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Student-Teacher: Hiya Ibrahim

Date: March 13, 2017
Primary EPC 2403 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1

Grade Level: 1
Subject: English
Learning Outcome: By the end of this lesson students will be able to..
- list names of things in the city.
- write sentences about the city.

Resources Preparation (what do you need to do/make before class?)
worksheets, colors,

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

city, car, bicycle, traffic lights, park, road..

Time: 15 minWhole

I will introduce the new vocabulary with pictures.
I will ask them to close their eyes and I will say “imagine that you're in the city, what can you see, hear and do in the
city?” “where is your favorite place in the city?”
They will answer and we will discuss their answers.

Activity 1 (individual):
I will give them black and white worksheets with road, tree and traffic lights.
They have listen to my instructions carefully to complete drawing and coloring. The instructions are the following:
- The traffic lights say STOP! Colour the light on top red.
A car and a bicycle stop at the traffic lights.
Draw the car and the bicycle. Colour the car green and the bicycle blue.
Two girls are walking. Draw the girls. A boy is kicking a ball next to the tree. Draw the boy.
After they finish we will see if their drawing are correct.
Then I will ask each group to talk about the picture by saying at least one sentence.

Activity (high ability) :
I will give them a picture of the city and they have to write at least 3 sentences about it.
Activity (medium ability):
By giving them puzzles with words of things in the city and they have match the letters in the correct order then find the
correct picture that represent each word.

Activity (low ability) :
these students have difficulty in writing so the activity is:
I will give them different words and some of them we found them in city so they have to circle the things that we see in
the city.
5 minWhole

we will practice the words that we learned with the teacher of the day.

I will asses their reading of the new vocabulary and if they need more practice I will do for them extra activities to improve.

Reflection WWW/EBI
The lesson today I think it went well from all aspects especially because I provided them with 5 different activities which motivated
them. The behavior today was good but not as much as my last class because today Faisal lead me to let him set alone in the
middle of the class. The other students were sharing and doing the activities together quietly and the group who finished first was
so excited because I gave them the ipad to play learning games while the other group I asked them to go to the reading area.
Next Steps in learning and teaching
Use better things for positive punishments instead of let the student set alone.