are as follows, a Ruger LCR .38 Special compact revolver, a Weatherby SA-08 Semi Auto 12 gauge shotgun with a synthetic stock, and a Henry Golden Boy lever action .22, Boy Scouts of America Centennial edition. Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25.00. You can enjoy the discounted price even by purchasing one ticket for each firearm. Please review the pictures posted on our FaceBook page. To purchase raffle tickets, simply reply to this email with your name and phone number, and someone will get in touch with you. The tickets for our August 12th banquet are available locally or online. If you desire to purchase tickets locally, simply respond to this email with your name and phone number, and we will make arrangements to get tickets to you either by mail or in person. We need sponsors. The Friends of the NRA program provides attractive sponsor packages to those that provide gifts of $250.00 or more. In addition, sponsors who purchase a package will receive at least 2 tickets to the banquet on August 12th. Sponsors will receive special recognition during the banquet. For more information on sponsor packages, please review the NRASponsor2010 document. In addition, we have a special program that allows sponsors to underwrite specific merchandise that will be raffled off, or up for auction on August 12th. For a complete list of that merchandise, please review the 2010 Merchandise flyer. Also, if you wish to help by selling raffle tickets, banquet tickets, or helping to sell sponsor packages, please let us know. Our success as an organization is dependent upon your support and that of our community.

Respectfully, Shannon Vargas South Metro Friends of NRA

Who Will Investigate the Investigators?
Another voter fraud scandal involving the Justice Department Wall Street Journal

J. Christian Adams,, a former career Justice Department lawyer who resigned recently to protest political interference in cases he worked on, made some news yesterday in testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. As expected, he claimed that Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, an Obama appointee, overruled a unanimous recommendation by six career Justice attorneys for continued prosecution of members of the New Black Panther Party on charges of voter intimidation in an incident I detailed here yesterday. But Mr. Adams leveled an even more explosive charge beyond the Panther case. He testified that last year Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes made a jaw-dropping announcement to attorneys in Justice's Voting Rights section. She said she would not support any enforcement of a key section of the federal "Motor Voter" law -- Section 8, which requires states to periodically purge their voter rolls of dead people, felons, illegal voters and those who have moved out of state. According to Mr. Adams, Justice lawyers were told by Ms. Fernandes: "We're not interested in those kind of cases. What do they have to do with helping increase minority access and turnout? We want to increase access to the ballot, not limit it." If true, Ms. Fernandes was endorsing a policy of ignoring federal law and encouraging potential voter fraud. Ms. Fernandes was unavailable for comment yesterday, but the Justice Department has issued a statement accusing Mr. Adams of "distorting facts" in general and having a political agenda. Read more at Wall Street Journal online

Video: The nice young man Eric Holder let off the hook

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