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Rhew 1

Dillon Rhew

Connie Douglas

UWRT 1104

6th May, 2017

Critical reflection

To decide which of my works I wanted displayed on my e-portfolio I needed to reflect on

the assignments that I have completed over the past semester. To narrow what I felt best

displayed my proficiency in this course I started by reviewing and correcting the major papers I

wrote. I began with the rhetorical analysis paper and the round table essay. I choose to include

the rhetorical analysis because I did poorly on the assignment the first time around allowing me

to show my growth as a writer through this course. I began by looking at the graded paper and

correcting all the mistakes that cost me points the first time. After all my obvious blunders had

been corrected I re-read my paper and made the final corrections that I felt improved my paper.

This is the paper posted on the e-portfolio. Next, I repeated this process with my round table

essay. I choose to include this paper on my e-portfolio because it was my strongest paper of the

year and improving upon it allows me to show my ability as a writer to reflect upon my work,

along with the advice of others, to improve my paper.

After displaying my major works, I felt my e-portfolio needed to represent a wider

variety of my writings. To achieve this, I turned to my daybook. I included a reflection that I felt

best demonstrated my ability to deeply consider the thoughts of another writer. I used the

reflection of Martin Luther King Jr.s letter from a Birmingham jail. I also selected this reflection

because it was of my favorite reading from class. In addition to the reflection I provided several
Rhew 2

of the studios on my e-portfolio. I included studio #1 because it shows a hard skill I have learned

through this class. Through this studio I learned tactics to validating my sources to ensure they

are trustworthy. I decided to use studio #2 because it is one of my strongest reflections in my

daybook. I believe this is one of my strongest reflections because it required me to reflect on

myself and my generation. Studio #4 was a necessary inclusion because it gives context to my

personal slam poem by showing how I learned what a slam poem is and how to write and

perform one. Studio #4 demonstrates my learning process by forcing me to reflect as I learn

about a new form of writing. The final studio was included because it gives background

knowledge to my readers about my line of inquiry while showing how I can trim the raw voices

into my round table essay.

Every part of my e-portfolio has had thought and attention put into it, from the major

assignments like the round table essay down to the colors of my pages. The colors on my pages

represent the various health issues brought on by obesity. On my home page, I used the word

cloud created about my topic as a creative and informative background. I incorporated the word

cloud on my e-portfolio because it helps introduce my topic to new readers and the image

communicates the message that obesity effects all of us. The lower half of the page is yellow

which is the color used for obesity awareness. On my major works page the background is a bar

graph with years marked on it and each year approaching the present is higher than the last,

representing the growth of obesity in America. The blue on my research blog page is the same

color used to raise awareness of diabetes, a disease which is associated with obesity. The red on

my multi-genre page is the color used to represent heart disease because obesity is known to lead

to heart disease. Finally, the black throughout my e-portfolio is used to represent the early deaths

of obese Americans.
Rhew 3

The slam poem found on my home page was a necessary piece because it communicates

my opinion on my topic. The poem is featured on my home page because I think it will catch the

readers attention and draw interest for my e-portfolio. When I read back over my blog page for

this assignment I noticed that my blog page needed some refinement. The introduction needed

work so I went back through and edited it, throwing out most of the original piece and extending

the scope of the passage. I feel that the introduction now gives the reader a good idea of the goal

of my research and the necessary background information.