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1. Welcome To Ultimate Body 2.08:35

2. What Else Can I Do For You? A Brad Newton Introduction8:59

3. Forget About What You Know About Weight Loss4:32

4. What Results Should You Expect From Ultimate Body 2.0?7:00

5. Course Disclaimer (PDF)0:00

o Course Disclaimer.pdf

Section: 23 /6
Pillar 1. Mindset

6. Quit professional dabbling8:58

7. Taking responsibility by being the captain of your own ship5:47

8. Will power: The Hidden Muscle8:05

9. Falling off the dietary rails (MUST WATCH)9:07

10. LIMITING BELIEF #1: I just don't have the time to transform my body8:54

11. LIMITING BELIEF #2: I am carrying the fat genes in the family.7:39

Section: 36 / 28
Pillar 2. Nutrition

12. Introduction To Nutrition6:03

13. The Vocabulary You Need To Know (PDF)0:00

o Practical-Vocabulary.pdf

14. Basics: The Boring Law Of Energy Balance13:33

15. Basics: The Junk Food Nutrition Professor15:26

16. Basics: Tuning Your "BS Radar"17:05

17. The Story Of The Macronutrient4:35

18. Calories, Calories, Calories9:38

19. Do I Really Need To Track Calories & Macros?13:29

20. Protein: How To Use It To Get Quick Results (Part 1)15:09

21. Protein: How To Use It To Get Quick Results (Part 2)11:41

22. Before Work-out Nutrition Handbook (Free PDF Download)0:00

23. The Great Carbohydrate Debate14:27

24. After Work-out Nutrition Handbook (Free PDF Download)0:00

25. The Difference Between "Bulking" and "Cutting"6:58

26. Where Do I Start? Bulking or Cutting?5:09

27. Estimating Your Body Fat Percentage6:54

28. Howto Calculate: BMR, TDEE, Deficits, and Surpluses10:34

29. Body Fat Percentage Charts (PDF Download)0:00

o Body-Fat-Percentage-Charts.pdf

30. The Fastest Calculations for Building Muscle or Losing Weight7:15

31. Calculating Macros To Lose Fat FAST ("Cutting")13:15

32. Calculating Macros To Build Muscle ("Bulking")7:12

33. Finding The Macros In Everyday Supermarket Foods19:13

34. OPTION 1. Lose Fat / Build Muscle Using MYNETDIARY10:39

35. OPTION 2. Creating a Fat Loss / Muscle Building Meal Plan15:28

36. Sample Meal Plan (Free Template To Download)0:00

o Sample-Meal-Plan.xlsx

37. Hidden Calorie Foods Checklist0:00

38. The Calorie Cost Of "A Few Drinks" (PDF Download)0:00

39. Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus (PDF Download)0:00

Section: 40 / 23
Pillar 3. Training

40. Introduction to Training4:47

41. 5 Master Principles To Building A Great Body15:32

42. 4 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body11:58

43. Building Big Wheels: The Power Of The Squat12:17

44. 3 Biggest Leg Workout Mistakes9:23

45. Ultimate LEGS Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

46. The Ego Lift: Bench Press Fundamentals8:09

47. Top 6 Bench Press Tips15:50

48. 3 Bench Press SAFETY Tips You Must Follow9:11

49. 3-Point Bench Press "Contact" Checklist3:44

50. Ultimate CHEST Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

51. The Ultimate Full Body Workout: The Deadlift7:15

52. 8 Deadlifting Tips For Beginners15:13

53. Ultimate BACK Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

o Ultimate Back Training Guide.pdf

54. Build Cannonball Shoulders: The Military Press8:36

55. Ultimate SHOULDER Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

56. The Stubborn Child: Training Calves 10110:33

57. Ultimate CALVES Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

o Ultimate Calves Training Guide.pdf

58. Building Big Arms For Summer6:26

59. Ultimate ARMS Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

60. The Elusive Six Pack: The "Real" Secret9:53

61. Ultimate ABS Training Guide (PDF Download)0:00

o Ultimate Abs Training Guide (PDF).pdf

62. The Bottom Line To Building A Great Body6:36

Section: 50 /9
Training Blueprint

63. Introduction to Training Blueprint2:51

64. Brads Quick Reference Training Handbook (PDF Download)0:00

65. If You Don't Measure It, You Don't Know It16:40

66. Dynamic Warm-Up Cheat Sheet0:00

67. 5 Rules Of A Great Training Partner10:00

68. How To Take Perfect Progress Photos0:00

69. 3 Day Per Week Sample Training Template (PDF Download)0:00

70. How Much Weight Should I Be Lifting? (PDF Download)0:00

71. Your Body Is About To Change8:13

Section: 60 /9
BONUS: Supplements

72. The Pixie Dust Industry8:55

73. 10 Years Of Supplement Experience in 3 Minutes3:05

74. The Sacred Branched Chain Amino Acid7:02

75. The Perfect Pre- and Post- Workout Supplement5:37

76. 4 Supplement Red Flags To Look Out For12:51

77. The Power Of Creatine14:21

78. The Short Story On Glutamine6:13

79. Nitric Oxide Supplements for Beginners3:09

80. Egg, Whey, Casein Protein Supplement Quick Guide12:56