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Country: Russia

Committee: 4
Delegate: Ana De Almeida Amaral
Topic: Syrian Refugee Crisis

Russia acknowledges the severe instability in Syria. With over 400,000 deaths and an estimated
11 million displaced Syrians, it is with urgency that we recognize the need to take action in addressing
Syrias political unrest. Over 100 attacks have been inspired or conducted by ISIS, outside of Syria
and Iraq, in 29 nations since 2014. Too many countries have suffered from the radicalism of Islamic
terrorists, and know its effects. And so, Russia recognizes the vital need to stop ISIS and the violence
they are generating in the middle east and around the world.

It is clear that there are many displaced Syrians in need of relocation due to the turmoil they face
in their country. Since 2011, Russia has granted over 1,000 Syrians temporary asylum to help ease the
burden of the relocation of refugees. Furthermore, Russia has assisted the Syrian government to directly
address terrorism in Syria by being their largest supplier of advanced weaponry. With the help of the
Russian Federation, Syria has increased its accuracy of air force strikes on ISIS.

As the United Nations makes attempts to address the causes of the Syrian refugee crisis, Russia
has used its position in the United Nations Security Council to veto 8 resolutions that have purposely
antagonized the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons. The Russian Federation
continuously holds the stance that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and those who use them
should be held responsible. However, Russia also recognizes the Organization of the Prohibition of
Chemical Weapons has confirmed that terrorist groups, such as ISIS, have the ability to produce and
use toxic agents. Although many nations condemn Russia for its support to Syria, Russia has and will
continue to use it place in the UNSC in ensure the Syrian government is not wrongfully criminalized due
to the some countries predisposition toward the Syrian government and insufficient evidence.

Russia will continue to address the Syrian refugee crisis at the root of its cause and encourages
other countries to follow by supporting the Syrian government. Through support to the Syrian
government we can assure that the country will regain stability, and benefit all of our nations by putting
an end to ISIS. In response to the many nations pushing for The Russian Federation to assist in the
relocation of Syrians, Russia will be granting University scholarships to 300 Syrian students. The
Russian Federation calls on other nations, not doing their part to stabilize Syrian, to further aid in the
relocation process. Russia urges countries, specifically of the west, to seize the interference of their own
views and forces in Syria when pertaining to the Syrian civil war. Alternatively, nations can adopt
Russias policy of using its forces to end the violence and radicalism of ISIS.

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