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Beep 6 Teachers Resource Book

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Introduction 2

Language worksheets 9

Newcomers worksheets 35

Phonics worksheets 45

Communicative activities 55

Reader worksheets 81

Reading and writing

worksheets 87

Tests 97

DVD worksheets 121

Answer key 135

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Beep 6 Teachers Resource Book offers Language
information and tips to help you get the most out
of the complete selection of teachers materials. It The Language section includes three worksheets
also contains additional photocopiable resources for each unit: Reinforcement, for children below
to help encourage and support the childrens the level of the class, Consolidation, for children
learning. There are eight different sections, with at the level of the class, and Extension, for
graded areas to ensure that all levels of the class children above the level of the class. The
advance. Weaker students will gain from the extra worksheets are similar, but the level of difficulty
support and stronger students will have further varies. Answer keys for all the worksheets are
resources to stimulate their learning. provided at the end of the book.

Using the sections Newcomers

Beep optional worksheets can be photocopied The Newcomers section provides topic based
according to the needs of individual children or worksheets that are designed to be used by
the class as a whole. children joining the class at different times of the
year. They provide basic vocabulary activities that
There are suggestions on when each activity will help the integration of children who are new
should be done in the Teachers Book to assure to the class. Answer keys for all the worksheets
that the content and vocabulary have been are provided at the end of the book.
covered in the lesson. There are eight sections.
Language worksheets, at three levels
Newcomers worksheets The Phonics section provides one worksheet per
Phonics worksheets unit. These are designed to be used after lesson 7,
Communicative activities alongside the Tongue Twister and Beep poster. As
Reader worksheets they work through the Phonics worksheets, the
Reading and writing worksheets phonemes and graphemes are repeated
Tests throughout, allowing the children to become
DVD worksheets familiar with them.

Tips Phonics is a very useful tool to focus on

pronunciation and spelling difficulties. An early
Get enough photocopies of the worksheets in exposure to the sounds of English should prevent
advance with a couple of spare copies just in greater difficulties with understanding and
case. pronunciation at a later stage. Answer keys for all
Keep a copy for yourself to mark on any the worksheets are provided at the end of the
comments about how the children found the book.
Reinforcement worksheets are useful for Communicative activities
children struggling with the level of the
Students Book. They can be given as a This section encourages the participation of all
homework activity. the students. The fun activities and games give
Extension worksheets can be used for fast plenty of opportunities for speaking and
finishers, for a more advanced study of the interaction among the children, including those
level, or given as a homework activity. who are more reluctant to speak.

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Reader helps students to develop their understanding of
narrative elements; such as sequencing, visual
The Reader worksheets are designed to be used literacy, and plot and character development.
with Beep 6 Reader and to make the most out of The worksheets which you can find in a
the childrens enjoyment of the story. Answers are photocopiable format in this Teachers Resource
provided at the end of the book. Book are also available onscreen in the DVD.
Reading and writing The Real Kids section consists of three video
The Reading and writing section consists of extracts thematically linked to the material
worksheets based on the activity types found in covered in each term in the Students book. The
the Young Learner Exams, but using the extracts are taken from authentic situations and
vocabulary found in every unit of the Students feature native English speakers. They can be
Book. Answer keys for all the worksheets are watched with or without subtitles. This type of
provided at the end of the book. communication, in which other cultural and social
elements come into play, is an effective way to
Tests stimulate interest in learning. Both worksheets
and transcripts for this area are provided.
The Test section includes a Diagnostic test to be
carried out at the beginning of the year, a two Note: Both the Animated story and the Real Kids
page Test per unit and a four page, End of year section can be played with subtitles for reading
test. The tests include a variety of activities so practice. Depending on the level and confidence
that all children, whatever their particular of your class you may like to play short excerpts
strength or weakness, have an equal opportunity from the DVDs, once without the subtitles (this is
to do well. especially challenging for the stronger students),
then with subtitles for better understanding, and
Lesson plans for testing are provided in the finally again without the subtitles. The last time
Evaluation lesson at the end of each unit in the can be particularly satisfying for children as they
Teachers Book. There is one listening activity become familiar with the sounds of English,
included in each test. This is recorded on the helped by the visual references of the DVD.
Class audio and the script is provided in the
Teachers Book. Answer keys for all the tests are
provided at the end of the book. Other resources

DVD Flashcards

Beep 6 DVD is an entertaining teaching resource Flashcards are an excellent classroom tool to help
with two main sections. introduce, reinforce and review vocabulary. Beep
comes with a pack of full colour flashcards
Mystery Island is an animated short story illustrating key vocabulary. Instructions for using
containing the key vocabulary and structures from the flashcards are given in the teaching notes for
Beep 6. Throughout the Beep series, stories have each lesson.
been a main focus. The appealing characters and
plot in Mystery Island, which make use of humour Each picture flashcard has a corresponding word
and dramatic tension, reinforce the positive card which can be used to help develop childrens
experience of learning English. The story acts as a reading skills, to assist in writing activities and to
vehicle for revisiting core unit language and use in matching activities.
provides an opportunity to encounter the
language in a meaningful context. The story also

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The Beep flashcards can also be used in a variety Use the cards to:
of games which are explained in the Teachers Tell the story before, during or after listening.
Book. Children learn best when they enjoy what Ask children to predict what might happen in
they are doing and games provide a way to the story.
engage childrens interest and enthusiasm. Games Practise questions and answers.
offer valuable opportunities to use the language Introduce and practise vocabulary.
for real purposes and provide enjoyable occasions Practise temporal sequencing of a story.
for repeating and reinforcing the language, which Describe a scene.
in turn supports retention and recall. Games which Develop reading and literacy skills.
incorporate active methodology, using physical
response are ideal for assimilating language.
i-solutions pack

Posters All the Beep digital components include a complete

Users guide, accessible from the main menu screen.
There are a total of eight double-sided posters for They run on Windows, Linux and MAC operating
permanent use in the classroom. systems and are compatible with all interactive
The double-sided posters include the key whiteboard (IWB) software. Open the readme.txt
vocabulary of each unit in large, colourful file in each CD for minimum requirements and
illustrations and a tongue twister which allows instructions.
you and the children to focus on pronunciation The Beep i-solutions pack includes two CD-ROMs:
and phonics. There are more general reviews and Beep i-book
activities on eight of the poster faces, which Activity Generator
complete the set. The Teachers Book gives full
instructions of when and how to use the posters. How to use the i-solutions pack
1) Beep i-book
Tips The Beep Teachers i-book is the digital version of
the Beep course, which integrates all the teaching
Put two nails or drawing pins on the wall or in
materials into one single format. This fully
the wood of the blackboard and hang up the
interactive resource provides teachers with
poster using two bulldog clips to avoid
alternative and innovative ways to approach the
damage and the mess of Blu-Tack or adhesive
Beep course content. It can be used in two
tape. The poster is easily displayed and
different ways: as an interactive guide to prepare
lessons, and in class with an interactive
Hang the posters at the height of the children
whiteboard (IWB).
so that they can easily see them and
The Beep Teachers i-book contains the Students
participate in the activities.
Book, the Activity Book, the Teachers Book, the
Teachers Resource Book, the Grammar Booklet and
Story cards the Beep Reader as well as i-flashcards, i-posters,
i-story cards plus extra interactive activities which
Storytelling is very much part of the primary provide thorough practice of the course content.
curriculum and Beep provides an entertaining Audio material and teachers notes for all the
story in each unit. Beep resources include a pack teaching materials are also included.
of 64 full colour story cards 8 per story. On one
side, the story cards have an enlarged version of How to use the Beep Teachers i-book on an
the illustrations for each story in the Students interactive whiteboard (IWB)
Book and the text for that part of the story on The Beep Teachers i-book is very user-friendly.
the reverse. Using the i-book in class is a wonderful way to

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focus the childrens attention on the specific Children can listen and read at the same time
content you wish to work with, since what they using the controls in the transcript window.
see on the IWB is also in their books.
Follow these simple steps to work with the course Images and pictures in the i-book
materials in class: All the images and pictures in the i-book can be
1. Click on the book you want to use. enlarged. This is a fantastic feature of the Beep
2. Click on the unit. Teachers i-book and you can use it to maximize
3. Click on the task to enlarge it in a new opportunities for developing childrens oral skills.
window. Access all the resources you may need
to complete the task, such as answer keys, i-flashcards, i-story cards and i-posters
audio, audio transcripts, previous information Use the i-flashcards, i-story cards and i-posters
from other tasks, etc., using the links at the to present content and revise key concepts
top of the window. You can make these throughout the unit. Alternate or combine the use
windows bigger or smaller by clicking on the of conventional flashcards, story cards and posters
bottom right-hand corner and dragging. with the interactive ones to make your teaching
4. To close the window and return to a full-page more varied and to maintain the childrens
view, click on CLOSE on the top right-hand attention.
5. Use the bottom menu to open other books. The interactive tools for the children are placed at
6. You can minimize the i-book to work with a lower level on the screen to facilitate their
other digital resources you may have in your participation with the IWB. The interactive tools
computer. for the teacher are located at the top of the screen
to help you guide and control the childrens work.
Direct links to other books, sections or pages
Throughout the i-book there are various coloured Encourage class interaction and develop
links which lead to corresponding sections in childrens ICT skills by allowing them to use the
other components of the course. interactive stylus to follow your instructions.
Pink: these links take you to the Students Book.
Purple: these links take you to the Activity Book. i-flashcards
Green: these links take you to the Teachers Book. The access to the i-flashcards for the unit is
Orange: these links take you to the Teachers located in the corresponding Students Book pages.
Resource Book.
Red: these links take you to the i-posters, The i-flashcards can be used to practise all four
i-flashcards, i-story cards and i-activities for the language skills in a very user-friendly way. You
unit. can decide which functions to use depending on
your specific needs:
Listening activities in the i-book show a picture and ask the children to name it
Not only can you hear the listening activities, you or ask them to use the interactive stylus to
can also see them! identify one of the pictures. All the pictures
Tasks with a CD symbol are recorded. To listen are placed at the bottom of the screen to
to the audio, click on the task. A new window make them easily accessible.
will open. click on the text button to show the written
Use the buttons at the top of the window to form and promote reading skills.
play, stop, pause, rewind or fast forward the click on the audio button to hear the word
track. and practise the correct pronunciation.
The transcript button opens a new window give the children the interactive stylus and ask
containing the text version of the audio. them to write or copy the word.

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i-story cards How to manage your teaching sessions
Click on the story on the Students Book page to The Richmond i-books now offer the possibility of
access the i-story and use the numbers at the top saving all your teaching sessions. This allows you
of the window to move from one vignette to to customize your i-book for each of your classes,
another. Click on CLOSE on the top right-hand session by session if needed, in order to meet
corner to return to a full-page view. every class needs individually.

The i-story cards provide an alternative way to You can create one or several sessions, as many as
present the story to the whole class. You can decide you need, export and import sessions in order to
whether you want to show it with or without the use them on different computers or edit sessions
text. Use it without audio or without text for you, or you have already created at any time!
the children, to retell the story in your own words. Once a session is created, you are ready to work
with the i-book and customize it using the
i-posters Richmond i-tools . You can insert notes,
The i-posters are located on the Students Book hyperlinks, or external files as well as add
pages where they can be used to present content handwritten notes. All the information added to
or revise key concepts throughout the unit. the i-book session will be automatically saved to
your computer. You dont need to quit the i-book
The i-posters offer two interactive activities to to refer to different teaching sessions. Click on
present and to reinforce the key vocabulary from on the left hand side of the bottom menu to
the unit in a different way. This flexible resource access the session registration window at any
also permits a wide range of extra interactive time. Access to the session registration window is
activities to evaluate or to expand the course only available from the main bottom menu. Once
content using the IWB tools. you are working with a book, this is the location
to access the Richmond i-tools.
The interactive activities from the Beep CD-ROM The Richmond i-tools
have been included in the Teachers i-book. The This new feature allows the teacher to enhance the
access to these activities is located on the i-book with their own materials. You can personalize
Students pages, where they can be used to present, the i-book by inserting notes, hyperlinks and
revise or reinforce key concepts from the unit. For external files. It is also possible to write or paint on
more information about these interactive activities the i-book and in the zoom windows.
and the way to make the most of them using the
IWB, please read the Beep CD-ROM section. By using the Richmond i-tools you can easily add
your own material for the classroom, or stress the
The interactive board games in the review units important points of a unit or activity. Drawing,
can be used to revise the term core content with colouring and matching activities can be made much
the whole class. Roll the interactive dice and more fun by using the write, colour and erase tools.
move the counter to the corresponding square.
Ask the children to answer the question. The Richmond i-tools are located on the bottom left-
Alternatively, you can form groups and ask each hand corner and allow two levels of personalization:
group to answer taking turns. The use of the clock On the main pages of the i-book by adding
tool from the IWB specific tools is also a good reminders, general points or materials for your
way to make the revision more challenging for the class.
children and it also allows them to stop and think On the zoom pages by including materials or
before they answer. explanations to enrich a particular vocabulary,
grammar or culture point.

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Click on to: screen. Most activities also include a final screen
1. Insert notes. with animations to review the key concepts
2. Insert hyperlinks. presented in each exercise.
3. Insert files.
4. Use the cursor. One of the activities in each unit is based on the
5. Write, colour and erase. CLIL section from the Students Book. The children
6. Hide or show part of the page content. expand their interdisciplinary knowledge through
extra listening and reading comprehension activities.
2) Activity Generator
This innovative interactive tool for teachers allows Each unit contains a digital version of the Beep
for the creation of personalized photocopiable story and a listening or reading comprehension
worksheets using all the content from the activity. The digital story is an excellent tool to
Teachers Resource Book. The Activity Generator attract the childrens attention. The story runs
provides all the graphic resources, texts and automatically to facilitate its projection. Play and
illustrations from the Teachers Resource Book, to pause facilities are included. The possibility of
be rearranged and edited by the teachers to generate moving to different vignettes is also available.
their own materials based on the course content.
Children can see the results for all the interactive
Beep CD-ROM activities they have worked with. The progress
reports can also be printed and given to the teacher.
The Beep CD-ROM is a fantastic interactive resource
for both children and teachers which provides The CD-ROM contains a screen to listen to all the
thorough practice of the Students Book content. It songs from the course.
contains eight units with interactive activities covering
all the main language taught in the Students Book. Beep Students CD
The Beep CD-ROM can be used in class with an Tip to use Students audio material in class
IWB to exploit the course content while also The Students CD contains audio material for CD
helping children understand the concept of players. The songs from the Students Book are
working together as a team to achieve a common organized in a block so that they can be used as
objective. Alternatively, it can be used on an background music as the children work.
individual level by children working alone either
in the Multimedia Lab or at home, reinforcing
their language learning outside the classroom.

How to use the Beep CD-ROM on an interactive

whiteboard (IWB)
Main menu: Access to units
1. Click on the unit.
2. Click on the relevant activity to open it.
3. Click on BACK to go back to the main menu.

Each unit contains five activities which provide

further practice of the Students Book content.
There are activities which include a timer to make
them more challenging for the children. Some
activities contain more than one screen. Click on
the icon on the bottom menu to access the next

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The YLE and Trinity test The Trinity Examinations in Spoken English are
one-to-one oral examinations with a native English
The Cambridge Young Learner Exams are speaking Trinity examiner, which test a students
designed for children aged from seven to twelve speaking and listening skills. The exams provide an
years old. Normally, they are tested in their own official recognition of a students level of spoken
school environment or an exam centre, and the English and are accepted by universities and employers
exams all follow the same format. There are three worldwide. Candidates must be aged seven or over.
levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers. In terms of
grammar and lexis, the Flyers level is on par with The examinations are divided into a series of 12
the KET exams. The difference is that, unlike the oral exams which test the students general
exams for older students, children cannot fail the conversation and ability to discuss prepared
YLE. Every participant is given a diploma with topics. The exam grades range from absolute
badges in Reading, Writing, Listening and beginner level to near native fluency.
Speaking. The badges are coloured in depending Apart from being a recognised metre of a students
on the success of the candidate. Exams follow a skills in English, the examination also works as a
very set format. The children never write on the motivational tool encouraging children to practise
exam papers, rather they answer on an answer and try to communicate in English.
sheet, usually with one word answers. They are
tested in groups, except for the Speaking session, Tips
where the test is given individually.
In each English lesson, ask general questions such
Tips as What day is it today? Whats the weather like
today? Is it spring or summer? How old are you?
When doing the practice exams it is best to recreate Encourage full answers whenever asking questions.
similar circumstances as when the children will do T: What day is it today? SS: Tuesday. T: Its Tuesday.
the exam themselves. Allow them the same amount When asking questions, if a child does not
of time and have them practise exam techniques. know the answer, encourage them to say: I
The ESOL web site has an abundance of exam dont know, I cant remember or Im sorry, I
tips as well as practice activities and dont know the word in English, rather than
information about the exams. remaining silent or saying err.
Make question practice fun. Do it in the form
of a team quiz and award points.
Practise for the exam in regular, short sessions
so candidates become more confident with the
style of question and can answer more rapidly
and naturally.
When choosing a grade for candidates, consider
the childs personality as well as their level of
English. A shy child with a good level of
English, may not do as well as a more
outgoing child who speaks more spontaneously.
Encourage the children to ask questions too.
From Level 2 onwards they are expected to ask
the examiner questions.

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Unit 1 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 sausages dancing cave ice cream bakers cycling river cheese shark
basketball supermarket tennis football singing wolf volcano bear shoe shop

food shops sports

animals geographical features activities

2 washes up lives walks tidies doesnt plays likes goes

James is from Dublin, Ireland. He

in Dundrum, a village

outside the city. He 2 to a school

near his house. He usually 3 Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

to school but if it rains his mother drives him in the car.

James really 4 rugby. He
for his school team. He
like football. He often helps
his parents at home. He 7 his room
and he sometimes 8
after dinner.

1 Classify the words.

2 Read and complete.

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Unit 1 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 D I I S I G V A V G D
c he s
u ploads C O M P U T E R I A E sear
G S O C M Y A P E W P video
computer s
emai website
ls L R S T G Z S W L U D
n et
ting D E U N W E B S I T E inter

2 My family all use the 1 internet .

My mum likes to look at her favourite
to see what she can buy. 2
My dad often 3 photos and
for information he needs
for his work.

My mum lets me use the 5

for half an hour a day.
I like 6 with my friends and
I also send 7 . I sometimes

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

watch funny 8 too!
3 1 Have you got a computer?
2 How often do you use the internet?
3 Why do you use the internet?
4 How many emails do you send every week?
5 What are your favourite websites?

1 Find the words in the word search. 3 Read and answer the questions.
2 Complete the text. Use words from Activity 1.

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Unit 1 Extension

Name: Class:

1 Hi Annie!

Finally I am here at the beach, far from cold, snowy England! I 1 am looking (look) out
from my balcony. People (wear) shorts and T-shirts. Some people
(swim) in the sea and some 4 (surf). I can imagine
5 6
that you (watch) TV at home and that it (rain).
My mum and my sister (play) tennis
at the moment and later we (go)
to have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

See you on Saturday when I get back!


Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE


1 Complete the text. Use the Present Continuous. 3 What are you doing now? What are you
2 Look at the pictures. What are they wearing? wearing? Draw, then write.
What are they doing? Write. 13

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Unit 2 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 news quiz show documentary sports programme cartoon music programme 1

1 2 3

4 5 6

2 Mr. Brown Mrs. Brown Matthew Jane 2

the news
chat shows
quiz shows
sports programmes

1 Does Mr. Brown like documentaries?

2 Do Mr. and Mrs. Brown like the news?
3 Does Matthew like chat shows?
4 Do Matthew and Jane like cartoons?
5 What do all the family like?

1 Look and label.

2 Look and answer the questions.

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Unit 2 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 Do you want to watch a cartoon? Yes, I love Indiana Jones films!

I dont like films about love. I want to watch Quiz of the Week.
But I dont like music programmes.

Jenny: What can we watch this evening?

Jamie: 1
Jenny: Oh no! I dont like quiz shows.
Jamie: 2
Jenny: No, I dont. I want to watch the music programme on Channel 4.
Jamie: 3
Jenny: OK. Look! Theres a film on channel 5 called Love of my Life.
Jamie: 4
Jenny: Well, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is on channel 3.
Jamie: 5
Jenny: OK, Get the popcorn!

2 1 2 3 4

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

a b c d
Fred Oldman The Pratt The Dream Julie Harper
Hes the grandfather Family Team She is 18 years old.
from Northern The family that sing Two young men She sings like an
Ireland who sings together. They come from Manchester. angel. She is from
all your favourite from Liverpool. They sing. They Scotland. She needs
songs. He has 20 Now they are on dance. All the girls your vote to win.
grandchildren. Vote television! Vote for love them. Vote Vote now!
for him now! them! now!

1 Read and complete the conversation.

2 Match the descriptions with the photos.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 15 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 2 Extension

Name: Class:

1 Oh no, I hate Dustin Cleaver. I want to watch Top of the Class. Good idea! 1
What about Mikey and Crikey? Its on at five oclock on Channel 6.
OK, we can watch that. Whats on later?

Sue: What shall we watch tonight?

Mike: 1
Sue: When is it on? Channel 6
Mike: 2 17.00 Mikey an
d Crikey
17.30 Bop to th
Sue: Oh no, thats the same time as Barty and Flem. I love Barty e Beat
18.30 Top of th
e Class
and Flem! 19.00 Talking w
ith Mary
Mike: 3
Sue: I want to watch Tom Reports. Dustin Cleaver is on! Top Channel
17.00 Barty an
Mike: 4 d Flem
Sue: OK, I know, well watch a little of one and then well watch
17.30 Tom Rep
orts 2
the other.
Mike: 5

2 talks final voting contestants invents episode programme your goes interesting

1 My Camera and I 3
1 2
In this , a cameraman to a place where
something 3 is happening. This week: the teachers strike.
2 Skateboard Steve and Matty Mouse
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
This weeks 4 is about a new skateboard that Steve
to take him and Matty to the moon!
3 Search for a Star
This week the final five 6 sing for a place in the
of the show. Who are you 8 for?
4 Talking to Terry
This week Terry 9 to Mister Dude, the new boy band from Ireland. Who
is 10 favourite?

1 Read and complete the conversation.

2 Read and complete.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 16 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 3 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 Things to do this weekend

Do my homework
Visit my grandmother
Eat a hot dog at the bowling alley
Play tennis with my friend Allie
Watch television

1 She is going to .

2 1 Is she going to go to the cinema?

2 Is she going to visit her grandmother?
3 Is she going to watch television?
4 Is she going to chat with friends online?
5 Is she going to do her homework?

3 paper metal glass and metal plastic

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE


1 Read and write. 3 Match the objects to the materials. Write

2 Read and answer the questions about Activity 1. sentences saying what each object is made of.
Use short answers. 17

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 17 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 3 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 school planet tap going walk protect use save 1

Hi! My name is Peter and I care about our 1 . It is

important to 2 our natural resources and not
waste them. I am going to try and save energy and water at home and
at 3 . Here are some of the things my family are
going to do:
We are going to 4 energy saving light bulbs
in our house.
My mum is 5 to turn down the central heating at night!
I am going to turn off the 6 when I am brushing my teeth.
We are going to use public transport or 7 and try and leave the car at
home. If everyone cooperates, we will 8 energy and money!

2 1 It is made of wood and graphite. We use it to write.

Its a pencil. 2
2 They are made of metal and glass. We use them to see better.

3 It is made of glass. We use it to see our reflection.

4 It is made of metal. We use it to pick up our food from the plate.

5 It is made of paper. We read it every day.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

This is a .

It is made of

1 Read and complete. 3 Draw. Then, complete the sentence.

2 Solve the descriptions.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 18 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 3 Extension

Name: Class:

1 love solar potatoes four lunch glass

Eco school

Our school is a green school. We have 1

panels on the roof. We have a wind turbine at the back of the
school and there are 2 different recycling
containers, one for plastic, one for paper, one for
and another for garden waste.
We are going to plant 4 in our vegetable garden in Science class and
then we are going to eat them for 5 when they grow!
At our school we use exercise books made of recycled paper and in our Art class we make
pictures with recycled materials. We learn all about our world and what we can do to protect
and preserve it. I 6 my school!

2 1 Glasses are made of glass and metal.

What are glasses made of?
2 Im going to watch TV tonight.
3 He is playing football.
4 I live in Trayor Street.
5 I have three brothers. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6 We are going to go to Greece.
7 A window is made of glass.
8 Im doing an exercise!

1 Read and complete.

2 Read and write the questions.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 19 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 4 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 1

Mary Tom Peter Laura Ben

vet secretary chef scientist teacher

1 Mary wants to be a .
2 Tom . 2
3 Peter .
4 Laura .
5 Ben .

2 actor teacher baker artist waiter nurse vet scientist

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

K Z B G S Q O S M E 3

1 Match and complete the sentences.

2 Find the words in the word search.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 20 18/06/15 11:50

Unit 4 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 Mary / teacher / school 4 Paul / dentist / surgery

1 Mary is a teacher.

She works at a school.
Now she is cooking.

2 Thomas / vet / clinic 5 Josh / banker/ bank

3 Terry and Sam / 6 Sally and Jim / doctors /

photographers / studio hospital

1 I work with young children. I wear normal clothes at work. I work at a school. Im a
2 I work rescuing people and animals when there is a fire. I wear a uniform at work. I need to be
very fit. Im a .
3 I work with chemicals in a laboratory. I wear a white coat over my clothes at work. I investigate
new things. Im a .
4 I work with animals. I cure them when they are ill. I sometimes wear a green coat over my
clothes at work. Im a .
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
5 I work with food. I wear a uniform and a special hat at work. I like to invent new recipes. Im a

3 1 Firemen wear / are wearing a uniform at work. 4 The vet doesnt wear / isnt wearing
2 Teachers are working / work with children a uniform. Today is Sunday. She isnt
every day. working.
3 The doctor is doing / does my operation 5 When I am older I want / am wanting
today. to be an artist.

1 Write what they do and what they are doing. 3 Read and circle the correct tense.
2 Read and write the jobs.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 21 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 4 Extension

Name: Class:

1 Part time jobs 1

In Britain, a lot of teenagers get part time jobs at the weekend or
in the school holidays. Popular jobs are babysitting, dog walking,
car washing or delivering leaflets. Part time jobs teach young
people responsibility and prepare them for when they have a full
time job.
We spoke to Lucy about her part time job. I am a part time dog
walker, she says. I take my elderly neighbours dogs for walks
every day except Saturday when I relax. I want to be a vet when
I am older so it is good for me to work with animals.
1 Name two popular part time jobs in Britain.
2 What do part time jobs teach young people?
3 What is Lucys part time job?
4 What does Lucy want to be when she is older?
5 What do you want to be when you are older?

2 1 2 3

I want to I want to I want to 3

be a teacher. be a chef. be a vet.

a b Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

lp Can you help m
aged 15 -18 to he e? I am 75 year
Wanted: Student s old
ork. and I cant walk
ch ild, ag ed 5, w ith primary homew my dog. Call Mar
a y:
Tel: 989000675
Busy restaurant needs someone on Friday
and Saturday nights to help in the kitchen.
Call after 6 oclock: 92345544.

1 Answer the questions.

2 Match the job to the student and say why.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 22 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 5 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 Every day I walk to school.

Yesterday .
2 Every day he studies hard.
Yesterday .
3 Every day they wash the dishes.
Yesterday .
4 Every day she brushes her teeth.
Yesterday .

2 1 Did you watch TV last night?

2 Did your teacher walk to school yesterday?
3 Did your family have dinner yesterday?
4 Did you talk to your friends yesterday?
5 Did you answer questions in class yesterday?
6 Did you play football yesterday?
7 Did you shout in class yesterday?
8 Did you finish your homework last night?

3 My name is Lucy. Last weekend was fantastic!

I1 (play) basketball with my friends
on Friday afternoon. On Saturday I
(talk) to my friends on the phone
and I 3 (invite) my best friend, Sally, Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

to my house.
We 4 (watch) DVDs and we
(study) Maths together. I am
good at Maths so I 6 (help) Sally.
Later, we 7 (cook) a pizza. Then
we 8 (listen) to our favourite music.

1 Write the sentences using the Past Simple. 3 Put the verbs into the Past Simple.
2 Answer the questions. Use short answers.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 23 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 5 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 It 1 is Monday morning. I 2 enter the classroom. The teacher 3 is at her desk. She 4 explains the 1
history lesson. We all 5 ask questions. We 6 study the Romans. The lesson 7 finishes. The
teacher 8 close the door and all the children 9 start talking loudly. Another teacher 10 shouts,
Silence please!

1 I liked that film.
2 I didnt like that film.

2 We visited our uncle and aunt.

3 My family travelled to Italy.

4 The film was terrible.

5 The teacher opened the window.

6 The children in the next class shouted.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE 3
3 1 Did you play computer games on Friday afternoon?
2 Did you talk on the phone on Saturday?
3 Did you invite anyone to your house on Saturday?
4 Did you study Science on Sunday?
5 Did you cook hamburgers on Saturday?
6 Did you listen to music on Sunday?

1 Rewrite the paragraph in the Past Simple. 3 Write short answers to the questions.
2 Make the sentences negative.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 24 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 5 Extension

Name: Class:

1 1 The children (stop) playing at five oclock.

2 Dad (wash) the car yesterday.
3 Paul (learn) to read when he was five.
4 Betty (dance) with Peter on Friday.
5 The children (help) Mum in the house yesterday.
6 They (live) in America when they were younger.
7 Jim (design) a robot for the Science project.
8 Dad (relax) on the sofa on Saturday.
9 We (celebrate) when our team (score) a goal.

2 positive (+) negative (-) question (?)

It rained a lot.
The baby didnt smile.
Did you count the apples?
I painted a picture.
Mum didnt plant a tree.
Did you wait for a bus?
We looked at a website.
I didnt listen.
Did you promise?
Dad fixed my bicycle.

3 Last weekend my family and I 1 (clean) our house. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

My mum 2 (tidy) the living room but Dad

(not/want) to tidy the living room. He
(do) the kitchen. I 5 (decide) to
help Dad. When we 6 (finish) we
(prepare) some pizzas for lunch. After lunch we
(watch) a DVD. It 9 (be) very
funny and we 10 (laugh) a lot.

1 Complete the sentences using the Past Simple. 3 Write the verbs in the Past Simple.
2 Complete the table using the Past Simple.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 25 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 6 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 We studied Science. We watched a film on TV. We cooked spaghetti. 1

I tidied my bedroom. He arrived at six oclock.

1 for / cook / What / dinner / you / did / ?

2 arrive / did / he / When / ?

3 tidy / Which / you / did / room / ?

4 TV / did / watch / on / What / you / ?

5 did / study / What / you / ?

2 Hi, Im Mary. I really 1 (enjoy) last weekend. 2

I2 (celebrate) my birthday. It 3 (be)
cold, but sunny. We 4 (dance) in the garden. My friends
(visit) me. My dad 6 (cook) meat
on the barbecue, and we 7 (listen) to our favourite
music. The party 8 (finish) at 9:30. It was great!

3 1 What did Mary celebrate?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
2 Where did Mary and her friends dance?

3 What did Dad cook on the barbecue?
4 What did Mary and her friends listen to?

5 When did the party finish?

1 Put the words in order to make questions. 2 Write the verbs in the Past Simple.
Then, write the answers. 3 Answer the questions.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 26 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 6 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 invented started (x2) moved was (x2) opened

Levi Strauss 1 born on February 26th

1829, in Germany. His family 2 to the
USA when he 3 18. His family
a big dry goods shop in San Francisco.
In 1872, Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada
making mens work trousers with metal
studs to make them stronger. Jacob and Levi
copper rivets to make the work
trousers stronger. In 1873, Levi Strauss and Co.
making what we now know as
Levi jeans!

Last week my family and I 1 (cycle) to the

beach. We 2 (prepare) a big picnic. We
(arrive) at the beach at 11 oclock. I
(play) in the sea. My little sister
(play) in the sand. I 6
(help) her to make a big sandcastle. When we
(finish) our lunch we 8 (walk)
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
along the beach. It 9 (be) a great day!

3 1 We arrived at the park at 6 oclock.

2 We played football.
3 We played on the pitch where
the goalposts are.
4 We talked about school.

1 Read and complete the text. 3 Write questions for the answers.
2 Complete the text using the Past Simple.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 27 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 6 Extension

Name: Class:

1 1 I washed my car. What did you wash? 1

2 He phoned this morning.
3 Mary lives in a big town.
4 Dad fixed the computer.
5 Jack ate a hamburger.
6 I posted a letter.

2 +d + ed y i + ed
love cry worry
watch smile try loved
visit talk live
tidy listen arrive
taste study paint

3 Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was born on the 24th of February 1955, in San Francisco. He
was adopted as a baby by Paul and Clara Jobs. As a 12-year-old boy he
was interested in electronic gadgets.
He started university in 1972, but he only stayed for six months. In 1974,
he worked in Atari, a video games company. In 1976, he started Apple 3
Inc. By 1982, Steve Jobs was a millionaire. He was only 27!
In 2006, Jobs was the owner of Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar produced Toy Story,

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo. Steve Jobs also created the iPod and the iPad.
He died on the 5th of October 2011 at the age of 56.

1 When was Steve Jobs born?

2 When did he start university?
3 Where did he work in 1974?
4 What did he start in 1976?
5 How old was he in 1982?

1 Make questions for these answers, using 2 Complete the table using the Past Simple.
the information in bold. 3 Read and answer the questions.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 28 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 7 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 1 My dad has a black car. 4 Yesterday was a hot day.

2 They bought a big umbrella. 5 It was a funny film.

3 The river is very long. 6 My brother is very tall.

1 Peter is small. Hes the boy in the class.
2 The Alps are very high. They are the mountains in Europe.
3 It was a very happy day. It was the
day of my life!
4 This megastore is very big. Its the
shop in town.
5 It was a very cold day. It was the day
of the year.
6 Pythons are very long. They are the
snakes in the world.

3 1 shortest / Ben / the / in / class / got / has / hair / the

2 Sean / on / strongest / the / is / team / boy / the

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
3 funniest / I / person / uncle / My / is / know / the

4 cake / shop / smallest / is / That / the / in / the

5 runner / fastest / Sally / the / is / in / class / the

6 fastest / Cheetahs / the / animals / are / world / the / in

1 Read and circle the adjective. 3 Put the words in order.

2 Complete using the superlative of the adjective.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 29 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 7 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 adjective comparative superlative 1

the funniest
the slowest

2 1 Year 6C are the (clever) class

in the school.
2 Jake is the (young) boy in his class.
3 Pauls grandfather is the (rich) man
in the town.
4 Look! That is the (cool) car in the
car park.
5 Sarah is the (tall) girl in her class.
6 This is the (hard) exercise of all.
7 This is the (clean) street in the town.
8 That is the (pretty) dress in the shop.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 1 The funniest cartoon .

2 The tallest person in my family .
3 The easiest school subject .
4 The coolest pop singer .
5 The prettiest town .
6 The nicest person .

1 Complete the table. 3 Write about you.

2 Write the superlative.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 30 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 7 Extension

Name: Class:

1 Earth Mars Jupiter

size (diameter km) 12,760 6,790 142,800

length of day 24 25 10

surface 22 -23 -150

temperature (C)

1 Jupiter is the biggest planet . (size)

2 Jupiter has the day. (length of day)
3 Jupiter is the . (surface temperature)
4 Mars is the . (size)
5 Mars has the day. (length of day)
6 Earth is the . (surface temperature)

2 nice easy big clean hot heavy wide happy wet short large rich

+ est y i + est double consonant + st

+ est

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 1 Mr. Jones is a millionaire. He is the person in my town.

2 The book weighs 3 kilos. It is the book in my bag.
3 Marys hair is nice. She has the hair in the class.
4 This book only has 12 pages. It is the book in my bag.
5 Miss Roddy is always happy. She is the teacher in my school.

1 Look at the table. Complete the sentences. 3 Complete with a superlative from the table.
2 Complete the table with superlatives.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 31 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 8 Reinforcement

Name: Class:

1 1

This is my park where I play. 1 a tennis court. 2 a skating

area. 3 two basketball courts. 4 a slide. 5
some swings, and 6 a sand pit. 7 some benches where 2
8 9
parents can sit. a sweet stall and a fountain. I love going
to the park!

2 positive (+) negative (-) question (?)

There are 9 students in class.
There arent any apples.
Are there any exercises on the
There is a pencil on my desk.
There isnt any milk.

3 1 some milk.
2 5 yoghurts.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
3 some tomatoes.
4 a pineapple.
5 any bottles of water.
6 some meat
7 any lemons.
8 a carton of orange juice.
9 a cake.
10 any cherries.

1 Look at the map. Complete the text using 3 Look at the picture. Complete the sentences
There is or There are. using There is(nt) or There are(nt).
32 2 Complete the table.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 32 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 8 Consolidation

Name: Class:

1 How many pencils are there / is there in the pencil case?

2 There is / There are a telephone on the table.
3 There isnt / There arent enough orange juice for everyone.
4 Are there / Is there any boys in the classroom?
5 How many games is there / are there on your computer?
6 There is / There are a television in my bedroom.
7 There is / There are some shoes under the bed.
8 There isnt / There arent any good programmes on TV tonight.

1 Is there a cinema in your town? 6 Is there a swimming pool in your town?

2 Is there a park in your town? 7 Are there any restaurants in your town?

3 Is there a skate park? 8 Are there any shops in your town?

4 Is there a sports centre in your town? 9 Is there a youth centre in your town?

5 Are there tennis courts in the sports centre? 10 Three more things there are in your town:

1 T.V. / living room? 4 oven / kitchen?

3 Is there a TV in the living room?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
Yes, there is.
2 computer / house? 5 table / kitchen?

3 carpet / hall? 6 bath / bathroom?

1 Circle the correct answer. 3 Write questions and answers about your
2 Answer the questions about your town. Use house.
Yes, there is/are or No, there isnt/arent. 33

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 33 18/07/12 16:34

Unit 8 Extension

Name: Class:

1 In our classroom 1 a blackboard.

24 desks and chairs. 3 any
computers because all the computers are in the computer room.
13 girls and 11 boys in my class.
Every Friday, after school 5 different after-school
activities. 6 a football team but
a lot of other activities, like art, drama,
basketball or chess.

2 1 There a lot of snow last winter.

2 There any good films on tonight.
3 there any boys in your class?
4 there a thunderstorm last night?
5 There any cherries in the fridge.
6 There some cherries in the fridge yesterday.
7 How many planets there in the Solar System?
8 There 365 days in a year.
9 There a cinema in my town.
10 There enough snow to go skiing.

3 mountains
a river Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
a lake
a maze
a forest
a waterfall
a bridge
an old house
a castle

1 Complete the text using there is(nt) or there are(nt).

2 Complete the text using is(nt), are(nt), was(nt) or were(nt).
34 3 Look and write about the picture in your notebook. Use there is/there are and the words in the box.

366744 _ 0009-0034.indd 34 20/07/12 18:59


366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 35 18/07/12 16:33


366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 36 18/07/12 16:33

My pronunciation chart

Name: Class:

1 1
AHJK bed



QUW shark

IY eye

O bee

R two

snake bed Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

bee sea
two head
1 Look and say.
2 Say and match.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 37 18/07/12 16:33

Can you remember?

Name: Class:

1 1

read walk scissors Maths

dictionary eat English ruler
drink PE rubber Art

Verbs Classroom School

objects subjects

__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________

2 1 2 3 4 5

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Howard is good at Maths. T F

2 He isnt good at Spanish. T F
3 Sharon isnt good at Music. T F
4 She is good at Science. T F
5 Howard and Sharon are good at English. T F

1 Read and categorize.

2 Look and circle True (T) or False (F).

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 38 18/07/12 16:33

Out and about

Name: Class:

1 Jody Pablo

James Jake

play sing read dance play

1 James likes playing football.

2 Jake likes .
3 Pablo .
4 Ron .
5 Jody .

doesnt like
1 James _____________________ playing tennis.

2 Jody _____________________ dancing.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 Pablo _____________________ playing the guitar.

4 Jake _____________________ going to school.

5 Ron _____________________ watching TV.

1 What do they like doing? Look and write.

2 Look and complete. Use likes or doesn't like.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 39 18/07/12 16:33

Food and drink

Name: Class:

1 1

Food you can count Food you cant count

__________________ milk
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________
__________________ __________________

1 like / I / eating / watermelon.
I like eating watermelon.
2 is / There / some / cheese.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
3 There / any / arent / grapes.
4 bread / Is / there / any ?
5 are / some / There / apples.

1 Look and classify.

2 Put the words in order.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 40 20/07/12 19:02

Amazing animals

Name: Class:

1 Elephants are very light. Elephants are very heavy.

2 Cheetahs are very slow. ______________________________________
3 Whales are very small. ______________________________________
4 Giraffes are very short. ______________________________________

2 big fast long tall strong

1 Willie Whale is ___________ than Elvis Elephant.

2 Geraldine Giraffe is ___________ than Ozzy Ostrich.

3 Elvis Elephant is ___________ than Charlie Cheetah.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 Charlie Cheetah is ___________ than Terence Tiger.

5 Selma Snake is ___________ than Derek Dog.

1 Correct the mistakes.

2 Look and complete.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 41 20/07/12 19:02

Green city

Name: Class:

1 1
1 On Monday, Im going to walk to school.

2 On Tuesday, Im going to recycle newspapers.

3 On Wednesday, Im going to do exercise.

4 On Thursday, Im going to recycle bottles.

5 On Friday, Im going to have a shower,

not a bath.

1 going / to / Im / recycle / bottles
I'm going to recycle bottles.

2 Im / to / going / save / water

Im ______________________________.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 going / Im / have / showers / to


4 save / bags / plastic / going / Im / to


1 What is Peter going to do? Look and match.

2 What is Neil going to do? Put the words in order.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 42 18/07/12 16:33

Fantastic families

Name: Class:

In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening

wasn't at the park. He __________ at the supermarket.

1 In the morning, he __________
2 In the afternoon, he __________ at the airport. He __________ at the gym.
3 In the evening, he __________ at the library. He __________ at a restaurant with Aunt Agnes.

1 On Friday night, I (watch) TV.
3 2 My grandad (travel) around Mexico on a
2 motorbike when he was young.
1 W A T C H E D 3 On Saturday morning, we went to the zoo.
I (like) the lions the best, they were fantastic!
4 On Saturday afternoon, we (visit) my granny.
4 5 On Sunday, my cousin (play) football in
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
the park.

1 Where was Uncle Franz on Saturday? Complete with was or wasnt.

2 Complete the crossword. Write the Past Simple of the verbs.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 43 18/07/12 16:33


Name: Class:

1 Verb Past Simple

be was / were
take ______________
______________ had
go ______________
_______________ saw

Terence Tiger's holiday

This summer, Terence Tiger (go) 1__________ on holiday to Britain. First,
he (go) 2__________ to London. He (visit) 3__________ the British Museum and
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
London Bridge. He (take) 4__________ a lot of photos! Then he (travel) 5__________
to Scotland, by train. He went to Loch Ness, and (see) 6__________ the Loch Ness
Monster! After that he went to Manchester.
He (watch) 7__________ a football match. Manchester United (play) 8__________
Arsenal. Manchester was the winner! It (be) 9__________ fantastic!

1 Look and complete.

2 Read and complete.

366744 _ 0035-0044.indd 44 18/07/12 16:33


366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 45 18/07/12 16:36



366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 46 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 1 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 ch
cherry search choose chat much

2 1
chat chart
chop chip
3.28 3 4
chin chimp change chain

The ch crossword!

Down 2
2 You with friends on
the computer.
4 To select. 3

6 A country in Asia.
7 A red fruit. 5

1 How does it cost? 7

3 You the TV.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
5 You see, hear, smell, taste and
8 To put two things together,
for example:
pen ther
bro guin

1 Listen and repeat. 3.28
3 Complete the crossword.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 47 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 2 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 pl 1
3.29 3.31
pla yer plane planet ple a se Pluto
practice press prize professor programme

2 1
place praise
plant price
3.30 3 4
play pray plate print

3 1 I want a DVD player as a birthday 3


2 Press p to see the DVD.

3 The film was about aliens from

the p Mars.

4 I like watching music p on TV. P B T O L D E N T F Q

5 My mum is a gardener. She works with R L R N C P J O H N W
p . Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
6 P Plum scored 100% on the C W E H A N A K P I R
E I Z N X T W Q R R E 4
maths quiz show.
7 The King and Queen have a new baby. Her S N Z E R W F U Z L E
name is P Priscilla.
8 I won a in the competition! L P R O F E S S O R F

1 Listen and repeat. 3.30
3 Complete the sentences. Then, find the words
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. in the word search.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 48 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 3 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 gl cl pl bl
glass class plastic blend
gladiator clap plant blue
globe claw planet black
1 2
2 glass class blank plank
3.32 3 4
classic plastic clip flip

1 plastic / Our / recycles / class / glass / and


2 green / Put / container / the / in / the / glass

3 go / yellow / in / the / container / plastic / The / bottles

4 Give / extra water / the / the / flowers / to

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Listen and repeat. 3.32
3 Order the words to make sentences.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. 4 What are these objects made of?

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 49 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 4 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 e 1
3.33 3.35

builder baker teacher painter doctor

2 1
pasta faster
smaller shorter
3.34 3 4
history mystery interview in a few

3 1 2 3 4 5 2

6 7 8 9 10

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 B A K E R S S R M A K E P l P B R E A D A N D
P A I N T P O H O U S E S !

1 Listen and repeat. 3 Look at the tools. Then, write the job.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. 4 Cross out the extra letters to find the
50 sentence.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 50 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 5 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 sp
Spain Spanish spac e speed spe cia l
explorer express expensive explain
1 2
2 sport export spy expire
3.36 3 4
spell expel spore explore

3 1 How many ships from the Spanish Armada returned to Spain? (YGIEHT)
2 Christopher Columbus was one. (PLOEXRER)
3 This is a famous Spanish sportsman. (FARA LADNA)
4 This is a famous Spanish space explorer. (DPERO UEQDU)
5 A word to express way out. (XITE)

4 I spy with my little eye something beginning with...

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

s ex s

s s ex
1 Listen and repeat. 3.36
3 Read the clues. Unscramble the letters.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. 4 Look and complete the words.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 51 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 6 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 b 1
3.37 3.39

beach bird birthday boat boys buy

v 2
very vest vet van vote voice video 3.40

2 1
boys voice
boat vote 3
3.38 3 4
ban van best vest

3 10.00 Vet with Vincent the dog

9.00 Breakfast in bed

11.00 Paint butterfly blue and violet for Bens birthday card 10.00 Beach with Virginia
2.00 Buy Ben a black volleyball for his birthday present 11.00 Play volleyball on the beach
5.00 Bens birthday party 1.00 Lunch on blue boat

On Saturday morning On Sunday morning

Bob was at... Bob had...

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 On my birthday, I baked a 1
cake with my mum,

2 3 4
. My friend, gave me a
and my dad, , bought me a beautiful, blue

. I call it 7 !
1 Listen and repeat. 3.38
3 Work in pairs. What did Bob do last weekend?
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. 4 Complete the sentences. Invent names
52 beginning with B or V.

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Unit 7 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 y

years yes university yoga yoghurt

1 2
2 yet yeti yin yang
3.40 3 4
you dew Euro Europe

3 Record breakers of the dog world

1 Yupi eats the strangest food. He is 2.1 metres long.

2 Yogi is the biggest dog in Europe. He was 26 years old.

3 The most expensive dog is Yong Dong. She knows more than 1,000 tricks.

4 Yago is the smallest dog in the world. He is only 9 cm tall!

5 Yeti is the dog who knows the most tricks. She likes yoghurt and onions!

6 Yumiko, the worlds oldest dog died in He cost more than one million
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

York yesterday. euros.

1 2 3 4 5

1 Listen and repeat. 3.40
3 Match the sentences.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear. 4 Look and label the pictures.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 53 18/07/12 16:36

Unit 8 Phonics

Name: Class:

1 br

brother break broom breakfast brush

black blond blue blind blow blanket

2 1
broom bloom
brush blush
3.42 3 4
brew blue break Blake

3 Down 1

1 You use this on your hair. 2

2 Witches fly on this. 3
3 You eat this in the morning.
4 You put this on the bed when 4
you're cold.
6 The word to describe yellow hair.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE


1 The wind does this.
4 A boy in a family.
5 Chocolate is this colour.
6 The sky is this colour.

1 Listen and repeat. 3.41
3 Complete the crossword.
2 Listen and circle the word you hear.

366744 _ 0045-0054.indd 54 18/07/12 16:36


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 55 18/07/12 16:35

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 56 18/07/12 16:35
Spot the differences!
Student A

In my picture, there are three

plants on the bookcase.
In my picture, there are four
plants on the bookcase!

Student B

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

In my picture, there are three

plants on the bookcase.
In my picture, there are four
plants on the bookcase!

Work in pairs. Describe your picture to your partner and find 10 differences.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 57 18/07/12 16:35

Find someone who

Name Name Name

1 has a computer in
their bedroom?

2 searches the
internet for information?

3 listens to music on
the computer?

4 watches videos on
the computer?

5 chats to friends on
the computer?

6 can upload photos

onto the computer?

7 doesnt like using


8 uses the computer

to help with their

9 plays video games?

10 who knows the

address of the school Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE


Do you have a computer in your bedroom?

Yes, I do!

Do a class survey. Walk around the class and ask and answer questions. Then, talk about your results
with the class.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 58 19/07/12 8:07

Whats the question?

My name is Pedro. I like Maths and Art. Its eleven oclock.

Im listening to music. Im from Australia. David Beckham is

from England.

Hes wearing black

trousers and a I live in Barcelona. Im wearing jeans
yellow T-shirt. and a shirt.

Im 12 years old. My brother is nine My favourite sport is

years old. football.

Im from Australia. Whats the question?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Where are you from?

Work in pairs. Place the cards face down in a stack. Take turns to take a card and read out the answer.
Your partner says the question.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 59 18/07/12 16:35

Complete the crossword
Student A

2 5

3 C
Q 4 H
1 D O C U M E N T A R Y
Whats one across? S H
6 R O W
Its a programme about W
real events, for 8

example wild animals

7 R E M O T E C O N T R O L

Student B

2 5
S 3
P 4
1 O U N A
Whats one across? S S
6 C A R T O O N Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Its a programme about O

real events, for G 8

example wild animals R F

7 M L

Work in pairs. Ask your partner for the missing definitions to complete your crossword.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 60 18/07/12 16:35

Whats on TV?
Student A

TV guide

4.30 Who wants to be a millionaire? Whats on at

four oclock?
A cartoon!
5.45 Lions in Africa


7.00 News and weather


9.00 Mike and the guitars!

Student B

TV guide
4.00 The Simpsons

4.30 Whats on at
5.15 Football
four oclock?
A cartoon!
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6.30 Chat with Ann


7.30 Avatar


Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions to complete the TV guide.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 61 18/07/12 16:35


film film film

Alice in Wonderland 101 Dalmatians Kung Fu Panda

film film film

Robots The Lion King Happy Feet

film film film

The Incredibles Jungle Book Singing in the Rain

film film film

Black Beauty Toy Story
of the Caribbean

film film film

Monsters, Inc. The Muppets Mary Poppins

film film film

Night in the Museum Beauty and the Beast Finding Nemo

film film film Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Around the world

Cars Peter Pan
in 80 days

film film film

Snow White and
Wall.E Up
the Seven Dwarfs

Play charades. Work in groups. Place the cards face down in a stack. Take turns to take a card. Then,
mime the title for your group to guess. If a player guesses correctly, you both score a point. If there is
62 no correct guess, no points are scored. The player with the highest score wins!

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 62 18/07/12 16:35

Dont say it!

metal paper plastic bag

Dont say: Dont say: Dont say: Dont say:

can book bottle plastic

rubbish bottle box carton

Dont say: Dont say: Dont say: Dont say:

bin liquid cardboard milk

can recycle glass green

Dont say: Dont say: Dont say: Dont say:

drink reuse bottle colour

rainforest throw away oxygen bin

Dont say: Dont say: Dont say: Dont say:

forest rubbish gas rubbish

Its a container. It can be

made of plastic or glass.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
You can put water in it

Is it a bottle?


Work in pairs. Take turns to pick a card and think of a definition of the word for your partner to guess.
Do not say the words on the card!

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 63 18/07/12 16:35

Green quiz

How green are you?

1 Do you recycle paper?

a. Yes, always. b. Yes, sometimes. c. No, never.

2 Do you turn off the tap when you brush your teeth?
a. Yes, always. b. Yes, sometimes. c. No, never.

3 Do you usually have baths or showers?

a. I usually have baths. b. I usually have showers.

4 How do you go to school?

a. I usually go by car. b. I usually go by bus or train. c. I usually walk.

5 Do you reuse plastic bags?

a. Yes, always. b. Yes, sometimes. c. No, never.

6 Do you turn off the lights when you arent in your bedroom?
a. Yes, always. b. Yes, sometimes. c. No, never.

7 Have you got a reusable bottle for water?

a. No, I havent. b. Yes, I have.

8 Do you recycle cans?

a. Yes, always. b. Yes, sometimes. c. No, never.

Do you recycle paper?

Yes, always!
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 a. 3; b. 2; c. 1; 2 a. 3; b. 2; c. 1; 3 a. 1; b. 2; 4 a. 1; b. 2; c. 3; 5 a. 3; b. 2; c. 1; 6 a. 3; b. 2; c. 1; 7 a. 1; b. 2; 8 a. 3; b. 2; c. 1.

Amazing! Youre an excellent friend to our planet!

18 to 22 points

OK! Youre a friend to planet Earth but you can do more. Remember to be green every day.
13 to 17 points

Oh no! You arent green. Look at our amazing planet and make some green resolutions today!
8 to 12 points

Work in pairs. Ask your partner the questions and circle their answers. Then, calculate your scores.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 64 18/07/12 16:35

Earth Day role play

Group A

You are all different types of trees. What

type of tree are you? Are you happy where
you live? Are the water and the air clean?
What do you need to feel better?

Group B

You are all different types of animals from

Spain. What animals are you? Are you happy
where you live? Are the water and the air
clean? What do you need to feel better?

Group C

You are all different parts of nature: rivers,

mountains, lakes, the sea, etc. Are you happy
where you live? Are the water and the air
clean? What do you need to feel better?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Group D

It is Earth Day and you, the childrens council,

want to help Planet Earth. Listen to what the
trees, animals and other parts of nature say.
What you are going to do to help them?

Work in four groups. Prepare what you are going to say, and then act out your role.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 65 18/07/12 16:35

Guess the job!

taxi teacher

shop singer

vet nurse

waiter actor

doctor postman
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

firefighter chef

Work in groups of three or four. Place the 12 cards face down. One student picks a card and describes
the job. The others guess what it is. The first one to guess correctly wins the card and has the next
66 turn. The winner is the student with the most cards at the end of the game.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 66 18/07/12 16:35

What do you want to be?

Name: Job: Name: Job:

Why? Why?

Name: Job: Name: Job:

Why? Why?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a vet!


Because I like animals.

Do a class survey. Ask four friends and complete the table.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 67 18/07/12 16:35

A job interview
Student A
I need
I want to be...
a job!
I can...

I am good at...

Student B

o m e o ne
e e d s Job:
I n j ob!
fo r a Someone who can:

Someone who is good at:

My favourite people for the job:

Are you good at music? Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Yes, I can play the guitar.

Can you sing?

Yes, I love singing!

Student A is looking for a job. Student B wants someone for a job. Complete A and B. Work in groups.
Half the class are Group A, the other half are Group B. Bs interview As for a job, and then write their
68 favourite people for the job. Then, change roles.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 68 18/07/12 16:36

The history quiz

Student A

1 When did Christopher Columbus discover America?

a. 1492 b. 1592 c. 1692

2 Why was Leonardo da Vinci famous?

a. He was a famous painter. b. He was a famous poet. c. He invented pizza.

3 Who wrote El Quijote?

a. Jules Verne b. Roald Dahl c. Miguel de Cervantes

4 Who first walked on the Moon?

a. Neil Moonstrong b. Neil Armstrong c. Neil Legstrong

5 When did Michael Jackson die?

a. 2000 b. 2009 c. 2011

Answers: 1 a; 2 a; 3 c; 4 b; 5 b.

Student B

1 How old was Anne Frank when she died?

a. 12 b. 15 c. 18

2 Which of these famous composers was completely deaf?

a. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart b. Johann Sebastian Bach c. Ludwig van Beethoven

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 Who wrote the Harry Potter books?

a. J.K. Rowling b. Dr. Seuss c. William Shakespeare

4 Marie Curie made history when she became the first woman to receive which award?

a. an Oscar b. the Nobel Peace Prize c. The Pulitzer Prize

5 Who was the first black president of the USA?

a. Nelson Mandela b. George Bush c. Barack Obama

Answers: 1 b; 2 c; 3 a; 4 b; 5 c.

Work in pairs. Ask your partner the questions. The student with the most correct answers wins.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 69 18/06/15 11:52

Chinese whispers

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space.

In 1973 Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone.

Amundsen was the first person to travel to the South Pole.

In the year 79 the volcano Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Louise Boyd studied glaciers and Arctic plants in Greenland.

Mozart composed his first symphony when he was nine years old.

In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing climbed Everest.

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamens tomb.

Walt Disney invented Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Work in teams. Place the phrases face down on the table and stand in a line. The first student in line
reads a slip of paper and whispers the phrase to the next student. The last student says the phrase. If
70 the phrase is correct, your team scores a point. Repeat, changing positions.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 70 18/07/12 16:36

Guess who!

Gandhi Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe

Pablo Picasso Vincent van Gogh Cervantes

Walt Disney Marie Curie Anne Frank

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Frida Kahlo Queen Victoria Salvador Dal

Is it a man? Yes, it is.

Work in groups of 3 or 4. Student A chooses a famous person and Students B, C (and D) try to guess the
identity by asking questions. Student A can only answer yes or no. The student who guesses correctly
wins the game. Repeat, taking turns to choose a person. The player with the highest score wins. 71

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 71 18/06/15 11:52

My weekend!

do - did have - had see - saw

meet - met take - took send - sent

go - went buy - bought read - read

write - wrote run - ran play - played

Go! Last weekend I went to the beach.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

I think thats false!

Work in groups. Place the cards face down in a stack. Take turns to take a card. First, say the verb.
Then, say a true or false sentence about your last weekend using that verb. The rest of the group
72 guesses if the sentence is true or false. The player with the most correct guesses wins!

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 72 18/07/12 16:36

What did you do at the weekend?

I played on the computer I ate a big chocolate cake

I saw a snake!
all day. on Saturday.

I played football with

I ate five bananas. I went to the beach.
my granny.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

I saw a big spider in I saw a mouse in

I went fishing.
the bath! the kitchen!

Work in groups of 3 or 4. Place the phrases face down. Take a phrase and read it. Dont let anyone see! Now
you all talk about your weekend. Try and add your phrase naturally into the conversation so no one notices.
If you can, you score a point and take another phrase. The student with the most points wins. 73

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 73 18/07/12 16:36

Whats your alibi?
Group A

Some sports equipment disappeared on Saturday afternoon from the
local sports centre. You are suspects (they think it was you!). Explain
that you were at the cinema together and that you are innocent.

What film did you see?

How did you arrive at the cinema?
What time did you meet?
Did you eat any popcorn?
What did you do before the cinema?
What did you do after the cinema?

The police officer is going to interview you each separately. Be careful

or you will all go to prison if you dont give the same story!

Group B

Police officers
You think that these children have the sports equipment that disappeared
from the sports centre on Saturday afternoon. You are going to interview
them one by one to check they are telling the truth.

What film did you see?

Did you sit at the front or the back of the cinema?
What did you have to drink? What did your friends drink? Who paid Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

for the drinks? How much did they cost?

Was there a lot of publicity before the film started?
Were there many people in the cinema?
Did you like the film? Did your friends like the film?
What time did the film end?
How did you go back home: by bus, by car or on foot?

Invent more questions to try and catch the suspects!

Work in groups. Group A: you are suspects. Work together to establish your story. Group B: you are
police officers. Prepare your questions and invent some more to ask. When you are ready, work in pairs
74 and act out your role.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 74 18/07/12 16:36

Do the nature quiz!

Team A

1 What are the longest snakes in the world?

2 What are the biggest birds in the world?
3 Where do emperor penguins live?
4 What are the fastest animals on land?
5 What animal has the biggest ears?
6 Can emperor penguins swim?
7 How long is a giraffes tongue?
8 What are the fastest birds in the world?
9 How many arms does an octopus have?
10 How far can a kangaroo jump?

Team A: 1. pythons; 2. ostriches; 3. the Antarctic; 4. cheetahs; 5. the African elephant; 6. Yes, they can; 7. 40 centimetres; 8. falcons; 9. eight; 10. 7 metres.

Team B

1 What are the tallest animals in the world?

2 Which birds have the biggest wings?
3 Where do polar bears live?
4 What are the smallest birds in the world?
5 What are the fastest insects?
6 What do blue whales eat?
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
7 How long do giant tortoises live?
8 What do giraffes eat?
9 How many legs does a spider have?
10 Can emperor penguins fly?

Team B: 1. giraffes; 2. albatrosses; 3. the Arctic; 4. hummingbirds; 5. dragonflies; 6. krill; 7. 150 years; 8. acacia leaves; 9. eight; 10. No, they cant.

Work in teams. Ask and answer the questions. The team with the most correct answers wins.


366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 75 18/07/12 16:36

Top trumps!

giraffe lion
How tall are they? 6 metres How tall are they? 1.2 metres
How fast can they run? 60 km/hour How fast can they run? 60 km/hour
How long do they live? 25 years How long do they live? 14 years
Continents they live on: 1 Continents they live on: 1

cheetah crocodile
How tall are they? 0.8 metres How tall are they? 0.6 metres
How fast can they run? 100 km/hour How fast can they run? 10 km/hour
How long do they live? 15 years How long do they live? 45 years
Continents they live on: 1 Continents they live on: 4

wolf rhino
How tall are they? 0.85 metres How tall are they? 2 metres
How fast can they run? 55 km/hour How fast can they run? 50 km/hour
How long do they live? 15 years How long do they live? 45 years
Continents they live on: 1 Continents they live on: 2

ostrich camel
How tall are they? 2.5 metres How tall are they? 2.15 metres
How fast can they run? 60 km/hour How fast can they run? 65 km/hour
How long do they live? 40 years How long do they live? 45 years
Continents they live on: 1 Continents they live on: 2

rabbit kangaroo
How tall are they? 0.25 metres How tall are they? 2 metres
How fast can they run? 40 km/hour How fast can they jump? 50 km/hour
How long do they live? 2 years How long do they live? 6 years Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Continents they live on: 5 Continents they live on: 1

hippo horse
How tall are they? 1.5 metres How tall are they? 1.7 metres
How fast can they run? 30 km/hour How fast can they run? 48 km/hour
How long do they live? 50 years How long do they live? 30 years
Continents they live on: 1 Continents they live on: 5

Work in pairs. Put the cards face down and take a card each. The objective of the game is to 'trump'
the other player by having the best answer (the biggest, highest etc. value). Student A selects a
76 question. Both players answer, the player with the best answer wins both cards.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 76 18/07/12 16:36

Invent a new animal!

Name of animal:

Picture of your animal

Name of animal:

Picture of your partners animal

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

My animal has got a lions tail

and an elephants trunk

Work in pairs. Invent and draw a new animal, but dont let your partner see! When you are ready,
describe your animal for your partner to draw.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 77 18/07/12 16:36

Play the game!

What did you have
25 26
? Who wrote
Romeo and

for lunch yesterday? Juliet ?

? 24
Are you good
at Maths?
Miss a turn!
23 22
What time is it ?

13 14
? 15
What is the highest
mountain in the world?

Miss a turn!
12 11
Name five musical
is the
capital of

What did you do
1 2 3
on Saturday? Say and spell!

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 78 18/07/12 16:36

28 29 30
Go back What is
three spaces! the longest
Name 5 vegetables. snake?

21 Say and spell! 20 19

Say and spell!

16 Go
17 18
two spaces!
Name five fruits.

9 8 7
Where do Emperor
? ?
Where is the River Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

penguins live? Say and spell! Nile?

What did you have
5 6
Name five jobs. for breakfast today? What time is it ?

Work in groups. Throw the die and move your counter. The first player to the finish is the winner!

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 79 18/07/12 16:36

Play Pictionary!

broom flute magic wand

sword shield bow and


troll book goblin

of spells

mirror castle drawbridge

spear candelabra moat Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

wizard princess witch

Work in teams. Take turns to take a card and draw a picture of the word for the rest of your team to
guess. When someone guesses correctly, the person drawing and the person who guessed both score a
80 point. The student with the most points wins.

366744 _ 0055-0080.indd 80 18/07/12 16:36


366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 81 18/07/12 16:38


366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 82 18/07/12 16:38

The Film Club! Worksheet 1

Name: Class:

1 1
Why dont you for the
wild animals to the ?

with ,
inferior !

are you doing? Get away from
or youre going to be !

, were
the next Friday.

of you, !

These are of years old.
There are lots of here.

2 1 worrm
5 bridbge
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
2 healmet
6 reggistration number
3 newsspaper
7 woodds
4 raye gun

are in danger!

1 Look at the story and complete.

2 Circle the extra letters and use them to complete the sentence.

366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 83 18/07/12 16:38

The Film Club! Worksheet 2

Name: Class:

1 1 1 2
2 1


3 4 1 1

2 2

1 A week later, Kim and Anita go and talk to 2 Anita and Ben are editing the film, while Mark
Vince Crawly. and Kim look for more information about
Crawly Construction.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 That evening, Anita and her dad are 4 Kims neighbour is Mrs. OBrien. Shes a vet
watching a wildlife programme on TV. and works in Newfords animal clinic.

1 Look and complete the crosswords.

2 Look and correct the mistakes

366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 84 20/07/12 19:05

The Film Club! Worksheet 3

Name: Class:

1 Help the badger get home!

1 What 2 Take 3 Say 4
is a young two turns! the word!

Miss 8 Say 7 Say 6 Say 5

a turn! the word! seven things the word!
you can do with

How 9 10 Say 11 Take 12

many worms Say the word! two turns!
can a badger eight jobs!
eat in a year?

Say 16 15 Take 14 Say 13

the word! Whats a two turns! eight types
badgers home of T V
called? programmes!
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Say 17 Miss 18 Say 19 20

the word! a turn! the word!

1 Work with a partner. Play the game.


366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 85 18/07/12 16:38

The Film Club! Worksheet 4

Name: Class:

v c b

s h r

w n b

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

p f s

b w r n

1 Look and complete.


366744 _ 0081-0086.indd 86 18/07/12 16:38

and writing

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 87 18/07/12 16:38


366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 88 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 1 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

s! Hi, Thomas!

Can I be your new pen friend? Im Edward. My friends call me Ed.


I live near Newcastle, in England, with my parents and my six-year-old

sister, Susan. I live in a place called Heaton, near Newcastle University.
If you want to write to me, my address is: 16, Hill Street, Heaton,
Newcastle upon Tyne, England. If you want to email me, my email
address is
Newcastle is a busy city and theres a lot to do. There is a big shopping
centre called Eldon Square with cinemas, shops and restaurants. I
sometimes go there at the weekend with my family. I save my pocket money
to buy video games there too.
My birthday is on the fifteenth of October. My hobbies are playing the
guitar and football. I support Newcastle United. My favourite player is
Andy Carroll.
What about you? Where do you live? Whats your address? What are
your hobbies? What sport do you like?
Looking forward to hearing from you,

1 What do Edwards friends call him? 5 What does Edward like to buy?

2 Where does Edward live? 6 When is Edwards birthday?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 What is his address? 7 What football team does he support?

4 What is his email address? 8 Who is his favourite footballer?

2 To: Ed<>

From: Thomas

1 Answer the questions about the letter.

2 You are Thomas. Answer Edwards letter in your notebook.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 89 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 2 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 22nd June, 2012 07:51 AM 1

My dog is a miniature schnauzer. His name is Sooty. Sooty is five months
old and we feed him dog food twice a day. Its bad for miniature
schnauzers to eat leftovers so we dont give him any of our food. I brush
Sooty twice a day to keep him clean. I love my dog.
Sophie, 12

24th June, 2012 12:26 PM

Cleaning your aquarium
If you dont keep your aquarium clean it can be bad for your fish. Here is how I keep my aquarium clean:
Keep the water at the correct temperature.
Scrape3 the algae off the
Clean the gravel1 with a siphon tube2.
sides of the aquarium.

1 2 3
If you do all these things your fish will be healthy and happy!
Mark, 12

1st July, 2012 18:41 PM

Did you know??? (Jenny, 10 years old)
Your canarys feathers weigh more than its skeleton.
Max is the most popular name for a dog in the UK, USA and Australia.
The worlds first astronaut was a dog called Laika!
Cats spend nearly 30 % of their lives grooming themselves.

Your cats heart beats twice as fast as your heart. 4

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
1 Sophies family gives the dog food from their table. True False
2 Sophie brushes her dog twice a day. True False
3 You need to keep the aquarium water cold. True False
4 You need to scrape the gravel off the sides of the aquarium. True False
5 A canarys skeleton weighs more that its feathers. True False
6 The worlds first astronaut was a dog. True False

1 Read and then circle True or False.

2 Add your own pet advice to your notebook.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 90 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 3 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 The three Rs R e u se
The first Earth Day was on the 22nd of April, 1970, in the USA. Today,

Re d u
over 500 million people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. On Earth

c le

Day we think about how we can care for our planet. There are three words

to remember and they all begin with R!

Reduce means to use less. We can use less water by having a quick
shower. We can use less fuel by not taking the car and walking.
Reuse means to use again. We can use paper on both sides. We can give
clothes that dont fit, or sports equipment we dont use, to other people.
Recycle means to make something new, out of something old. We can
make natural fertilizer from organic leftovers, it helps plants and flowers to
grow. There are recycling points in every town. We can take our plastic,
glass and paper there to be recycled.

1 When was the first Earth Day? 4 Why is it a good idea to have quick showers?

2 What do we think about on Earth Day? 5 What can we do with organic leftovers?

3 What does reduce mean? 6 Is there a recycling point in your town?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

2 At home At school In my town
electricity: Always fill the
Reduce washing machine.



1 Read and answer the questions.

2 Write ideas about how you can help reduce, reuse and recycle.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 91 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 4 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 Unusual Jobs 1
Dan Osbaldeston works at castles and museums all over England. He
studied History at university. His job is very unusual, he is a court jester.
He wears a big jesters costume and a jesters hat with bells. When he is
working he plays the pipes (a), juggles (b) and walks around on stilts (c).
He tells stories and jokes and explains history to tourists. His character is
called Thomas Fool.

Diego Zeman works in the circus. His father is Brazilian and his mother is
Hungarian. They were acrobats in the circus. Diego started training on the
trapeze (d) when he was 8. Every day he works in Cottle and Austen
Circus. He is a human cannonball. He climbs into the cannon and it is filled
with air at high pressure. Then Diego flies through the air and falls in a
safety net (e). A model of Diego is fired first to make sure everything is safe.

a b c d e

1 Dan Osbaldeston works in a theatre. True False 2

2 He studied History at university. True False
3 When he is working, he wears a shirt and tie. True False
4 When he is working, he walks on stilts. True False
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
5 Diego Zemans parents are Spanish. True False
6 He works in a circus. True False
7 He started training when he was six. True False
8 His model version flies first. True False

2 Where do you work? What do you wear? Who do you work with?
When do you work? What do you do? Why do you like it?

1 Read and circle True or False.

2 Imagine you have an unusual job, write about it in your notebook. Use the information in the box
92 to help you.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 92 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 5 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 Inventions The zip

Everywhere you look there are objects that make your life
easier: phones, cars, even this book youre reading now! All
these things were invented by people called inventors.
Inventions can be very simple, like the zip on your coat or very
big and important, like the printing press.
Gideon Sundback invented the zip in Canada, in 1913. They
used the first zips for boots. By 1930 they were put into clothes too.
Imagine life without zips!
Johannes Gutenberg, from Mainz, in Germany invented the printing
press in 1436. This invention changed the world. Before the printing
press all books were copied by hand. Gutenberg produced the worlds
first printed book, the Gutenberg Bible, in 1454. After this invention,
people could find out more about the world. The printing press

1 Who invented the zip? 3 Who invented the printing press?

2 When was the zip invented? 4 What was the first printed book?

2 Aeroplanes/peoples lives/go on holiday:
Aeroplanes changed peoples lives because...

2 Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Television/peoples lives/see world news:

Telephones/peoples lives/talk to people:

1 Read and answer the questions.

2 Write about how these inventions changed peoples lives.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 93 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 6 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 Hi Paul,
Wait until I tell you what happened last weekend. It was my 11th birthday. I wanted to have
my birthday party in the Fun Palace at the shopping centre. I go there every year with my
friends. We play with the foam balls, and then we have cake and fizzy drinks.
I invited 16 people from my class and we all arrived at five oclock. My mum wanted to pay
to go in but the monitor said that we were too old! The palace is for children up to the age of
10 only!
Luckily there was a bowling alley in the shopping centre. I invited my friends to the bowling
alley and when we finished, we went to a restaurant and we had hamburgers and colas. We
ate cake in school on Monday. It was fantastic!
See you soon,

1 How old was Danny last weekend? 4 What time did they arrive at the Fun Palace?

2 Where did he want to have his birthday party? 5 Where did Danny finally invite his friends?

3 How many people did Danny invite? 6 What did they do after the bowling alley?

2 1
Hi, . Do you this weekend?
Sure! to meet?
What about afternoon?
4 Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
OK, Saturday is a good day. and do you want to meet?
Lets meet at pm next to . 2
Great! Do you or to the bowling alley?
I prefer because .
Me too. Lets Fruit and Fun after and eat .

1 Read and answer the questions.

2 Look at the information. Then, complete the text messages. Use your imagination!

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 94 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 7 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

1 Record breakers!
Longest domino course
89 domino builders from 14 different countries constructed the worlds biggest
domino course with 4,800,000 dominoes! 4,491,863 dominoes fell on the
13th of November in the Netherlands.
Biggest Lego car
The biggest Lego car was built in Chicago by Lego designers. They used
650,000 Lego components and worked for 5,500 hours to design and build the
car. It was as big as a real one!
Smallest book
The worlds smallest book is Joshua Reicharts ABC picture book. It measures
2.4 x 2.9 millimetres. It was made in Germany in the year 2000 and it has 32 pages.
Longest paperclip chain
The longest paperclip chain was made by Thomas Paul, in Germany, in 1992.
He made it in the school holidays! It was 2,500 metres long and he used
111,000 paperclips.
Biggest Hot Wheels car collection
Michael Zarnock, from the USA, has the biggest Hot Wheels model car
collection in the world. He started collecting in 1968 and now he has 8,100.
He also writes books about the cars.

1 The 14 people who created a course of 4 million dominoes were from the Netherlands.
2 All the dominoes in the domino course fell.
3 The longest paperclip chain was made in Germany.
4 Michael Zarnock collects Hot Wheels cars.
5 The worlds smallest book is less than one centimetre in size.
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Facts about my class

car football
shortest oldest Daniella has got the biggest
brother/sister pet
youngest fastest tortoise in the class!
hair feet
longest biggest

1 Read and write True (T) or False (F).

2 Write in your notebook about the people in your class. Use the words in the circles to help you.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 95 18/07/12 16:38

Unit 8 Reading and writing

Name: Class:

a Peter is eleven. He likes the sea and enjoys b Sarah is seven. She is in year two of primary
films about pirates and adventure. He is a school. She is very good at Maths but she is
good student and well organized. not as good at reading and writing.
c Jenny is eight. She has dolls tea parties and d John is twelve. He loves doing puzzles and
all her dolls talk. She is good at drawing and solving problems. He likes to read fantasy
painting. books like The Lord of the Rings.

1 Juless underground rescue

A whole world exists underground! Here you are an adventurer called
Jules, and you need to rescue the princess from Klimbon, the evil king of
the underground, and bring her back to the real world. You need to cross
dangerous bridges, go through mazes and use all your skill to go from
level to level.

2 Battleships
This is an exciting computer game for ten to twelve year olds. You need to
organize your ships and sail through dangerous seas, fighting with pirates
and other enemies.

3 My little village
Create your own village. Give it a name! Build streets and houses! Create
families! This is a beautifully designed game for children of eight and over.
Its fun and you can be very creative.

4 Say and spell

This is an educational game for 6 to 8 year olds. It shows you different word
families. The digital teacher, Miss Kate, says the word and you spell it. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
Younger children have great fun learning to spell!

2 The Horrible Hotel

voices help! secret room
Last year my family and I decided to go on holiday
making false money
to an island near Scotland. We stayed in a hotel
sad people working very rich
called T he Happy House. The owner of the hotel,
1 Match the child to the computer game.
2 Using your imagination, write the rest of the story in your notebook. Include some, or all, of the
96 words in the box.

366744 _ 0087-0096.indd 96 18/07/12 16:38


366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 97 18/07/12 16:21


366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 98 18/07/12 16:21

Diagnostic Test

Name: Class:

Kirsty: Hi, this is Good Morning radio and Im with Billy. Introduce yourself, Billy!
Billy: Hello, my name is Billy Clements, from Edinburgh, Scotland.
: Billy, tell me more about you. Whens your birthday?
: Its on the 1 .
: And do you have any brothers or sisters?
: Yes, I have a baby 2 .
: Great and what are you good at?
: Im good at 3 and 4 .
: Do you have any pets?
: Yes, I have two 5 , one called Pixie, and the other Dixie.
: Really, and what do you want to be?
: I want to be a 6 .

Hi James,
Thank you for your letter, it was very interesting. Now its my turn!
I will be 12 on the 1 .
I live in 2 .
I havent got any brothers or sisters but I have 3 and a 4 .
Im good at 5 and 6 .
I want to be a 7 . What do you want to be, James?
See you soon!
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 2 3 5 7

4 6

1 Listen and complete the conversation.
2 Janet sends James an email with her information. Look at the pictures and complete the email.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 99 18/07/12 16:21

Diagnostic Test

Name: Class:

3 1
Hi Gran,
Dear Mum and Dad, 1
Im having a great time. I swim Its fantastic here. During
every day but the jellyfish the day we go horse riding, 1.15
are a little dangerous. I found trekking, climbing, canoeing
a sharks tooth this morning. and play games. At night we
Im also trying different cook sausages, tell stories
foods. I love octopus! Mrs Campbell Mr and Mrs Brown
and sing songs. I love it.
10, Brown St 40, Spring Road
Love See you on Saturday!
Glasgow G33 21Z London WC1 46T
Scotland Love you, England

3 Hello Uncle Jack, 4

Im very happy here. Everything I am having a nice relaxing summer
is very green and beautiful in my garden! Every morning
here, although it rains a lot. I play football with my friends. In
There are lots of different the evening I take my dog for
types of trees, some of them a walk in the park with my mum Ann Armstrong
are more than 500 years old. Jack Armstrong 4, Orange Road
and we have an ice cream.
5, West Lane London BC4 986F
Best wishes See you at school.
Brighton BN21 21B Belfast
England Northern Ireland

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Paul Dan Diane Colin

1 Paul was at the seaside. 2 Dan was in a forest.

3 Diane was at summer camp. 4 Colin was at home.

3 Read and match the postcards to the texts.

4 Who was where? Write the names on the postcards from Activity 3.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 100 18/06/15 11:53

Unit 1 Test

Name: Class:

1 Chats with Looks at websites Sends Listens Watches

1.15 friends for homework emails to music videos






1 2 3 4 5

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Archie

2 Minnie

3 Eric

4 Dana

5 David

1 What activities do the children do on the computer? Listen and tick.
2 Look at the pictures and say what the children are doing now.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 101 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 1 Test

Name: Class:

1 Archie / listen / music? a

3 1
2 Minnie / send / emails? a

3 Eric / eat / pizza? a

4 David and Eric / chat / internet? a

5 Dana / use / computer? a

4 1 We have English three times a week, teachers name is Peter.

2 Two students didnt do English homework.

3 The name of students book is Beep.

4 My sister and I are Scottish, but father is from England. 2

5 David and Dana are in year 6. little brother Dale, is in year 3.

Do you have a computer?

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Have you got an email address? What is it?

Write 3 things that you use the computer for:

3 Write Present Continuous questions in a, using 4 Read and write our or their.
the words to help you. Look at the pictures 5 Now write about you.
102 in Activity 2 again and give short answers in b.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 102 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 2 Test

Name: Class:

Mum Dad Patricia George Maggie
The news
Quiz shows
5 Sports
6 Music

2 A B C D E

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

I recommend:

a My mums young and she loves singing .

b On Monday, Maggie has an exam about

c Patricia has no money but she wants to go to the

d George has a new

e Dad and his friends want to watch

1 Listen and tick what they watch.
2 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Then, recommend programmes (1-7 from Activity
1) for them. 103

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 103 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 2 Test

Name: Class:

3 1
4 Film: Harry Potter 4 Cartoon fun 1.34
5:30 How to train your dog 5 Natural Forests
6 News at 6 6 What? Where? Who?
6:50 The weather 6:30 Film: Star Wars
7 100 questions 8 Chat with Jan
8 The Simpsons 8:30 Song of the Year
9 Newsweek 9 All Sports night
10 Football: Spain vs Scotland 10 Rock and roll!

1 A cartoon: 4 The news:

2 A programme about animals: 5 A quiz show:

6 A chat show:

3 A documentary about trees: 7 A music programme:

8 A sports programme:

4 Life is difficult with my brother!

I1 (like) documentaries but he 2 (not like)

them. He 3 (like) music programmes but I

(not do). Last Saturday I 5 (want) to watch the film

at 4 oclock but he 6 (want) to watch cartoons. I 7 (can

not watch) Newsweek because now he 8 (watch) All Sports Night. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

I9 (want) another brother. 10 (you want) my brother?

5 1 How many hours a week do you watch the TV?

2 You can watch the TV for 3 hours. Look at the TV pages, choose the programmes you want to

see and say why.

3 Look at the TV pages for Saturday. Give an example of each type of programme.
4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verb (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple).
1045 Now write about you.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 104 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 3 Test

Name: Class:

1 1 2 3

4 5

6 7

8 9

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

2 1 They are going to watch television tomorrow. True False

2 They are going to recycle paper. True False

3 They are not going to cycle to school. True False

4 They are going to have a bath. True False

5 They are going to take their gloves to school to plant a tree. True False
1 Listen and tick the actions the teacher says.
2 What is Bens class going to do for Earth Day? Circle True or False.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 105 20/07/12 19:08

Unit 3 Test

Name: Class:

3 a b c d e

f g h i

er cansan
pap s
and glas d
ard only plastics
cardbo on ! !
ly! only

1 Ben (recycle) all his rubbish.

2 Ben (not leave) the lights on.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 Ben (walk) to school every day.

4 Ben (not use) plastic bags.

5 Ben (have) showers not baths.

5 1

3 Put each object in the correct container and say what it is made of.
4 Read and complete Bens plans for next week using is/isnt going to.
1065 Now write about you. Write three things you are going to do for Earth Day.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 106 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 4 Test

Name: Class:

Likes Wants to be a





2 a b c d e

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 This person makes food in a restaurant.

2 This person helps animals when they are ill.

3 This person works in an office. He/She draws plans for buildings.

4 This person makes beautiful paintings.

5 This person works in a laboratory and investigates.

1 Listen and complete the chart.
2 Read and match the definition to the photo. Then, write the job below the photo.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 107 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 4 Test

Name: Class:

1 David is a chef. He (work) in a big restaurant at weekends. At the moment

3 1
he (make) lasagna.
2 Danny is a . He (love) animals. At the moment he

(look) after an ill horse.

3 Billy is a . He (get up) at 7 and (drive)

to work every day. Now he (work) in the laboratory with mice.

4 I am an .I (like) my job. I (work) from

home. At the moment I (paint) a picture of a famous person.

5 I am an .I (go) to work by bus. I like making designs.

Now I (design) a plan for a shopping centre.

4 Im going to ask you some questions.

get up/you/What time/do?
go/How do/to school/you?
like doing/do you/What?
do/What/want/you/to be?
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Answer the judges questions. 2


3 Read and complete (write the job and use the correct tense).
4 Unscramble the questions. Then, write about you.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 108 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 5 Test

Name: Class:

Job Born Died Nationality

nun Albanian/Indian

1907 1954

1867 Polish

1819 1901

1890 British

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Mother Teresa was eighty-seven when she died. True False

2 Frida Kahlo was Spanish. True False

3 Marie Curie was a famous scientist. True False

4 Queen Victoria died before Marie Curie. True False

5 Agatha Christie was born in nineteen ninety-nine. True False

1 Listen and complete the chart.
2 Circle True or False.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 109 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 5 Test

Name: Class:

3 Jobs: inventor sailor astronaut artist explorer 1

Verbs: walk paint sail invent discover
1 Diego Velzquez was a Spanish , he Las Meninas.

2 Christopher Columbus was a famous . They say he America.

3 Sinbad the had fantastic adventures when he the seven seas.

4 Neil Armstrong was a famous , he on the moon in 1969.

5 John Logie Baird was a Scottish . He the television.

4 Name: Anne Frank

Born: 12 th June 1929, Germany
Nationality: German until 1941 (After 1941 she had no nationality)
Family: Mum and dad, and one sister called Margot
Lived in: Amsterdam, Holland 1933- 1944
Religion: Jewish
Hobbies: Watching films and writing
Died: March 1945, aged 15 in Nazi Germany
Famous for: Her diary

1 Anne Frank a Jewish girl, born on the 12th of June 1929, in Germany.

2 Her nationality was until 1941.

3 She in Amsterdam from 1933 to 1944.

4 She one sister called Margot.

5 She in 1945, she 15 years old. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

5 I was born on .

My nationality is .

I started school in .

I started learning English .

My hobbies are .

3 Complete the sentences with words from the box. Put the verbs in the correct tense.
4 Read and complete the information about Anne Franks life.
110 5 Now write about you.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 110 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 6 Test

Name: Class:

1 On Saturday On Sunday

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Listen, and put the pictures in order.


366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 111 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 6 Test

Name: Class:

2 Saturday: play make 1

dance cycle 2.31
Sunday: want walk
love do play Saturday Sunday
9 am: basketball match 10 am: tennis
11 am: make biscuits with mum 1 pm: picnic
5 pm: cycle to friends house 3 pm: cycle home
9:30 pm: disco 7 pm: do homework

On Saturday morning, I 1 basketball and then I 2

biscuits with my mum. After lunch I 3 6 kms to see my friends. That night there

was a disco and I 4 for hours.

On Sunday, I 5 tennis and then I 6 to the village to buy bread for

lunch. In the evening I 7 my homework. I 8 the weekend but I was

tired and I 9 to sleep early on Sunday. What a busy weekend!

3 1 Saturday morning / Lucy / did / What / do / on / ? walk football basketball

2 village / to / Lucy / cycle / the / Did / ? Yes, she did. No, she didnt.

3 dance / did / Where / Lucy / ? at the disco at the friends house

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 Where / Lucy / did / bread / buy / ? the village the town


4 At the weekend

2 Look at Lucys diary and complete. Use the correct tense.

3 Unscramble and write the questions about Lucys weekend. Circle the answers.
1124 Now write about you. What did you do last weekend?

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 112 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 7 Test

Name: Class:

Nature News

1 The animal with the longest neck is

(my answer)

(Nature News)

2 The animal with the biggest ears is

(my answer)

(Nature News)

3 The heaviest animal is

(my answer)

(Nature News)

4 The smelliest animal is

(my answer)

(Nature News)

5 The most dangerous animal is

(my answer)

(Nature News)
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Cheetahs (be/fast) .
2 Albatrosses (have/big/wings) .
3 Blue whales (be/heavy) .
4 Ostriches (have/big/egg) .
5 Hummingbirds (be/small) .

1 Read and complete. Then, listen and check.
2 Write superlative sentences about the animals. Use the words (in parentheses) to help you.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 113 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 7 Test

Name: Class:

Nature News
3 1

Nature's true record breakers

Tilman is the fastest skateboarding dog.

Ossupo is the highest jumper in the horse world. In 2008 he jumped

2.47 metres.

Snowball, the cockatoo, is the best dancer in the bird world. Two
million people have downloaded a video of her dancing on the internet.

Nora is the most creative cat in the world. She plays the piano.

Comet is the most intelligent goldfish ever. 2

1 Tilman can skateboard. True False

2 Ossupo cant jump 1.5 metres. True False

3 Snowball downloaded a video of two million people. True False

4 Nora can create music. True False

5 Comet is more intelligent than humans. True False

4 longest biggest heaviest highest

1 What is the mountain in the world? a giraffe

2 What is the animal in the world? b Pacific

3 What animal has the neck in the world? c Everest

4 What is the ocean in the world? d blue whale

3 Read Nature News and then circle True or False.

4 Complete the sentences with words from the box. Then, match.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 114 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 8 Test

Name: Class:

1 1 Wizards cave

2 Black river
3 Speaking tree

4 Scary house

5 Maze

6 Spider path

7 Dragons cave

8 Dark forest

9 Internet caf

10 Trolls bridge

2 1 Are / Is there any snakes?

Yes, there are some
snakes in the forest.
2 Is / Are there a troll anywhere?

Yes, there is a troll

on the bridge.
3 Are there any / some spiders?

Yes, there are lots of

spiders on Spider path. Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
Is there a monster?
4 No, there arent / isnt any monsters, but
there is / are a dragon in Dragons cave.
Is there a wizard?
5 Yes, there is / are a wizard
on top of the mountain.

Are there any witches? 6 No, there arent

any / some witches.

1 Listen and label the picture.
2 Read and circle the correct option.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 115 18/07/12 16:21

Unit 8 Test

Name: Class:

3 Good at Sue Dave 1

Music IT
subjects Science Maths
swimming swimming
Hobbies loves nature archery
dancing learning Spanish

a Sue and Dave are good at so they swim across the Black river at night.
The troll doesnt see them. In the morning, they see the speaking tree.
b Dave is top of his class at . In the internet caf, Dave learns how to escape
from the computer game. The game is over!
c Sue nature and she can talk to the speaking tree. The tree tells her to go along
Spider path first, then follow a bee through the maze to the exit.
d Sue and Dave are playing a virtual reality game. They are in Dragons cave. Sue is good at
. She plays the harp so well that the dragon falls asleep and they can leave the
cave. They can see there is a river.
e Sue and Dave get out of the maze. They are next to the scary house. They love sport and they
are good at . They run very fast past the scary house to the internet caf.
f They find lots of spiders along Spider path. Dave is very good at . He uses

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

his bow and arrows to scare the spiders. They arrive at the maze and follow the bee.

What are you good at? What can you do to escape the game?

3 Look at the information in the chart and complete the sentences. Then, put the sentences in order
to help Sue and Dave escape the game. Finally, answer for you.

366744 _ 0097-0120.indd 116 18/07/12 16:21

End of year Test

Name: Class:

1 This is Justin Brown. He's a singer. You're going to learn all about him and his friends.

2.42 Home Gallery Bio Fanclub

Justin Brown was born in

JUSTIN BROWN Official website

Born 13th April a b

Liverpool, UK

6 years old

c d
8 years old

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

12 years old

e f
14 years old

17 years old

1 Listen and put the pictures in order.


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End of year Test

Name: Class:

2 a. Unscramble the questions to ask Justin what he did at the weekend. 3

1 did you/morning/What/on Saturday/do/?

2 you/dance/on Saturday/Did/night/?

3 at the weekend/any/sports/you/Did/play/?

4 on Sunday/you/What/at 6 pm/did/do/?

b. Look at Justins diary. Use the information to write an article for the school magazine, using the
correct tense.

Saturday Sunday 4
10 am - Watch video of concert 10 am - Play tennis with Tanya
2 pm Pizzeria with mum and dad 12 am Walk dog with Danny
6 pm - Watch TV with friends 6 pm Listen to his new CD
10pm Dance at Starlight disco 8pm Travel by train to London
Park School Magazine

Exclusive: Justin Browns weekend Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

On Saturday morning Justin Brown .

In the evening he and then .

On Sunday morning he

and . On Sunday evening he

CD and then

to London. He weekend!

2 Interview Justin for the school magazine.


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End of year Test

Name: Class:

3 Monday
On Monday, Justins mother phones him
9 am Wake up
many times but he is very busy and he
cant speak. Look at his diary for 10 am Do interview for Star magazine
Monday to see what he is doing when 11 am Prepare new CD
his mum phones. 12:30 pm Lunch with manager
4 pm Fly to New York

1 At 8 am he is .

2 At 10:20 am

3 At 11:10 am

4 At 12:45 pm

5 At 5 pm

a b c d

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Justin was good at music at school and now he is a singer. e
What do you think Justins school friends want to be?
1 Danny is good with animals. He loves horses and dogs.

2 Chris loves the sea and he is good at swimming and sailing.

3 Blake loves cooking and experimenting with food.

4 Charles likes taking photographs and is good at art.

5 Tanya is good at all sports. Her favourite subject is PE.

3 Look at the information and answer.

4 Label the different jobs. Then, match the people to the jobs.

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End of year Test

Name: Class:

5 On Saturday evening Justin watched TV with his friends. Unscramble the words to see what type of
TV programmes his friends want to see.
1 Tanya wants to see a 3 Blake wants to see a

(crtnaoo). (hcat oshw).

2 Danny wants to see a 4 Chris wants to see a

(izuq whos). (aonudcemtyr).

6 Chris wins and they watch the documentary Animal Record Breakers. Here are the answers, now write
the questions.

1 ? The cheetah

2 ? The ostrich

3 ? The giraffe

4 ? The hummingbird

5 ? The emperor penguin

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

7 What type of TV programmes do you like?
Who is your favourite singer?
What do you want to be?
What are you going to do in the summer?

What are you going to do to help the Earth?

5 Unscramble the words. 7 Write about you.

6 Write the questions to the answers.

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Mystery Island DVD worksheet 1

Name: Class:

1 Star looks through a telescope
The old man meets Star
on the .
and sees the .

4 Jenny works in the .

3 The people on the island give Avril a
Her surname is .

special .

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6 Lord Polidoor was a .

He lived in the .
Leo wants to listen to
during the holidays.

1 Read and complete the sentences.


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Mystery Island DVD worksheet 2

Name: Class:

1 1

1 2
Avril doesnt want to The doesnt point
play to the door. The
during the holidays. points to the door.
She wants to .

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 4
The man doesnt want to Jenny doesnt want to open
build a . a . She wants to
He wants to build a . open a .

1 Look at the pictures. Then, find the mistakes and write.


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Mystery Island DVD worksheet 3

Name: Class:

1 1 5

c u o m p a s s e p u o c s h

2 6 9

s w a o r e d i a s l a m n d m a j g i c i e a n

3 7 10

m n e i s t s h t a i r p s s u o r p r i e s e d

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 8

t a o w h e r t e l e i s c o p e e

1 Cross out the two extra letters and write the words.


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Mystery Island DVD script
Narrator: This is the village of Polcastle. Its in Narrator: But there isnt an island in the sea! The old
Cornwall. man is very happy. Why?
Its early morning. The sun is rising. There is a mist Star: Huh?
coming in from the sea. The town is waking up.
Old man: You should take the telescope and find the
The old man is on the beach, looking out to sea. He is island.
Later that morning, Star, Avril and Leo are in the
Narrator: It is starting to rain. Star runs back to
village caf, Tea and Books. It is the first day of their
Polcastle village.
holidays in Polcastle. They are talking about their
plans. Star: Wow! A magic telescope! An invisible island!

Jenny: What are your plans for the holidays? Narrator: In the caf, Tea and Books, Star tells her
friends about the telescope and the island she saw in
Avril: To paint.
the sea.
Star: I want to play on the beach.
Star: The people asked for help!
Leo: To listen to music.
Avril: There isnt an island!
Leo: Its your imagination again!
After lunch, Star goes down to the beach to play. She
loves stories. Shes got a lot of imagination
Narrator: There is an old story of an island
Star: Look out, sea monster! Ive got my sword!
Jenny: Where is that book?
Star: Now I can see
Narrator: Suddenly, Star sees an old man in front of
her. Leo: We can see the pouring rain! Ha, ha!

Star: Oh! Hello! Avril: Stop playing games, Star!

Old man: Hello!

Narrator: And in the Middle Ages there was a castle

Narrator: The old man shows Star a beautiful, old Jenny: Look! You should go to the castle and find the
telescope door.

Old man: Look through the telescope. What can you Star: Avril, Leo, please come with me!
see? Avril: Oh, all right then! Come on, Leo.
Leo: OK, OK.
Narrator: Star looks at the sea through the telescope.
She is very surprised!
Narrator: Later that afternoon, they leave Polcastle
Village Leader: Help us! village. They find the castle, but there is no door in
Star: I can see an island, a man asking for help, and a the wall.
road! Avril: Lets go back. Im tired.
Old man: Good! Star: In the telescope it was sunny! Lets wait!


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Mystery Island DVD script
Narrator: They wait for the sun. Narrator: But there is a problem. Someone wants to
destroy the castle.
Star: Look! I saw this through the telescope! Lets go
down the steps. Ive got a torch! Leader: If they destroy the castle, there is no magic
no island.
Avril: Oh! Come on, then!
Leaders wife: Can you help us, children?

Narrator: They follow a dark passageway under the

castle, down and down, past the dungeons, until Narrator: The children want to help, but how? The
oh, no! people give the children some special presents
Leo: Stop! Stop! Leader: A special book
Avril/Star: Aargh! Leaders wife: A special compass
Avril: We cant get down there! Leader: A special sword
Star: No, wait the telescope!
Star: We can help!
Narrator: Star looks through the telescope again. Leo: How can we help?
Star: Lets wait for low tide. Avril: What can I do?
Avril: What?
Leo: When the sea goes out, thats low tide Narrator: The children go back up through the
passageway under the castle. They come out of the
Avril: I know what low tide is!
door, and they hear somebody talking. They hide
behind some bushes.
Narrator: They wait for low tide. The sea goes out, Bad man: You cant tell anyone. I want a big hotel and
and lots of money And you can help me!
Star: Come on. This way! Avril: He is staying at our hotel!
Star: Look! The people from the island! Hello! Leo: He wants to destroy the castle.

Narrator: The people tell the children about the Narrator: Oh, no!
invisible island. In the Middle Ages, Lord Polidoor lived
Bad man: You cant stop me! Put them in the tower!
in the castle. He was a magician.
Village Leader: Lord Polidoor made this island
invisible, with magic. Narrator: The children are in the magicians tower.
How can they escape?
Leo: Why?
Avril: Theres a magic door!
Leaders wife: To help his people.
Star: Where?
Leo: Look! The compass!


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Mystery Island DVD script
Leo: This is it! Narrator: The next day, they go to the castle. Avril is
reading her special book
Avril: Yes, push the magic door!
Leo: Come on! Down the steps.
Avril: Look Jenny, your name is in this book!
Star: This is your castle!
Leo: Hey, great compass!
Jenny: Mmm. I can open a museum with a caf!
Avril: And book!
Star: Yes, well done!
Narrator: Evening is coming to Polcastle village. On
the beach, Star looks through the telescope once
Narrator: The children escape from the tower down the more. The people on the island are happy.
steps, but
Village Leader: Thank you!
Thug 1: You cant escape!
Star: Goodbye!
Thug 2: Come here!
Old man: Goodbye, for now
Star: No! Ive got my sword!

Narrator: Stars sword is very special. 2

Thug 1 and 2: Aargh!

Leo: Ive got the plans!

Star: Run, everyone! Back to Polcastle!
Narrator: Well done, Star!

Narrator: The children escape. They run back to

Polcastle village. They go to the caf. They tell Jenny
about the man at the castle and his plans.
Jenny: Im phoning the police.
Avril: Jenny, whats your surname? 3
Jenny: Polidoor.

Narrator: They meet the police at the hotel.

Star: Thats him!
Mayor: Help!
Thug: Oh, no, the police!
Policeman: Youre under arrest!


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Real Kids DVD Worksheet term 1

Name: Class:

1 1
Recycling is a waste of time.

We could do so much better.

We are doing a good job.

Im very happy.

2 compost warehouses waste rubbish Canada Recycling incinerators

This is Edmonton in 1 . Here, they havent had 2 since

the 1960s and here theyve pioneered a new way of dealing with 3 .
plays a major role, everything that can be, is. But the real revolution takes

place in huge warm 5 . A third of all Edmontons 6 is

turned into 7 which can go back into the environment.

Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 What does the man say? Tick () the correct answer.

2 Listen and complete the text.
3 What can be recycled? What can be turned into compost? Write R or C. 129

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Real Kids DVD Worksheet term 2

Name: Class:

1 1

2 homes safe stripes search uniform danger

1 Police officers do many different jobs to help make sure that we live in a
2 Police dogs have been trained to for certain things. 2
3 Police officers wear a special so that people recognize them.
4 They drive special cars with coloured .
5 They visit people in their if theres a problem.
6 They patrol the streets for any signs of trouble or .
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE


2 3

1 Which of these means of transport do you see police officers using on the DVD? Circle.
2 Complete the sentences. Then, watch and check your answers.
1303 Write down five questions you would like to ask a police officer about his/her job.

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Real Kids DVD Worksheet term 3

Name: Class:

hummingbird mosquito beetle

snail butterfly ant

fly worm eagle

2 1 Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. True False

2 Little Hermits are bigger than butterflies. True False
3 Flying is hard work for insects. True False
4 Beetles dont fly with their front wings. True False
Santillana Educacin S.L., 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE
5 Beetles are very elegant in the air. True False
6 Butterflies can fly over 3,000 kilometres. True False

3 1 The Little Hermit a can beat 2,000 times every second.

2 Mosquito wings b fly with their front wings only.

3 The common housefly c is the smallest of all the hummingbirds.

4 Flies d is four times faster than the quickest bird.

1 Which of these animals do you see on the DVD? Tick ().

2 Read the sentences and circle True or False.
3 Listen and match the sentence halves. 131

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DVD script

Real Kids DVD term 1 turned into compost which can go back into the
Packets, cartons and plastic The Stone family, like
The best thing is that were sending much less waste
the rest of us, face waste at every turn. And as a
to landfill and were treating our garbage as the
nation, 80% of all our rubbish just gets dumped in the
resource. Things that we throw away in our households
ground. The Stones live at Edmonton in North London.
have a lot of value so its not a great idea to just bury
Here theyre less reliant on landfill. Much to the
it when you can create a valuable product like compost
familys annoyance most of their rubbish goes off to
from it.
the incinerator.
Families like the Calvits make the system work. They
Yeah, Im angry about it. I dont like breathing it in.
divide up their rubbish into what can be recycled or
And I dont think it should be there. I personally think
composted. This idea is now being copied around the
that recycling is the issue. Its the way to get out of
world. The people who use it, think its just common
it. We could do so much better and other places have
done it. Theyve proved that it can be done. Why dont
we do it here? The environment is suffering. Theres limited resources
and this is a way of extending the resources and how
That is the future. This council, like many others,
theyre managed. And in our society its just become a
spends a quarter of its waste budget on recycling and
there are a series of government initiatives. But its
still only ten percent of the total. And if landfill is to This Canadian city has found its own way of dealing
be cut, what will we do with our waste? with the problem. But there are many in Britain who
think we are still struggling with the crucial issue,
In Edmonton, its incineration and it might be
what to do with our waste?
elsewhere in the country. Recycling will never cover
everything and this way can produce power, but Richard Bilton, BBC News, in Canada.
incinerators are very unpopular and have a history of
breaking pollution guidelines.
We have a major problem on our hands and
incineration is just one of the alternatives but its not
going to be the whole solution. Were going to have to
recycle more, were going to have to compost more and
were going to have to stop producing so much rubbish
in the first place.
So this is seen as the main alternative to landfill. Not
ideal, a sort of least worst option. Incinerators like
this at Edmonton in North London burning rubbish
rather than dumping it in the ground.
But not everyone thinks that that is the way forward.
This is Edmonton, in Canada. Here they havent had
incinerators since the 1960s and here theyve
pioneered a whole new way of dealing with rubbish.
Recycling plays a major role; everything that can be,
is. But the real revolution takes place in huge warm
warehouses. A third of all of Edmontons waste is


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DVD script

Real Kids DVD term 2

In our community, we have people who do special jobs

that help us and help to keep the place that we live a
safe place. Who do you think is flying this helicopter?
Police officers do many different jobs to help make
sure that we live in a safe community. Sometimes they
watch from the air in a helicopter, and other times
they walk around the streets looking to see if anyone
could use their help.
Some police officers ride bicycles and others ride
horses. Each police officer is watching and is ready to
help, if its needed.
These police officers have special dogs with them. The
dogs have been trained to search for certain things.
Police officers wear a special uniform so that people
recognize them. They drive special cars with coloured
Police officers do a lot of different jobs. They visit
people in their homes if theres a problem. And they
patrol the streets for any signs of trouble or danger.
Have you ever seen a police officer walking around
your community? Or maybe one has visited your
school? Police officers help to teach us how to stay
safe and if were in trouble then we can ask them for
Police officers work hard to stop people committing
crimes and if they catch someone committing a crime
then they will usually arrest them and take them to
the police station.
Police officers in the community do many different
jobs. They can help you to cross the road and they can
direct traffic if theres a problem. Would you like to be
a police officer when you are older? Its a very
interesting job because you get to many different
things and to meet many different people.


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DVD script

Real Kids DVD term 3

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. They

are miniatures but they are the most agile of all the
birds. Their body design is amazing!
The Little Hermit is the smallest of all the
hummingbirds. They weigh less than two grams each.
They are even smaller than butterflies!
Flying insects existed millions of years before birds.
Today we can see them in many beautiful and varied
Insect wings are incredible! They are strong,
aerodynamic and very light.
For insects, flying through the air is similar to
swimming in water for humans! Its a lot of work to
beat their wings fast enough to stay in the air.
Mosquito wings can beat an incredible 2,000 times
every second. Insect muscle is the most powerful
muscle of any animal.
There are more species of beetle than any other
Beetles dont fly with their front wings. The front
wings have a protective cover to help the beetle dig,
but they can still fly.
They are not very elegant in the air.
Butterfly wings are very large. They beat slowly.
Butterflies can look uncontrolled but this is not true.
Their big wings can carry them over 3,000 kilometres!
The common housefly is the fastest animal in the
world. It is four times faster than the quickest bird.
Flies fly with their front wings only. Their back wings
are tiny and help with stability.
The robber fly is an aerial assassin! Its quite small,
smaller than a stamp. Just look at how it can attack
other flying insects with its hairy arms!


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Language worksheets 3 But I dont like music programmes.
4 I dont like films about love.
P.11 5 Yes, I love Indiana Jones films!
Food: sausages, ice cream, cheese. Shops: bakers, supermarket, 2
shoe shop. Sports: basketball, tennis, football. Animals: shark, 1c, 2d, 3a, 4b
wolf, bear. Geographical features: cave, river, volcano. Activities:
dancing, cycling, singing. P.16
2 1 What about Mikey and Crikey?
1 lives 5 plays 2 Its on at five oclock on Channel 6.
2 goes 6 doesnt 3 OK, we can watch that. Whats on later?
3 walks 7 tidies 4 Oh no, I hate Dustin Cleaver. I want to watch Top of the Class.
4 likes 8 washes up 5 Good idea!

P.12 2
1 V 1 programme 6 contestants
C O M P U T E R I 2 goes 7 final
3 interesting 8 voting
U E H I O 4 episode 9 talks
P A A L S 5 invents 10 your
A H I N T E R N E T P.17
D E N W E B S I T E 1 Model answers
1 She is going to do her homework.
2 2 She is going to visit her grandmother.
1 (example) 5 computer 3 She is going to eat a hot dog at the bowling alley.
2 websites 6 chatting 4 She is going to play tennis with her friend Allie.
3 uploads 7 emails 5 She is going to watch television.
4 searches 8 videos
3 Childs own drawing and answers. 1 No, she isnt. 4 No, she isnt.
2 Yes, she is. 5 Yes, she is.
P.13 3 Yes, she is.
1 (example) 5 are watching 3
2 are wearing 6 is raining From left to right: paper, plastic, glass and metal, metal.
3 are swimming 7 are playing 1 The book is made of paper.
4 are surfing 8 are going 2 The bottle is made of plastic.
3 The glasses are made of glass and metal.
2 Model answers (from left to right) 4 The spoon is made of metal.
He is wearing a jumper. He is playing the guitar.
He is wearing goggles and a swimming costume. He is swimming. P.18
He is wearing a T-shirt, shorts and trainers. He is playing 1
basketball. 1 planet 5 going
2 protect 6 tap
3 Childs own answers. 3 school 7 walk
4 use 8 save
1 2
1 documentary 4 music programme 1 (example)
2 cartoon 5 sports programme 2 They are glasses.
3 news 6 quiz show 3 Its a mirror.
4 Its a fork.
2 5 Its a newspaper.
1 Yes, he does. 4 Yes, they do.
2 Yes, they do. 5 Yes, they do. 3 Childs own answers and drawing.
3 No, he doesnt.
P.15 1
1 1 solar 4 potatoes
1 I want to watch Quiz of the Week. 2 four 5 lunch
2 Do you want to watch a cartoon? 3 glass 6 love


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 136 18/07/12 16:23

2 Model answers 2 Yesterday he studied hard.
1 (example) 3 Yesterday they washed the dishes.
2 What are you going to do tonight? 4 Yesterday she brushed her teeth.
3 What is he doing?
4 Where do you live? 2 Childs own answers.
5 Do you have any brothers or sisters?
6 Where are you going on holiday? 3
7 What is a window made of? 1 played 5 studied
8 What are you doing? 2 talked 6 helped
3 invited 7 cooked
P.20 4 watched 8 listened
1 Mary wants to be a chef. P.24
2 Tom wants to be a scientist. 1
3 Peter wants to be a teacher. It was Monday morning. I entered the classroom. The teacher was
4 Laura wants to be a secretary. at her desk. She explained the history lesson. We all asked
5 Ben wants to be a vet. questions. We studied the Romans. The lesson finished. The
teacher closed the door and all the children started talking loudly.
2 Another teacher shouted `Silence please!.
A N A 2
1 (example)
K O S E 2 We didnt visit our uncle and aunt.
E V E T R E R 3 My family didnt travel to Italy.
4 The film wasnt terrible.
5 The teacher didnt open the window.
P.21 6 The children in the next class didnt shout.
1 (example) 3 Childs own answers.
2 Thomas is a vet. He works in a clinic. Now he is painting.
3 Terry and Sam are photographers. They work in a studio. Now P.25
they are playing football. 1
4 Paul is a dentist. He works in a surgery. Now he is skiing. 1 stopped 6 lived
5 Josh is a banker. He works in a bank. Now he is running. 2 washed 7 designed
6 Sally and Jim are doctors. They work in a hospital. Now they 3 learned 8 relaxed
are playing tennis. 4 danced 9 celebrated; scored
5 helped
1 teacher 4 vet 2
2 firefighter 5 chef Missing answers from top to bottom and left to right
3 scientist positive: The baby smiled. You counted the apples. Mum planted a
tree. You waited for a bus. I listened. You promised.
3 negative: It didnt rain a lot. You didnt count the apples. I didnt
1 wear 4 isnt wearing paint a picture. You didnt wait for a bus. We didnt look at a
2 work 5 want website. You didnt promise. Dad didnt fix my bicycle.
3 is doing question: Did it rain a lot? Did the baby smile? Did I paint a
picture? Did Mum plant a tree? Did we look at a website? Did I
P.22 listen? Did Dad fix my bicycle?
1 Model answers
1 babysitting, dog walking 3
2 Part time jobs teach responsibility and prepare young people 1 cleaned 6 finished
for work. 2 tidied 7 prepared
3 She is a dog walker. 3 didnt want 8 watched
4 She wants to be a vet. 4 did 9 was
5 Childs own answer. 5 decided 10 laughed

2 P.26
1a, 2c, 3b 1
1 What did you cook for dinner? / We cooked spaghetti.
2 When did he arrive? / He arrived at six oclock.
P.23 3 Which room did you tidy? / I tidied my bedroom.
1 4 What did you watch on TV? / We watched a film on TV.
1 Yesterday I walked to school. 5 What did you study? / We studied Science.


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 137 18/07/12 16:23

2 3
1 enjoyed 5 visited 1 Ben has got the shortest hair in the class.
2 celebrated 6 cooked 2 Sean is the strongest boy on the team.
3 was 7 listened 3 My uncle is the funniest person I know.
4 danced 8 finished 4 That is the smallest cake in the shop.
5 Sally is the fastest runner in the class.
3 6 Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world.
1 Mary celebrated her birthday.
2 They danced in the garden. P.30
3 Dad cooked meat on the barbecue. 1
4 They listened to their favourite music. large larger the largest
5 The party finished at 9:30. hard harder the hardest
funny funnier the funniest
P.27 sweet sweeter the sweetest
1 fast faster the fastest
1 was 5 started slow slower the slowest
2 moved 6 invented heavy heavier the heaviest
3 was 7 started tall taller the tallest
4 opened
1 cleverest 5 tallest
1 cycled 6 helped
2 youngest 6 hardest
2 prepared 7 finished
3 richest 7 cleanest
3 arrived 8 walked
4 coolest 8 prettiest
4 played 9 was
5 played
3 Childs own answers.
3 Model answers
1 What time did you arrive at the park? P.31
2 What did you do? 1
3 Where did you play football? 1 (example) 4 smallest
4 What did you talk about? 2 shortest 5 longest
3 coldest 6 warmest
1 2
1 (example) + est: cleanest, shortest, richest
2 When did he phone? y i + est: easiest, heaviest, happiest
3 Where does Mary live? double consonant + est: biggest, hottest, wettest
4 What did Dad fix? + st: nicest, wildest, largest
5 What did Jack eat?
6 What did you post? 3
1 richest 4 shortest
2 2 heaviest 5 happiest
+ d: loved (example), smiled, lived, arrived, tasted 3 nicest
+ ed: watched, visited, talked, listened, painted
y i + ed: cried, worried, tried, tidied, studied P.32
3 1 There is 6 There is
1 Steve Jobs was born on 24th February 1955. 2 There is 7 There are
2 He started university in 1972. 3 There are 8 There is
3 In 1974, he worked in Atari. 4 There is 9 There is
4 In 1976, he started Apple Inc. 5 There are
5 In 1982, Steve Jobs was 27.
P.29 Missing answers from top to bottom and left to right
1 positive: There are some apples. There are some exercises on the
1 black 4 hot page. There is some milk.
2 big 5 funny negative: There arent 9 students in class. There arent any
3 long 6 tall exercises on the page. There isnt a pencil on my desk.
question: Are there 9 students in class? Are there any apples? Is
2 there a pencil on my desk? Is there any milk?
1 smallest 4 biggest
2 highest 5 coldest
3 happiest 6 longest


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 138 20/07/12 19:11

3 2
1 There is 6 There is 1 T; 2 T; 3 F; 4 F; 5 T
2 There are 7 There arent
3 There are 8 There isnt P.39
4 There is 9 There is 1
5 There arent 10 There arent 1 (example)
2 Jake likes playing the guitar.
P.33 3 Pablo likes dancing.
1 4 Ron likes singing.
1 are there 5 are there 5 Jody likes reading.
2 There is 6 There is
3 There isnt 7 There are 2
4 Are there 8 There arent 1 (example)
2 Childs own answers. 3 doesnt like
4 doesnt like
3 Model answers 5 likes
1 (example)
2 Is there a computer in the house? / Yes, there is. P.40
3 Is there a carpet in the hall? / No, there isnt. 1
4 Is there an oven in the kitchen? / Yes, there is. Food you can count: (example), grapes, bananas, apples
5 Is there a table in the kitchen? / No, there isnt. Food you cant count: (example), milk, bread, cheese, ham
6 Is there a bath in the bathroom? / Yes, there is.
P.34 1 (example)
1 Childs own answers. 2 There is some cheese.
3 There arent any grapes.
2 Model answers 4 is there any bread?
1 was 6 were 5 There are some apples.
2 arent 7 are
3 Are 8 are P.41
4 Was 9 is /isnt 1
5 arent 10 is /isnt 1 (example)
2 Cheetahs are very fast.
3 Model answer 3 Whales are very big.
In the picture there are some mountains and a forest. There is a 4 Giraffes are very tall.
castle. There is a river, with a waterfall and a bridge, but there
isnt a lake. There is an old house and some caves, but there isnt a 2
maze. 1 (example)
2 taller
3 stronger
Newcomers worksheets 4 faster
5 longer
1 P.42
1 (example) 5 eye 1
2 bee 6 nose 1 c; 2 d; 3 e; 4 a; 5 b
3 bed 7 shark
4 two 2
1 (example)
2 2 Im going to have showers.
bee/sea 3 Im going to have showers.
two/you 4 Im going to save plastic bags.
bed/head P.43
P.38 1 (example); was
1 2 was; wasnt
Verbs: (example) walk, eat, drink 3 wasnt; was
Classroom objects: scissors, dictionary, ruler, rubber
School subjects: Maths, English, Art 2
1 (example)
2 travelled


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 139 18/07/12 16:23

3 liked P.50
4 visited 2
5 played 1 faster 3 history
2 shorter 4 in a few
1 3
Verb: have; see 1 chef; 2 teacher; 3 painter; 4 firefighter; 5 doctor;
Past Simple: took; went 6 pilot; 7 tailor; 8 baker; 9 dentist; 10 builder

2 4
1 (example); 2 went; 3 visited; 4 took; 5 travelled; 6 saw; BAKERS MAKE BREAD AND CAKES AND PAINTERS PAINT HOUSES!
7 watched; 8 played; 9 was
Phonics worksheets 1 export 3 spell
2 expire 4 spore
2 3
1 chat 3 chin 1 EIGHTY 4 PEDRO DUQUE
2 chip 4 chain 2 EXPLORER 5 EXIT
Down: Across: 4
2 chat 1 much From top to bottom and left to right:
4 choose 3 watch spaceship, explorer, spaghetti
6 china 5 touch sports, spider, explorer
7 cherry 8 match
P.48 2
2 1 voice 3 ban
1 place 3 pray 2 boat 4 vest
2 price 4 plate
3 Model answer
3 On Saturday morning Bob was at the vet with Vincent the dog. At
1 present 5 plants 11 oclock he painted a butterfly blue and violet for Bens birthday
2 play 6 Professor car. At 2 oclock he bought Ben a black volleyball for his birthday
3 planet 7 Princess present. At 5 oclock he went to Bens birthday party.
4 programmes 8 prize On Sunday morning Bob had breakfast in bed. At 10 oclock he was
at the beach with Virginia. At 11 oclock he was playing volleyball.
P At one oclock he had lunch on the blue boat.
N Y A P 4
C N P R 1 birthday; 2 (Model answer) Vanessa; 3 (Model answer) Belinda;
S S I S 4 violin; 5 (Model answer) Victor; 6 bird; 7 (Model answer) Brian
E N P.53
P R O F E S S O R 2
P R O G R A M M E S 1 yeti 3 dew
2 yang 4 Europe
2 3
1 glass 3 classic 1 She likes yogurt and onions!
2 blank 4 clip 2 He is 2.1 metres long.
3 He cost more than one million euros.
3 4 He is only 9 cm tall.
1 Our class recycles plastic and glass. 5 She knows more than 1,000 tricks.
2 Put the glass in the green container. 6 He was 26 years old.
3 The plastic bottles go in the yellow container.
4 Give the extra water to the flowers. 4
1 onions 4 yoga
4 2 euro 5 Europe
From left to right: 3 yoghurt
glass, plastic, glass, paper, plastic, cardboard


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 140 20/07/12 19:11

P.54 2 Edward lives in Heaton, near Newcastle in England.
2 3 His address is 16, Hill Street, Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
1 broom 3 brew England.
2 blush 4 Blake 4 His email address is
5 Edward likes to buy video games.
3 6 Edwards birthday is on the fifteenth of October.
Down: Across: 7 He supports Newcastle United.
1 brush 1 blow 8 His favourite footballer is Andy Carroll.
2 broom 4 brother
3 breakfast 5 brown 2 Childs own answer.
4 blanket 6 blue
6 blond P.90
1 False 4 False
Reader worksheets 2 True 5 False
3 False 6 True
1 2 Childs own answer.
1 build tunnels; cross; road
2 Come; me; human P.91
3 What; here; sorry 1
4 Remember; showing; films 1 The first Earth Day was on the 22nd of April, 1970.
5 not scared; alien 2 On Earth Day we think about how we can care for our planet.
6 woods; hundreds; wild animals 3 Reduce means to use less.
4 It is a good idea to have quick showers because we use less
2 water.
1 r; 2 a; 3 s; 4 e; 5 b; 6 g; 7 d 5 We can make natural fertilizer from organic leftovers.
B a d g e r s are in danger! 6 Childs own answer.

P.84 2 Childs own answers.

1 Across (1): squirrel P.92
Down (2): rope 1
2 Across (2): badger 1 False 5 False
Down (1): bandage 2 True 6 True
3 Across (1): costume 3 False 7 False
Down (2): ray gun 4 True 8 True
4 Across (2): field
Down (1): woods 2 Childs own answers.

1 P.93
1 A week later, Kim and Anita Mark go and talk to Vince Crawly. 1
2 Anita and Ben are editing the film, while Mark and Kim look 1 Gideon Sundback invented the zip.
for more information about Crawly Construction tunnels 2 The zip was invented in 1913.
under roads for wild animals. 3 Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.
3 That evening, Anita and her dad are watching a wildlife 4 The first printed book was the Gutenberg Bible.
programme the news on TV.
4 Kims neighbour is Mrs. OBrien. Shes a vet and works in 2
Newfords Garston animal clinic. 1 Aeroplanes changed peoples lives because they could go on
P.86 2 Televisions changed peoples lives because they could see the
1 world news.
From left to right and top to bottom: 3 Telephones changed peoples lives because they could talk to
van, costume, bridge, squirrel, helmet, rope, people.
worm, newspaper, badger, protesters, field,
sett, bandage, woods, registration number P.94
1 Danny was 11.
Reading and writing worksheets 2 He wanted to have his birthday party at the Fun Palace.
3 He invited 16 people.
P.89 4 They arrived at 5 oclock.
1 5 He invited his friends to the bowling alley.
1 Edwards friends call him Ed. 6 After the bowling alley they went to a restaurant.


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 141 18/07/12 16:23

2 Model answers 2 a Is Minnie sending emails?
1 Hi, Jake. Do you want to meet this weekend? b No, she isnt.
2 Sure! When do you want to meet? 3 a Is Eric eating pizza?
3 What about Saturday afternoon? b Yes, he is.
4 OK, Saturday is a good day. Where and when do you want to meet? 4 a Are David and Eric chatting on the internet?
5 Lets meet at 5pm next to the fountain. b Yes, they are.
6 Great! Do you want to go skating or to the bowling alley? 5 a Is Dana using the computer?
7 I prefer the bowling alley because its more fun. b No, she isnt.
8 Me too. Lets go to Fruit and Fun after and eat ice creams.
P.95 1 our 4 our
1 2 their 5 Their
1 F; 2 F; 3 T; 4 T; 5 T 3 our

2 Childs own answers. 5 Childs own answers.

P.96 P.103
1 1
1 d; 2 a; 3 c; 4 b Mum: the news and documentaries; Dad: football; Patricia: films
and music programmes; George: quiz shows and music programmes;
2 Childs own answers. Maggie: cartoons and films

Tests a (example); 6
b trees; 2
P.99 c cinema; 7
1 d dog; 2
1 1st March 4 music e football; 5
2 sister 5 dogs
3 skateboarding 6 teacher P.104
3 Model answers
2 a The Simpsons
1 18th June 5 skating b How to train your dog
2 London 6 playing the recorder c Natural forests
3 two cats 7 singer d News at 6
4 fish e 100 questions
f Chat with Jan
P.100 g Rock and roll!
4 h Football: Spain versus Scotland
Photographs (from left to right): 4, 1, 2, 3
5 1 like 6 wanted
Postcards: 1 Paul; 2 Diane; 3 Dan; 4 Colin 2 doesnt like 7 cant watch
3 likes 8 is watching
P.101 4 dont 9 want
1 5 wanted 10 Do you want
Archie: sends emails, listens to music
Minnie: sends emails, watches videos 5 Childs own answers.
Eric: looks at websites for homework
Dana: chats with friends, watches videos P.105
David: chats with friends, listens to music 1
1, 8, 3, 5, 7
a Archie is listening to music. 2
b Minnie is watching television. 1 False 4 False
c Eric is eating pizza. 2 True 5 True
d Dana is sleeping. 3 False
e David is chatting with Eric on the internet.
P.102 3
3 Paper and cardboard: a (cardboard); d (paper); e (cardboard)
1 a Is Archie listening to music? Glass: b (glass); f (glass)
b Yes, he is. Cans and plastics: c (plastic); g (metal); h (plastic); i (plastic)


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 142 18/07/12 16:23

4 5 Childs own answers.
1 is going to recycle 4 isnt going to use
2 isnt going to leave 5 is going to have P.111
3 is going to walk 1
Saturday: 5, 1, 4, 3, 2
5 Sunday: 5, 2, 1, 4, 3
Childs own answers.
P.107 2
1 1 played 6 walked
Alistair likes food and cooking. He wants to be a chef. 2 made 7 did
Karen likes English. She wants to be an English teacher. 3 cycled 8 loved
Gordon likes taking photos. He wants to be a photographer. 4 danced 9 wanted
Nancy likes helping people. She wants to be a doctor. 5 played
Alex likes helping people. She wants to be a policewoman.
2 1 What did Lucy do on Saturday morning? (basketball)
1 e; chef 4 d; artist 2 Did Lucy cycle to the village? (No, she didnt.)
2 b; vet 5 a; scientist 3 Where did Lucy dance? (at the disco)
3 c; architect 4 Where did Lucy buy bread? (the village)

P.108 4 Childs own answers.

1 works; is making P.113
2 vet; loves; looking 1
3 scientist; gets up; drives; is working 1 Childs own answers./a giraffe
4 artist; like; work; am painting 2 Childs own answers./an African elephant
5 architect; go; am designing 3 Childs own answers./a blue whale
4 Childs own answers./a zorilla
4 5 Childs own answers./man
a What time do you get up?
b How do you go to school? 2
c What are you doing now? 1 Cheetahs are the fastest.
d What do you like doing? 2 Albatrosses have the biggest wings.
e What do you want to be? 3 Blue whales are the heaviest.
4 Ostriches have the biggest eggs.
Childs own answers. 5 Hummingbirds are the smallest.

P.109 P.114
1 3
Missing answers from left to right: 1 True 4 True
Mother Teresa: 1910; 1997 2 False 5 False
Frida Kahlo: artist; Mexican 3 False
Marie Curie: scientist; 1934
Queen Victoria: queen; British 4
Agatha Christie: writer; 1976 1 highest; c Everest
2 heaviest; d blue whale
2 3 longest; a giraffe
1 True 4 True 4 biggest; b Pacific
2 False 5 False
3 True P.115
P.110 From left to right and top to bottom: 1, 7, 8, 5, 3, 2, 6, 10, 4, 9
1 artist; painted 2
2 explorer; discovered 1 Are there any snakes?
3 sailor; sailed 2 Is there a troll anywhere?
4 astronaut; walked 3 Are there any spiders?
5 inventor; invented 4 No, there arent any monsters, but there is a dragon in
Dragons cave.
5 Yes, there is a wizard on top of the mountain.
1 was 4 had
6 No, there arent any witches.
2 German 5 died; was
3 lived


366744 _ 0135-0144.indd 143 20/07/12 19:11

P.116 DVD worksheets
a swimming; 2 P.123
b IT; 6 1
c loves; 3 1 island 4 caf; Polidoor
d Music; 1 2 beach 5 music
e PE; 5 3 book 6 magician; castle
f archery; 4
Childs own answers. 1
1 football; paint
P.117 2 sword; compass
1 3 shopping centre; hotel
1 f, c, a, e, d, b 4 gallery; museum (with a caf)

P.118 P.125
2 1
1 What did you do on Saturday morning? 1 compass 6 island
2 Did you dance on Saturday night? 2 sword 7 stairs
3 Did you play any sports at the weekend? 3 mist 8 telescope
4 What did you do on Sunday at 6pm? 4 tower 9 magician
5 push 10 surprised
Model answer
On Saturday morning, Justin Brown watched a video of the concert. P.129
In the evening, he watched TV with his friends and then danced at 1
the Starlight disco. On Sunday morning, he played tennis with 2 We could do so much better.
Tanya and walked his dog with Danny. On Sunday evening, he
listened to his new CD and then travelled by train to London. He 2
had a busy weekend! 1 Canada 5 warehouses
2 incinerators 6 waste
P.119 3 rubbish 7 compost
3 4 Recycling
1 At 8am he is sleeping.
2 At 10:20 am he is doing an interview for Star magazine. 3
3 At 11:10am he is preparing a new CD. From top to bottom and left to right:
4 At 12:45pm he is having lunch with his manager. R, R, C, R
5 At 5pm he is flying to New York. C, R, R, C

4 P.130
1 b (vet) 1
2 a (sailor) Horse, police car, helicopter, bicycle
3 d (chef)
4 c (photographer) 2
5 e (PE teacher) 1 safe 4 stripes
2 search 5 homes
P.120 3 uniform 6 danger
1 cartoon 3 Childs own answers.
2 quiz show
3 chat show P.131
4 documentary 1
Hummingbird, mosquito, beetle, butterfly, fly
Model answers 2
1 What is the fastest animal? 1 True
2 What is the biggest bird? 2 False
3 What animal has the longest neck? 3 True
4 What is the smallest bird? 4 True
5 What is the biggest penguin? 5 False
6 True
7 Childs own answers.
1 c; 2 a; 3 d; 4 b


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