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Music Listening Curriculum

Grade:_Kindergarten__ ___Rachael Gros -Teacher


AUGUST Nursery Rhymes Pat a cake
Steady Beat Row your boat
Twinkle Twinkle little star
A wise old owl
SEPTEMBER Vocal exploration Opera Peter and the Wolf
The Magic Flute
La Boheme
OCTOBER Levels/forming a circle Marches Mother Goose March
Imperial March (Star Wars)
Barnum and Baileys Favorite
The Nutcracker March
NOVEMBER Highs and lows Patriotic Songs Star spangled banner
Home on the range
This land is your land
Yankee Doodle
DECEMBER Loud and Soft African drumming Tu Tu Gbovi
Taa, Taa, Yee
Kye Kye Kule
Sansa Kroma
FEBRUARY Body parts/Space and shared space Popular Tunes (movies, show, TV) Sorcerers apprentice
Do Re Mi
Shake it out
Cha Cha Slide
MARCH Sound around us Instrumental music Mozart Variation KV 265
In the hall of the mountain king
The Carnival of the Animals
Music Listening Curriculum
Grade:_Kindergarten__ ___Rachael Gros -Teacher

APRIL Long and short Jazz Music Pink Panther Theme

Take Five
Sing Sing Sing
What a wonderful world
MAY Pitch matching World Music (Native American, Mexican, Que Llueva
Asian) Alcitron
My Owlet
Song of the snowflakes
Zhao Peng you (Find a Friend)
Donguri Korokoro (A rolling acorn)

For each category, provide a description of the month, the repertoire, and the connections you will provide to the curriculum. 3-5 sentences for

Science: Life Science; Inquiry and Application. Physical Science; Inquiry, Knowledge
Many of our songs deal with taking care of animals. For example My Owlet talks about a baby owl and helping it sleep. We also will play games
and use objects that move which will help students understand the objects have to have force applied to them to move and that we can control that
force. For example Loud and soft on instruments could demonstrate this idea.

Social studies: SSHK.3 SSHK.8 SSCK.7

We will be exploring music from all different time periods and this gives us the chance to talk about how our life differs today. For example we
could compare an operas characters to people from today. Also I will encourage working in groups and with partners to perform music and create

Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Research): RL.K.1. RL.K.4 RL.K.9. W.K.3. RF.K.1. RF.K.2. L.K.5.
Reading is consider one of the key parts of music. From reading lyrics to writing out word for a new song students are reading. Also a part of
exploration is asking questions about the songs we are singing. We will also be talking about stories and how they progress which is an important
part of music.
Music Listening Curriculum
Grade:_Kindergarten__ ___Rachael Gros -Teacher

Health/P.E.: Standard 1, 2, 5, 6; Personal Health Injury Prevention and Safety

Movement is an essential part to music and with that we must also be careful about how we are moving. The space around us is to teach injury
prevention and safety. Also to explore musical styles and sounds my students will be moving around the room and so getting physical exercise. We
will also develop the motor skills necessary to dance and play instruments.

Math: K.CC.A.1 K.CC.B.5 K.G.A.1

Young students can use shapes to write out music and describe musical ideas before they learn notation. They will also need to understand the
relationship of numbers and be able to count. For example, with the highs and lows we could label the different levels from low to high.