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Discussion between therapist and patient

Therapist: Oh! Look who is here to visit me!

Patient: Hello my childhood friend! Now is the perfect time to proof your professional
skills and show me how good therapist you are!
Therapist: Hello, I hope you will not leave worse than you came. What happened? In what
kind of troubles are you in?
Patient: So, I had a surgery one month ago and look at meI survived Im alive!
Therapist: In what circumstances you got on the operating table?
Patient: The story begins as following: One month ago, after an identity crisis, I decided
to treat myself with an overdose of adrenaline. In the same time to overcome my
limits and I can tell you, my limits are very high, I decided to jump with
parachute. Everything was perfectless my landing that brought back my head
from the clouds and stuck my feet deep in the ground.
Therapist: Im glad that you landed and your parachute opened.
In my opinion, you came at the wrong place: you need a psychologist!
Ok and now seriously, please give me the medical documents in order to see
what we have to do.
Patient: Please take them all and restore my functional skills because in 2 weeks will be
my weeding.
Therapist: From what it is mentioned here, your hip it has been dislocated and thats why
you had a surgery and you were immobilized in bed for 2 weeks. Considering
your age, you are still a young person, after some recovery sessions you will be
as good as new!
Please make some steps in order to see your range of motion. Please tell me if
you feel any pain.
Patient: I feel no pain, only a small embarrassment but I feel my hip rigid.
Therapist: As I thought we have to restore the joins range of motion. For this we need to
start a recovery program that will contain:
- Lateral sprains on the opposite part of the affected hip;
- Leg raising with fully extended knee in order to have a better flexion ;
- Lateral and antero-posterior leg swing;
- Some massage and hydrotherapy sessions.
If you will follow this recovery program Im sure that you will be soon in good
condition. You will be in great shape for the wedding but please dont force
your hip with brides lifting and dont exaggerate with dancing.
Patient: Be sure I will respect everything related to the recovery program as for the rest I
cant promise. Tomorrow at 9 a.m I will be here to begin the recovery program.
Therapist: O.k. I will be here for you. See you tomorrow.