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1. This figure shows a homogeneous cylinder of radius R and mass m that is free to rotate about
its axis of rotation and that is connected to the wall through a spring. Assuming that the
cylinder rolls on a rough surface without sliding, obtain the kinetic energy and potential
energy of the system. Then derive the equations of motion from the fact that the total energy
is constant. Assume that x and 0 are measured from respective equilibrium positions. Find the
natural frequency of vibration ( n) !

Kunci jawaban : n = 2k
3m rad/s

2. Obtain the resistance between points A and B of the circuit shown in Figure ! (R1=R4=10 ,
R2=R3=20 , and R5=100 )

Kunci jawaban : RAB = 13.3


1. This figure shows four penguins that are being playfully pulled along very slippery
(frictionless) ice by a curator. The masses of three penguins and the tension in two of the
cords are m1 = 12 kg, m3 = 15 kg, m4 = 20 kg, T2 = 111 N, and T4 = 222 N. Find the penguin
mass m2 that is not given.
Kunci jawaban : m2 = 23 kg
2. The only force acting on a 2.0 kg canister that is moving in an xy plane has a magnitude of 5.0
N.The canister initially has a velocity of 4.0 m/s in the positive x direction and some time later
has a velocity of 6.0 m/s in the positive y direction. How much work is done on the canister
by the 5.0 N force during this time?

Kunci jawaban : 20 J

3. A diver makes 2.5 revolutions on the way from a 10-m high platform to the water. Assuming
zero initial vertical velocity, find the average angular velocity during the dive.

Kunci jawaban : 11 rad/s

1. In Figure, a 4.5 kg dog stands on an 18 kg flatboat at distance D = 6.1 m from the shore. It
walks 2.4 m along the boat toward shore and then stops. Assuming no friction between the
boat and the water, find how far the dog is then from the shore.

Kunci jawaban : 4.2 m from the shore.

2. In Figure, wheel A of radius rA = 10 cm is coupled by belt B to wheel C of radius rC = 25 cm.

The angular speed of wheel A is increased from rest at a constant rate of 1.6 rad/s2. Find the
time needed for wheel C to reach an angular speed of 100 rev/min, assuming the belt does not

Kunci jawaban : 16 s

3. In Figure, V = 10 V, C1 = 10 F, and C2 = C3 = 20 F. Switch S is first thrown to the

left side until capacitor 1 reaches equilibrium. Then the switch is thrown to the right. When
equilibrium is again reached, how much charge is on capacitor 1?
Kunci jawaban : 20 C

1. A uniform spherical shell of mass M = 4.5 kg and radius R = 8.5 cm can rotate about a vertical
axis on frictionless bearings (Figure). A massless cord passes around the equator of the shell,
over a pulley of rotational inertia I = 3.0 x 10 kg.m and radius r = 5.0 cm, and is
attached to a small object of mass m = 0.60 kg. There is no friction on the pulleys axle; the
cord does not slip on the pulley. What is the speed of the object when it has fallen 82 cm after
being released from rest? Use energy considerations.

Kunci jawaban : 1.4 m/s

2. Figure shows a parallel-plate capacitor of plate area A = 10.5 cm and plate separation 2d =
7.12 mm. The left half of the gap is filled with material of dielectric constant k 1 = 21.0; the
top of the right half is filled with material of dielectric constant k 2 = 42.0; the bottom of the
right half is filled with material of dielectric constant k3 = 58.0. What is the capacitance?

Kunci jawaban : 4.55 x 10 F

3. In Figure, Rs is to be adjusted in value by moving the sliding contact across it until points a
and b are brought to the same potential. (One tests for this condition by momentarily
connecting a sensitive ammeter between a and b; if these points are at the same potential, the
ammeter will not deflect.) Show that when this adjustment is made, the following relation
holds: Rx = RsR2/R1. An unknown resistance (Rx) can be measured in terms of a standard (Rs)
using this device, which is called a Wheatstone bridge.

1. Although California is known for earthquakes, it has large regions dotted with precariously
balanced rocks that would be easily toppled by even a mild earthquake. The rocks have stood
this way for thousands of years, suggesting that major earthquakes have not occurred in those
regions during that time. If an earthquake were to put such a rock into sinusoidal oscillation
(parallel to the ground) with a frequency of 2.2 Hz, an oscillation amplitude of 1.0 cm would
cause the rock to topple.What would be the magnitude of the maximum acceleration of the
oscillation, in terms of g?

Kunci jawaban : 0.19 g

1. In Figure a, a metal plate is mounted on an axle through its center of mass. A spring with k
2000 N/m connects a wall with a point on the rim a distance r = 2.5 cm from the center of
mass. Initially the spring is at its rest length. If the plate is rotated by 7 and released, it rotates
about the axle in SHM, with its angular position given by Figure b. The horizontal axis scale
is set by ts = 20 ms.What is the rotational inertia of the plate about its center of mass?

Kunci jawaban : 1.3 x 10 kg.m

2. In Figure, a square of edge length 20.0 cm is formed by four spheres of masses m1 = 5.00 g,
m2 = 3.00 g, m3 = 1.00 g, and m4 = 5.00 g. In unit-vector notation, what is the net
gravitational force from them on a central sphere with mass m5 = 2.50 g?
Kunci jawaban : 1.67 x 10 N


In Figure, a particle of mass m1 = 0.67 kg is a distance d = 23 cm from one end of a uniform rod
with length L = 3.0 m and mass M = 5.0 kg.What is the magnitude of the gravitational force F:on
the particle from the rod?

Kunci jawaban : 3.0 x 10 N

Figure shows a current loop ABCDEFA carrying a current i = 5.00 A. The sides of the loop are
parallel to the coordinate axes shown, with AB = 20.0 cm, BC = 30.0 cm, and FA = 10.0 cm. In
unit-vector notation, what is the magnetic dipole moment of this loop?

Kunci jawaban :

Figure shows a rectangular array of charged particles fixed in place, with distance a = 39.0 cm
and the charges shown as integer multiples of q1 = 3.40 pC and q2 = 6.00 pC.With V = 0 at
infinity, what is the net electric potential at the rectangles center?
Kunci jawaban : 2.21 V