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Embedded system 10EE665

Question Bank
UNIT 1 & 2


1) What is an Embedded System? Explain the main components of an embedded systems.

July 2015, July 2014,Dec 2014, Dec 2013

2) How are embedded systems classified? Explain the skills in embedded system designers ?
July 2015, Dec 2014, July 2014

3) What is single chip mode and expanded mode of operation of 6811 micro controller? Explain
giving the block diagram of Motorola evaluation board (EVB) Jan 2013,July 2013

4) Explain the various registers of i) 6808 ii) 6811 micro controller

July 2015, Dec 2014, Dec 2013

4) Discuss about the different types of ROMS and RAMS used in embedded systems.

July 2014, Dec 2013

5) What are the various issues while designing a cordless bar code scanner July 2015,Dec 2014

6) Describe the architectural features of 6811 uc with a suitable block diagram.

July 2015, July 2014, Dec 2013

7) Write short notes on Soc Dec 2014, Dec 2013

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Embedded system 10EE665


1) Explain analog to Digital Converter with neat circuit diagram? July 2015, Dec 2014
2) Explain the issues in selecting the DAC? July 2015, Dec 2014
3) Explain the operation of a 3 bit DAC with R-2R ladder network with a aid of neat diagram.
July 2015, Dec 2014, July 2014, Dec 2013
4) Explain the Sample and Hold circuit with neat circuit diagram and briefly explain its
necessity. Dec 2014, July 2014

5) With neat block diagram and necessary waveform explain 8 bit Ramp ADC. July 2014
6) Define the following with respect to data acquisition system: July 2014, Dec 2013
a) Accuracy b) Resolution c) Precision
7) Explain Sigma Delta ADC with neat block diagram Dec 2013




1) What are the advantage of (i) hardware implementation (ii) software implementation
July 2014
2) Explain Market Window with an example. July 2015
3) Describe the various Embedded System Design Technology. Dec 2014, Dec 2013
4) Explain the Thermal Solutions needed for Embedded System Design. Dec 2014
5) Explain Hardware Software Trade off in Embedded System Design. Dec 2014, Dec 2013

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Embedded system 10EE665


UNIT - 5 & 6

Software aspects of Embedded Systems

1. What are the advantages of high level language July 2014

2. What is re-entrant function? List the rules, to check if a function is reentrant or not.
July 2015, July 2014, Dec 2014

3. What are the different ways to protect shared data? Explain. July 2014

4. Explain the architectural considerations from a programmers viewpoint. July 2014

5. Explain Macros as a Function July 2015

6. What is Task? Describe the three states in which a task can exist.
July 2015, July 2014, Dec 2014

7. With the help of pseudo code, explain the round robin with interrupts architecture, Mention
examples. July 2015, July 2014, Dec 2014

8. Explain the design of a General Purpose Processor. Dec 2014

9. Compare Micro-controller and DSP Jan 2014, June 2015

UNIT 7 & 8

1. Explain Half Duplex Communication interfacing with neat diagram.

July 2015, July 2014

2. Explain Direct, Scanned and Multiplexed Interface used in ES. July 2015, Dec 2014

3. State any four advantages of LCD over LED July 2015

4. Explain Memory Mapped IO with neat block diagram July 2015, July 2014

5. Discuss Synchronous, asynchronous, Simplex, Duplex interfacing techniques. Dec 2014

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Embedded system 10EE665

6. Briefly explain RAM architecture with neat diagram Dec 2014

7. Explain three basic approaches for interfacing multiple keys to a single 8 bit parallel port.

a) Input switch

b) Key boards

c) Memory interfacing. July 2014

8. With a case study explain: a) Embedded velocity PID controller May/Jun 2013

b) PI controller with a PWM Actuator.

8. Explain XON / XOFF to Interface a Printer with Flow chart Dec 2014

9. Define with respect to Serial I/O July 2014

a) Frame b) Full Duplex Communication c) Half Duplex Communication d) Simplex

communication e) Baud Rate

10. What is switch debounce. Discuss how a capacitor eliminates switch debounce when

a) Pressed b) released July 2014

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