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SAMR Integrated Lesson Ferrufino 1

SAMR Integrated Lesson

Lesson is from:

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to identify the various parts of the digestive system. Students will be able to

identify the function of the various parts of the digestive system.

Introduction (5 minutes)
Tell your students that today they will be learning about the digestive system.
Explain that the digestive system consists of various parts that enables food to enter your
stomach, be absorbed and distributed, and be released from your body in the form of waste.
Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (40 minutes)
Go over the Digestive System worksheet with your students.
Explain each part using the blurb on the side of the worksheet and come up with some examples
to help clarify.
An example for the esophagus: Explain to your students that the esophagus carries food from the
throat to the stomach. Tell your students that chewing something large makes you cough because
it gets stuck in your esophagus. Explain to your students that problems with the esophagus can
lead to heartburn, chest pain and difficulty swallowing.
Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (15 minutes)
Ask your students to complete the What Is Digestion? worksheet with a partner.
Substitution: Instead of using a hard copy worksheet, the students will log into the class Google
Classroom site and open the assignment containing the worksheet. The students will complete
the worksheet online with their partners and submit it directly to Google Classroom.
Go over the worksheet as a class.
Independent Working Time (25 minutes)
Ask your students to complete the Human Digestion worksheet.
Augmentation: The students will use chromebooks and open this assignment from the Google
classroom website. The questions found in the worksheet will be formatted as a google form
quiz which will provide the students with immediate feedback.
Go over the worksheet with your students as a class.
SAMR Integrated Lesson Ferrufino 2

Enrichment: Ask your students to pick a part of the digestive system. Have them research the
structure and functions of the part. Ask your students to research the diseases associated with
damage to that part. Have your students to write a four paragraph essay explaining their research
Modification: The students will use screencastify in order to create a medical commercial style
video journal in which they explain the functions of the organ and several of the diseases
associated with this organ and how they damage it.
Support: Explain the process of what happens when you eat a piece of food using a specific
example. Give a piece of this food item to your students. Have them eat it while you explain
what is happening to the piece of food that they are eating. For example, tell your students that
their teeth is grinding the food in their mouths. After the food is broken down, it will go through
the esophagus. Point to the esophagus and ask your students if they feel the food there. Explain
that the food item they ate will go to the stomach after it leaves the esophagus. Explain to your
students that the food is broken down in the stomach and goes through the small intestine after it
leaves the stomach. Tell your students that the energy they get from the food is because the blood
picks it up from the small intestine and delivers it to the cells. Explain that the leftover food goes
to the large intestine and the large intestine enables it to the exit the body.
Assessment (10 minutes)
Ask your students to complete the What Happens When You Eat? worksheet.
Review and Closing (30 minutes)
Divide your students into groups of four.
Ask them to write a song or a poem that uses at least four parts of the digestive system as a
Ask each group to read their poem or sing their song out loud to the class.
Redefinition: The students could also engage in a review assignment in their groups. In their
groups the students can develop a google slides presentation in which they provide information
on all of the organs of the digestive system. Each slide will provide information as well as an
image of each organ. The poem created previously can be added to the presentation and can be
used as an introduction.
SAMR Integrated Lesson Ferrufino 3

Adding the use of technology to this lesson plan may at first seem difficult to someone
who has little to no training as there is hardly any technology being incorporated. However,
finding ways to integrate technology into this lesson was exciting as I believe it will immensely
benefit the students and lead to their academic success. I always attempt to incorporate the use of
chromebooks into any of my lessons as I believe they are more reliable than other methods such
as relying on the computer lab. I have become very acquainted with the use of Google Classroom
and Google docs. This has led me to incorporating it in this lesson as I believe it will help
SAMR Integrated Lesson Ferrufino 4

prepare the students for college as well as real world tasks. Students enjoy using and speaking
about technology, thus, incorporating technology and providing them with an opportunity to
collaborate with others may motivate them which will lead to them being on task and achieving
the academic objectives.

Substitution means that technology is being used in order to achieve a task that was done
before the incorporation of technology. This means that this activity does not solely rely on
technology as it can be completed without the use of the chromebook computers. Thus, if for
some reason there was no internet access or the chromebook computers were unavailable to the
class, I could still follow the original lesson plan step and incorporate the use of hard-copy
worksheets. Substitution takes place in this lesson by having the students work on their
computers instead of working on a worksheet. Using the computers provides the students with
experience and serves as a more authentic task that can better prepare them for college. Once
again, if the chromebook computers were unavailable to the class, the teacher could change plans
and print out the worksheet for the students to fill out with pencils. Thus, technology enhances
the lesson but is not necessary in order for the lesson to be completed.

Augmentation means that technology is being used in order to perform a common task
more efficiently. This means that we are able to replace a previous component of the lesson with
a more efficient tool. Augmentation takes place in this lesson through the use of a Google forms
file used by the students. Instead of having the students answer questions on a worksheet and
answer these as a class, The students will answer these on a Google Forms which will provide
them with immediate feedback. The implementation of Google forms allows a teacher to receive
student assessments immediately and provides the teacher with detailed class-wide information
regarding student performance for each of these questions. Once the students answer the
questions and receive feedback, the class can engage in a class-wide discussion in which any
misconceptions are addressed and additional questions are answered. Being provided with
immediate feedback on student performance will allow the teacher to gage student mastery at
individual and whole class levels. This allows the teacher to determine which concepts have been
mastered and which ones need to be revisited.
SAMR Integrated Lesson Ferrufino 5

Modification means that technology is being used to redesign a task. This means that
technology allows for the alteration of tasks/activities. This seems very important to me as we
have been taught about the importance of using authentic tasks in teaching. Modification is
present in the lesson by having the students use the free Google app Screencastify in order to
record a video of themselves in which they create a medical style commercial on the digestive
system, the function of each of its organs, and the diseases that can endanger it. Using a video as
a form of assessment will allow me to understand if the students have achieved the learning
objective as well as their level of depth of knowledge. This is due to the fact that create is
found at the highest level of blooms taxonomy which will make it difficult for students to
simply regurgitate information.

Redefinition means that the technology that we are now able to create new tasks that we
were once unable to integrate in the lesson. This will allow the students to demonstrate their
knowledge and level of understanding in a great variety of ways. Redefinition is present in this
lesson as the students are tasked with creating a group slides presentation in which they present
their knowledge on the digestive system. Use of a slides presentation provides the teacher with
an additional means to assess student understanding as well provides students with an additional
activity that will once again let them engage in the highest level of Blooms Taxonomy, which is

Implementing SAMR can lead to positive results as the students will be more engaged,
and motivated in learning which will lead them to become more successful in both school and in
life. I believe that in order to provide a high quality education and prepare my students for their
future careers, I must incorporate the use of technology when possible. This is done for several
reasons as using technology not only helps the students achieve the learning objectives but will
also help them become technologically literate which is a necessary skill in an increasingly
competitive world.