12 Thirty Days Part Two By LuigiEspadachin

EXT. DESERT PLANET, DAY FIFTEEN [Snippets of previous episode, including last narration of the final scene] Doctor Who theme The Doctor takes out his bowtie from the cage, saddened. DOCTOR . But bowties are cool .and it looks like mine, as well as the jacket where did you find this last one? KILARA That..? I found that here. Why? Does it belong to you? It does look like the one you re wearing, but yours is red DOCTOR Yes, I own this bowtie The Doctor looked over to a pair of handcuffs and a blaster weapon on the table. DOCTOR Why do you have a weapon and handcuffs if you re science ?

KILARA Our experiments are not always safe, Doctor. We sometimes had security teams accompany us on our trips. DOCTOR This being one of them .and you were experimenting on Daleks, Sontarans and Cybermen, why? (sounding concerned now, especially for his own wellbeing) KILARA They re the most feared beings in the universe. We found them on Calugenia. We tried to find out what broke their minds by experimenting on them. DOCTOR Alive? That s dissection! KILARA They were dead when we found them. I prefer the term autopsy. DOCTOR I m going to see what other clues I can find [DLARCH EMPLOYEE RECORD SYSTEM ACTIVATED SEARCH [Kilara]

RECORD FOUND: DOCTOR KILARA SHINAR [WARNING: Data is encrypted and classified. Please insert password] The Doctor moves his Sonic Screwdriver over the computer after turning it off, he presses the button and the screws start coming loose off of the base unit of the computer. Once it s been unscrewed, the Doctor locates the hard drive that looks rather silver and organic, much like the Dlarch. Removing it and pocketing it, he screws the computer back together with the Sonic Screwdriver as he hears another bleep on another computer. He runs over and presses a few buttons and a message comes up on screen. [LAST UPDATED LOG ENTRY Human StAnd@rd Time 2:54pm 24th December @ ## ViEw NoW? YeS oR nO] The Doctor selects yes and another Dlarch, this one more male in appearance looks over to him. He speaks rather anxiously as the hologram fizzles in and out. HOLOGRAPHIC MALE 24th December Twenty (bzzt) Fifty Nine (turns to the Doctor) to whoever is watching this right now, I am most probably dead. The crew were falling (bzzt) to the (bzzt) on the planet. We re in over our heads. DOCTOR A sentinent hologram? Or possibly self aware..? HOLOGRAPHIC MALE The captives had (bzzt). We had never (bzzt) meant for this to (bzzt). DOCTOR Identify yourself. HOLOGRAPHIC MALE Commander (bzzt) Starline of the Dlarchi (bzzt)Vessel Tranch DOCTOR What happened to you? HOLOGRAPHIC MALE The mission went bad the day we landed. She (Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt bzzzzt bzzt. We had to abandon the ship. (Bzzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt) one by one! We . DOCTOR What the?! The holographic Dlarch grabs the Doctor by his shoulders.

HOLOGRAPHIC MALE (desperation) We had to (bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt)!!! It s all over! She (bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt). Oh no, they re here!!! No!!! The Dlarch male falls to the ground as if something had killed him. Kilara presses a button which immediately deactivates the hologram Dlarch. KILARA One of the members of the crew took it horribly compared to the rest of us. She went psychotic. She killed almost everyone on the ship. That may seem real, but our race had preferred to use sentinent holograms for our recorded log entries. DOCTOR How did you survive? KILARA I was already under oxygen support in a shelter that was even more shielded from the rain than the ship was. When I came to, everyone had died, including her from overexposure from the gases. DOCTOR The captain on the hologram said that was recorded in twenty-something -fifty nine. So you re telling me you ve survived here for nearly twenty years? Why haven t you tried to leave when the storm clears?

KILARA It has not been easy the engines have given out beyond repair, I m running quickly out of food supplies and it could be any time before my equipment starts failing. DOCTOR Fair enough KILARA When I saw your TARDIS I didn t think anybody was in there, but when I heard you I was relieved someone else was struggling to keep hold of their sanity like I was DOCTOR I see Suddenly, they hear something impacting the sand with an intense force. The Doctor and Kilara turn around to find out what it is. KILARA What was that?!

DOCTOR I ll have a look The Doctor walks out the ship in his suit, heading towards the violent winds and the sand dunes. Kilara follows him, keeping an eye out for anything ultimately suspicious. The Doctor keeps looking around the dunes, while Kilara walks around. She hears intense whirring a rather familiar sound .! Turning around uneasily, she walks towards some sand dunes. The whirring gets louder. And louder. Suddenly, Kilara trips over a small object in the sand. It feels unusual. Almost like a steel arm. Not turning to look, she pushes herself up when she touches something else. It feels rubbery at first, but as she trails her arms, it feels more steel. Kilara then jumps in alarm when something emerges from the sand .an eternal Dalek! DALEK EXTERMINATE!!! Kilara shrieks in fright when the arm she tripped over grabs her. The arm seems to be using her as a foothold to emerge from the sand to reveal a badly damaged Cyberman. It slowly pulls itself up while trying to drag her down. Kilara struggles with all her might to no avail.

CYBERMAN DELETE! KILARA DOCTOR!!! The Doctor hears her call and sprints as fast as he can to where Kilara s struggling. Suddenly, he feels the cold hard barrel of a gun pressed to his back. As that happens, the pink aliens pay another visit to him. A Sontaran is the gunslinger right behind him.

DOCTOR These are intelligent beings why are they being reduced to mere traits? ALIEN 1 The big bad bogeyman . ALIEN 2 .says so. Suddenly, the Sontaran seems to collapse backwards, coughing, and the aliens disappear, leaving Kilara with the Dalek and the Cyberman. The Doctor runs his screwdriver over the Sontaran quickly. DOCTOR Collapsed lungs

KILARA DOCTOR!! The Doctor runs over to Kilara quickly, pushing the Cyberman off her as hard as he can and pulling her away from the Dalek. The two of them hear the thunderous roar that plagued many victims on this planet. On the race back to the TARDIS, they come across a strange bubbling pool and come to a complete immediate stop. The liquid almost peers threateningly at them.

KILARA Stop! That s a puddle left by the rain! DOCTOR The rain with the same ingredients as LSD lovely

A Dalek s movement and the Cyberman stomping rang in the Doctor s and Kilara s ears almost deafeningly and a frightening speed. Almost immediately, the Doctor and Kilara jump out of the way and the Dalek and Cyberman run into it, the amount of acids and intensity of them instantly destroying them. The Doctor cautiously inches over to the Sontaran. Tapping his armour, he can feel it. He blinks a number of times. It doesn t disappear. He looks in shock. Kilara touches parts of the Dalek and Cyberman that wasn t soaked in acid, and she jumps back in shock.

DOCTOR So my suspicions were right this is a real Sontaran KILARA I ll grab some components we might need DOCTOR Some of your experiments? KILARA No, they all died INT TARDIS CORRIDORS, DAY EIGHTEEN, TWENTY MINUTES BEFORE DAY NINETEEN In a deep region of the TARDIS, it s almost completely dark. The Calcs seem to be the only creatures lighting the room as they converse quietly. They re standing next to what appears to be a large kitchen. ALIEN 1 Does he suspect? ALIEN 2 Not at all

ALIEN 1 How is he growing? ALIEN 2 Slowly, but surely. ALIEN 1 Then we should set our trap in motion. ALIEN 2 What do we do about Kilara? ALIEN 1 She knows ALIEN 2 She thinks that the big bad bogeyman will return oh she is pathetic

The two Calcs walk deeper into the TARDIS. INT TARDIS CONSOLE ROOM, DAY NINETEEN The Doctor and Kilara are hard at work working on a device. They can t use materials from the supposedly damaged TARDIS Console and so have to use what components they had managed to retrieve from Kilara s vessel. The two of them assemble the strange device with a map screen attached to it. Pressing the switch, it activates with a static noise. DOCTOR So you re saying this will detect lifeforms on the ship so we can try to tell which is real and which isn t? KILARA Yes. Hopefully it will detect if there s a force behind the object or at least something present indicating the hallucination is tangible. DOCTOR How do you know if it will be reliable? You can still touch a hallucination. KILARA I ve had twenty years to perfect technology like this you can fool an organic mind, but you can t fool a machine Suddenly, both of them can hear whimpering again. It s Alicia s voice!

KILARA Who s that?! DOCTOR That s Alicia! The Doctor and Kilara rush towards the source of the scream when the lights suddenly turn off completely. The Doctor activates his Sonic Screwdriver to create a green aura of light when they come face to face with three Sontarans pointing guns at them. DOCTOR Hallucination or real? KILARA Three dots on the screen. They definitely are real! The Doctor and Kilara take a dash as far as the light guides them. When they look at the screen, the Sontarans are mysteriously going away from them in another direction. DOCTOR Now just where are they off to? KILARA We can track them later. If we don t get Alicia now, it could take days to find her again! DOCTOR You re right let s go The Doctor and Kilara run to the source of Alicia s whimpering. Little did they know it would take them three days to find her INT. TARDIS CORRIDORS, DAY TWENTY TWO The Doctor and Kilara navigate the corridors with their new portable scanner device in hand until they spot a figure whimpering and cowering in the distance. When the Doctor points his Screwdriver towards it, it s revealed to be Alicia! The Doctor runs towards Alicia and hugs her. DOCTOR Alicia! Are you alright?! ALICIA Doctor what s been happening around here ? DOCTOR I don t know but I m working it out I m just relieved that you re alright

Kilara motions for the Doctor to come to her and look down to her scanner to only find two dots, not three.

KILARA Doctor there s no one there how are you touching her ? DOCTOR What but I can see her I can touch her of course she s real KILARA I know, but the scanner shows nothing there s absolutely nothing there, I swear DOCTOR .What .? (He ponders with suspicion) ALICIA What are you talking about Doctor? I feel fine sure, slight headache from being down in what I thought was the TARDIS engine room, but otherwise fine. DOCTOR The engine room ? What were you doing in there ? ALICIA I-I got lost I-I saw weird things in there t-they looked like Daleks DOCTOR So they found you too ALICIA And . DOCTOR Cybermen and that s where they went and why is it suddenly colder than usual ? (notices the TARDIS temperature dropping) KILARA Let s just hurry . The Doctor, Alicia and Kilara all head towards the TARDIS engine room via the upper level. While they are walking, Kilara seems to change slightly she seems to be subtly growing more and more in resemblance to Alicia to, surprisingly, the lack of notice by the Doctor or Alicia. Following Alicia s lead, they head towards the core of the engines to find heavy resistance. They survey the trouble from the upper level as it progressively gets noticeably colder. DOCTOR The big question probably is, how did that many Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans get inside my TARDIS without me noticing? No one can get inside KILARA Perhaps they transmatted in

DOCTOR That is possible I suppose .someone managed to use a transmat to pull me out of the TARDIS once but it doesn t make sense Daleks Cybermen Sontarans all at once and the Calcs. But then again, there s too many to go without detection, maybe that s what the cloister bell was warning about ALICIA Who cares how they got in? We have to figure out how to get them out DOCTOR You re right The Doctor drops down and proceeds to sneak past the Cybermen, leaning against a wall to eye the Sontarans and Daleks while Alicia and Kilara remain on the upper level. ALICIA Ugh KILARA Alicia ? DOCTOR They re trying to take the TARDIS time core...good luck with that, it s about as big as the Empire State Building. Although I really should reinstall State of Temporal Grace...they look armed to the teeth. The Doctor moves towards several controls on the Time Rotor, oddly they look undamaged. However, in the Time Rotor, a solid red crystallised object is lodged inside the Time Rotor. He observes the object, it peering almost menacingly at him. Nevertheless, he works the TARDIS controls trying to not let any of the creatures seem him. Suddenly, without warning, Kilara s knocked from the upper level towards the Doctor. Alicia jumps down after her, attracting the attention of the Cybermen and Sontarans who advance on the wounded Kilara. The Doctor tries to move to get the girls, but Alicia runs into him with intense force, knocking him into a console as the aliens move in on Kilara. Alicia takes a nearby steel pipe and advances towards the Doctor. Sparks fly and catch onto the Doctor s bowtie, him throwing it off and onto the floor. Alicia then starts grinning maniacally and singing to the tune of Pop Goes The Weasel. ALICIA The gas is waiting on the big red planet. Be the big old hero A Time Lord zero Trapped in- the- TAR-DIS! Gasping for breath!

When he uses the Screwdriver Pop goes the Doctor! (giggles) The Doctor looks to his Screwdriver and reaches for it, but when he realised what Alicia said, he cautiously keeps it pocketed. Alicia takes a swing at him with the lead pipe, the Doctor dodging out of the way. DOCTOR Alicia, listen to me! This gas is making you delirious! ALICIA In and out, he peeks about Like a nosy parker! When he pulls the wrong thing out Pop goes the Doctor! Alicia repeats the song alternating between the last four lines two-three more times. She sounds more exasperated and desperate with every attempt, until eventually she can barely get words out. She collapses, gasping for breath with the Doctor desperately trying to revive her. DOCTOR Come on Alicia! Stay with me! You ve got to! You can t give up now! Resist what the gas is doing to your mind! ALICIA My head .IT S KILLING ME!! (She s turning rather insane now. Babbling, laughing) Hehehe headaches Norse Gods, Loki, Loki Loki Lokity Lok Lok Loki! the man on the Libra with the pocketwatch .Lady De Salton it s all so fun isn t it Doctor? (insane laughter) I m travelling with you, but I don t know why!!! You may have killed my Dad without a justified reason!!! (her laughing gets louder) DOCTOR I keep telling you this, I m sure I couldn t have done, cold hearted murder isn t in my blood ALICIA Oh, I know all about your hypocrisy Doctor. You threatened to drown the Empress of the Racnoss, you seemed all too DOCTOR How could you possibly know that?! You must be a hallucination a perception filter anything! ALICIA Like on Lupin? I told you Doctor, I studied basic Earth history, which includes hearsay about you! Alicia continues with her insane laughter until she starts coughing. Almost choking. It gets worse. It gets rabid. It gets almost sickening to watch. Until she starts to collapse

DOCTOR Alicia!! He runs his Screwdriver over her to see what he can do. But it s too late. Alicia spasms, writhes and coughs until she stops moving. She isn t breathing, she s motionless DOCTOR (Distraught) N-No . The Doctor shuts Alicia s eyes slowly. He quickly goes over to Kilara. but he s too late the Daleks are still lurking at the engine core, but the Cybermen and Sontarans are gone...Kilara lays on the floor, dying. DOCTOR Kilara .? KILARA (cough) S-Sorry Doctor I-I failed DOCTOR Don t say that. I promise I can get you out of here KILARA No it s too late for me ..

Kilara shuts her eyes, slumping on her back. The Doctor shakes his head after checking Kilara s pulse as he runs out of the engine room, completely forgetting about the Daleks. As he leaves however, the Daleks start to hover, not of their own doing, as if they re being puppeted or lead they re being dragged upwards INT. TARDIS CONSOLE ROOM, DAY TWENTY SIX The Doctor walks back to the console room in a depressed state, replacing his bowtie with a blue one. Bowties aren t as cool when you re upset. Although puzzlingly, he now finds the TARDIS console room to be in perfect condition, even the plaque he threw at the Cyberman is nailed back onto the console. He quickly runs over to examine the console and attempts another materialisation sequence. As he expects, it still doesn t work, but all other functions work almost perfectly. He s still slightly shaken from witnessing two deaths, but nevertheless a million questions are racing through his mind. DOCTOR That s strange so this was effectively a hallucination after all? I doubt any of the Daleks, Cybermen or Sontarans took time to fix my ship He gets an idea and takes out the Dlarch hard drive from his pocket and plugs it into the TARDIS Console. Pressing a few buttons, he moves over to the screen.

DOCTOR Now, if nothing goes wrong, the TARDIS should be able to decode Kilara s file I couldn t access about her before. There are just too many things about her that don t add up Eventually, he peers over to the TARDIS screen as he reads off the data. DOCTOR Doctor Kilara Shinar. Medical graduate from Erahaidryt Kolo sah, Dlarch for university worked as a scientist on the DLV vessel Tranch from twenty three forty two to twenty three fifty seven when she was deemed unfit for service Born twenty three twenty five died twenty three .fifty nine ALICIA Doctor? DOCTOR Alicia? The Doctor turns to see what he thinks is Alicia, out of utter shock, but the first thing he sees is a fist that immediately knocks him out. The last thing before he falls unconscious is the sound of the TARDIS dematerialising again. The mysterious figure opens the cloister bell as slime begins pouring from it forming something almost impossible an adult shape of a horrendous looking creature EXT. DESERT PLANET, DAY THIRTEEN The Doctor awoke on Kilara s ship to the sound of heavy rain pounding the hull. His blurry vision eventually becomes clear when he finds he s in a cage. Next to him are a spinning frantic red Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Sontaran screaming and banging on the bars. Kilara then enters the room, almost looking exactly like Alicia if it weren t for her silver skin. She talks in a nastier, conniving, yet sickeningly sweet voice than what she had previously. KILARA Hello sweetie that s what she says to you frequently, isn t it? DOCTOR Kilara, what s going on?! And why are you suddenly starting to look like Alicia?! And how can you be here? You died twice! KILARA Well, where s the fun in that? Telling you all my secrets? Pah, very well I was dead, I got better. Is that good enough for you? DOCTOR Still not enough.

KILARA What I told you was mostly true except I wasn t a researcher well I was and then I was forcibly removed. We d begun to experiment on the most fearsome creatures of the galaxy But I was . considered too brutal in my methods using Calugenia as a choice of experimentation grounds. The medical board rejected me. I had to eventually hijack a vessel here and force them to come here to study creatures. DOCTOR You re deliberately avoiding my you weren t really a part of the Dlarch Research Team you snuck aboard their ship when you ventured onto this planet. KILARA (Sarcastically) Yeah I lied, Sorry. DOCTOR And you re a Dlarch still. KILARA Yes and no . DOCTOR And what does that mean? KILARA I was Dlarch. And now I am not DOCTOR Maybe it s taking an effect on you too KILARA Its speaking to me, Doctor! DOCTOR What is ? KILARA The being that controls this planet DOCTOR I can t hear anything KILARA He says you re a non-believer and he ll either let you go, or die . DOCTOR WHAT?!

KILARA I d taken the TARDIS back to day thirteen with the extremely strong acid rain. There s a hole above you that would bring it in drip by drip. The Doctor, panicked, looks up at the roof. Kilara s statement is indeed confirmed. DOCTOR There s one thing you still haven t answered Kilara. Why are you looking like Alicia? KILARA To lure you into a false sense of security when I put my plan into action I studied your companion, tried to figure out her mannerisms, her hobbies, her favourite food. So I could lure you into thinking I was her to trap you. But the fast pace of this storm cycle impeded that rather quickly She opens the room to find possessions Alicia would have. DOCTOR But why ? And wait, you ve taken the TARDIS back in time? Again, how can you fly the TARDIS when I can t? KILARA My ship is a menagerie Doctor. A rogue s gallery, a freak show, a zoo. The planet of evil. I collect the most feared species in the universe and leave them for foolish explorers to gawp at. But I have no time to talk now. Bye bye now Tick tock, drip drop The first drop hits the Doctor. It burns a hole in his tweed jacket as he screams in pain and a burned and boiling patch of his jacket falls off. The Cyberman was starting to short circuit, however, he was blindly trying to charge his way out with whatever strength he had left. The Sontaran and Dalek had better luck, their guns were still working and they managed to blast their way through their cells. DOCTOR C mon just shoot a blast this way A second drop hits the Doctor. He screams in pain as another bit of his tweed jacket is burned off. Ship consoles seem to start rippling, walls seem to move back and forth. The Doctor s hearts start pounding as he starts feeling a sick feeling. He turns around to find a familiar face. A child in a gas mask lurches towards him. EMPTY CHILD Mummy? Muuuummy ..Muuuuuummy

The Empty Child lurches towards the Doctor. Suddenly, his attention is taken away quickly by loud, thunderous stomping. The Doctor frantically looks around despite his hallucinating vision. When he turns back around, the Empty Child just stands there with arms outstretched for him, motionless. In

the corner of his eye was a silhouette. A bald, strongly built silhouette. The Doctor shakes his head, trying to shake the hallucination off until the final drop catches onto his bowtie and starts to burn it quickly, forcing him to remove it and he passes out, seemingly left to his fate. EXT. DESERT PLANET, DAY FOURTEEN He awakens several hours later to find the TARDIS right outside the ship. The Dalek and Cyberman are destroyed, and the Sontaran is dead, just like it was two days later. Outside of the TARDIS, touching the St John s Ambulance sticker is a Calc, who motions for the Doctor to enter the TARDIS as he begins to hear the dematerialization noise. The Doctor rush inside the TARDIS with the Calcs following as it disappears . INT. TARDIS CONSOLE ROOM, DAY TWENTY-NINE Kilara is working by the TARDIS Console as the Doctor approaches her sternly. She s working the console as the thunderous roar hits the room. The Doctor and Kilara struggle to hold onto something as the console room shakes. DOCTOR What was that?! KILARA Did you not know? The adult figure, almost troll like in appearance stomps into the room. It is green in appearance, slime dripping from every pore. It snarls at the Doctor, the Doctor looking somewhat unnerved. KILARA The one who watches over this planet lives again DOCTOR In a physical form The embodiment almost glares at the Doctor and tries to take a swing at him, the Doctor dodging out of the way. The Doctor manages to grab the portable scanner from the console, despite Kilara trying to stop him from doing so. He stumbles. His vision from the LSD rain is still blurry and distorted and he stumbles and struggles to stand up. His voice sounds essentially pained.

DOCTOR Is this what s been the matter with the Cloister Bell?! KILARA Precisely. Give the Time Lord a gold medal KILARA Oh, I m well aware of your species Doctor. I didn t need to study you for that. We had another Time Lord here before you.

DOCTOR What ? KILARA He was like you fighting for survival .then he had to go fight in the Great Time War DOCTOR Who ? KILARA Wouldn t you like to now ? DOCTOR Okay there s still two things I don t get though how did you get the real Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans inside my TARDIS without me noticing? And why do you need them? And you ve just used alien materials for your own sick collection? KILARA I already told you the answer to the first question. Transmats, from my ship. Why do I need them? Because I love fear. I need to study it. What makes it tick. I create this menagerie and lure poor unfortunate souls to this planet to scare them. The planet of evil, the hallucination land was also the perfect testing ground for that cataloguing the most feared creatures of the universe

The embodiment stares at the Doctor licking its lips. The familiar sounds of a machine moving towards the scene whirring draws near DOCTOR Daleks Cybermen Sontarans but that s all you could obtain. KILARA We lured the Daleks here with a fake Skaro signal...they came to this planet, their tiny insignificant minds were broken through hallucinations of their own kind. The Cybermen were even easier to capture, camouflaging ourselves as a helpless civilisation Sontarans they were always looking to pick a fight DOCTOR You also still haven t answered my question of how you re still talking to me if you allegedly died twice. KILARA What ? DOCTOR Kilara Shinar. Born 2325. Died 2359. It s now 2478. How did you die, Kilara...?

KILARA .The nitrous oxide in the air finally got to me. It was collapsing my lungs. I had eventually killed myself by running out without protection into the atmosphere. After I d killed everyone. I d fallen in love with fear. I wanted to see it on those crewmembers faces DOCTOR And again, how are you talking to me? How do I know you re not a hallucination? I watched you die with my very own eyes ghosts don t always haunt dead planets KILARA You saw those tubes in the wreckage of my ship the ones I said were merely for data transfer, connected to a computer you didn t see DOCTOR And what are they really for ? KILARA They re for transferring minds DOCTOR So your mind was effectively moved to a sentient hologram like the captain s but how? Did the atmosphere not kill you? KILARA I didn t die straight away. The gas took a frightening several hours to take effect. DOCTOR That doesn t make any sense. Why would a hologram be programmed to do what you ve been doing even after a hundred years? How did you even survive in the Calugenia wilderness with no hologram emitters? KILARA I merely rely on light to stay operational DOCTOR Ah, the only remnants of light that seep through the storm clouds. I get it in the TARDIS, because there s lights everywhere, even If lights went out there d be usually one around the corner, but still ALIEN 1 Kilara, how did you let . ALIEN 2 our master escape?!

KILARA What?! DOCTOR Master?

The Calcs point to the embodiment. ALIEN 1 That is . ALIEN 2 what was meant to be our master. But we don t see intelligent qualities inside of him DOCTOR Wait...what?! Again with this superior stuff?! How did you grow that thing?! ALIEN 1 Inside your Cloister Bell using materials from ALIEN 2 your TARDIS. We ve been doing this to several ships .but of course you were a rather interesting nuisance we had to use this planet to distract you relying on the planet, and what outsiders call perception filters to make you think hallucinations were real, except for one DOCTOR So you ve lured me out of my TARDIS to get more gas to seep into it? That s what s been helping this embodiment grow? Why did you lower th- oh, I get it I get it! Gas turns to condensation in low temperatures; therefore creating a liquid drip drop turned it into a solid by turning it down extremely low in the TARDIS engine room . ALIEN 1 That is ALIEN 2 correct. DOCTOR And lodged something in the Cloister Bell to eventually do something to me and lodged something else within the engine room to prevent me from dematerializing. ALIEN 1 Not dematerializing. Preventing you from controlling it and we only controlled it when we wanted to.

DOCTOR That time anchor then ? ALIEN 1 Controlled by us. You moved towards the ship and hallucinated about a long walk DOCTOR But that doesn t answer another question, how did Kilara manage to pilot the TARDIS? ALIEN 1 She did not. DOCTOR Then who did? ALIEN 2 We did that red crystallised object lodged within the TARDIS. We use that to establish a control link DOCTOR so telepathy ALIEN 2 And also experience from the Time Lord that also visited. Kilara just merely followed our instructions DOCTOR And also, how did the Alicia hallucination know of things I haven t told her about? KILARA He guided me to DOCTOR Ah-ah-ah! I m not accepting that excuse again! Tell me the truth! KILARA I read your mind I have a neural interface I linked with you while you were unconscious and you told me it didn t go as well as you remembered it . DOCTOR Tick tock drip drop those sounds make sense now! KILARA It seems while you were dreaming of your previous adventure on Lupin my thoughts h unwittingly ad become intertwined in your dream

DOCTOR And yet you left subtle clues as a result ah! You said your favourite nursery rhyme as a child was Pop Goes The Weasel. Alicia sang something that sounded like that song The Doctor looks at the digital clock on the TARDIS console to indicate the movement of time forwards or backwards when travelling. It s moving slightly, but slowed down to almost a crawl, letting off a tick tock noise. The Doctor looks down below the console, to where the Cyberman hit, the console is glowing and leaking a blue fluid. Although he suddenly begins to cough DOCTOR It s leaking coolant .I wondered why I was suddenly talking about coolant rather than plants why is it leaking ? KILARA To kill the power of your ship and strand you here and the time was counting towards the embodiment being born. And the gas is steadily taking effect on you, Doctor The Doctor s vision blurs even more. Kilara starts to take more and more the shape of Alicia. She begins to speak with Alicia s voice. KILARA Oh Doctor, why did you abandon me? Come on now . DOCTOR No...I m not falling for that again The Doctor struggles to hold on. His vision momentarily returns to normal as the Embodiment is about to charge him. This time he gets a lucky hit as the Doctor falls to the floor, coughing. The embodiment is about to hit him again to kill him when one of the Calcs, with unusual, intense strength holds the embodiment back. It cowers as it falls. Suddenly, without warning, several of the Daleks come out and open fire on it. The onlookers take cover behind the TARDIS as the Embodiment tries to flee, but it, and the Daleks, mysteriously disappear. KILARA What are you doing?! ALIEN 1 You ve tried and failed to find him time and time again..this isn t the machine that can help rejuvenate the superior KILARA I m beginning to doubt if this thing exists. It s still a failure?! So why have the roars been happening ? ALIEN 1 Take a wild guess.

ALIEN 2 Apologies you ve failed .we re shutting you down and rebooting you ALIEN 1 We will simply just reset your programming ALIEN 2 and begin again . KILARA No! You can t do this to me!!! NO! Kilara begins to crackle and distort herself. Until she fades away .as the embodiment also, mysteriously, disappears. The Doctor manages to recover and look towards the Calcs, witnessing the sight. Horrified, he stands up and turns towards the Calcs. DOCTOR What did you do that for? That was murder! ALIEN 1 You simply don t understand ALIEN 2 .the embodiment The Calcs flee outside the TARDIS as The Doctor proceeds to look towards the console as it dematerializes. However, he hears a pulsating noise. Heavy breathing. Growling. He turns around to find the Embodier about to take a swipe at him when EXT. FUTURISTIC TRAIN STATION, AQUARIA FOUR, SWAM SYSTEM, DAY THIRTY The Doctor awakes on a stone cold transparent glass floor. Water rushing below it. The hovertrains at the side beeped passed obliviously, as Alicia kneels beside the Doctor trying to wake him up.

ALICIA Doctor .? DOCTOR (growls, groaning in pain) Ow .what happened? (He spots Alicia, and hugs her) ALICIA Oomph! Well, hey! What s this for? (She returns the hug) DOCTOR You re not diseased!

ALICIA I figured as much. DOCTOR You re not choking! ALICIA I will be if you don t let me go! (kaff, laughs) DOCTOR (lets go, sounding still unnerved) Sorry, just relieved to see a real face I hope. ALICIA You took a really bad fall. Come on. Up you get. You sounded like you were having one hell of a nightmare. DOCTOR Let s just say it questioned my perceptions of determining what s real and what isn t ALICIA What? DOCTOR It doesn t matter let s go .how about we go and see the Elvis the King Spaceport? Or maybe even Nocnitsa. Alicia and the Doctor enter the police box doors. DOCTOR Oh, remind me to do a spring clean of the TARDIS I expect to find a good as new Cloister Bell . As the TARDIS begins to dematerialize, Kilara is lurking by one of the water windows watching the police box disappear. She merely chuckles to herself and leaves as the TARDIS fades completely from view. She herself fades in a bright crystallised light. EXT. DESERT PLANET, DAY ONE The scenery changes to Calugenia again. The clear orange sky has once again moved the storm clouds overhead as the sandstorms begin kicking up. As the winds ravage the skies, Kilara is yet again in her spacesuit, drifting over to a crashed freighter. She knocks on the steel door rapidly and forcefully. She looks somewhat different, her face bearing a strong resemblance to a male, and speaking in a deeper tone of voice. FEMALE VOICE W-who is it .?! KILARA

Hello?! Is there a woman in there?! Please let me in! Kilara enters the crashed freighter. Calugenia has claimed its next victim. The camera moves across the desert to find a dead Cyberman, a dead Dalek, a Sontaran gasping for breath .and one of the Doctor s bowties. Kilara looks up at the sky, seeing the clouds move in a particular formation to form the shape of an eye KILARA The big bad bogeyman

End Credits Sting

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