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MAY, 2017



Global Water And Waster Water Treatment

CONTENTS May 2017. Vol 1 No.1

NASDAQ OMX News RElease Distribution Channel; New York, 18 Apr,2017

D ublin, April 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Key Topics Covered:
Executive Summary

Research and Markets has announced the addition of 1 Research Scope and Methodology
the Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market, 1.1 Scope of the Report
Analysis & Forecast: 2016 to 2022 (Focus on Chemicals 1.2 Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market
and Equipment used across Municipal and Industrial Research Methodology
3 Water Waste Applications) report to their offering. 1.3 Assumptions and Limitations for Market Estima-
Global water and waste water treatment market by tion and Forecasting
chemicals an growth of this market. 2 Market Dynamics
4 Sustainability Chemical segmtreatment market by chemicals and 2.1 Market Drivers
equipment in 2015, even though the equipment market 2.1.1 Increasing Global Water Demand
is expected to grow at a highest CAGR than chemical 2.1.2 Environmental Pollution and Health Concern
5 Global Warming due to rise in population among the developing and 2.1.3 Aging Infrastructure
non-developed economies among others. 2.1.4 Stringent Regulations
Municipal segment holds a major share in terms 2.2 Market Challenges
6 Green of market value and volume in 2016 among both the 2.2.1 High Rate of Investment for Water Infrastruc-
municipal and industrial application types. Municipal ture
segment is expected to be the fastest growing applica- 2.2.2 Energy Consumption
7 Technology tion and accounted for 54.04% in 2015 of the global wa- 2.3 Market Opportunities
ter and waste water treatment by chemicals and equip- 2.3.1 Zero Liquid Discharge, Reuse and Resource
ment. This is mainly due to large number of projects Recovery
8 Recycle being commissioned and tendered in South East Asian 2.3.2 Smart Water Technologies
countries and RoW region, increasing population which 2.3.3 Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
is eventually driving the global water demand, and aging 2.3.4 Key Market Hotspots in Water and Waste Wa-
9 ECO Fridendly infrastructure among others. ter Treatment Industry
Asia Pacific region dominated the global water 3 Competitive Landscape
and waste water 3.1 Key Market Development and Strategies
treatment mar- 3.2 Industry Attractiveness
ket by chemicals 4 Industry Analysis
and equipment 4.1 Regulatory Bodies
in 2015 account- 4.2 Associations/Consortiums
ing for 35.14% of 4.3 Patent Analysis
the global water 4.4 Value Chain Analysis
and waste water 5 The Global Water and Waste Water Treatment
treatment mar- Market, by Chemicals and Equipment, Analysis &
ket. Furthermore, Forecast
Asia Pacific is 5.1 Assumptions and Limitations for Analysis and
expected to be the fastest growing region for water and Forecast of the Global Water and Waste Water Treat-
waste water treatment market due to rise in population ment Market
in the APAC region. In addition to that, it comprises of 5.2 Market Overview
more than half of the total developing economies pres-
ent globally and is marked under water stress region.

Corruption levels of countries and progress on ensur- The Understanding of Global Warming and Learning
ing evironmental sustainability Styles: A phenomenographic Analysis
Anderson, Beverlee B. World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development; Brighton 12.2, 2015 Demirkaya, Hilmi. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practive 8.1 (January 2008) 51:58

L orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip-

iscing elit. Nullam vehicula orci eget consectetur
orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Praesent quis
sapien vitae nunc convallis molestie. Class aptent taciti so- P henomenography uses qualitative data to iden-
tify variation and similarity in participants under-

ciosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos This study is about determining the learning styles
vestibulum. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in fau- himenaeos. standing of the phenomena they have experienced. It and global warming conceptions of third year students
cibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; focuses on collective and common conceptions who were enrolled in the Elementary Education De-
In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec sem risus, Cras et est ac neque sagittis maximus. Donec ligula or ways of understanding the world. Developed at partment at Burdur Faculty of Education.In the data
consequat id feugiat et, malesuada in quam. Etiam erat, porttitor a nulla eget, tristique venenatis nibh. In the Universtative research method, was defined as collection phase, data were obtained from a total of
quis nisl nisi. Sed ut ante quis nulla gravida imper- consectetur, augue sed laoreet varius, mi dui mollis quam, a research method for mapping the qualitatively 294 prospective teachers, 142 of whom (48.3%) were
diet nec quis erat. Phasellus dolor justo, imperdiet at elementum purus massa nec tortor. Nullam accumsan, different ways in which people experience, conceptu- female and152 of whom (51.7%) were male.
nec sem sed, lacinia fringilla nisl. Maecenas quis lorem ut laoreet varius, dui sem ullamcorper purus, id alize, perceive and understand various aspects of, and Data Collection Process The Learning Style Inven-
est sit amet purus elementum rutrum et eu orci. sagittis ligula urna vel ipsum. Phasellus et vestibulum tel- phenomena in, the world around them by Marton tory (LSI) developed by Kolb (1985) was adapted to
Nulla lacinia pellentesque neque. In id magna dui. lus. Aenean sed est iaculis, tincidunt odio eget, lobortis est. (1986, p.31). Turkish by Aflkar and Akkoyunlu (1993). The Turkish
Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per Fusce gravida, nibh pellentesque pretium tempor, quam Beliefs, values, morals, culture and time de- version of the LSI was administered to participating
conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. magna pharetra urna, id dictum dolor erat eleifend nisl. termine the number, nature and boundaries of each prospective teachers. Then, subjects were given a pa-
Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et category of description (Marton, 1981).According to per including short andopen-ended questions in order
Nulla in ligula risus. Sed id ligula felis. ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Vivamus eget facilisis dui, Marton (1988), ct-oriented categories focus on the to determine howtheperceived global warming.
Vestibulum molestie felis ut felis ornare tristique. ac porttitor nibh. Etiam sit amet tortor rhoncus, posuere meanindescribe the phenomenon (Marton, 1981). Subjects were asked to write a short paragraph about
Vivamus non enim est. Sed non sapien purus. Sus- neque vel, cursus nulla. Donec cursus ante a nulla porta, Marton and Booth (1997) suggested three key cri- their perceptionsof global warming on the paper pro
pendisse potenti. Ut mattis eros sed luctus condi- vel auctor justo aliquam. Sed malesuada id nunc ut blandit. teria for a descriptive set of categories. According to vided. This approach limited the participants in their
mentum. Phasellus enim nisi, dictum in erat quis, In congue mi vel enim convallis, scelerisque sagittis lectus Bowden responses in terms of putting their own definitions
posuere faucibus ante. Nunc nec interdum orci. feugiat. Nullam laoreet, eros at dignissim consequat, nisl (1994), revealing of the experience and language used and expressions in an expository way. Participants
Vestibulum purus arcu, interdum sed maximus in, nisi eleifend enim, nec elementum lacus massa et mauris. are very significant in explaining the experience were contacted informally and their interest in the
mattis non nisi. Nunc quis placerat nibh. while the subjects are describing the conceptions. The research was encouraged. Data obtained from the stu-
researcher dents were then evaluated by the phenomenographic
Curabitur consequat tellus id volutpat withholds analysis method. On completion of the analysis,
ultricies. Nullam lectus lacus, sodales sed magna theories and seven (7) conceptions of the environment were found.
vel, tempus mattis velit. Vestibulum nisi neque, prejudices These findings obtained from the research are dis-
feugiat id volutpat in, pretium et ex. Integer volut- when he/she cussed in further parts of this paper and some possible
pat dui nec egestas tristique. Vestibulum sodales interprets the implications regarding classroom applications
at dui id lobortis. Pellentesque vulputate arcu sit individuals are evaluated in detail.
amet libero dignissim posuere. Morbi ornare odio Enviromental Sustain- conceptions Data Analysis Process
sed ex fermentum, quis volutpat ligula hendrerit. ability is serious prolem being investi- Participants were asked to write a short paragraph
Ut vehicula egestas hendrerit. Maecenas neque gated(Sanberg, composed of a few sentences on a piece of paper pro-
ligula, accumsan non cursus vel, imperdiet sit amet needs to concern! 1997). vided and this aons in a detailed and expository way.
magna. Quisque nulla dolor, lobortis sed laoreet The aims of this study are to examine how In such cases, subjects asked the researcher to explain
vel, bibendum pharetra quam. Phasellus quis the prospective juniour primaryachers perceive the the aim of the interview. Researcher interviewed
quam turpis. Quisque molestie magna at viverra conceptions of global warming; determine if there is the subjects and he made the necessary explanations
molestie. Aenean dolor elit, varius vel tincidunt id, a significant association between genders related to the questions. Participants were contacted
rutrum id urna. of the prospective teachers and their perception of informally and were encouraged to be interested in
Aliquam venenatis ex sed tristique pretium. Ali- the conceptiopectiveteachers learning style the research. Inthis study, participants
quam erat volutpat. Proin viverra tellus a quam lu- of global warming. were asked to write a short paragraph of several sent
ornare. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus. about their perceptions of global warming.

Firms Go Green in Cutting Emmissions: Local Tech
Firms Go Green
US Fed News Service, Including US State News; Washtington D.C. 26 Jan, 2011

In the grand scheme of things,

Silicon Valley emits just a tiny
the city of San Jose, Santa Clara
County and the Santa Clara
They are scattered around the
campus, outside each building, said H umans depend on natural ecosystems and the
Conversely, when nonnative species are
introduced into a system, they can alter ecosystems,
Valley Water District -- set a Tatum. You go outside and usually services they provide, including food, energy, clean impact biodiversity, and change native hostparasite
fraction of the worlds greenhouse voluntary goal of reducing carbon there are 10 or 15 out there, and you air and water,and recreation. Conserving biodi- dynamics (Telfer et al., 2004). Introduced pathogens
gases. dioxide emissions throughout Sil- hop on it and go where you need to versity, including genetic, species, and ecosystem and vectors can also cause high levels of mortality
icon Valley 20 percent below 1990 go without using a car. diversity, is a primary means of sustaining these ser- in wildlife and humans (van Riper and van Riper,
Nevertheless, a coalition of major levels by 2010. vices, especially in response to changing conditions 1986; Lounibos, 2002). With much of their life cycles
Silicon Valley businesses, non- Other examples: (Loreau, 2001; Millennium Ecosystem Assessment occurring outside of the human host, waterborne
profits and government agencies is Since then, the group has grown [MA], 2005a). Yet our actions in the past 50 years and vectorborne pathogens are particularly sensitive
working to demonstrate that it is to 43 organizations. -Hyperion, a Santa Clara software have changed these systems to an unprecedented to environmental conditions. For example, eutrophi-
possible to take on global warming company, gives employees $5,000 degree, cation and overfishing can contribute to an abun-
and make money while doing it. They include Oracle, Cisco, Hew- toward the purchase of a car that gets altering habitats, reducing biodiversity, and putting dance of intermediate snail hosts of schistosomiasis
lett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, at least 45 miles per gallon. ecosystem services at risk (MA, 2005a). Estimated (Picquet et al., 1996; Madsen et al., 2001). Other
According to a report coming out Calpine, Adobe, ALZA, Sun rates of species extinction are as much as a thousand studies suggest that species and habitat diversity can
today, 14 members of the coalition Microsystems, Schering-Plough, -Redwood Shores-based Oracle cut times higher than average in the fossil record, levels reduce the transmission rates of vectorborne diseas-
known as Sustainable Silicon Valley Pacific Gas & Electric, the City of carbon dioxide emissions 7.5 percent that are unprecedented outside of mass extinction es. LoGuidice et al. was associated with decreased
cut their carbon dioxide emissions Palo Alto, San Mateo County and since 2000 by installing more efficient events (Pimm et al.,1995). The net loss of popula- West Nile virus infection in mosquitoes and humans
by 12 percent from 2000 to 2005. NASAs Ames Research Center. lighting, heating, cooling and other tions and individuals may beseveral times greater (Ezenwa et al., 2006). Another recent study of West
Those emissions, which come from All contend that reducing green- systems. than the rates of species loss (e.g.,Hughes et al., 1997; Nile virus in the Baltited sites than in forested areas,
burning fossil fuel, trap heat in the house gas emis- sions is a win- Thomas et al., 2004). independent of popated with new settlements in
atmosphere. win situation because it means -BD Biosciences, a San Jose biomed- At the same time, new infectious diseases forest-cleared areas?
using energy in a more cost-effec- ical company, doubled its workforce appear to be emerging at an increasing rate (Wilcox
For comparison, Silicon Valley as tive way. since 1993 while using the same and Gubler, 2005; World Health Organization, 2005). OPPORTUNITY AND APPROACH
a whole -- defined by the group as For example, Lockheed Martin amount of electricity. The company They include new diseases such as severe acute Shifts in biodiversity on all levels, from
Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz Space Systems has cut its electric uses more efficient lighting, reduced respiratory syndrome (SARS) as well as reemerging genes to ecosystems, may play a role in infectious
and Alameda counties -- reduced and natural gas bill by $125,000 lighting in non- occupied spaces and diseases that have expanded in geographic range, disease transmission. More research is essential to
carbon dioxide emissions by 2 per- since 2000 while also cutting car- installed an energy-efficient foam such as West Nils (Faus that theyare associat ed with help decision-makers assess the effects on human
cent over the same period, largely bon dioxide emissions 21 percent, roofing system and new boilers. anthropogenic changes to the environment (Patz disease transmission from changes in biodiversity.
because the economy slowed after said company spokesman Steve -Hewlett-Packard cut carbon dioxide et al., 2004; MA, 2005b). What are the underlying In response to this need, the U.S. Environmental
the dot-com bubble burst. Tatum. emissions 7 percent since 2003 at mechanisms of this emergence, and do changes in Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a new, in-
its Silicon Valley facilities with steps biodiversity play a role? terdisciplinary research initiative to understand the
They are doing it because it makes The number of people working ranging from more telecommuting There is scientific evidence to support this relation- qualitative and quantitative relationships between
good business sense. They are for Lockheed in Palo Alto and to turning off boilers in the summer ship.The loss or extinction of large predators because anthropogenic stressors, changes in disease host or
saving a lot of money, said Sally Sunnyrgy. The company now gets and doing exhaustive energy audits. of huntingand land-use change can increase the pop- vector biodiversity, and infectious disease transmis-
Tomliis the right thing to do and 10 percent of the electricity for its ulation of a particular vector or host. This loss can sion to humans. This research will involve the char-
because the public wants to see Palo Alto offices from wind pow- Buildings are like cars, said Robert result in a greater prevalence of pathogens among acterization of the environmental and social factors
them addressing this environmen- er, and it boency motors in manu- Parkhurst, HPs global environmental hosts, and, consequently,pose an increased risk of that contribute to biodiversity change, the popula-
tal issue. facturing equipment, and mought program manager. Occasionally they transmission to humans (Dobsonet al., 2006). It has tion dynamics of animal reservoirs and vectors of
75 yellow bikes for employees to need a tuneup. Just like you change also been shown that the loss of specialistpredators disease, biological mechanisms that influence disease
The coalition started inMarch 2004, ride between the 21 buildings at the oil or the sparkplugs, you can can affect the health of animal populations as dis- transmission to humans, and the processes by which
when seven Silicon nt agencies -- its Sunnyvale campus. tuneup buildings to become more eased individuals can survive longer and increase the infectious diseas
efficient. potential for transmission (Packer et al., 2003).

I nterdisciplinary Forum and Workshop In
ation biology, ecology, public health, and earth and
social sciences. The public forum was an outreach ef-
September 2006, in co-sponsorship with the Yale fort to increase awareness of the connections between
OBJECTIVE Institute for Biospheric Studies Center for Eco- biodiversity change and human health. The forum
Epidemiology, the Smithsonian Institution, and consisted of presentations on various topics related to
Xiaoyu Hu Proactive and efficient Business Management
graduate looking for an Project manager position
the World Conservation Union, EPA convened an
interdisciplinary forum and workshop of research-
biodiversity and human health, includiInterddiversity.
html.) Workshop discussions were held to identify
where I can utilize my strong administrative planning ers, practitioners, and decision-makers in conser- case studies that could test the lin
and organizing skills to provide effective result for vation biology, ecology, public health, and earth ation biology, ecology, public health, and earth and
specific project within the company. and sms, human health, and anthropogenic stress- social sciences. The public forum was an outreach ef-
ors by incorporating tools and methods from the fort to increase awareness of the connections between WORK EXPERIENCE ecological, health, and social sciences. Researchers biodiversity change and human health. The forum
must also consider how research results can be consisted of presentations on various topics related to
Self-employed start-up planner, a rental service com- used by decisionmakers to protect human health biodiversity and human health, includiInterddiversity.
412-515-7200 pany. Jan. 2017-ongoing and the environment. That could test the lin html.) Workshop discussions were held to identify
Conducted research on market demand and compet- ation biology, ecology, public health, and earth case studies that could test the lin
xiaoyuhuprotfolio. itors in Pittsburgh. The service includes rental apart- and social sciences. The public forum was an hange and human health. The forum consisted of ment, rental furniture and moving service. outreach effort to increase awareness of the con- presenta
nections between biodiversity change and human ch questions across different systems. Participants in
700 Forbes Ave Market Assistant to the CEO, Gold Engineering health. The forum consisted of presentati a second breakout session developed a blueprint for a
Pittsburgh, PA Group,, July-Aug. 2016 lth managers can affect biodiversity. Through a va- spatial method to study the links between biodiversity
15219 riety of phange and human health. The forum con- loss and the emergence of infectious disease. A third
sisted of presentaerspectives and disciplines, the group discussed how response strategies to infec-
forum and workshop participants identified the tious-disease outbreaks by public health man
EDUCATION need for further research to caffect them. Request
for Applications E of ecosystems, changes in dis-
n anthropogenic alterations of ecosystems, changes
in disease host or vector biodiversity, and infectious
BS in Business Administration, Duquesne University, ease hos biodiversity, and infectious disease trans- disease transmission to humans. Sponsored research
Pittsburg, U.S., Aug. 2017 mission to humans. Sponsored research will focus will focus on systems in which changes in biodiversity
on systems in which changes in biodiversity are are hypothesized to be an important driver or trig-
hypothesized to be an important driver or trigger ger of risk of infectious disease. The RFA requires an
of risk of infectious disease. The RFA requires an interdisciplinary approach to conducting research,
interdisciplinary approach to conducting research, integrating data on ecosystems, human health, and
TECHNICAL SKILLS integrating data on ecosystems, human health, and anthropogenic
anthropogenic stressors by incorporating tools a new, interdisciplinary research initiative to under-
Adobe Illustrator and methods from the ecological, health, and so- stand the qualitative and quantitative relationships
Adobe InDesign cial sciences. Researchers must also consider how between anthropogenic stressors, changes in disease
Adobe Photoshop research results can be used by decisionmakers to host or vector biodiversity, and infectious disease
Microsoft Word protect human health and the environment. transmission to humans. This research will involve the
Microsoft Excel characterization of the environmental