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Internal Branding Process of a real estate property


1. Introduction

Internal branding can be simply described as promoting the company brand values amongst
employees. According to the literature, internal branding is defined as the set of strategic
processes that align and empower employees to deliver the appropriate customer experience
in a consistent fashion. These processes include, but are not limited to, internal
communications, training support, leadership practices, reward & recognition programs,
recruitment practices and sustainability factors. The organization which is selected for the
above topic is mainly doing a real estate development where it named as Havelock City
Project placed in Colombo 06.

2. Internal Branding of Havelock City Project Come home to the city

The brand has three different sets of attributes. Those are image seen by stakeholders; Vision
aspired by the management and culture among employees who are engaged in. therefore
correct matching between those three attributes will make a strong brand. Otherwise, there
will be vision-culture gap, image-culture gap and image-vision gap. Therefore setting up an
internal branding process is the key to success of any organization in terms of branding.

In this example, internal branding is nominally anchored in not only as a marketing function,
it is clear that both employees and the executive team need to be involved with internal
branding initiatives. The process of internal branding is split into 3 functions that are
planning, executing and feedback control. On the other hand each of these functions will
focused on organizational vision, brand identity, communication & commitment, culture and
delivery of brand experience for the customer.

To achieve main target of branding process, the leadership is the main requirement for
successful implementation. Areas responsible for developing internal branding strategies
within the organization will be identified during the planning process.

During execution or implementation, some of the internal branding techniques and tools are
being used in the current practice in Havelock city. Those are,

1. Internal Communications
2. Training Support
3. Leadership Practices
4. Reward & Recognition
5. Recruitment Practices

As part of feedback control, internal branding appears to be subject to the requirement of

continual evolution; the key challenge is keeping it fresh and relevant to both the employee
and customer. Therefore, internal branding measurements are taken in various forms in order
to keep evolution of the system. Some of the measurements are,
Customer Feedback/ Complaints
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Loyalty Surveys (newer trend)
Staff Conferences