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US History

School Year 2018-2019
INSTRUCTOR: Matthew Dilda

Room: Room #220


CLASS HOURS: Period 3 9:35-11:05 am

This course will explore the history of America from the
colonization and exploration period of the 15 th century, all the way
to the modern era. Major topics that we will learn about includes
European colonization, interactions with Native Americans, the
Revolutionary War, slavery, the Civil War, immigration, the
Industrial Revolution, WW1, WW2, the Cold War, and the Modern
Era. We will be exploring how ideologies, various groups of people,
religion, art, and government has shaped and changed America.


1. To learn new topics of history

2. Develop multiple historical and cultural perspectives and

think from another sides point of view

3. Explore the shifts and changes during American history

4. Research how important events and people have changed

American history on both the small and large scale

5. Find out how America has influenced other nations around

the world


1. Required text: US History: Pearson

2. Required Supplies: Notebooks, writing utensils,

Coursework will be weighted as follows:
1. HW Assignments = 30%
2. Quizzes = 25%
3. Final exam = 15%
4. Project = 10 %
5. Activity 1 = 5%
6. Activity 2 = 5%
7. Activity 3 = 5%
8. Activity 4 = 5%
9. Extra Credit = 1-5%

HW Assignments:

There will be multiple homework assignments due throughout the

semester. This will include worksheets, independent research,
writings, and other homework that will be assigned. We will go over
this more throughout the semester.

Quizzes will be given every other week and will cover the most
recent material that we have discussed in class. Quizzes are not
comprehensive and will refer only to what we have learned in the
previous two weeks.
Final Exam:
The final exam will be comprehensive. This will include a mixture of
multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and you will
have to answer one of three essay questions.
This will be a group based project. As a group, you will choose on
a topic to research and will have to present on the information you
learned. We will go over this more throughout the semester.
Class Activities:
We will be doing multiple activities throughout the semester that
will be worth more than simple homework assignments. We will go
over this more throughout the semester.
Extra Credit Opportunity:
To be eligible for extra credit you must have turned in every
homework assignment on time, completed every quiz, and
completed every class activity on time. We will go over this more
throughout the semester.


1. Respect yourself, the teacher, your classmates, and the classroom

Use appropriate language

Respect the property of others
If you make a mess, clean it up

2. Be prepared for class each day

Come with all necessary materials

Bring completed assignments on the day they are due
Do not expect others to have extra materials simply because you forgot yours

3. Be engaged

Be encouraged to participate in classroom discussions

Ask any questions that you might have

4. Always try your best

Always do your own work

Take your time and don't rush

1. No electronic devices

Cell phones, gaming devices, music players, etc. are not allowed
Keep these in your lockers or in your bag. If it is seen during class, it will be
confiscated until the end of the period. If the issue continues we will have a
meeting with your parents
2. No cheating, plagiarizing, or copying

All work that you submit must be your own ideas and concepts
If students are caught cheating, an automatic "0" will be given as the grade
for all students involved and a meeting will be held with administration and
your parents
Plagiarism is unacceptable in this classroom. If you blatantly plagiarize you
will receive an automatic "o" on the assignment and will have to go through
another "citation and sourcing" class