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Gold First Unit 9 Test

1 Choose the option A, B, C or D that best fits each gap.
When John got into the local football team it was his first lucky 1_____ in ages. He'd had to 2_____ a lot of
setbacks, mainly injuries, which had been really hard to 3_____ with at his young age. Nevertheless, there was
never any doubt about his 4_____ to the sport and although it had been hard to 5_____ up to the fact that he'd
have to wait a year longer than planned to try out for the team, his patience and single-mindedness had paid
off. He knew that one day he would 6_____ his potential. He would put everything he could into his training
and the matches and wouldn't 7_____ his coach or his team down. He touched 8_____ for good luck as he left
the house and set off towards the training ground for the first time.

1 A option B chance C break D fortune

2 A overcome B achieve C succeed D meet
3 A manage B cope C sort D survive
4 A commitment B determination C duty D promise
5 A look B see C watch D face
6 A meet B fill C perform D fulfil
7 A make B let C put D allow
8 A metal B wood C fingers D hands

2 Complete the gaps with ONE word.

Gemma had always been a lucky person and wasn't usually superstitious. But that morning she was worried
because she'd broken a 1__________ and then seen a black 2__________ outside her window. She started to
think that her luck was finally 3__________ out. And to make it worse, as she walked out of the front door,
she found herself walking under the window cleaner's 4__________. She was convinced that from now on she
would have 5__________ but bad luck. She tried to focus 6__________ positive things as she got into her car
to drive to work, but she didnt succeed 7__________ losing the feeling that something even worse was going
to happen that day.


PHOTOCOPIABLE 2012 Pearson Longman ELT

3 Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
1 I __________ (come) with you if you had told me earlier.
2 They might be able to help you if you __________ (ask) them.
3 He runs much better when the weather __________ (be) warmer.
4 If we __________ (have) tickets, we would go to the match.
5 We __________ (go) out for dinner if you win the race.
6 What __________ (you/do) differently if you'd had the chance?
7 If she won the lottery, she __________ (not/stop) working.
8 They could have been world champions if they __________ (train) harder.
9 Who __________ (you/be) if you could be someone else for a day?

4 Complete the second sentence with between two and five words, including the word given, so that it
has a similar meaning to the first sentence.
1 He didnt win the race because he was tired. WOULD
He______________________________ if he hadnt been tired.
2 We want to buy a house, but we havent got enough money. HAD
If______________________________, we'd buy a house.
3 Get that job then we can have a party. IF
We______________________________ you get that job.
4 She did well because he helped her. NOT
She ______________________________well if he hadnt helped her.
5 We didn't win the cup because our best players weren't playing. COULD
We ______________________________ if our best players had been playing.
6 I dont like missing goals. I get upset. WHEN
I get upset______________________________ goals.


PHOTOCOPIABLE 2012 Pearson Longman ELT