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Gilbert 1

Ashton Gilbert

Miss Cook

English IV-01

18 January 2017

Procrastinating Cry Baby with ADD

We are all different! The way we talk, speak, think, and even write. How we prepare for

certain things will differ from how we are as a person. Do you procrastinate? Do you have to

write everything down and look at it again and again for it to even remotely begin to make sense

in your head? Do you take the time and effort to go over your work? Do you get distracted

easy? Do you have mental breakdowns when you're stress out? If you said yes to all those

questions or even just half then you would write just like me.

First thing, I am not going to lie, I am a professional procrastinator. Not only when I am

writing but in life in general. When I am first assigned to do something and know I have time to

do it, I will wait to the very last second to do it. Especially if I am frustrated with the task. I may

do a little of it at the beginning, but I do the majority towards the end of the deadline. No matter

what, I always get it done even if I have to stay up 1, 2 or 3 in the morning. I do not understand

why I do it to myself. It always just happens like that.

Not only is being a procrastinator bad enough. I am the worst speller ever. If I was in a

spelling bee I would guarantee I would be the first one out. I live off autocorrect. If I did not have

it, it would look like a third grader had wrote it. For this reason, as I write, I reread every line to

make sure it sounds correct. When I am finally done with my paragraph, I will still reread, then I

will add or completely delete what I just wrote. I do this because I just want to make it perfect.

You don't know this but I have probably wrote this paragraph alone about 20 times.

When I finally sit down to write I have to be in an environment of complete silence. It is

not because I will not be able to think. It is because I have an attention span of someone who

has Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. Lets just say it is very short. For example, sometimes
Gilbert 2

when I go to leave the house the TV catches my eye. After 5-10 minutes I realize that I was

trying to leave. Then I ultimately leave if I do not get distracted again. This why when I write it is

normally in my bedroom. I have to isolate myself. I have to have my phone turned off. The

distractions have to be to the minimum or I won't be able to get anything done.

Finally, when I first start an essay I have multiple mini breakdowns because I do not

even know where to begin. Sometimes I will cry like a newborn baby because I am so

frustrated. Sometimes I even scream like a toddler who just got her toys taken away. I will

question why I even want to go to college. I will even say that I am applying for Mcdonald's

and will work there for the rest of my life. I start to think about my grades. I think about how

disappointed my mom would be in me if I brought home a bad grade. For this reason, I never

give up. I keep pushing forward. Starting with the outline then moving towards the paper itself.

Before I know it, I have a paper that I thought I would never be able to write. By the end of it my

eyes may be swollen and my hair might be completely ripped from my scalp, but I will read what

I spent hours or days on and know that I put everything I had into it.

In conclusion, to sum this all up I am in fact a procrastinating cry baby with ADD. If you

write like me understand how my brain works and understand the struggle. If not you may think I

completely insane. Most of the time I think I am too. We are all different. Maybe one day I will

change. I will learn to be more prepared. I will look at an assignment and not have metal

breakdown. I won't have to reread every little thing. I probably will not be able to control my

short attention span. My writing techniques and skills might never be perfect. All I need to know

is that I put every ounce of brainpower into every word, sentence, and paragraph. If you write

like me just know to keep your head up and keep trucking along. You will make it to the finish

line. You never know you might see me at college or flipping burgers at Mcdonalds.
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Rubric rating submitted on: 1/26/2017, 10:20:00 AM by
5 4 3 2 1 0

Depth of 5 = Fully 4= 3= 2= 1= 0 = No
Reflection and Demonstrat Attempted to Attempted to Attempted to attempt
Your score: creatively ed demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate made
5 demonstrate Introduction ; a couple ; a few ; several Response
d W.2.a errors exist errors exist errors exist demonstrate
Response Response Response Response Response s an in-
demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate depth
s an in- s an in- s an in- s an in- s an in- reflection
depth depth depth depth depth on, and
reflection reflection reflection reflection reflection personalizati
on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on of, the
personalizati personalizati personalizati personalizati personalizati writing
on of, the on of, the on of, the on of, the on of, the process.
writing writing writing writing writing Viewpoints
process. process. process. process. process. and
Viewpoints Viewpoints Viewpoints Viewpoints Viewpoints interpretatio
and and and and and ns are
interpretatio interpretatio interpretatio interpretatio interpretatio insightful
ns are ns are ns are ns are ns are and well
insightful insightful insightful insightful insightful supported.
and well and well and well and well and well Clear,
supported. supported. supported. supported. supported. detailed
Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, examples
detailed detailed detailed detailed detailed are
examples examples examples examples examples provided, as
are are are are are applicable.
provided, as provided, as provided, as provided, as provided, as
applicable.. applicable. applicable. applicable. applicable.

Required 5 = Fully 4= 3= 2= 1= 0 = No
Components and Demonstrat Attempted to Attempted to Attempted to attempt
Your score: creatively ed demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate made
5 demonstrate Response ; a couple ; a few ; several Response
d includes all errors exist errors exist errors exist includes all
Response components Response Response Response components
includes all and meets includes all includes all includes all and meets
components or exceeds components components components or exceeds
and meets all and meets and meets and meets all
or exceeds requirement or exceeds or exceeds or exceeds requirement
all s indicated all all all s indicated
requirement in the requirement requirement requirement in the
s indicated instructions. s indicated s indicated s indicated instructions.
in the Each in the in the in the Each
Gilbert 4

instructions. question or instructions. instructions. instructions. question or

Each part of the Each Each Each part of the
question or assignment question or question or question or assignment
part of the is addressed part of the part of the part of the is addressed
assignment thoroughly. assignment assignment assignment thoroughly.
is addressed is addressed is addressed is addressed
thoroughly. thoroughly. thoroughly. thoroughly.

Structure 5 = Fully 4= 3= 2= 1= 0 = No
Your score: and Demonstrat Attempted to Attempted to Attempted to attempt
5 creatively ed demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate made
demonstrate Writing is ; a couple ; a few ; several Writing is
d clear, errors exist errors exist errors exist clear,
Writing is concise, and Writing is Writing is Writing is concise, and
clear, well clear, clear, clear, well
concise, and organized concise, and concise, and concise, and organized
well with well well well with
organized excellent organized organized organized excellent
with sentence/pa with with with sentence/pa
excellent ragraph excellent excellent excellent ragraph
sentence/pa construction. sentence/pa sentence/pa sentence/pa construction.
ragraph Thoughts ragraph ragraph ragraph Thoughts
construction. are construction. construction. construction. are
Thoughts expressed in Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts expressed in
are a coherent are are are a coherent
expressed in and logical expressed in expressed in expressed in and logical
a coherent manner. a coherent a coherent a coherent manner.
and logical Engaging and logical and logical and logical Engaging
manner. introduction manner. manner. manner. introduction
Engaging with a main Engaging Engaging Engaging with a main
introduction reflective introduction introduction introduction reflective
with a main point with a main with a main with a main point
reflective supported reflective reflective reflective supported
point with clear, point point point with clear,
supported descriptive supported supported supported descriptive
with clear, body with clear, with clear, with clear, body
descriptive paragraphs. descriptive descriptive descriptive paragraphs.
body body body body
paragraphs. paragraphs. paragraphs. paragraphs.

Evidence & 5 = Fully 4= 3= 2= 1= 0 = No

Practice and Demonstrat Attempted to Attempted to Attempted to attempt
Your score: creatively ed demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate made
5 demonstrate Response ; a couple ; a few ; several Response
d shows errors exist errors exist errors exist shows
Response strong Response Response Response strong
Gilbert 5

shows evidence of shows shows shows evidence of

strong synthesis of strong strong strong synthesis of
evidence of ideas evidence of evidence of evidence of ideas
synthesis of presented synthesis of synthesis of synthesis of presented
ideas and insights ideas ideas ideas and insights
presented gained presented presented presented gained
and insights throughout and insights and insights and insights throughout
gained the writing gained gained gained the writing
throughout experience. throughout throughout throughout experience.
the writing The the writing the writing the writing The
experience. implications experience. experience. experience. implications
The of these The The The of these
implications insights for implications implications implications insights for
of these the of these of these of these the
insights for respondent' insights for insights for insights for respondent's
the s overall the the the overall
respondent' writing respondent' respondent' respondent' writing
s overall practice are s overall s overall s overall practice are
writing thoroughly writing writing writing thoroughly
practice are detailed, as practice are practice are practice are detailed, as
thoroughly applicable. thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly applicable.
detailed, as detailed, as detailed, as detailed, as
applicable. applicable. applicable. applicable.

Mechanics, 5 = Fully 4= 3= 2= 1= 0 = No
Usage & and Demonstrat Attempted to Attempted to Attempted to attempt
Style creatively ed demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate made
W.2.c,d & L. demonstrate -Sentence ; a couple ; a few ; several Mechanics,
1&2 d variety and errors exist errors exist errors exist Usage &
Your score: -Sentence word choice Mechanics, Mechanics, Mechanics, Style
2 variety and is effective Usage & Usage & Usage & W.2.c,d & L.
word choice and Style Style Style 1&2
is effective sophisticate W.2.c,d & L. W.2.c,d & L. W.2.c,d & L. -Sentence
and d. 1&2 1&2 1&2 variety and
sophisticate -Writing is -Sentence -Sentence -Sentence word choice
d. clear, variety and variety and variety and is effective
-Writing is concise, and word choice word choice word choice and
clear, strong. is effective is effective is effective sophisticate
concise, and -Sentences and and and d.
strong. demonstrate sophisticate sophisticate sophisticate -Writing is
-Sentences correct d. d. d. clear,
demonstrate usage, -Writing is -Writing is -Writing is concise, and
correct punctuation, clear, clear, clear, strong.
usage, capitalizatio concise, and concise, and concise, and -Sentences
punctuation, n, and strong. strong. strong. demonstrate
capitalizatio spelling. -Sentences -Sentences -Sentences correct
n, and demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate usage,
Gilbert 6

spelling. correct correct correct punctuation,

usage, usage, usage, capitalizatio
punctuation, punctuation, punctuation, n, and
capitalizatio capitalizatio capitalizatio spelling.
n, and n, and n, and
spelling. spelling. spelling.

Total: 22/25

The essay is a good reflection of your writing process and you support it
with clear descriptions of what writing is like for you. I enjoyed reading it
and it has helped me understand your writing process a little more clearly.
There are several grammatical errors throughout and many awkward
sentences. Writing is not as clear as it could be. The word choice could be
more precise and descriptive.