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Resurrection QuestionNaire 1 Resurrection QuestionNaire 2

Whats your first name? _____________________ Whats your first name? _____________________

1) Does your family have any Easter Traditions? 1) Do you have a religious background?

2) When did you first hear about the resurrection of Jesus 3) Who is Jesus Christ and why did He die?
a) Home b) Sunday School c) Public School d) From reading the Bible e) A friend 4) Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead?
f) TV or movie g) Other (If yes: Why do you believe that? What does His resurrection
mean for you today?)
3) Why is it significant that Jesus rose from the dead?
6) Do you think eternal life in Heaven is a free gift or something
4) When we die, what do you think is on the other side? you have to earn?

5) Do you think its possible for someone to be 100% sure they

are going to Heaven before they die? (If yes, How?
Other IDeas:
6) If you died tonight and stood before God and He asked you Do you know the evidence we have for Jesus resurrection?
why He should let you into Heaven what would you say? How does Jesus resurrection reverse history? (Since Adam and
Eves sin, people proceed from life to death. But now, through Jesus Christ, we can
proceed from death to life.)
Is death normal? (No. It is abnormal because it was not part of
Gods original design. God created Adam and Eve to live forever, but sin has
Are you concerned about death?
Is it possible for someone to conquer death? (Only Jesus could
conquer death, and He did so by dying and rising from the dead. He took on a
human body and then died so that through death He might render powerless him
who had the power of death, that is, the devil Hebrews 2:14)