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Student Name: _______________________________ State and Topic: ________________________________

Category: Excellent Good Fair Poor

(4) (3) (2) (1)

Circuit Accuracy All circuits function well Most circuits function well Some circuits function Circuits are not
and students are able to and students are able to well, but not all are connected well. Students
light bulb when put light bulb when put accurately connected. need significant help
together. Circuits connect together. Some circuits Student needs significant connecting them
completely and may not be completely fixes to make the circuit together.
accurately. connected. work well.

State Facts Facts are detailed and Facts are somewhat Students only have basic Students facts are
without spelling or detailed and have a few facts and have several inaccurate and
grammar error. Students spelling and grammar spelling and grammar unorganized. Facts may
have interesting mistakes. Students have mistakes. Facts may fall fall under more than one
information about their facts about their states, under more than one topic. There are many
states, and their facts and the facts fall under topic. spelling and grammar
focus on one Midwestern one Midwestern topic. mistakes.

Neatness Students have the states Students have the states Students have the states Pictures and labels are
connected accurately, connected, pictures are connected, pictures may pasted poorly and there
pictures are neatly colored or pasted on the have some color, there are many smudges and
colored or pasted on the paper, and all are several smudges inaccuracies. Not all of
paper, and all appropriate items are and/or crinkled paper. the thumbnail states are
appropriate items are labeled. A few smudges. Some mislabels. colored well.
labeled clearly.

Effort Students used class time Students used most Students used some Students made poor use
wisely to work on their class time wisely to work class time wisely to work of class time. They were
circuits. Students paid on their circuits. There is on their circuits. Students frequently distracted and
attention to detail and a good amount of may have been distracting to others
there is significant evidence of work. somewhat distracted by around them. Little
evidence of hard work. others around them. evidence of work.