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Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Bachelor of Education
Early Childhood Education
Practicum 3b Private Preschool
Teaching Tasks


Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Table 1: B. Ed ECE Preschool Profile

Name of Preschool: Sharjah American international school Location: UAQ

Principal: Carol.

Tel: 971676655531 Email:

Address: UAQ SLMA PO Box I202 I UAQ- UAE

Teachers Starting Time: 7:30 Finishing Time: 3:00

Students Starting Time: 8:00 Finishing Time: 3:00

Total Number of Classroom Teachers in the Preschool Department: (Kg1 3 & Kg2 4)

Total Number of Children in the Preschool Section: kg students around 200. Grade one
around 80.

Teacher / student ratio:

Number of Classrooms:
7 classess for kg and 3 for grade 1
Facilities available to student teachers:

Pray room
Staff tollet
Teacher room
Class for this Practicum: grade one c

Mentoring Classroom Teacher: ms jouline

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Ann

Number of children in this class: 26

Number of children identified as having SEN in this class: 26

Additional information: e.g. English, Arabic, Islamic Studies teachers

Social study

School Nurse: Sarita Preschool TP Coordinator:

Librarian: keetan

Resource Room Manager:

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

a) An overview of the teaching sessions:

Discuss with your MST and note in Table 2 exactly which input sessions you
will implement over a six visit period.

Table 2: An Overview of three Teaching Sessions

WEEK TYPE OF INPUT SESSION Student teachers will plan (with reference
to UKEYFS Learning Outcomes), implement
and evaluate one teaching session per
week which integrates with the MSTs
weekly planning.

Week 1
Observation This could include:

1 Literacy, 1 Numeracy and 1 Topic/theme

based input sessions or a combination of
integrated teaching sessions supported by
Verb and noun at least 4 activities differentiated to 3
Activity 1: Noun and verb picture. proficiency levels.
Activity 2: Acting verb game.
Activity 3: Sorting picture. Student teachers must plan for a range of
Four season activity types including in/outdoor, activity
Week 2
Activity 1: Watching video (movement) based, multiliteracies,
English, science
Activity 2: . Flash card of each season. art/craft.
Activity 3: Design a tree for each season.
Activity 4: Create umbrella, sun, flower, They must also document clear evidence
snow. To represent each seasons. of learning and discuss with MST who will
monitor each activity.
Activity 1: Classmate game. Student teachers must also implement all
Activity 2: Bring materials from the end of day circle time sessions in which
class. they will:
Activity 3:thread Sorting
Engage children in a variety of PSE
Activity 4:Drawing lines
development related activities.
Long e and short e Read stories and engage children in
Week 3 Activity 1: Online game a range of post reading activities
Math, english Activity 2: Puzzle including role playing.
- Picture with words.
- Sounds with the picture.
Engage children in musical activity
Activity 3: Sorting words to long and
including singing and the use of
short e instruments.
Activity 4:Drawing worksheet.
Student teachers will also work closely
with the SENCO and MST to support
children in class with learning difficulties.
Week 4 What do you see in the sky This could involve working with a learning
or behavioural IEP.
Activity 1: vocab presentation.
Activity 2:Puzzle - Picture of two time
Document Brain Gym / PMP / PE activities
Activity 3:Sorting picture to their time.
Activity 4:Matching worksheet, and Implement Brain Gym / PMP / PE activities
mystery sentence..

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Activity 1: online game
Activity 2: create a clock.
Week 5 Activity 3: complete book activity.

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Task Outlines:

b) Differentiating centres based activities in the Preschool Classroom

Complete Table 3 below. Photograph and document the activities in the learning corners/areas and identify the learning outcomes with
reference to the curriculum e.g. UK EYFS. For each of these activities note any differentiation. Describe how each activity could be
differentiated to three ability levels.

Table 3: Differentiating centres based activities in the Preschool Classroom

Learning / Activity Centres Activities / Resources: Links to Early Learning Goals in the UK Possible differentiation to three ability levels.
observed in the preschool EYFS (2007) document:
classroom: (list only what you consider to be the primary
(Photo) goals)
High Ability
e.g. Different picture, A3 paper Sorting picture Fill in the verb in the correct sentence.
divided to two groups noun
and verb, pencil, glue.
Communication, language and literacy

It is a group work it makes students to interact

with others and conversation.

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Maintains attention and concentrates

Overview of the activity: Works as part of a group, taking turns and sharing
The children are sorting picture into
two groups verb and noun
Low Ability Average Ability
Matching words with the picture. They also play a game with the class which is acting
the action of the verb.

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Progression in EPC Practicum courses Curricunet Overview 2016-2017

c) Class List:

Use Table 4 to create a class list. Photograph and write something positive about each child to help you
remember them. Talk to the child to get an idea about who they are, their likes, dislikes etc.

Table 4: Class List

Class List for Class grade one c MST Name: Jullien

Name / Photo of Child / How I will remember them.

Bana She always want to be the smartest girl and
she is very clever
2 Salem Hazeem He is very polite student, listen carefully to the
teacher, he is always ready to learn.
3 Maha Waleed She always sent letter to the teacher to tell her
she love her.
4 Mahra she have a beautiful smile

5 Shamma She is very quite students.

Ayesha mohammed Have nice hair style and she always copy what
the teacher did in her style.

Hamad Mohammed Observe his class and if there is a problem he

run to tell the teacher.

Khalifa Musabeh Have low voice.

Khalifa Khalfan Always like to be courage student..

Malak Jasem Beautiful students.

Nader Amar Smart students finish his work faster.

Nasser Rashid Always have extra pencil for his classs.

Noura AbdullAziz She aways ready and her mother care about
her a lot.

Rashed Hassan Socially like to talk with other.

Rashid Ahmed Like to help classmate

Saeed Musabeh He is coming from government school and he

learn English quicky.

Saif Abdulla Always get higher grade in his project.

Salama Ahmed Smart students and like to be aware of what

she will study.

Progression in EPC Practicum courses Curricunet Overview 2016-2017

Salama Noaman Have nice hand writting

Salem Saif Very cute students and well organized.

Saud Mohamed Always laughing

Suhail saif Try hard to learn

Sultan Mustafa Clever students but very quiet

Sultan Nasser Very smart students teacher always ask him to

translate to ther students.

Maha khalfan Love the teacher

Mariam She is very quite and shy.

Progression in EPC Practicum courses Curricunet Overview 2016-2017

No special need students in my class